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Last Breath. by TeilaWeasley11
Chapter 1 : Chapter One.
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I woke up tangled in sheets. I mumbled incoherently. Suddenly I sat bolt upright, I brushed my long hair out of my eyes and slipped out of bed. I was in my 6th year, Sighing I grabbed my uniform. I slid my blouse on and my Gryffindor tie on, my black tights and I wriggled my clingy, figure-hugging skirt over my hips. I slipped my grey cardigan on so it hung loosely. I sighed and slid into my heels before washing my teeth with a flick of my wand.



 I tapped downstairs and smiled at my four best friends, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans. “Hey Lils” I greeted hugging her. I grinned at all the three marauders in turn. “Any other pranks today then?” I asked as I sat in the empty armchair. “Yeah, one on Lockhart.” James informed his arm draped around Lily’s shoulder. I nodded and asked “Anyone heading down to breakfast with me-“Before I could finish this sentence Sirius was off racing like a bull dog towards the great hall. Chuckling I slid through the hole and strutted down to the hall smiling at cute boys, throwing off some veela charm, I was part veela as my mother was mostly veela so I inherited it. 



I walked into the great hall to see Sirius half-hid behind the mountain of breakfast in front of him, I arched one perfect eyebrow and sat opposite him. I grabbed the huge bowl of porridge and ladled some into my bowl. As I took one mouthful I launched into conversation with Callum, A Gryffindor boy who was quite cute, but really I like Sirius Black, I don’t always get what I want. I got up and lead Callum away smiling and chatting, “So I fell into the lake, It was NOT funny” I scolded. I flicked my hair as Sirius came out looking grumpy. “Class” He grumbled roughly as I followed him. “What’s up?” I asked looking at him with wide innocent eyes for a moment he just stared at them then he shook his head and mumbled- “Nothing” before barging into class. I made a little noise that sounded like ‘Tcah’ and followed him in and placing myself next to him. “You seriously need to tell me what’s wrong or I’ll find out myself” I informed him. “Right, Today we will be doing battles please stand and jumble your selves up” called professor Harriet cheerily as she made the tables disappear with a ‘pop’



“Potter and Evans, Greenwood and Black, Lupin and Pettigrew” she carried on, Everyone scowled ferociously at Peter who had hid behind them all those years and then walked over to the Slytherins. Lupin vowed to crush him like a beetle. Satisfied we all enlarged the room and stood on mats. “Stupefy” I shouted, catching Sirius off guard as he fell, laughing he stood up and retaliated, I was enjoying myself too much to notice Sirius watching me closely witch adoration etched all over his face. Wheezing and clutching my sides I stood up from the tickling charm and charmed Jelly Legs on him. He started to dance around, Laughing even though my sides hurt. “Okay, end of lesson. Homework, One roll of parchment on the spell ‘Stupefy’ and what it does to the victim.” Professor Harriet shouted as we all trudged out.



That night the common room was packed of students as they did their own thing. A black owl flew in bearing a message,- I will get you, - My eyes stared at the parchment in my hands, I handed it to the group. “Death Eaters and Voldemort, they killed my parents, I knew this would happen” I cried tears slowly starting to roll down my soft cheeks  as I walked out tears threatening to fall at the mere memory. I slammed into a classroom and locked the door before pulling down the blinds and curling up to cry. A knock sounded at the door, “Esme? I know you’re in there, I’m coming in”  Sirius shouted before barging in. “I-im scared” I stuttered, He came up to me. “Esme I love you, I may have cheated on other girls before but ive never felt this way, Whenever I see you I get butterflies, Whenever we touch I get electric shocks running through my veins, I promise you I will protect you to my Last Breath." Sirius Black vowed holding my hands. " Sirius, I trust you and I love you too, but if im with you, He will see how important you are to me, he’ll go to you and hurt you, Im sorry” I murmered a fresh set of tears overwhelming me. “Look, I am not letting you go that easily so stop trying to push me away. Because if you do, It would hurt me more than any curse could, Please, give me a chance to love you and be with you” He pleaded with me. I looked into his eyes and saw the pain I could cause him. I looked at the floor. “Okay” I said. “As long as Dumbledore is here, we are safe there is no need to worry” He assured me. I walked with him to the Gryffindor common room. Where we told everyone, the last thing I remembered was Sirius’ lips crashing onto mine and me kissing back with my hands around his neck.



A/N: Hey Guys thanks for reading my very first chapter. I had a lot of fun writing this one because this was the chapter that Sirius vowed never to look at another girl, that was in his mind. Please leave a review did you Love it? Hate it? Any criticism is advised, I won’t hate you, I will take it in as constructive criticism, also I would appreciate a banner as TDA doesn’t work for me,Also, sorry for the short chapter.  You rock if you review. Love you guys. X




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Last Breath.: Chapter One.


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