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The Love Potion by WildCat
Chapter 3 : Preparing For The Past
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                    CHAPTER THREE:
                 Preparing For The Past

“Now, I’m presuming that you have already asked Poppy to have a look at Hermione here?” Dumbledore asked.
“Yes” Harry said “but she said she was busy, and that she was about to go see Professor Slughorn.”
“We think she is under the Potion as well” Ron put in.
“It would seem so” Dumbledore said “in that case, I am going to have to ask you to go to her office and pick up a little silver potion she has hidden in her office highly defensive spells which prevent somebody accioing the potion to themselves.
“Where is it in her office?” Harry asked.
“That I do not know” Dumbledore sighed “Poppy has always made it clear that she is the only one to know where it’s kept, in case someone wanted to steal it. So you might have a bit of difficulty finding it.”
“Ok” said Harry “Come on Ron.”
 They headed down the spiral staircase without speaking and by the time they reached the Sick Bay, Harry was fed up with the silence.
“Alright, here goes” Harry whispered and opened the door.
They peered in. There was no one there. Harry slowly entered the room and crept to Madam Pomfry’s office door. Harry gave Ron the thumbs up and Ron hurried over.
“There’s no one in their” Harry said to Ron, not whispering now.
“But Madam Pomfry might come back, so keep your voice down” Ron said, with a shushing gesture.
“Ok, but come on it’s now or never” Harry said, lowering his voice.
Harry pushed the door open and they crept in.
“Where do you think she will have hid it?” Ron asked in a whisper.
“No idea” Harry said then stiffen. He’d heard footsteps.
“Quickly, hide” Harry hissed. They dived behind a cabinet just as the door opened and Madam Pomphry walked in.
“Now Horace, you would really refuse to take me to dinner?” Madam Pomfry was saying flirtingly.
“It would seem I couldn’t, Poppy dear” was the unmistakable voice of Professor Slughorn “Seven?” “What say you?”
“That sounds perfect” Madam Pomfry said giggling.
“Well that’s settled then” Professor Slughorn said cheerfully.“I shall pick you up at, let’s say six thirty?”
“Wonderful” said Madam Pomfry, and they left.
“Phew, that was close” said Ron
“Yeah” Harry said “It looks like Professor Slughorn has a crush on Madam Pomfry, just as she has one on him.”
“Hey Harry” Ron said “come have a look over here. Harry hurried over.
“What do you think this metal box is?” Ron whispered.
“That’s got to be where the potion’s hidden” Harry said “Where do you think the key is?”
“Dunno” Ron said “Maybe Madam Pomphry has it on her?”
“I don’t think so. I mean Dumbledore didn’t say anything about it being on her.” Harry said. “I’ll have a look on her desk.”
After a few minutes of searching, Harry reappeared, triumphantly brandishing a small silver key.
“This has got to be it” Harry said. And he placed the key in the lock. It fit perfectly. There was a loud click and the door swung open. Inside was a small silver bottle with no label.
“Right” said Ron “Now that we have the potion, we had better go.”
They carefully opened the door and slipped out, walking quickly past the beds and out the door. When they had gone a safe distance they, sprinted up the corridor and out around the corner to the Gargoyles.
“LemonDrops” Panted Harry. The Gargoyles sprang apart and Harry and Ron sprinted up the spiral staircase. Ron knocked on the door and they entered to reveal Dumbledore sitting calmly at his desk and Hermione pacing back and forth.
“Harry Warry” she cried when she saw him “I’ve missed you so much.”
“Hermione” Harry said in frustration and then he turned and said to Dumbledore “We found it.”
“Excellent, excellent” Dumbledore said. He carefully took the bottle from Harry and poured some into a teaspoon.
“Professor” Harry asked “what is that stuff?”
“This Harry, is a very rare little potion that can take up to 8 months to make. I doubt whether Mister Weasley and Mister Weasley have even heard of it.”
“So why can’t we use it on the whole school?”
“Sadly, this is the last bottle and does not have enough contents to give to an entire school” Dumbledore said calmly.
“Oh” Harry said.
Dumbledore then proceeded to pour the contents of the teaspoon into Hermione’s mouth.
“What...Glug...Are you doing?” Hermione asked as she swallowed the potion. Harry didn’t answer neither did Ron or Dumbledore. There was a slight pause, and then
slowly Hermione’s expression turned from dreamy to completely and utterly confused.
“What the Hell am I doing here?” she asked and then seeing Dumbledore her face went pale. “Sorry Professor, I didn’t see you there.”
“Quite all right, Miss Granger, quite all right.” Dumbledore said, and then answering her question. “It would seem that you have been under the effects of a Love Potion making you completely in love with Harry” Dumbledore said pleasantly.
“What” cried Hermione in shock.
“You were” said Harry “it was awful, you called me Harry Warry.”
“I called you what?” Hermione said in even more shock. And then: “can you tell me what has been going on, from the beginning.”
So Harry and Ron explained everything that had happened and Hermione’s face grew longer and longer as the tale progressed.
“So you see” finished Harry “we have to travel back in time and stop this from ever happening.”
“But all the Time Turners have been destroyed” Hermione said.
“All of them, except one” Dumbledore said tapping the cabinet where the Pensive was kept.
“You kept one?” Hermione said in surprise.
“Of course” Dumbledore said placidly.
“Well then” said Hermione “when do we leave?”
“Ooh not quite yet” Dumbledore said cheerfully “you might as well leave in the morning.”
“But sir.”
“Yes Harry?”

“What about all the teachers and students?”

“I shall put a sleeping spell on them until you return from your trip in the past, which is to tell say, until you leave.”
“Professor Dumbledore” Hermione spoke up “I thought we aren’t allowed to meddle with time?”
“Well Miss Granger, seen as nobody knows we have this one Time Turner, we may this one time make an exception to the rule!”

Hey Everybody,

Sorry about it being such a short chapter, but I hope you liked it. If you have an opion, please review.



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The Love Potion: Preparing For The Past


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