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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 6 : Chapter Five
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Stuning chapter image by Lady Took @ TDA!

Well this morning was awkward. Mum woke me up eight thirty and told me to get dressed since we would be leaving to get to kings cross at nine thirty. She didn't come in my room and open my curtains like usual, mainly because I had locked my door.

She just knocked the door and told me to get up and dressed. I got up slowly and jumped in the shower and got partly dressed. I didn't think Lucy was awake yet so I went and knocked her door.

"Luce, you up?" I asked through the wood.

"Yeah. Come in."

I walked in and she was sat on her bed fully dressed and was reading a book, her trunk packed and ready near the door. How is she so organised? I wondered.

"You ok Mol?"

"Yeah," I paused trying to think of the best way to say this "It's just can you not tell anyone that I'm pregnant please."

"Sure you can trust me Mol."

"Thanks sis, oh and here," I handed her the scan photo "Thought you might want to see your little niece or nephew."

"Awww," She squealed, "Too cute." She went to pass it back to me.

"Keep it Luce, I have another copy."

She smiled "Thanks."

I left her room and made my downstairs to get breakfast. Mum was in the kitchen cleaning, when I entered she didn't say anything to me as I helped myself some cereal. I ate in silence as she carried on cleaned the worktop. Once I had finished I just left my bowl and spoon in the sink, without washing it.

I could see mum itching to say something to me. She has this thing about everything being clean; personally I think she has OCD. And that's like the fifth time she's cleaned that bit of worktop since I've been sat here.

But still she didn't say anything to me at all she just glared at me. I left the room and went back upstairs. We have to leave for The Burrow in thirty minutes so I really should get ready and then from The Burrow we have to get to Kings Cross.

I could hear Lucy bumping her trunk down the stairs; it thumped as it hit each step. I looked at down at mine, how was I gonna get it downstairs? I'm pregnant, should I be doing heavy lifting? I had a light bulb moment and pulled out my wand and made it suspend in mid-air. Making it float all the way down the stairs, while I carried out Specky in her cage.

Dad put it all in the car and I jumped in the back. Before anyone could say anything to me I pulled out my muggle iPod and headphones, put them in and blocked out my family.

We arrived at The Burrow just before ten. Everyone was there, all of my cousins plus Teddy and most of my Aunts and Uncles excluding Auntie Angelina and Uncle Bill since I'm guessing they were both working.

Dad said goodbye to Lucy, but not to me as I had left the car as soon as it stopped and went and hid inside the house. He didn't exactly come and say goodbye to me at all as he then left to rush off to work.

We all piled into the mini bus that Auntie Ginny had hired for us to take us to the station. Well all of us except Granddad Arthur, Teddy, Tori, James and Fred as they have all finished Hogwarts and Granddad Arthur was supposed to be making sure that they didn't blow up the house.

I suspect that when she gets back Nana Molly is going to make James and Fred do some work around The Burrow, as they don't have jobs. Tori is a waitress in a muggle restaurant and Teddy is in training to become an Auror.

I managed to grab a seat at the back of the bus; Rose sat next to me as did Lucy. Rose is a lot Like Auntie Hermione, Bushy hair a mix of red and brown, blue eyes like Uncle Ron and always reading. She's top of the class as well. I'm quite surprised she wasn't put in Ravenclaw, since she's smarter than me.

I ignored them both and stared out the window. I have a feeling that Rose was planning on talking to me but once she could she I was ignoring everyone she didn't attempt to. We arrived at kings cross at half ten. Since I was last off the bus, Uncle Harry helped me put my trunk and Specky's cage onto a trolley.

I walked into the station with Lucy and Uncle Harry. Lucy stayed behind with me and Uncle Harry had to pay the mini bus driver. The three of us ran through the barrier between platforms nine and ten, in front of us the steam cleared a bit and the Hogwarts Express was able to be seen.

I got on the train with Lucy and the others and went to find a compartment. I found my two best friends Amber and Chloe in one about half way up the train, so I put my stuff with theirs. Lucy, Rose, Dom, Lily, Louis, Hugo, Albus and Roxy piled their stuff into the two compartments either side of ours.

We left the train and went to say our goodbyes. When Nana Molly hugged me she said "I'm gonna have to feed you up next time your home. You’re looking a bit thin."

Thanks Nana. Well in a few months I'm not going to be thin, I'm gonna be bloody huge. So you won't have to feed me up then, I thought. I hugged each of my Aunts and Uncles, not forgetting Nana.

I was totally surprised when Mum pulled me into a hug; It's not something we do or something that I let her do. She whispered in my ear "Don't you dare breathe a word of this to anybody. I'll send you an owl in the week and then were going to get this problem sorted ok."

I broke away. She grabbed my wrist and gave me a look; I pulled my wrist free out of her grasp and walked away. Did she seriously want me to get an abortion? Auntie Ginny looked at me funny, I guess it’s probably because mum never hugs me; it's always Lucy and maybe the fact that she grabbed my wrist. She hugged Lucy next and I didn't hang around to see what happened after that. I got onto the train and went back to the compartment.

Amber and Chloe then walked in looking rather happy. I hugged both of them; I mean I haven't seen them at all this half term. I've been so pre occupied with working out how to tell Kyle, my Parents, Lauren and Katie and the fact that I was over The Burrow half the week as well. I didn't manage to find the time to go and see them.

I heard the others get on the train since the window of our compartment was open and they were being rather loud (when I say them I mean Dom). Dom is the only red head in the Delacour-Weasley family apart from her dad. Both Tori and Louis have silvery blonde hair like their mother. Dom is loud and outgoing and has a need for gossip. Not to mention she is stunningly beautiful and has boys pretty much falling at her feet and has for years.

Rose and Dom came into our compartment leaving Lucy, Lily and Roxy in one and Albus, Hugo and Louis in the other, I could hear them debating who was sitting with who. I caught up with the others on what had happened over the past week. The kind old lady who pushes the sweet trolley came around to our compartment as it had just gone Twelve.

I really fancied some Bertie Botts every flavour beans, since I haven't had them in ages. Once I had bought a box I also stocked up Droobles Best Blowing Bubble Gum and some Jelly Slugs. Rose bought some Liquorice Wands, Dom didn't buy anything and Amber and Chloe bought two Pumpkin Pasties each.

Since I was the first to move when I heard the trolley, I was first to sit back down. I opened up my Botts and was just deciding which one looked like it was gonna be a nice flavour, when the smell hit me, I could smell the Pumpkin Pasties.

My stomach gurgled and churned and I felt sick. I got up and rushed out of the compartment, with my hand over my mouth. I wrenched open the door of the nearest toilet and spewed the contents of my stomach into it. Well there goes my breakfast.

My morning sickness hasn't really been that bad. When I first found out it was every morning, now it's only once or twice a week if I'm Lucky. Since I have an en-suite bathroom at home mum and dad haven't notice or heard me throwing up in the mornings. That was another good thing because it meant that I wouldn't have to explain why I was sick. In the dorm, I simply cast a muffliato charm over the bathroom to stop the others from hearing me.

I was currently sat on the floor in a toilet on a train with my head in my hands. Thinking things through, when there was a knock on the door. "It's occupied;" I yelled "Can't you see."

"It's me." Came the voice that belonged to my sister.

I stood up and washed my face in the sink with some cold water before flushing the toilet and unlocking the door. Lucy was stood the hallway, looking worried.

"Are you ok Mol."

"Luce I'm fine. It's just sickness; my baby didn't seem to like the smell of the Pumpkin Pasties that's all."

"Oh are you sure."

"Yes, now come on, let’s get back."

Together we walked back down the train. She linked my arm through hers and I smiled. "Can you check that the pasties have gone please Luce?" I said staying towards to the end of the corridor.

She nodded before walking up and sticking her head into our compartment. "Yes." She called back to me.

I re-entered finding it emptier than before. Apparently Dom and Rose had gone to find their friends from Gryffindor, leaving Me, Amber, Chloe and Lucy alone.

"Are you ok Mol?" Chloe asked.

"What's wrong? You look pale." Amber said.

Looks like I'm gonna have to tell them that I'm pregnant and a little too early as well. I hadn't planned on telling them for at least another week or two yet.

I took a deep breath and announced "I'm pregnant."


"HOLY SHIT!" Amber slid off the seat and fell on the floor, she landed with a thump.

"Who? When? How far are you?" They both questioned.

"This boy from where I live. My birthday party and I’m fourteen weeks, two days." I explained.

Then I closed the blinds on the compartment so that no one could see in and pulled out my scan photo that I have been carrying around in my pocket. I held it out towards them.

"Wow, it looks like an alien." Amber said.

"Does he know?" Chloe asked me.

I nodded "He dumped me when I told him I was pregnant as he assumed it was someone else's and I haven't talked to him since. I only told Him, my Parents Lauren, Katie and Lucy yesterday."

"What did they say about it?" Chloe inquired.

"Well my parents are mad and want me to get an abortion. Lucy is supportive and can't wait to be an auntie, Lauren told me that she is pregnant as well and Katie was well shocked. It's not every day that you find out both your best mates are pregnant."

Just then the compartment door opened again revealing Rose and Dom. I quickly hid my scan photo in my pocket; they gave us all a funny look. Well I mean Lucy was curled up in the corner with a book, Amber had fallen onto the floor. Chloe's mouth was hanging open so wide that a train could have drove through it and I had quickly put my hand in my pocket. No wonder they looked at us weird.

I debated telling them, I mean they're also my best friends as well being my cousins. But Dom has got quite a loud mouth and knowing her people would now within ten minutes of me telling her. I suppose I can trust Rose but then again she might yell at me for being so irresponsible. It's hard not knowing what to do.

"Are you ok?" Rose asked Amber as she sat opposite her on the seat.

"Yeah fine." She managed to say as she got up and sat back down.

"We're nearly at Hogwarts, so we better get changed" Rose told us.

Shit, double shit. I would have to expose my stomach, if I were to get changed in here with Rose and Dom. Shit, shit. Mother of Merlin I need a plan and fast.

I grabbed my stuff from my trunk, "I'll be back in five, it’s a bit cramped in here with five of us getting changed"

Hoping that they wouldn't question my excuse I rushed out the door before any of them could say anything and went straight to the nearest toilet again. Instead of throwing up I got changed out my sweat pants, top and baggy hoody into my school skirt and shirt.

Except there was one small problem, I had to struggle with the zip on my skirt, I had to force it to do up and my shirt wasn't as loose as it used to be. It was tight around my middle and across my boobs. Hell had I really put on that much weight already.

To make sure that my zip would stay done up, I used a safety pin at the top that I had found in my pocket (don't ask why because I don't know myself). I picked up my tie and put it on, then I pulled on my robes making sure that they were done up and that my bump could not be seen. Grabbing my stuff I made my way back to the compartment.

Lucy had her Hufflepuff tie on, Dom and Rose had their Gryffindor ties and Amber and Chloe had on their Ravenclaw ties just like me. Each of us has customised our uniform, for example Dom's skirt is always comes just below her thigh, her shirt always tucked in. The top three buttons of her shirt un done and her tie really short. Depending on the weather she either wears tights, long socks or none at all.

Rose being little miss perfect wears a pleated skirt, (which does not really suit her), her shirt out, since its fitted and her tie long. Lucy wears trousers, tucked in shirt, top buttons done up and long tie (she’s like Rose and likes rules) as for Me, Amber and Chloe we wear our skirts halfway between out knee and thigh, shirt not tucked in, long socks and short ties. All of wear our robes apart from the summer, when it’s really warm and they're not needed. Except now I'm wearing mine to hide my bump.

When we arrived at Hogmeade station, we left out trunks on the train and I brought Specky out and put her with the other owls that would be taken up to the owlery. We were taken up to the castle in the carriages as usual and entered the nice warm castle. The welcome back feast was the same as usual. McGonagall gave out the usual notices such as stay out/away from the forbidden forest and also not to annoy peeves. She also told us that the annual Halloween feast would be in three days’ time.

The food was amazingly good as ever. I piled my plate high with chicken and roast beef, lots of vegetables, stuffing and gravy. Just as I was tucking in, my stomach felt funny. All I could think was oh no please say I'm going to be sick. Not in the middle of the great hall, please Merlin no. I got up and rushed from the hall, feeling eyes on the back of my head. Looking around the closest thing that I could find was a waste paper basket in the corner of the entrance hall. I didn't have time to get to the toilets, so it looked like this was gonna have to do.

I re-entered the great hall feeling a lot better. A few people were looking at me as I walked back to the table. I sat back down making sure my robe hid my bump and was about to start eating again. I looked at my plate and I suddenly didn't fancy it any more. So I just sat there eating a little stuffing.

Amber nudged me gently "You ok?"


"You sure?"

"I'm sure. I just fancy some ice cream and stuffing" I said stating the crazy thought that had just come into my head.

They looked at me as though I was crazy. I probably am though, I mean I have one of the biggest families going and growing up with James and Fred is enough to make any one crazy. I kept back a plate of sage and onion stuffing and moments later the mountains of ice creams, cheesecakes and all the other desserts appeared.

I helped myself to a bowl of vanilla ice cream, eating a spoonful and then a forkful of stuffing. It tasted really good, so good in fact that I tipped the plate of stuffing into the bowl and mixed it in.

Duncan who was sat opposite Amber and next to Chloe looked at me, "Ewww Mol, that's gross",

"No it's not" I said as I ate another spoonful "It's yummy, wanna try some." I offered him the bowl.

He eyed it carefully and said "No thanks" before moving down the table a little.

Duncan is one of the boys in my year. He’s dating Chloe and they have been seeing each other for two years, I think or it might be three, I can't remember.

After the food had all gone and I had finished my yummy stuff cream (yes that is what I have called my new favourite food). McGonagall wished us all good night and to work hard and enjoy the rest of the term. I left the table and made my way up to the common room, before I could start walking up the stairs, Lucy caught hold of me.

"Are you ok? I saw you rush out?" She sounded worried.

"Jeez Luce its only morning sickness, it’s not life threatening. Most people get morning sickness and if you don't then lucky them." I said in a hushed voice.

She seemed relieved, "Oh, that's ok then. Night Mol."

"Night Luce" She hugged me and then left to catch up with her friends. Aww it's nice that I have at least one person in my family worried about me unlike my so called parents. I made my up to the tower with Amber and Chloe who had waited for me.

When we got outside the door, Chloe lifted the brass knocker and knocked. The mystical voice said 'I have four legs but I cannot walk. I have a back but yet I cannot stand, what am I?'

I started to say "Are you a....."

Amber yelled, "Chair... You're a chair." She insisted.

'Correct you may enter'

Amber pushed the door opened and we entered the common room. It's a huge room and the ceiling had stars painted on it. The arched windows contain comfy seats in them looking over the castle grounds. The comfy chairs, the overflowing bookcases. Everything is so calm and peaceful especially with the blue and bronze silks around the walls and the pretty white marble statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, which sits next to the door that leads to our dorms.

We made our way up to our dorm past the statue of Rowena and got ready for bed. I pulled on a hood over my pyjama top as I don't want any of the other girls in our dorm knowing just yet. I had just snuggled down in my bed when they came in talking. The ‘they’ being my other roommates, Annie, Jazz and Daisy.

Annie is a muggle born, red headed girl who talks a lot. You can't shut her up; she's a bit like Dom in that sense. Her best mate is Jazz who has brown hair and is obsessed with music whether it be muggle or wizarding (she's half-blood) and then there's Daisy. She's blonde and is really quiet and shy. I think she's a half blood but I'm not sure since we don't really talk a lot and only have a few classes together. But from when we have talked she's really nice.

They saw us in bed and quieted down. "Did you all have a good week?" Annie asked from the bathroom.

Everyone called yes and said a few things that happened. I however said nothing and rolled over in my bed feeling that I was finally home.
Well today was another eventful day in my Life...

This morning I was woken up by a tapping at the window. I rolled over, opened one eye and looked. There was a grey owl at the window. Since none of the others had woken, I got and walked over to let it in. Who could it be for? I wondered; Why not just send it with the other owls at breakfast?

I looked down at the envelope expecting it to be for one of the other girls, except it was addressed to me. I went and sat on my bed wondering who the hell it was off. I ripped it open and I recognised the writing straight away. It was off Mum.

Dear Molly,

I hope that you have gotten this letter and are reading it in private as I do not want this information to get into the wrong hands. I have booked you an appointment at a private clinic, for when you are home in the holidays. Your appointment is on 27th December, so we will have gotten Christmas over by then. If any one notices you getting fat, tell them that you put on weight recently and to mind their own business. This will be over before you know it.

Love you lots,

Mum xx

I actually hate her even more now. How could she?. I screwed up the letter in my fist and then ripped it to shreds. I grabbed a bit of parchment and borrowed a quill off Amber's bed side table and wrote a reply.


I told you before I AM NOT HAVING AN ABORTION!. I AM NOT DOING IT! And two days after Christmas that's a bit sick isn't it, all happy and jolly then killing your ONLY grandchild TWO days later. I HATE YOU; I AM NOT HAVING AN ABORTION SO YOU CAN CANCEL THE APPOINTMENT!!!


I tied it to the owl's leg and it flew back off out the window. I shut it and went back to bed. I didn't notice I was shaking until I poured myself a drink of water from the jug on my bedside cabinet.

God I'm so angry. I told her I wasn't going to have an abortion. Yet she still books the appointment and right after Christmas. Really I could kill her right now. I honestly think I might she has pissed me off that much.


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