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Memories of a Pureblood by Jinx Labelle
Chapter 7 : 13th October 1979
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"Right ,Narcissa ,pull yourself together ,this is good news "Narcissa ordered herself as she sat on the polished bathroom floor ."Amazing in fact"

She gushed with pleasure.It was what she wanted ,what she had dreamed of and now it was reality.They had spent precious years of just them two ,exploring the world and not having any worries .Those years had been exciting and euphoric but now it was time to calm down.Narcissa took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom .

Lucius was sitting in his usual rouge chair facing out into the garden.Various shades of gold and ember adorned the trees outside making the garden feel much warmer than it actually was .He sensed her standing there .

"What are you doing just standing there ?" He laughed.

"Just looking "She replied meekly.

Narcissa wasn't usually quiet .

"What's wrong ?"Lucius asked ,panic clinging to his words .

"Oh nothing "

He went over to her and wrapped his hands around her waist.

"Tell me"

She smiled at him ,he was adorable when he worried about him.

"I'm pregnant"

Silence hung over the room.His eyes went wide and glassy staring right through her .His body was rigid and he seemed to be holding his breath .


She felt the touch of his hands rest on her stomach.

"That's wonderful "He said awe struck .

"I know it wasn't planed but....."

"Shush Cheri ,this is perfect ,I have waited so long for this"He soothed .

"Really?"She choked ,tears in her eyes.

"Really"He whispered ,cupping her face in his hands .

His grey eyes glittered with excitement and joy .She could get lost in them for eternity.He pulled her in closer and she was soon drawn in to his heavenly,delicate mouth .Everything was perfect.Her and the man of her dreams were having a baby .

"We created life"He breathed stunned into her ear.


The meetings were more frequent now ,almost every night.Of course Narcissa was excluded but she didn't want to hear there devious plans either .Many a time had she pleaded with Lucius to leave the 'death eaters' but he had said it was to dangerous to and he didn't want her to get hurt.Finally she came to realise how dangerous Voldemort was.It was best to keep her head down.

"Narcissa could you come in here please?" Lucius called from the door .


What did they want?She was never called into meetings .

"Hello Narcissa"Voldemort said from the bottom of the table ,sneering slightly.

She looked at Lucius .He had his head down and looked saddened,unwilling to make eye contact with her .

"Hello"She responded flatly.

"I understand your with child?" He asked matter of factly .

"Yes,I am"

He seemed to relish at the news .Smiling still he leaned forward .

"This child could prove valuable to future plans .I am willing to train the child to be a great wizard ,skilled in the dark arts . What do you say ?"He informed her .

His question was almost rhetorical .What would happen if she disobeyed ?It didn't dare to think about ,she would not risk her child .

"Okay , my lord,do as you wish"

With that she left the room.Narcissa could bear it no longer .Her child wasn't even born yet but it was already a member of this dark ,twisted society she wanted to escape.It was no use, die or cause death were the only options .

Tears left glittery trails on her reddend cheeks as she rushed upstairs .Everything had been so perfect and happy ,innocent and frivolous .Now it was never ending darkness and horror.She wasn't safe ,the baby wasn't safe ,nobody was safe .She sat in a heap at the top of the stairs ,not willing to move further .

"I'm so sorry " She bawled placing a hand on her stomach.

"I'm so sorry "She almost screamed this time as she rocked back and forth cradeling herself.

"Cheri?"Lucius sound alarmed as he crouched down next to her .

She buried into his broad shoulder and sobbed there .He hushed her and made soothing circles on her back with his hands.

"How could I do this?Bring a child into such danger"She cried into his shoulder.

"There there ,nothing's going to happen .Ill take care of you .... Both of you"

This calmed her a little.

"Oh Lucius ,what did you get yourself into?"

"Something I never should of "

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