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Cut Loose by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: I Wont Let Them Hurt You
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Dear Elisabeth


I miss you already, I wish that Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny had to come to this meeting thing it would have been so much fun with just you and me. There’s a beautiful private wizard beach the population of wizards and witches here is astounding their culture is so different from ours; I have a book about them. I bet you laughing the same old Rose who has a book for everything, well my summer won’t be just spending my days at the beach and reading my books. It turns out my family has some interesting house guests staying with us this summer. The one and only Malfoy clan is sharing our villa turns out Draco had to come to the meeting too. This means his annoying son will be in my hair all summer! Gahh Liz any advice? HELP ME! My summer is ruined…. Please write as soon as you can, I have to go now threes some annoying wizard boys on the prowl. 


Love rose


I looked up and saw that the boys were getting closer I had a bad feeling. I quickly stuffed the letter and pen into my bag and started walking down the beach.


“Hey beautiful!” one of them called from behind me I kept walking “hey I’m talking to you!” he called his voice sounding a bit annoyed I could hear their footsteps getting closer I was walking faster trying to keep my distance.


"Come on we just want to talk to yah!” a different boy called the rest of them started laughing I was about to break into a sprint when I saw him. I had never been happier to see someone in my life


"Scorp!” I called out it sounded more like a squeak he walked towards me when I reached him his arm wound around my waist protectively.


“Be quiet” he whispered so low I almost didn’t catch it. I grabbed hold of the back of his shirt holding it tightly in my fist.


“Scorpius!” the main boy said he smiled he had tan skin obviously caused by spending his time on the beach and jet black short hair. His eyes were very dark he had dark stubble on his chin. This made me realise he was no boy; he had to be at least twenty as did the others around him. “Long time no see!” he spoke again


“Marcus” Scorp said coolly


“she yours?” Marcus said motioning towards me. He talked about me like I was an object not a person.


“Yes” Scorp replied. I looked up at him and he tightened his grip around my waist. Marcus ran his eyes up and down my body, his gaze mad me squirm


“To bad she’s a pretty one, keep a close eye on her or else I might get my hands on her” he said licking his dry lips. I shivered and Scorp stiffened


“We will be going” Scorp said turning around bringing me with him my heart was racing full speed.


“Oi! I mean it Malfoy! Is I find her wandering around alone again you won’t be getting her back!” all of them laughed I felt like puking. We walked away fast and Scorp leant down


“I won’t let them hurt you” he said I nodded feeling a bit safer to have him beside me.




I bit into the warm bread; warm melted chocolate filled my mouth. I pulled away and smiled happily at the bun dripping with chocolate. If you ask me chocolate was a girl’s best friend I would rather that over diamonds. Scorp laughed at me I looked at him across the table


“What?” I asked he handed me a napkin


“It’s all over your face” he said with a huge grin I could feel my cheeks go red as I took the napkin from him and wiped away the chocolate. He picked his up to take a bite but I interrupted


"Who are they?” I asked looking at him he put his bun down and ran his hand through his blonde hair.


“Do you know what the mafia is?” he asked I nodded I was quite surprised he knew what it was because it was a muggle thing. “Well they are like the mafia of the wizarding world. There are other groups like it in Italy and other countries. Marcus is the son of the leader of the Greek wizard mafia. They usually don’t bother with higher up pure bloods” he said. The whole thing was quite a lot to take in. a wizard mafia? Who would have thought?


“Oh” was all I managed to say


“Don’t worry they won’t be bothering you on my watch” he said with a smile before finally biting into his bun. Drops of chocolate fell onto his shirt and his face. It was my turn to laugh at him and hand him the napkin.





Once back at the villa I went straight to my room and let my owl Petra out of her cage. I rubbed her head and she nipped playfully at my fingers. Her grey feathers were so soft I could stand here forever running my hand across them. I attached my letter to Elizabeth to her leg then let her fly out the window. I sat on the large bed admiring the blue covers there was a knock at my door. My dad walked in and sat at the end of the bed.


“Hey daddy” I said


“Hey rose” he said “can I ask you something?” I nodded. “Are you ok with the Malfoy’s being here? Does Scorpius make you uncomfortable? If he does let me know and they can be relocated” he said I had to supress an eye roll


“Daddy I’m fine. You would be surprised how nice they are. In fact I think it’s quite childish for you to hold a grudge. I know what Draco did to you mom and Uncle Harry but haven’t you realized? Everyone else has forgiven them but you! Honestly Grandma even invites them over for Christmas as does Uncle Harry and mum!” I said he grumbled under his breath. Gosh he was thick; he got up without saying anything and left the room. I sighed he was being so difficult! Deciding that I was too tired to worry about my dad and the Malfoy’s let alone about what could have happened at the beach…. Merlin the beach! Thank my lucky stars Scorp was there if not who knows what would have happened. I shivered before turning out the light and closing the curtains. Hopefully I could get a peaceful sleep, but unfortunately my dreams were tainted with Marcus’ face.



Disclaimer: you know the drill everything recognisable belongs to the lovely J.K Rowling



Ok I know how long it had been since I last updated I realise you must be furious with me and I apologise! I promise to post more often! Hope you liked this chapter leave your thought in the grey box below!  

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