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Albus Potter: The Journey Begins by Phoenix_feather123
Chapter 1 : The Letter Arrives
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.

The Hogwarts Letter isn't mine. I got it from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
The Letters From No One, PS3. Author, of course is J.K. Rowling


About 100 views!! But almost no reviews. :( People, stop being a jerk and READ AND REVIEW!! Pretty Please? I love when people review my stories.

            It was a bright, sunny Sunday morning at the Potter Household. Albus awoke to the crying of his sister Lily. Knowing he won't be able to get back to sleep, Albus got up to get dressed. After he was all washed up, he went to the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about. Apparently, James stepped on Lily's Wendy the Witch doll and snapped its head off. After trying to explaining over Lily's cries that it was a accident and she shouldn't put it on the floor for him to step on, he gave up and walked to Albus. "Watts up little bro?" James asked, " I thought sleeping beauty will never wake up.  Oh mum is back."  Just as he said it, Mrs. Potter walked in carrying a bag of groceries. Seeing Lily on the floor crying, she pointed at James and asked:" What did you do?"

Why do you think it's me?"

"Who else would do it? " 

         Thinking that this would go on forever, Albus went in the kitchen to get some food. While he was toasting some bread he looked out the window. Albus always liked the view from  Number 12, Grimmauld Place. The London buildings shining in the morning light, the muggles walking in the street doing what ever muggles do. Albus looked in the sky and saw three black shadows flying to them.  Owls. Albus knew the owls were for them, being the only wizard family in the area, and opened the window. One of them was the big, majestic snowy house owl named Flight, the name Lily chose, carrying the usual Sunday post. Albus took off the burden and Flight flew away, probably hunting mice. Ablus turned to the other two, one that Albus recognized as the Weasley family owl named Bert. He saw the handwriting of his Uncle Ron. As he took the letter off, Bert flew away too.  Than he looked at the last owl. It was a beautiful barn owl that he didn't recognize. After he took the letter off the barn owl also flew away.

           Albus started leafing through the letters. the prophet, bills, letter from Uncle Ron, and then, after giving the letters to his dad, who just got up, he looked at the last two letters. One was addressed to James, who just came in. And the second one..... Albus couldn't believe it, his Hogwarts letter! Albus knew that he will get it soon, but he still couldn't believe it came at last. He carefully opened the parchment envelope and read the letter with trembling hands.

  Dear Mr Potter,                
Second Floor Bedroom
12 Grimmauld Place, London 

We are pleased to inform you that you have been  accepted to Hogwarts School  Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find an enclosed list of all required books and equipment. Term starts on September 1st. We will await your owl by no later than July 31. 

Yours sincerely,
  Parvati Patil
Deputy Headmistress                                                          

      Then Albus looked at the list of books. He was sure he could get all of them, maybe his dad will get him a owl. Probably not, since James didn't get one, but he knew what he wanted for his birthday now. Then he looked at the bottom of the page. Note: First years are not allowed to bring broomsticks. Well, That was a downer, as Albus wanted to play seeker on his house team, but he will have to wait till next year. Then his dad, Harry Potter came in and said" Looks like you got your letter, Ron said Rose got hers too. We are going to meet in Diagon Alley next week Saturday at the Leaky Cauldron at noon for you things."  Albus looked back down at his letter, excitement building.


          Rose Weasley looked at her watch. Half past noon. The Potters were known for their lateness but Rose didn't think that they could be that late. She sighed and looked into her drink. James probably woke late. James, Albus's brother always got up late on the weekend. The record was one o'clock, I think. Rose thought.

"Rose, ROSE!!" Rose looked back and saw a slightly annoyed Albus and a tired looking James. knew it. James got up late again. Her dad Ron went up to greet the Potters. Albus looked around and was surprised, the Leaky Cauldron was never this empty, especially on weekends. He went up to say hello to  Rose and said sorry for being late. Afterwards, the Potters and Weasleys went into Diagon Alley.

       Albus looked around. The streets didn't have much people, but the people that were there was pretty much Hogwarts Students. "Where should we go first?" Mr. Potter asked.

"Flourish & Blotts." Rose Said. Wanting to look at all the books she could get her hands on.

" Ollivander's or Quality Quidditich Supplies." Albus Shouted, wondering why Rose would want to look at books more than getting a wand or looking at brooms. She had plenty of time to do that at school.

"Zonkos!" James roared.

"I think we should head to Gringotts and then go to Madam Malkin's " Mrs. Potter said. Every one groaned, even Harry, but they knew not to argue. After getting their robes, the went to Flourish & Blotts, then to The Apothecary. After spending and hour getting every thing they needed, they went to the last store one the list: Ollivander's. A narrow and shabby shop with peeling gold letters that read "Ollivander's, Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C" As they all walked in, the shop appeared to be empty. Albus sat down on the spindly legged chair in the corner.

      "Ah, The Potter and Weasley, How may I help you?"  Every one jumped and turned around to see an old man with pale eyes and white hair.

" Harry Potter, we meet again, I still cant thank you enough for rescuing me many years ago. Ah, I remember your wand : Holly and Phoenix feather, nice and powerful I say.. And who do we have here? A son of yours ?" 

"Yes, This is Albus and my niece  Rose, we are here to get their wands." Ollivander turned to them. Albus thought he kinda freaked him out. Those eyes seemed to look right through him.

"Ah, Albus and Rose, " Ollivander said, while starting to measure Rose. " Try this one out,dear. Willow and Dragon heart string, eleven inches, good for charm work." Rose took the wand and waved it. The window next to Albus exploded, But Ollivander didn't look mad, happy in fact. After trying two more wands Rose found the right one: Cherry wood and Unicorn tail hair, ten inches. Then Albus started trying. After going through about a quarter of the shop, and destroying almost every thing twice, Albus still didn't find his wand. Ollivander said "Tricky costumer, just like your father." He handed Albus another wand. " Hazel and Phoenix feather, fourteen inches, odd match, but your father had a odd match too." Albus grasped the wand. Warmth spread through his fingers. He knew this was the right wand before he waved it. Golden and red sparks flew out. After paying seven gallons for his wand, They went back to the leaky cauldron.

"I say we should have supper here." Mrs. Weasley said, nodding at Lily, who was saying very loudly, that she was hungry and demanded food. After nobody disagreed they ordered dinner and sat down at a table. The adults started talking about how the bills were going crazy these days and how Rita Seeker should be fired. (Hermione made a big point about that.) Thinking that grown ups where strange, wanting to talk about something like that, Albus started a conversation about Hogwarts.

" What house do you want to be in?" Albus asked Rose.

" I think Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw wouldn't be so bad either. " Rose replied.

" Yeah well Albus will be in Slytherin!" James said.

" Will not!" Albus shouted back, getting angry. Ever since he got his letter, James said that he will be in Slytherin. His mom and dad always said to ignore him, and that they wouldn't care what house he was in. It wasn't that he didn't want to ignore James, its just that part of him worried sometimes, What if I was put in Slytherin? He always pushed that thought out of his head, but he couldn't help but think about it sometimes.

" I will be in Gryffindor!  I really will!" Lily said, jumping up and down, " And I will get a pet Unicorn at Hogwarts!

" Lily, how many times do I have to tell you, You can not have a pet unicorn at Hogwarts. You will learn about them in Care Of Magical Creatures  in your third year, but you can't have one as a pet!" James said again, sounding annoyed.

"Yes you can!" Lily argued.

"Dinner's coming" Rose said, trying to get off topic. Then everyone settled down and ate their dinner, not talking anymore. After, they got all their things and then went back home by Side-Along Apperation.


            Missing! neighbors claimed that he was home one day, visitors came, and he was gone! Nothing has every happened like this for years! Not since the fall of Voldemort!" Walter Kinney said, a Auror for the Ministry. He was a shorter fellow, but he had a strong voice.

" Wait start all over" Professor Patil said, looking at the headmaster, Professor Henderson

" Yes starting over would be nice. I still don't know what happened." Harry Potter said just coming in. " Sorry I was late, had to put the kids to bed. So who's gone? And what happened exactly?" Harry continued, taking a quill and parchment in his hand.

"Well." Kinney started. " We were doing the nighttime checkup and we wanted to say hello to Mason Jackson, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, as you should know, and when we knocked on the door nobody answered. That wasn't strange, but the lights were on, and the fire place had fire in it to, so he had to be home. The fire was still  going, that was weird. Maybe it was charmed or something. Any ways, the stuff was all knocked over and it seemed no one has been in there for a while. We asked the neighbors and they said after a few visitors came and after he disappeared. What should we do now?

"Of course investigate!" Professor Patil said.

" Yes, but we can't do it right away. We should keep this from the Prophet. At least for now." Harry said.

" Hmmm, I agree to, especially since Seeker is back she make things bad. I still can't believe she only got a fine and huge warning for what she did." Kinney replied.

" But why Jackson? He was a good teacher. Nice to the students. Why him?" Patil asked

"That we may never know." The portrait of Dumbledore said. Professor Henderson turned to Dumbledore and asked " But what should we do now?"

" I.....I don't know yet. But I have thoughts...

And chapter one is up! This is the first thing I have ever written, so please reveiw! I would love to know what you guys think!

        Thanks to Gryffin Duck  and Moonylupin for all my inspiration! You have to read their stories! Also thanks to Gabriella Hunter,  Devon and Huffledor for the reveiws! You guys are great!!







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