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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 4 : Note Passing and Boggarts.
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 "Jack!" I ran up to him after practice! "I'm so proud of you! Why didn't you tell me you could fly?"



"Incase you didn't want me on the team." He sounded so awkward, I hugged him and screamed!








I went up to see Dom on her bed, crying. Now Dom doesn't cry, ever. Not even when her puppy died. I asked her what was wrong and it was what I thought, Quidditch.




"I- Can't- Believe- That- She'd- Do- That!" She sobbed, I kept rubbing her back in an attempt to make her feel better. "She knew Quidditch was my thing, it was the only Weasley thing I had in me! I don't even have orange hair! But I was good at Quidditch!"




She moved onto my bed.




Guessing she's in there with me tonight.





Hannah came up to see Dom lying there on my bed asleep.




"What's wrong with her?"




"Fleur banned her from Quidditch...."




Hannah looked so shocked, then Lucy came up and we all went to sleep. Though I could still hear Dom sniffing and crying. 




"Kates?" She asked really quietly 








"Come into the common room and bring your guitar? Please." And then she left, So I did as she said and went down with my guitar




I saw James down there already and Lorcan and Fred. What's this a mothers meeting? They nodded at me. I sat down.




"Dom why did you want the guitar?" I asked after a moments silence




"I feel like we need it, to bring happiness." I just looked at her... "Well play then dimwit!"




So I did. I just started strumming some chords. We all started to improvise




"Sitting here in the common room. With these fab people!" I began



"My Mother wont let me play Quidditch and my sister thinks I'm a fool!" Dom continued



"My brother believes in Nargles! And my Mum is kinda strange" Lorcan joined in



"My sister steals my thunder, every single day!" Fred moaned



"And I am JAMES POTTER! I'M SEXY!" he shouted




Merlin James! Why do you have to ruin it! We all just sighed.




"Freddy what do you mean Rox' steals your thunder?" Lorcan asked as we all shifted to look at him




"Well, every time I do something good, she does better. I got an E. She got an O! She's Mums favorite and she knows it."




"Fred she's in fifth year! Give her a break." James said




Fred just huffed, he knew defeat. 





I woke up the next morning, nothing special. I had Quidditch this afternoon. I have DADA, Potions and Care of Magical creatures. But have the majority of the afternoon off. 




"Dommy, Dom wake up!" I crawled onto her bed




"Leave me alone, I'm tired" She grumbled into her pillow




"That's because we got to bed at 3am!"




Dom refused to move, so I went down to Defense. Met James. He bought me Pancakes! BABE! 




We walked into class, he wolf whistled at Elle as she walked past, she just shot him a look. Not sure if it was a "sure lets shag later." or a "I'm out of your league." stare




"I had fun last night, you know. Just us- like the old days." He said after a moments silence




"Yeah, me too!"




We carried on until we reached our Room




"Andrews, Potter- late. Aaagain!" Bardman moaned.




"Bad mood- Aaaagain." James whispered loud enough for me to hear.




I stifled a laugh. I got an angry look from Bardman.




I sat at the back next to James and passed him a note-




Tomorrow- day off? 


Sleepover in the common room tonight?






I signed it with my initials as it looked pretty when we charmed them to move and sparkle and stuff! I saw him scribble a note back




Yes!  J.P, K.A, D.W, H.M, L.S,  F.W, L.W, J.K?






Jamesy. Only I call him that, idiot. Why didn't he just write the names down? Fool




We heard Bardman cough and he destroyed the note. All my pretty sparkles. I frowned and shot him daggers. 




Professor Frank Bardman- Boring man, with clearly no wife or life. He enjoys putting me and Potter in Detention for no reason.




My thoughts were interrupted by Doms arrival.




"Ah, Miss Weasley. How nice of you to join us, eeeventualy." Why does he lengthen his words like that? Freak




"Yeah yeah whatever" Dom dismissed him and sunk to the back of a seat near the middle of the room. 




Now being  part Veela. Though Dominique is tired and has her hair up in a messy ponytail. She still looks immaculate. Not fair.




"Right, more revision! Boggarts!" Groans from class were heard "Andrews. What is the indication to get rid of a Boggart?"




"Riddikulus." I said in a bored voice




"Right! 5 points to Gryffindor! Now I have a Boggart here and we will simply get rid of it okay? In a line please!" He ordered




I remember doing this in third year? It's not like any of us have forgotten it....




James was first. Bardman let the Boggart out. Now if James' boggart is still the same as third years, this'll be funny




The boggart creeped out and turned into Ginny! (Yes it's still the same!) 




"James Sirius Potter what have you done! I swear me and Nana Weasley will both punish you if you..."




"Riddikulus!" James shouted. And his mothers voice went to high pitched that it was barely audible and she got so small you couldn't see her.




Yes James' biggest fear is his mother and Nana Molly!




Then Dom- again hers is stupid. But this time it wasn't what it was, last time it was her


Mother burning clothes. Now its changed.




Dom squeaked as Victoire and Louis had her teddy (Barney) in their arms and was swinging him around by the ears.




"RIDDIKULUS" and the imaginary teddy came into her arms 




Everyone went and I hung at the back. No way was I going up there. I hate Boggarts.




"Right everyone except, Katy Andrews. Up you come!" Bardman barked




"Nah I'm okay here." I replied




He was having none of it, I didn't want to. As soon as I went up there, the boggart turned into a Clown (yes, I am scared of clowns!) 




"Riddikulus." I said with my eyes shut.




"Ah, well done. You can leave now. Dismissed." Bardman said as he shoo'ed us out





Why am I scared of Clowns? Erm they're evil. I went to a party once when I was about 8 and there was a clown there.




Lovely Clown. Until he drunk too much firewhiskey and started shouting at us all! I've hated them ever since.




Don't judge me!





Dear Dad, 


I guess you heard, Jack got on the Quidditch team, awesome I know! 


School is going well, I got an Acceptable in Charms, so I think I've passed all my classes this term? Will I see you at Christmas or am I spending it all with Dom and her family?


Write soon?






"You know Katy, I don't see why you bother writing to him?" Fred asked as he walked me up to the owlery




"Because he's my Dad, I think I'm used to his one line replies." I tied the letter to Amelia's leg and she shot off




Fred put his arm around me and we had a moment




Freddy Weasley- Is amazing. He's like my brother, he looks out for people and would never hurt a soul. Unless you bad mouthed his family or friends.




"We better get down to the common room, sleepover time!" I said. I poked him "You're it!"




and like true 17 year olds we played it all the way down to the common room.




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Odd one out: Note Passing and Boggarts.


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