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The Pureblood and the Mudblood [Dramione] ♥ by Stellee123
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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This is my first story, I hope it is good! I am just going to say that, yes, this is a Dramione fan fiction. If you have a problem with this, kindly spare yourself the waste of time venting in the reviews. Otherwise I am encouraging all kinds of criticism. I definitely need readers' opinions! Please review! Enjoy! 

~ Stellerie♥



[Hermione's 3rd person POV]

 "Come on, Hermione! We're going to miss the damn train!" Said the ringing yet annoyed voice of non other than Ginny Weasley, as she yanked on the arm of her best friend, who was also like a sister to her, Hermione Granger.

"I have to talk to mum. I'll see you on the train." Said Ron Weasley, kissing Hermione, his girlfriend, on the forehead and disappearing.

Hermione barely had time to turn around when she was being pulled through the thick, frantic crowd across Platform 9 and 3/4. She and Ginny ran as fast as they could to the closing doors of the train. Hermione looked sharply to her left and caught the blurred image of Draco Malfoy talking furiously with Narcissa Malfoy, his mother. This not interesting her in the slightest, Hermione turned her attention back to the train.

"Oh my Merlin, that was bloody close." Ginny muttered as they stepped onto the now moving train. The two girls moved to the window closest them and waved to The Weasley parents; Percy, whom did not pay any attention whilst submerged in some paperwork; Charlie; and Bill. At last the train rounded the corner, and the family disappeared from sight.

Ginny sighed, smiling at Hermione.

"Shall we find Harry and Ron? You don't suppose they are with Luna and Neville?"

"I'm sure they are." Hermione replied to her friend as they ventured down the corridor, looking quickly into compartments for any sign of one of their friends. At last they found Harry, Ron, Luna, and Neville in a compartment way in the back. Hermione smiled to herself as she stepped inside and noticed an airy and spaced out Luna gripping Neville's hand as the latter chatted with Harry and Ron. 

"Hermione, Ginny, you made it. We thought you had missed the train." Hermione's best friend, Harry Potter, joked as they walked inside.

"Almost did." Hermione replied with a smile, sitting next to Ron. Ron looked at her and smiled. Hermione did the same and glanced out the window.

"Who do you reckon is Head Boy? I would have thought you, Harry." Ron said.

"I've no clue," Harry stated, shrugging. "But they're no match for Hermione." 

Hermione blushed at this and spoke. "Anyone but a Slytherin, that is all I am asking."

Harry, Ron, and Neville smiled. 

For what must have been the first time in a while, Luna's eyes shifted out of their spacious locked state with nothing in particular. 

"Hermione! Ginny! How wonderful to see you." She said, smiling brightly. Hermione took no time to notice she was clutching the Quibbler and her famous Spectrespecs. 

"You as well, Luna. How is the Quibbler going?" Hermione asked politely. 

"Oh, very well," Luna replied. "Daddy has many, many readers. Some of them are even writing to us with encouragement to write more on Crumple Horned Snorkaks!" She exclaimed. 

Hermione saw Neville grin.

"That's very good, Luna." Hermione said, her eyes fixed on the couple side-by-side.

"Are you two together?" Hermione asked.

Unlike most; which included Neville, Luna did not blush. She simply smiled.

"Yes. Two months now!" She said. Neville smiled, though she was red in the face.

"I'm happy for you two!" Hermione said.

"I second that." Ginny proclaimed, leaning forward. 

"Luna-" But before Ginny could continue, there was a sharp knock on the compartment door. Everyone looked up to see Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House, standing outside the door. 

Harry stood to let her in.

"Miss Granger, I require your presence in my office, if you please. I must discuss your Head Girl Duties with you and the Head Boy. If you would kindly follow me..." She said, nodding at the rest and turning.

"Of course, professor." Hermione said, rushing out of the compartment with a last look at Ron. 

Hermione struggled to keep up with her Head of House and Transfiguration teacher, whom she was quite fond of. 

"Professor, if you don't mind my asking, who is the Head Boy?" She asked as they strode through the corridors. 

"You will see in a few moment's time." Was the reply, as Professor McGonagall opened the door to her office. 

Hermione stepped inside and gasped.

"This is the Head Boy, Miss Granger." Said Professor McGonagall in her crisp voice.

For it was Draco Malfoy, who stood facing Hermione.



Again, please review and tell me how I did! Chapter two will be up soon!

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The Pureblood and the Mudblood [Dramione] ♥: Chapter 1


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