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Lost Lullaby by LilyFire
Chapter 2 : 2: The Red Slide
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Teddy groaned as Christian cried again. After two months, he should have been used to it. He wasn't sure he ever would be. His Nan had said it might end soon, but he wasn't sure. He walked over to the small cot and picked the screaming baby up. "Hey little man, are you hungry?" He sniffed. "No, you aren't hungry."

He sat Christian on his bed while he spread out the changing pad, and changed the baby's diaper. The boy smiled up at his father. "Yes, you're all happy now, aren't you?" Teddy talked to him and rocked him back to sleep before placing him back in the cot.

Then he collapsed back onto his bed. Having a baby was a lot of work. His Nan and Godfather and the rest of his family always offered to help, and he took the offers quite often. They were cheaper than a day care, after all. But the lack of sleep was hard on him.

Not that he slept much anyway. He always seemed to dream of her. Maybe she was just smiling, laughing at something he had said, or she was here with him and their child.

Thye weren't dreams, really. Just…images that flashed through his mind in the realm between waking and sleeping. He didn't know how he was going to make it through all of this without her. He couldn't imagine not having Christian now, but he hated not having her.

He rolled onto his side and just let the tears fall down his face. Hopefully it would get better with time, but he couldn't see it happening.

Christian hadn't inherited his ability, at least. He could take him to a Muggle park to play, which is exactly what they did the next day. Not that Christian could play exactly at that age, but he could look around and discover. He sat on a bench with the stroller in front of him, playing peek-a-boo with the baby when a woman slowed to a stop from her jog.

"That's a very cute baby," she said with a smile.

He glanced up at her. "Thanks," he said.

She waved at the baby and continued jogging.

Women were always doing that. Sometimes, they ignored him completely and simply smiled and talked to Christian. That really upset him, because he felt they should at least say something too him. Christian was his, after all.

He was amazed at how fast the child grew. He faithfully filled out the baby book that Victoire had bought, feeling it was what she had wanted. Just as his Nan had said, Christian eventually started sleeping through the night.

Teddy did too. He stopped seeing her as much when he slept. Of course, he thought of her every day. Sometimes it still hurt to think of her, and others it hurt not to.

 Christian was three before a blink of an eye, Teddy felt. He had his mothers blonde hair, but Teddy's green eyes, and he always seemed to attract trouble. Teddy decided a nice walk down to the park was what the boy needed, so he didn't tare the house down. Christians eyes lit up at the sight of the slide and he started pulling his father along to them.

Teddy released his hand and smiled at his son. "Go on, I'll catch you at the bottom."

Christian climbed the ladder as quickly as his small legs would carry him and slid down the plastic red slide, giggling. Teddy caught Christian before he hit the ground, and as soon as his feet hit the ground he was back around to the ladder, ready to go again.

Soon, a little girl wondered over to the slid as well. The park wasn't crowded, but there always seemed to be a couple of kids Christians age on the nice, sunny days like this.

"I'm Emmy," she told Christian, her eyes squinted a little in the sun. "Wanna play?"

"Okay," Christian said, and they ran off. Teddy kept his eyes on Christian, walking behind the two toddlers. Soon the little girl tripped and began to cry. Christian knelt down next to her. Teddy ran over to the kids, and Christian looked up at Teddy with his brow furrowed. "Emmy has boo-boo."

A woman was there an instant later. "Emily, sweetie," she said in a very soothing voice, picking the girl up. "Shhh…I know, it hurts." She began to pat the girls back and after a few minutes, she was only sniffling.

"I'm sorry, guess I should have been closer," Teddy said. "Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she's fine. Just a scrape probably. My sister will kill me though." She continued to rub the girls back comfortingly.

Christian tugged a little on Teddy's pants. "Daddy, I wanna swing."

"In a minute," Teddy answered, holding Christian's hand so he wouldn't go off on his own. "She's not yours, then?"

"No, she's my niece. I'm playing baby sitter for the day, since the day care decided that a slight temperature was dangerous for the other kids. She didn't even have one when she woke up this morning, only last night."

Teddy nodded. "Yeah." Christian was tugging on his hand again. "He's wanting to swing, so we'd better go. It was, umm, nice talking to you."

He turned to walk away when she called after him. "Do you guys come here a lot? Emmy seems to like it."

"Yeah, whenever we can. Christian loves it, so if I'm not working and it's nice, we're here."

She smiled. "Yeah? Maybe Emmy and I will see you again. I'm Natalie, by the way."

"Teddy," he said. Natalie waved as Teddy turned and took Christian to the swings. He glanced behind him once, while giving Christian a small push, to see Natalie looking over while Emmy went down the slide.

Christian always managed to get people talking to him. It was just an affect small kids had, he guessed. Women always seemed interested, and most ended up flirting with him. He normally waved them off pretty quickly. Sometimes he felt like the only people not telling him to get a girlfriend were Bill and Fleur.

That thought reminded him Christian was to spend the night with them, since he had to be up early for a meeting at work. It was nearly time to meet them.

"Okay, Christian, time to go to your grandparents. Ready for Shell Cottage?" The grin on Christians face was answer enough for Teddy, and he picked the Toddler up and Apparated them to the little ocean-side house. Fleur had made dinner, so Teddy stayed and ate. He had always liked it here when Teddy would bring him, and he knew Christian loved playing in the waves. Now, he wasn't so fond of it. The people in it, he loved. The house just held to much, and he never stayed long. He didn't know how Bill and Fleur could stand it.

It wasn't that he had any bad memories here. It was just where she had spent her entire childhood. Where they had shared their first kiss.

He just couldn't handle the ghost.

A/N: Thanks for reading! Please review, as it lets me know what you do and don't like, and please feel free to leave any crit you'd like, as it will help me grow as a writer.

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Lost Lullaby: 2: The Red Slide


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