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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 8 : Dates,Mates,and.....Furry Problems?
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 The next week of classes was uneventful, until we got back to the common room on friday. Sirius and I were mid-snog,Lily was getting some extra credit potions work done ( I mean really it was the first week) and James was reading some quidditch book, when Halen and Remus suddenly started arguing "Well i personally dont see why we cant Remus"



"Quiet down before the whole common room hears you" Remus whispered at her.






"I dont care who hears me Remus, just give me one good reason, you admitted to liking me so why can't we date?" (oh now i see ) me and Lily got up wanting to get Halen out of here before she sarted crying (she did that when she got angry ) 






"I cant tell you, you wouldn't want to be with me if  I did"






"What could you possibly say or be that could make me not like you Remus" Halen asked him, a tear traveling down her cheek.






"I dont know maybe a ......"But before we could even intervene James,Sirius and Peter got up and In between them 






"Moony" James yelled "Can we talk to you for a second."






Sirius POV  






James and I pratically dragged Remus to the far corner of the common room. I couldn't help but stare at JJ she was so stunning (even if she was to stubborn to believe it.) and i couldn't believe she was mine.






"Moony, do you really think an argument in the middle of the common room was a great place to decide to almost tell Wren about your ' furry little problem'?" James asked bewildered 






"You know you dont have to not date her just because of it, go out with her and when you trust her enough tell her." Peter said 






"you're right Wormtail I'll tell her when the time is right and hope that she doesn't hate me, but I'll also have to wait till JJ and Lily are ready too I'm not going to make her keep a secret like that from her best friends or you Padfoot from your girlfriend- for much longer."








Halen POV






I just couldn't understand why he would'nt date me after he said he liked me. It was all so confusing . The Marauders were making their way back over, Remus walked over to me and whispered "Can we talk you know some whwere more private?" I nodded yes and we headed up to his dorm. "Halen will you date me?"






"Yes Remus of course i will" I was overjoyed but i couldn't help but wonder what before was about, I didnt have a lot of time to dwell on it before we were snogging. It was about an hour later when I made my way up to the dorm having been informed by James and a rather tired looking Sirius ( must have been from snogging JJ all night i swear they never broke apart ) That I had to leave,I entered our room and said.....






Jaynee's POV






Halen walked in the dorm,Bowed and said "I just spent the last hour snogging my new boyfriend Remus Lupin!" Lily and I giggled. My lips were still puffy from snogging Sirius 






"So Lily, your the only who hasn't made your Marauder crush your Marauder boyfriend." I said with an attempt at a serious face but my smirks broke through.






"I told you i would advance with Potter - "  




" he has a first name" I interjected.What? he was my friend and if she liked him she could call him James






"- Sorry- James when I know I can trust him"






"Well how are you going to trust him if you wont give him a chance, I mean it's been a week and he hasn't done anything the least bit douche baggish yet, that's almost a record." Halen stated.






"It's going to take a lot more than one week of non - douche baggness." Lily shot back at Halen






"Well i'm going to bed I've got Quidditch pratice in the morning, James booked the pitch super early." It had been a week since tryouts and of course me and Halen both made it but the first match being against Slytherin had James all physco captain mode.








"You'll be fine no matter how much sleep you get I think it will be more of prying you off your new boyfriend, James will have a problem with." Lily mocked me.






" Oh whatever i can control myself " I rolled my eyes and changed into my pyjamas, we all headed to bed after we finished gossiping about Halen and Remus, me and Sirius and Lily and James, We closed our eyes and fell silently to sleep.

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