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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 20 : Chapter Twenty
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Chapter Twenty: Really Complicated Happenings


The smell of eggs, peppers, onion, bacon, and sausage permeated my entire flat. Who knew that Ero was an excellent cook? I was already showered and dressed when I walked into the sitting room. Ero had his hair pulled back into a messy ponytail and his shirt was off. He was just setting the plates down on the coffee table. When he looked up, he smiled sheepishly. “I hope the kids let you keep it down today. I’d hate for it all to go to waste,” he said, making me smile.


“Gee thanks, me too,” I said, rolling my eyes. I sat down on the couch and rubbed my bulging bump. I can’t believe there are two in there. I’m so not ready for three kids. If the way my life is going is any indication, well these two new ones are just as screwed as Tamsin is. I really shouldn’t be allowed to be a Mum.


We sat together, eating in silence. I was thinking about the fact that his erm…his…yeah…was rubbing up against my bum. I thought about the feel of his body pressed against mine, both at St. Mungos and here in my bed. For once I was able to keep it down, yum, yum. It was at this point that I could feel the warmth of his leg pressed up against mine.


“I’m going to go home and get some clothes and to shower up. I’ll be back soon. If you need anything, Ewan said to floo him, I will be back as soon as I can get away,” Ero said, standing up. I looked up at him, he looked hesitant. Veeeery hesitant, did he not want to leave, did he not want to come back? I don’t even know.


“Help me up,” I merely say. I wanted one last hug before he left, just one last touch. Ugh. Why was I feeling this way? He grabbed my hands and pulled me up effortlessly, my huge bump nudging his stomach again. I started to feel hot, really hot. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. “So…you’ll be back? What about Wynter and Spirit?” I asked, looking up into his stormy grey eyes.


“They’re fine, Spirit is a solitary kind of kid and Wynter is always so busy with Quidditch that we hardly see each other anyway. I’ll be back today Allisha,” Ero replies, squeezing my hands gently. I gaze deep into his eyes. Neither of us is willing to let go of the other’s hands. His hands so smooth and warm in mine, so very wonderful.


He pulled me closer so suddenly that I made a weird squeak noise, his arms were wrapped around me and that’s when I felt his warm soft lips against mine. I didn’t have the capacity to think, or the strength to stop him. His lips felt wonderful. Amazing..Wonderfully amazing. He deepened the kiss, pressing my bump deeper into his hard stomach. His tongue massaging mine as he kissed me hungrily, passionately.


It felt so amazing, I felt as if the veil of depression that always hung over me was being lifted, Ero makes me happy. It felt so amazing to be held by him, to be kissed by him. That’s when I felt it, and I know he felt it too, two tiny kicks against the two of us. My babies kicked…they kicked! But, they also brought us back to reality. Ero pulled away from me in shock. His black nailed hand covering his amazing lips. “I um..I’ll be…back…later..” he muttered awkwardly before leaving. Fuck.




I kissed her. I kissed her. I. Kissed. Her. Allisha Malfoy. I kissed Allisha Malfoy. The mad pregnant daughter of Draco Malfoy, ex fiancé to Albus Potter. Me, Ero Morningstar who has been in a long long long relationship with Wynter. Someone I thought would be my soul mate til the end of time. Fuck. I am not this person. I am not a cheater. I was going to wait to break up with Wynter to tell Allisha how I feel about her. And now I’ve kissed her and probably pissed her off. I flooed to our apartment and frowned. Spirit was in the sitting room reading one of the many Edgar Allan Poe books I have in my library.


The kid was always more like me than Wynter. Hopefully he wouldn’t be all like me. “Hi Dad, mum’s not home,” Spirit says, turning back to my book. Five years old and he can already read at a high level.


“Who’s here with you?” I asked, sitting next to him.


He looked up from the book and frowned. “You’re leaving mum aren’t you?” he asked, in a solemn voice. Merlin he reminds me of my mum. She always knew when something was up.


“Yes, I am. It doesn’t mean I won’t see you. You know I love you kid,” I say, pulling him onto my lap and squeezing him tightly. I didn’t know if he would push me away or not. He wasn’t the most touchy-feely kid. Mum said, he’s just like I was. But, he didn’t. He squeezed me back.


“I love you too dad,” Spirit whispered, laying his head against my shoulder. I held him for a long time, Ark was watching him. But, he let us have our private time. We were pretty close, like brothers really. He was asleep when I put him to bed. Ark left and I waited for Wynter. She was just getting in when she jumped.


“You scared me Ero, I didn’t think you’d be home. What’s wrong?” she asked, seeing the look on my face.


“Come and sit with me,” I said, looking at her. She was still very beautiful, her creamy light skin was flawless, her long curtain of black hair shiny and soft, and her almond shaped eyes were the color of chestnut. But, I no longer loved her. I love a petite pale, messy haired, violet eyed pregnant girl who drives me absolutely up the wall.


She sat down and looked at me. “Ero, I don’t like that look on your face. You’re scaring me,” she said, eyes watering. I really didn’t want to hurt her. But, it would be better if she found someone that could love her, that actually wanted to be with her.


“Wynter, I’m sorry. I can’t be with you anymore…I’m moving back into my flat above the pub. I’m sorry…” I said, looking her straight in the eyes. I at least owed her that.


“You’re finishing with me? Why? What happened? Ero explain this to me because I don’t understand,” she said, crying. Tears ran down her flushed cheeks, she looked terrible.


“We’re too different, we’re drifting apart Wyn. And I’m sorry but, I think I love someone else,” I confessed. Again, I owe her this she deserved to know why I am leaving.


“It’s that Allisha Malfoy isn’t it? May was right when she said she would steal you away!” Wynter hissed, not wanting to wake up our son. At least she had the decency not to let him hear this.


“Allisha did nothing! I don’t even know that she feels the same way! I just can’t lie to you or to myself anymore. I’m really sorry Wynter. I’m just not in love with you anymore..” I replied, as she continued to sob. I hugged her tightly and she tried to push me away but, eventually she hugged me back. I don’t know if we’d ever be friends again but, I’d try. For Spirit. We said our goodbyes, I felt terrible but…I also felt a terrible weight lift from my heart.


I flooed back to Allisha’s and frowned when I didn’t see her in her sitting room. “Allisha?” I called out. She stepped out of her room, her big violet eyes, innocent even after all that has happened to her.


“Ero, what’s wrong?” she asked, in her sweet voice. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her again. She kissed me back, sweetly, passionately, I loved the feel of her in my arms. Her wonderfully amazing scent, the cute noises she made as I ran my fingers through her hair.


“I left Wynter, I’ve been meaning to leave her but…I just had to do it. Especially because I couldn’t pass this opportunity up,” I explained. I had to make her see how much I love her.


“Ero..I..I feel the same too but, I’m so confused. I think I love you..” she confessed, making my heart swell. I kissed her again, Merlin she was beautiful.


“I love you too,” I whispered, as I held her. I gazed into her eyes and I knew, I’d made things just that much more complicated for her.


A/N: So sorry for the insanely long awaited update. Hopefully there are still some loyal readers out there. This chapter was definitely not the best chapter I’ve pulled out. Still, I hope it’s not too disappointing. I’ll try and get the next update out, as soon as I can.

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