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In These Moments by atellam
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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31st October, 1981

There was something wrong.

There was something very wrong indeed.

Jane sat up in bed, unable to pinpoint what exactly was wrong, although something certainly was. Everything was quiet. Everything was still.

The clouds, which had been non-existent an hour earlier when she’d gone to bed, were covering the moon. It was dark. Far darker than a normal night in Godric's Hollow.

Sam snored lightly next to her, peaceful in his sleep while Jane fidgeted.

There was a slight gap in the curtains, a slither of weak moonlight falling across the end of the bed, leaving the quilt and eerie shade of grey. Staring at it for a while, she sat in silence, listening to the house, wondering why she couldn’t sleep.

The sounds of the laughing children from earlier that evening where gone now and she couldn’t even hear the sound of the men in the pub down the road. How late was it?

Deciding that there was no way she’d be able to return to sleep knowing that the curtains were slightly open, the young woman wriggled out from under the covers, so not to disturb Sam, and hunted around under the bed for her slippers. Finally finding the well-worn shoes, she stuffed them on her feet and wrapped her arms around her for warmth. You could tell it was nearly November. The weather had become freezing over the last few days.

Jane approached the window only to find one of them ajar. Rolling her eyes at her fiancé, who had a tendency not to feel the cold, she reached for the frame and pulled it shut. She hesitated before heading back to bed however, as she caught sight of the street below. It’s current state, covered in the red and gold, orange and brown leaves of autumn, reminded her of why she’d moved here in the first place. The natural beauty of the place was undeniable, the trees the covered the footpath where always green (although Jane had never seen them watered) while the gardens of the residents were so beautiful it was almost like magic. The street below her now reminded her that despite some of the weirder folk - that man down the road with the stark white beard and pointed hat for instance - moving here was worth it.

Despite the cold, Jane settled into the window seat and watched the street below, letting her thoughts wander to the children that had been knocking on her door earlier that evening, asking for sweets. Their costumes had been marvellous, she must admit, and the way that the parents had gotten into the spirit of Hallo’ween as well truly impressed her. Even if all of the adults had gone as witches and wizards, it’s the thought that counts, Jane argued with herself. Although how the young child had gotten the owl to sit on its shoulder like that all evening, she’d never know.

The thought that she might be dressing her own child up some years down the track crossed her mind, and the young woman smiled to herself at the prospect.

Brought from the thoughts of her and Sam as parents, Jane squinted through the dark at the figure that had just appeared on the street below. A hood covered his face and his cloak was as black as night sky, making him barely visible to any onlooker.

Whether it was the way they moved, the fact that they were out so late alone, or even just the fact that her own room seemed colder at the sight of the figure on the street, Jane slowly got up from the seat, uncomfortable with the character below.

Despite her desire to run back to bed and pretend she’d never seen them, she stayed a few feet back from the window and watched as he entered the garden of the Potter’s household across the road. There were still some lights on in the house, although Jane knew that they weren’t expecting visitors – not at this hour. The hooded figure continued to make its way up the path and the soft light in the living room went out.
Whoever this was, they weren’t supposed to be here. Something was wrong. Yet she couldn’t do anything but watch, as a brief glow seemed to emit the figure into the Potters house.

For half a moment, Jane held he breath, waiting, knowing deep down that something was about to go terribly wrong.

But hen the whole house was illuminated with a green light, and she faintly heard the scream of Lily through her own closed windows.
Jane shut her eyes, desperate to forget what she’d just seen, for whatever was happening here was not only putting her neighbours in danger, but certainly not even possible.

The green stayed behind her eyelids, refusing to let her escape. Jane couldn’t stand it; she had to do something – anything – to help. As she made to turn and flee downstairs, another scream echoed through the street, the green light spilling out of the house almost illuminating the sky.

James and Lily were dead. What role the green light played, Jane had no idea, but as she sank onto the cold timber floor, she knew she’d never see her neighbours again. She just hoped Harry was safe.

Dear God, she hoped Harry was safe.

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In These Moments: Prologue


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