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Fallin' by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 16 : Awakening
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 Hello there! I know this isn't exactly the longest chapter, but I had to end it here. Haven't quite decided if this is the last one or not, but there WILL be an epilogue and it shall be quite long so hold onto your pants. ;P 

Disclaimer: As I'm sure you all know, I'm no JK Rowling. Which means, I don't own these characters or their world, merely the story.

A huge thanks to all my lovely reviewers. You guys have made me really finish this story and have helped me in so many ways, you don't even know. Thank you.


Rose’s POV:


I nearly fell over when I took in what Mr. Malfoy had said.


“Rose, he’s waking up.”


My mother gasped behind me and my heart stopped. ‘he’s waking up’ my head echoed over and over again. I shook my head, not wanting to get my hopes up. I was so sure I had lost him.


These past few days had just pushed me to the point where I had almost entirely convinced myself that there was to be no happy ending for Scorpius and myself… until now. All my fears and doubts seemed to melt away upon hearing those three words.


I’d been wanting to hear those words so badly that when I actually heard them, it felt as if I’d stepped into another dream. Any minute now, a robotic unicorn breathing fire and wearing a tutu would come bursting through the door, shattering my hopes once more.


Upon envisioning the unicorn waltzing in past Mr. Malfoy, I did what any sane person would do... I began laughing. It started as a “haha” sort of laugh but within seconds I was clutching my side as tears streamed down my face.


My mother was saying something but I couldn’t focus on a single word of what she was saying over the sound of my own laughter. Mr. Malfoy stood in the doorway, looking extremely confused as I continued to laugh harder and harder until I could barely catch my breath. Seeing his face only made me laugh harder and I slid off my bed and onto the floor, landing with a thud.


A hand touched my shoulder and I was jerked out of my little fantasy. I looked up into a look of warm concern coming from my mother’s large brown eyes.


“Love,” she said, looking worried. “Love, what’s so funny? Did you hear what Mr. Malfoy said?”


“Unicorns.” I answered before I could help myself. I felt the heat rise to my face as I buried my head into my lap.


“Do you need a moment alone?” Mr. Malfoy asked from the doorway, causing my mother to look back and forth a few times between him and me.


“That would be wonderful, Draco. Just a quick moment and we’ll be right out.” She said, giving him her best attempt at a smile.


“Of course.” He said, “I’ll be leaving in about five minutes or so, I’d rather not miss him waking up. I’ll make my way to the hospital of course so if you wish to join me, you’re welcome to Rose.” He gave me a sad smile.


“Thank you.” I said before he quietly shut the door behind him.


As soon as the door was closed, my mother began stroking my hair.


“Are you okay, dear?” she asked, her voice full of concern. I looked up to meet her eyes and nodded. A tear slid down my face and within a few seconds, I was crying.


“Mum. What if he doesn’t remember me? What if there’s some sort of brain damage? What happens if something really bad happens? Mum, it’s all my fault!” I cried, burying my face in her shoulder.


“Love, this isn’t your fault. It was all an accident. No one is blaming you. He’ll be okay, I’m sure of it. He’s strong, he has you to fight for and I’m sure he’ll do all he can to get back to you and his father as well. That boy loves you both and nothing will stop him from reaching you again.” From her tone alone I could tell that she truly believed what she was saying and that Scorp would come out of this without any permanent damage.


I took a shaky breath and tried my best to stop the tears. My mother pulled back and put her hands on either side of my face once more.


“Be strong. You are so lucky Rose. You have a brilliant young man who’s head over heels for you. Go to him, he’ll need you when he wakes up.” She said calmly, smiling despite the fact her eyes were slightly glistening with tears.


“Thank you, mum.” I said, attempting a smile. I took another shaky breath and my mother pulled her wand out, flicking it towards my hair which was instantly dry. A new spell she’d recently invented.


I stood up and ran to my dresser, pulling out a long white and gray sweater and a pair of tight dark blue jeans and my gray felt boots. I changed as quickly as I could and instantly felt a million times better.


“Good luck.” My mother said quietly from behind me causing me to turn around and give her a hug, not wanting to let go. “You can do it. You’ve got some of our Gryffindor blood in there.” She said, laughing.


Before I could help it, I found myself smiling.


“Thanks mum.” I said and pulled away, making my way to the door and pulling it open to see Mr. Malfoy leaning against the opposite wall, his eyes closed and his arms folded over his chest. With a jolt I realized how much Scorpius looked like his father.


His eyes opened slowly and I had to shake my head to keep myself from staring at Mr. Malfoy. I don’t know why it had taken me so long to realize how much he looked like his father.


“Ready?” he asked, a soft smile turning the edges of his lips upwards. I nodded and he offered his arm. I took it and with a crack and the familiar sensation, we were off.


When we arrived in the waiting room, Mr. Malfoy gently gripped my wrist before pulling me down the hallway, nearly knocking into several people.


A healer stopped in front of us and I ran into Mr. Malfoy who steadied himself to keep us from both falling over.


“Perfect timing, Mr. Malfoy. I think it’s about that time. He began walking to the left and upon seeing the ‘777’ hanging from Scorp’s door, my heart stopped. The Healer opened the door and my eyes filled with tears involuntarily upon seeing Scorpius lying there.


I took a deep breath and finally willed myself to step forward. A tear slid down my cheek as I looked upon him, though I should be leaping for joy. Mister Malfoy put his arm around my shoulder and right when he did, Scorp's eyes flew open.

Oi! You! Review! Because you love me? Because you're dying to get something off your chest? Because you've hated or loved this story since day 1?! Whatever the reason, I would really appreciate a review. :) 


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