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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 7 : secret meeting in a public place, seems intelligent enough
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 26th September

 "Yes i'm tired of waiting for you, but that doesn't mean i've given up" - quote by me (unless someone has already said it- i just made this up from the top of my head)

“Have you told everyone where to meet us?” I asked Neville when we were walking down the corridor our way to dinner.

“Yes. Although there isn’t much of us left. Most of them have either gone on the run, to old to come to Hogwarts now or too scared” Neville replied as we turned a corner.

The Carrows had come worse over the course of two weeks. After every lesson of mugglestudies and defence against the dark art I had to get out quick incase they call me back (which has happened many times). I’m supporting a whole loads of more bruises and its getting more painful every time, Neville is extremely concerned for my well being and Luna and don’t think even knows what’s going on.

Actually why were on Luna, she’s been acting really strange, like really strange. So strange Infact it makes her normal self look sane, yes that is how weird she has been acting.

Weird eh?

The only time I see her now is in lessons and at meal times, she’s been down into her work and doesn’t say anything. Her face is always pale and I’ve also noticed how whenever the mail comes she always looks up either with hope in her eyes or with fear. Its totally weird and it is worrying me too no end.

Oh and also were bringing the D.A. back if I forgot to tell you.

“Ginny are you sure we should do it in the hogshead, don’t you think that will be the place where most death eaters are going to go. It is a bit of a dodgy place, don’t you reckon” He looked at me with concern filling his eyes, was he really considering changing places?

I however am completely sure that it will be fine.

“Neville I’m sure no death eater in their right mind would go to the hogshead. They probably want luxury and comfort, and without disrespecting the person who owns it, the place is far from being clean” Neville gives a small smile which makes me smile. No one is rarely cheery these days, its just too cold and dark to. Everywhere you go people are sitting at the edge of their seat scared out of their wits.

I mean I haven’t even spotted any random couple kissing in a broom closet yet, that is how dark it had got!

Although I don’t see why they are so scared of kissing, why are the Carrows going to care if you kiss? Although what do I know.

Hogsmeade was tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to start with the D.A. meeting’s, it would be just like old times, wouldn’t it? Just with a few of the important people missing. Actually all the important people missing, but we’ll cope… I’m sure… I think… yeah we will, won’t we?
I worry too much sometimes




Sunlight came through the windows making my eyes hurt. Don’t you just hate the morning light, it just so stings your eyes.

I was surprised to see it actually sunny, we don’t get a lot of it these days, usually the air is cold as ice and the wind is just too strong, I’m almost thankful we don’t play quiddittch this year.

“Hey Ginny” Sarah smiled at me across the room combing her hair through with a brush. I nodded and smiled at her but didn’t say anything else, I think my voice has gone. This always happens when I wake up, I almost feel like I can’t talk.

Don’t worry I’ll be chatting away in a few eyes like I always do cause I’m such a chatter box.

“so… who are you going too Hogsmeade with?” She smirks at me and winks before putting  a spell on her hair which makes it instantly straight. I don’t even know that spell! Her hair is truly amazing.

WAIT! Hang on does she think I’m going with Neville… for the last time, I do not like Neville!

“Well I’m going with Neville and Luna” I yawn placing a hand over my mouth to cover it up. I’m not actually sure if Luna was coming, I haven’t had time to ask her, she’s been dodging me and Neville ever since the incident with the slytherine’s. But I said she was coming too just to make sure she doesn’t think me and Neville are a couple, because we are not.

“Really? Cool, I’m going with Michael corner” Sarah beamed starting to put makeup all over her. I don’t know why she bothers, she’s beautiful anyway, she shouldn’t even use makeup to cover up.

I sniffled a laugh but made it seem like I was coughing. It was widely known that Michael corner was my ex. He was ridicules as a boyfriend. I only really liked him cause he checked my homework for me. He was completely useless, I mean he didn’t even remember that it was valentines day! That’s how stupid he was. I didn’t want anything big for it , I’m not that kind of person, but to forget completely that is a whole different thing!

“So what’s going on with you and Neville?” she asked setting her things aside and sitting on the bed egar for gossip.

I raise my eyebrows at her, sigh and simply say “nothing”

“Nothing? Or do you mean its complicated” She smiles at me before handing me some magically swift mascara. I love magic makeup because it’s the only makeup that you can go out in the rain in and not get wet. And you don’t have to get a napkin to wipe it all off, instead you can just use your wand. Its amazing!

But anyway… why do I need it, I’m not impressing anyone.

“You it” She directs pointing at the vial of mascara “I’ll get you some clothes. Neville won’t know what hit him”

I really don’t think my eyes can open any further.

How the hell do I get myself out of this one?
“Here… this outfit will do perfectly” Sarah called out from her own wardrobe. How anything in there will be able to fit me I will never know. Sarah is like a size four (she actually is), while I’m a size eight. I’m double her size!

I don’t even think I was looking at it properly. I mean nothing ever could be that sexy. It was a poker dot corset top that had frills at the bottom. I’m sure that it would cling to me and make my breasts look huge. The fine forest green fabric looked beautiful.

But guess what? There is no way in hell I would be caught wearing that… so long as I’m alive anyway.



After much convincing and me being so stubborn as I am (thank god I inherited that from mum! bless you mum, bless you) the top was thrown back in her trunk where it belongs. I however didn’t get out of the makeup part and was attacked by mascara, foundation and all of that crap. I felt like a doll. No jokes.

Walking down the girls staircase I knew I would get all embarrassed and in some ways I’m glad I have makeup on. It will cover all the pinkness on my face.

“Sarah you do realise there is nothing between me and Neville, right?” I say my face screwed up in concentration and worry about what’s going to happen next. I’ve never dressed up before, and I’m sure Neville will notice this, he isn’t stupid you know!

I was now wearing a simple dark purple tank top with skinny jeans. I feel comftable in jeans. Problem?

“Ginny its ok to deny your feelings. But I bet he likes you back” She sent me a supportive smile as the final steps came closer.

I panicked! I really did… I didn’t know what to do. I mean I don’t like Neville, what if the whole school thought I liked Neville? I really don’t. I like Harry, Harry Potter. You know that boy who is of fighting the dark lord.

Something in me snapped and I pulled away from Sarah’s arms looking angrily at her.

“SARAH! LISTEN HERE… I do not like Neville. Never had, never will. I don’t think he’s sexy or hot or anything except my friend. He is kind, and friendly but no where near anything to a boyfriend. He also doesn’t like me back!” I hissed at her and I walked out through the girls staircase leaving her in extreme shock and to be honest she looks quote frightened.

Damn.. Now I feel guilty.
Neville was waiting for me outside and I almost dragged him out of the common room by the arm in my fit of rage.

Might as well make an exit!

“Ginny what is going on?” Neville said finally pulling away from the grasp that I had hold of him. He looked panicked and his eyes were popping out of their sockets.

I didn’t have time to answer because Luna came skipping down the corridor. But as soon as she saw us she turned back dropping all of her books and looked like she was about to break down in tears.

“WAIT LUNA!” I called after her running after her and immediately managed to catch up with her because she was only doing a quick walk. And me? Well lets just say I’m a fast runner.

“oh hello Ginny” she says her dreamy eyes boring into mine, acting as though she had only just seen me.

“Luna what’s going on?” I ask her looking at her with true concern.

Her eyes look dreamy for a second, then pained, back to dreamy.

“nothing at all”


“Yes Ginny?”

“What’s wrong?”


“Are you going to Hogsmeade. I must say the weather is with us today, it’s a perfect day” She changes the subject quickly “Oh yes… it’s the D.A. thing today. I’ll be there I promise”

And with that she skipped back down the hall leaving me and Neville staring after her with complete and utter shock.

We must have been standing there for about five minutes in complete silence both of us pondering on what the hell was going on with Luna. I remembered her getting all worked up about her dad, but surely he was fine> probably just a slytherine prank. Unless she believed what they were saying, Luna is commonly known for believing everything she hears.

“Ginny! I’m going after Luna… you’ll have to start the meeting without us because I might be awhile. And if you don’t go now, you won’t get there in time” I hurriedly said staring down at his muggle clock on his arm that said it was twelve already.

We said we would meet everyone at half twelve.

And it takes about half an hour to get to hogsmeade, and that’s just when your running… then you have to travel through all the crowded streets to get to the hogshead.

“bloody hell… ok, I’ll see you soon”

I ran down all the corridors leaving Neville behind to find Luna who I’m sure had already left to go down to hogsmeade and Neville would have to do a lot of running to get down to her.




The streets were packed full of people. I’m pretty sure everyone who was allowed to go did go. Hogsmeade trips were the only time away from the castle during school time. The castle was no longer a safe environment it was much like prison nowadays. I felt a sense of freedom that I hadn’t felt in a long time. And it was a great feeling.

Even though half the place was filled with students, no adult people could be seen around apart from perhaps the odd brave man or women walking down the street hurriedly afraid of the death eaters.

There was many death eaters about and I almost wanted to go over there and punch on of the right in the face.

Of course that would be a stupid thing to do and most probably get me sent to prison for it.

The majority of the shops had been closed down too, and I only hoped that the hogshead wasn’t one of them. Honeydukes was boarded up and many students from the outside were looking up at it sad to see our favourite sweet place closed, some young third year girls were even crying over it.

The owl shop was open but death eaters were standing guard outside of it and all the children around it were debating on whether to go in or not.

I was still running and the hottest of the sun was starting to show on me because I was sweating. Attractive eh?

Eventually I arrived, covered in sweat to find everyone who was coming was there.

They all looked impatiently at me and I even saw that some were just about to get up and looked relived to see me finally.

There wasn’t many there. Last time there was thirty or so. Now only twelve of us remained.

But it didn’t matter… we will cope. And we will fight back, no matter how many of us there are, we will fight together.

“Finally you’re here” moaned Zacharias smith. My brother was right, he is a toss pot.

I smiled at everyone but no one returned it except the Patil twins. They are really sweet those two, I love them.

We all waited quietly for a few minutes. I was sitting at the front with everyone else in front of me. I was hoping Neville and Luna would be alone soon. The only noise that could be heard was the noise of dirty cups being cleaned by even more dirty napkins.

The person who owned the pub looked around completely surprised by how many people were in the room. His eyes popping out and he wasn’t even looking at what he was cleaning just stared transfixed on all of us. After a few minutes he started squinting his eyes at all of us almost curious. And he definitely looked like someone I knew…I just don’t know who.

There was no one else in the hogshead and the question of “how the hell is this place still running?” popped into my head.

“What are we waiting for exactly?” Smith moaned again narrowing his eyes at me.

“For you to learn how to be patient!” I said back warning him not to speak again.

I think he got the message. Probably the image of me throwing him a bat bogey hex was still in his mind.

The door opened and Luna and Neville came in smiling at one another and holding hands. They both walked over to us and sat down next to… WAIT hold on, why are they holding hands?

“Hello everyone” Luna chirped as though everything was back to normal. What the hell?

I shook my head and focused on the meeting. Focus Ginny focus.

“As you all know the school has become more like a prison than a actual school” I say talking with extreme caution incase I mess up. Actually I prepared a speech, but it would be so like me to forget “We need to start fighting back!” I say enthusiastically

I was hopping that the room would all nod in agreement. None came. Bloody typical.

Now I look stupid.

“Neville help” I whisper to him desperately from the corner of my mouth smiling like an idiot.

Neville stood up and I slowly loomed into the background and taking a seat.

I’m bloody surprised (and relived) that Neville did that for me, usually he would back down at big crowed meeting things. Well guess what guys… Neville has changed, and I’m glad he has.

“you-know-who is stronger than ever before. Its not like it was with umbridge. She was nothing compared to these we… need” damn it! He was doing to well. Neville seemed to realize he was standing in a room full of people and suddenly forgot everything he was going to say, just like I did. “we need… to… um… start learning more things so we can…. Fight… um… the death eaters?”

“ and we need to get the school back. Last lesson Alecto Carrow made us all write a essay about muggles. She wanted it all to be horrid stuff about them. I wasn’t sure what to do in that essay because I wanted to be nice and all but I also didn’t want to get told off. She told us all if we didn’t write what she wanted us to write she would put us all in detention for a week where we would all miss dinner, then we would all go hungry. But the Hogwarts food also isn’t as good as it was before, especially the pudding” Luna rambled looking around at everyone dreamily and a proud look supported onto her face.

Everyone (even me and Neville who was no used to her ramblings) looked up at her with confusion. Luna didn’t even realised everyone had gone quite because of her comment. Even the pub owner stopped his scrubbing because of it.

“um… yes” Neville said as Luna started to hum to herself as she looked around at everyone “We need to learn spells that are actually going to help us in this war. We don’t need the dark arts to help us. Harry helped us all two years ago, now he’s gone-” A lump appeared in my throat at the mention of his name “We need to learn how to defend ourselves”

“But what about newts… they are this year and I don’t want to fail at them” Some heads turned towards the speaker who just so happened to be Susan bone.

I stood up this time “you think the wizarding world cares what grades you get?” I say to her with a angry tone in my voice “Once you get out of here the death eaters are probably going to except you become a death eater, either that or you die. If we fight back now we might be able to stop it”

Susan sank back down into her seat pink patches appearing on her cheeks. I know I shouldn’t have had a go at her, but she bloody well deserved it.

“But Harry’s not here, so who’s going to lead?” Lavender Brown piped up “I suppose you could Ginny, Ron was very good with spells, as his sister you would be just as good” She smiled at the mention of Ron’s name. I don’t think she even noticed she was making a fool off herself.

“I think Neville would be the leader” I said quickly taking a glance at him and watching his face turn to me in disbelief.

“WHAT! No Ginny not me” He yelled out to everyone making the pub owner look up again at us and look curiously over “I’ll mess u… I’m terrible at casting spells”
Some people nodded in agreement with Neville because they really didn’t want him to be our leader. I did though, and I knew he would be great. And I’m not backing down easily.

“Neville you’d be great” Wait! I didn’t even say that.

Hannah abbot had come to the front and was looking directly at Neville saying these words.

Neville blushed a lot and nodded a bit.
“You would be exceptionally good Neville. Your really hard working and you’ve changed, You know lots of spells and your very brave, you’re a true Gryffindor because of that” Luna said taking his hands in hers. I noticed how for a second she glanced at Hannah almost jealously at her.

Neville didn’t realise, he was far to busy about worrying about the D.A.

“Fine I will” He said his face scrunched up as though he was trying to figure something out “But if I screw it all up, its your fault”

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