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Give and Take by clumsydolphin
Chapter 2 : Making plans
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AN: So my readers, chapter two as promised. I realize there is more language in this story than the last at first, but it gets better. It is part of the anger the characters feel towards each other. Let me know what you think please, and anything you would like to see happen during this retreat! Clumsy!



Draco Malfoy just walked through her door as if he owned the place and had every right to be there! Who the hell did he think he was! She opened her mouth to tell him to get out, but he held up his hand to stop her.

“Please, we really need to talk before tomorrow morning.” He stated, so she closed the door and went to sit on the love seat leaving him to take the couch.

“Fine. Can I get you a cup of tea?” She said, remembering her manners.

“That would be great, thanks.” Draco said, trying to get through this as peacefully as his aching head would allow. He looked around when she went to get the tea. The living room wasn’t overly large, but not a shoebox either.  It was tastefully decorated a sea shell blue with white trimming. The couch and love seat were a royal blue and white plaid material and the arm chair was royal blue. She had a lot of pictures around the room and on the walls, of her and Potter and Weasley, of her and the Weaslette, and of two people that must be her parents, he vaguely remembered that summer years ago in Flourish and Blott's seeing them.

He looked back at her when she cleared her throat to get his attention; she then set the cup of tea on the coffee table.

“Alright, you might as well say what you came to say to me Malfoy.” She got straight to the point.

“Granger, I won’t lie, I don’t like you much, never have. The situation we find ourselves in is sure to be uncomfortable enough and I think it would be wise if we came to an agreement of sorts.” Draco began.

“You want to know something Malfoy, I never liked you either. You were a ferret before Moody turned you into one, and I’m sure you’re a ferret to this damn day. You want to know why this ‘situation’ will never work?” She said, she was so angry her hands shook.

“Enlighten me, oh wise one!” Draco spat sarcastically, angry himself now.

“When I look at your hateful face, all I see is you watching me as I was lying on the floor by your feet being tortured, and not lifting a finger to help a fellow human being. As if that wasn’t enough, you then started dueling Harry and Ron when they tried to help me. So whatever you did, or ever do, to convince people that you’ve changed, I think you’re full of shit, and I will always remain just another mudblood that’s beneath you. So sell your story to somebody else who just might buy it, because I know better.” She said venomously, while looking him in the eye.

“All of that is true, I’ve got the scars on my face to show it from where Dobby shattered that chandelier, but I have changed. It’s not that you’re a mudblood that you’re beneath me, it’s just that you’re a bitch!” He answered. “Furthermore, even though I can’t stand you, I’m willing to try to work with you to get through the next month, so we both keep our jobs. I tried to speak with Kingsley, he won’t let us out of it, so unless you’re willing to look for a new job, we each need to give and take, and reach a place of common ground to work with. I am leaving now, but you think about what I said. I will meet you at the Leaky Cauldron at 8:45 am tomorrow morning to catch our port key, let me know what you decide.”  With that, he left the apartment.


Hermione showed up for the port key, and Malfoy was there as promised, drinking a cup of coffee and eating Danish that was on the table in front of him.

Hermione walked up, “Fine, I’m willing to try, but I make no promises. I don’t want to be around you any more than necessary, so as long as you stay away from me as much as possible, I will try to work with you when I have too. We’ll get through this ‘retreat’ and then we stay the hell away from each other.” She said, sticking out her hand to shake his.

“Deal,” he accepted. “Who knows, Granger, maybe we’ll leave this program as friends.”

She laughed at that, “Don’t hold your breath Malfoy,” He heard the unspoken end of that sentence loud and clear and chuckled as they got up and grabbed a hold of their port key at the same time. Then felt the tug and they were gone.


They had a rough landing and both fell over, Draco fell directly on top of Hermione, who reacted as if she’d been cursed. Shoving him over, they were both blushing as they looked into each other’s eyes. If she was being honest, his eyes were quite beautiful when they weren’t filled with hate and disdain. She was shaken from the thought though by someone clearing their throat.

“Welcome to The Lightbridge Island. My name is Valerie; I am one of the greeters here. You must be Hermione Granger, and Draco Malfoy.” A woman who was plump, and had a cheery smile stuck out her hand and shook both of theirs in turn.

“Pleasure to meet you,” Hermione said, being friendly. After all, it wasn’t her fault that they had to be here.

“Well you can just leave your luggage here, it will be taken to your bungalow. I will show you around.” She offered.

They followed the nice woman as she gave them a tour. The main lounge had a bar, a dining room, a few conference rooms, and an outdoor pool with access to the bar. It all looked tranquil and serene. The path they took away from the lounge led to a little yellow bungalow, just beyond which you could make out the sound of the ocean. She pointed out another path that would lead to the beach.

“You will spend the next two days and nights in the bungalow alone. You have access to the beach, but you’re not allowed to visit anywhere else. This is meant to be an exercise getting to know each other in a new way as, well if not friends, then colleagues. All you have to do for food or beverages is enter the kitchen and think about what you want, point your wand at the oven or refrigerator, and it will appear inside. Do you have any questions?” she asked.

Hermione knew she must resemble a fish with her mouth hanging open the way it was, but HOW was she supposed to spend that much time with him and not go crazy. She felt like she would hyperventilate soon as she tried to calm herself down.

Malfoy was thinking he must have died and gone to hell! Two days alone with the know it all, he’d be insane inside of twelve hours. Sighing, he shook his head at the lady and she smiled and told them if they needed to speak with her, each bungalow was supplied an owl, and all they needed was to send her a message and she would return to them.


Once she was gone, the silence was deafening. Neither one of them knew what to say to each other, or how to act now that they were alone. With a sigh, Hermione turned to find the bedrooms, she took the one closest to the ocean so that maybe the gentle sound would help relax her. The room was a light green color with a double bed with a white lacy comforter and a white gauzy canopy. There was a bathroom with a huge soaking bathtub and a separate shower. There were double marble sinks and the bathroom was a pearl color.

Her bags were on the bed when she left the bathroom, and she set about the task of unpacking. When that was done she changed into her swimsuit and a faded pair of jean shorts and grabbed a big, fluffy beach towel from the little stand in the bathroom and headed to the living room intending to go to the beach. She stopped in her tracks however when Draco left his bedroom dressed in swimming trunks carrying a towel and book as well. She couldn’t help laughing at the whole situation, and after a minute he joined in.

“That beach is bound to be big enough for the both of us, without having to bother each other.” Hermione smiled and said.

“You’re inevitably right.” He said, “Enjoy your day.” Then he walked out.


Hermione had been at the beach for an hour sitting out and reading, when she’d get hot she would venture out in the water and enjoy the sheer power that the ocean contained. It was the strongest power she’d ever felt and made her feel very small. She fell in love with the ocean a long time ago on a family vacation, and it felt good to be here again.

When she got out she decided to lay on her stomach and read to make sure the sun was evenly distributed and she didn’t end up burnt. So she tried to apply her sunblock but was having issues spreading it evenly. She looked up the beach about 200 feet, and sighed, knowing she had no choice, and began making her way over to Malfoy.


“Malfoy, I hate to ask this, but I need your help. Can you spread this sun block on my back; I really would rather not deal with sunburn on top of everything else we’re going to have to do.” Hermione asked nicely, with a smile trying to be as friendly as possible with him.

He looked up at her to see that she must be trying to smile, but it looked rather painful which made him smirk. She did look really good in that bikini, what would it hurt. Then she’d be on her way, and he could read in peace.

“Ok, I will spread it on you, if you return the favor.” He offered.

“You have a deal” she said and handed him the tube, then she turned around.

Draco spread the sunblock and when she turned around to rub some on his skin, she noticed his book.

“Anna Karenina! I love Tolstoy.  You do realize he was a Muggle, right?” She asked as she rubbed the sun block on his back, secretly confused by how touching him made her feel. This was Malfoy!

“Funnily enough, I did know that. Listen Granger, you don’t know anything about me or who I am, beyond the prat of the century you knew in school. I’m sure you’ve grown and changed as you got older, the same applies to me.” He said.

“I guess, well you’re all done, thanks for the help, enjoy your story.” She said as she turned and walked back to her towel and book.


She found herself thinking about him, damn that book! Damn those broad shoulders and smooth back too. She got back in the cool water of the ocean trying to distract herself. She’d always known he was intelligent; the two of them had topped the list of the top five students academically at graduation.  She had always been rather smug about the fact that the mudblood was the only one to beat him, he came in second. It had made her proud that she’d beat him. So she wasn’t sure why it was such a surprise to find him reading Tolstoy, which can be difficult to read, but she was gob smacked since it was a favorite of hers.

She chastised herself, “Think of something else Hermione.”

“I have tried, leave me alone.” She answered herself.

“Huh, who knew you even argue with yourself, is there no one you don’t argue with?” Draco asked from behind her.

She jumped as she turned, and ended up falling underwater and came up coughing. She turned and glared at him while she was blushing at being caught talking to herself.

“I just came over to tell you I’m returning to the bungalow, it’s not smart to head out in the water this far when you are alone. “ He said holding up his hands in a placating way.

“Thanks, I’m not ready to head back yet, I have been away from the ocean too long to give it up just yet.” She smiled.

“Alright, see you later.”

Hermione couldn’t believe it, she and Malfoy had just spent an afternoon alone, sort of, and they hadn’t gotten into a fight or cursed each other once. That set some kind of precedent, she was sure.  It completely baffled her; it’s not exactly what their history would have predicted. Maybe she should try to make the best of this situation, like he was. The faster they appeared to be friendly, the faster the whole thing could be over, and maybe if they passed this month fairly well, Kingsley would be more willing to hear her out, and give her a different partner. That idea expanded until she had a concrete plan, and then she left the water to gather her things. She and Malfoy had some things to work out!


“Malfoy, I have a plan.” She said as she knocked on his bedroom door, “ Come out here, we need to work this out. I know how to get us out of this!”

“Fine, but only if we discuss it over dinner, I’m starving.” He said as he came out of the bedroom in his pajama pants.


To be continued!



AN2: This story is already finished, the suggestions from readers was for the writing process, but I still love reviews and feedback and I might use suggestions in another story!

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Give and Take: Making plans


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