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James' ploys by Rose_Red6
Chapter 1 : opening and closing of the compartment door
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 Lily Evans sat alone in the train compartment. Other students might have sat down and befriended her, but the fact that she was crying discouraged others from befriended her. They were all far too excited to be brought down by gloomy Lily, but they daren't sit with her, they realized it would be too awkward to sit by her. Besides to them it seemed she wanted to be alone.

`Maybe Tuney is right` she thought, as a group of Slytherin girls stopped, looked at her then laughed and kept walking. She continued her thought `If I were normal maybe she wouldn't...hate me` she leaned towards the window, and the train began to move. `but I cant' change who I am` and a few tears escaped, which she quickly whipped when she heard the compartment door open and close. It was probably Severus, she was so angered at him `Its all his fault! If he hadn't found that letter! If we hadn't read it...` another tear fell. She felt so bad, she and her sister had always planned on going to school together. More tears.

"Quit crying!" She was startled. That wasn't Severus' voice. "Hogwarts is the most amazing place! You should be excited not afraid!"

Lilys green eyes turned to look at a boy about her age, whos glasses framed his Hazel eyes, and unlike her dark red hair, his hair was just dark, and incredibly untidy. Lily wondered if he had his hair like that on purpose.

"I am not afraid of anything!" she said defensively.

The boy smirked as if he were impressed "Good to know, whats your name?" He asked.

Lily raised an eyebrow "Lily Evans" she said skeptically.

The boy laughed. Lily bacame red in the face "Pray tell what is so funny about my name?"

He ceased laughing, "Nothing, I`m James Potter by the way"

Lily seemed uninterested and turned back to the window "Hmmm...Potter is a funny name" she said in a pensive tone.

James was disappointed with her reaction,  he noticed her and decided to sit with her, when he realized she was crying he kept trying to figure out how to speak to her. He saw the first tear fall, and he kept thinking she needed conforting, he was about to speak when he noticed another tear. So he decided to rethink his approach and became frustruated. When he saw more tears he didn't think he just yelled "Quit it!" because he really wanted her to stop. He scolded himself, and when she turned he decided to tell her about Hogwarts.

`I've done nothing bad` he thought. `Maybe I shouldn't have laughed at her name`

He wasn't laughing at her name, when he first saw her, she reminded him of a lily flower. Fragile and beautiful. It was the irony he was laughing at, he never thought he'd guess her name.

James could no longer take the silence. He came up with an idea to cheer her up when he noticed a compartment door was open. He pulled out a small triangular item and whispered. "Hey Evans, watch this" 

James snuck close by the compartment and threw in the small orange object, and closed it, so smoothly that nobody inside noticed. He ran back chuckling.

Lily heard a small explosion and the students coming out of the compartment covered in orange dust.  James was roaring with laughter, as the orange students looked around to see if they could find the culprit. "I can't wait to be able to properly use magic for this stuff"

Lily was in shock "How dreadful! How could you do something like that?" she said. James was stunned, things like that always made him laugh.

"Well I thought it was funny" said a new voice, that came with the sound of an opening and closing of the compartment door.

"See Evans! This guy gets it!" he said looking at her. He noticed that she was looking at the new stranger bashfully. For some reason James didn't like the idea of losing Lily's attention to someone else. He turned to look at the stranger.

"and who might you be?" James asked.

The stranger smirked and sat across from him "My name is Sirius, and who are you two" Lily was about to eagerly speak her name, but James spoke instead.

"I'm James Potter, and thats Lily Evans"

`Augh! This Potter is nothing but trouble` she thought.

"Anyways why did you suddenly change compartments?" asked James.

"I decided to look for another place to sit, that wasn't full of Slytherin wannabees" he answered.

James became enthusiastic "You hate Slytherins too!?"

The mentioned of Slytherins reminded her of Severus. She pressed her cheek against the cool window and sighed.

After a few minutes, again the compartment door opened and closed, it was miracle that she could hear it over the two boys. Someone sat across from Lily. She glanced at the new comer and then back at the window, tears threatening her eys once again.

She struggled to speak clearly "I don't want to talk to you"

The boy became uneasy "Why not?" he asked

"Tuney h-hates me" the word "hate" fitting uncomfortably in her mouth "Because we saw the letter from Dumbledore"

The boy relaxed, this didn't seem like a problem to him. "So what?" he replied.

Lily glared at him. "So she's my sister!"

"She's only a-" the boy didn't finish.

`Honestly! Lily thought `How can he not understand how much this is hurting me? How could he not understand family-` Lily didn't finish her thought, she remembered what Severus' family is like and understood why Severus didn't understand, if only he could understand her. She casually whiped her eye, only James noticed she did that.

Severus tried to speak again, in order to excite Lily "But we're going!" he said

"This is it! We're off to Hogwarts!"

Lily realized that she truly was excited, for the magical trip. She dried her eyes completly and smiled in agreement. James' heart skipped a beat.

"You'd better be in Slytherin" Severus said playfully. He heard a sneer coming from the boy with the glasses.

"Slytherin?" he said in disgust. "Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?" he asked Sirius, who recalled unwanted thoughts.

"My whole family has been in Slytherin" he said solemnly.

"Blimey" said James, pity all over his voice "And I thought you seemed alright"

Lily stared in awe at James, he was getting along so well with Sirius would he really not be his friend if he ended up in Slytherin? What would he think of her if he found out she was Muggle born?

"Maybe I'll break the tradition. Where are you heading, if you had the choice?"

James looked more arrogant than ever, and positioned his arms as if he were holding a sword "`Gryffindor, where dwell the brave heart` like my dad" James said proudly.

Severous made a small noise. Lily was familiar with the noise, he made it everytime he was mocking something. James did not take kindly to that and turned to him to ask "Got a problem with that?"

Severus sneered "No" then said "if you'd rather be brawny than brainy--" he was interrupted by an unamused Sirius, "Where're you hoping to go, seeing as you're neither" he said cooly with his arms folded and a smirk on his face.

Lily had heard enough and stood up, glared at James for laughing and at Sirius for his remark.

"Come on Severus, lets find another compartment"

James and Sirius both mocked them with "Ooooo..." but James was rather jealous that Lily was leaving with that boy, so he tried to trip him as he followed her, even though his first intention was to trip Lily so he could see below her skirt, but he decided to make Severus suffer instead. 

"See ya, Snivellus!" called James, as the compartment door slammed.

After a minute with their absence James turned to Sirius and said.

"I have dibs on her"

Sirius grinned cooly "It's a fair game mate"



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