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I am Rose Weasley. (I'm in love!) by WolfWriter
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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 "Rose. Rose, It's time to get up. Rose...are you even alive under there?" My baby brother Hugo lifted up the sheets of my bed and looked at me. I pushed my pillow in the general direction of his face. I didn't hit him though. Pity. I mumbled something incoherent and rolled over.

"Trust me Rose, I think you are going to want to see this. Yours and Anna's O.W.L's are here." I sat bolt upright and promptly started freaking out.

"AAAAAAAAAUGH!!! Hugo, move! I need to get down there, now!" From under the blankets of the bed next to me, Anna Finnegan, my best friend who was spending the last few weeks of the summer at the Burrow with me, sat up and wiped her bleary eyes.

"Whassgoinon?" I screamed at her, "O.W.L's!" and sprang out of bed. Running downstairs, I tripped over my cat, Erickk, and went tumbling down the stairs. My mother screamed, and my dad let out his favorite obscenity. My mother glared at him and looked back at me.

"Are you alright, sweetheart?" I sat up and said breathlessly, "Where's my letter?" My dad snorted and went back to his tea and toast, reading The Daily Prophet as he did so.

I heard another crash from the stairs and Anna came down the stairs in the same fashion I had.

"Stupid cat." She muttered. She sat up next to me, and we both stared at my mother, who had our letters from the school in her hand. Hugo came down and burst out laughing at us. I think we looked like puppies, about to get a treat from their master. Me and Anna stood up and sat down at our seats. She was blushing. I didn't understand, but she liked my brother. How could anybody like Hugo? I mean, I love him and all that, but he didn't know, likeable. I smiled sweetly at my Mum and said,

"Now Mum, what are those letters? Y'know, the ones you are holding that probably contain the results of a test that will change my whole career and basically  my life?" She laughed at the desperation in my voice and handed us the letters. We practically ripped them open and stared at the report cards inside.



Rose Weasly

Results of your O.W.L. Testing




Care of Magical Creatures-E

Defense against The Dark Arts-E



Muggle Studies-O


Ancient Runes-P


At the bottom, there was a little note in McGonagall's handwriting.

Ms. Weasly, please look some more in your envelope. There are more

letters for you within.


I sighed in relief at my grades, which showed I passed most of my of my classes. Wordlessly I handed the letter to my mother, who glanced at them with a frown. I rolled my eyes at her.The only reason I was so excited to see my grades was because I needed good ones to pass and become a Muggle and Wizarding Relations Officer at the Ministry. Thankfully, I got them. I only took Ancient Runes because my Mum forced me to. I stuck my hand into the envelope and fished around until I found three pieces of paper. I pulled them out and looked at them. The first one I opened had a golden Snitch embossed at the top of the paper. It informed me that I was elected Quidditch Captain.

Grinning, I tossed that letter to my dad, who let out a whoop of happiness. Funny, when he got my O.W.L results he didn't even look at them. I picked another paper which informed me that I was Head Girl. I grinned again and tossed this one to my mother. I unfolded the third piece of paper and was immediately confused. There were more grades on this paper, but they were all O's. I looked at the top of the parchment and saw


Scorpius Malfoy

Results of your O.W.L Testing


I felt...weird. Like when in fourth year, I saw Tony Morris, my crush at the time, holding hands with Lily, my cousin. Then I realized. It was jealousy. Why was I jealous that Malfoy had gotten better grades then I did? I folded the letter up and stuck it back in the envelope. I pondered over my feelings of jealousy for the rest of the morning.



"Rose!" I snapped my head around and looked at Anna.

"Rose, what are you thinking about? I've never seen you so quiet." I looked around. "Nothing." I decided to keep my feelings a secret.

As the day went on, I kept thinking about Scorpi-Malfoy! When did I start calling him Scorpius? Anyway, as the day went on, I kept thinking about Malfoy, and thoughts kept popping into my head. Not my usual thoughts, though, like how he was such an idiot, and how much I hated him. Oh no.

These thoughts were about how his hair was so white blond, and I knew for a fact he didn't dye it, and about how fit he was, and how he always wore these awesome black converse shoes that I really liked, and how his shirt was snug around his biceps, because he was so strong-see what I mean? Scary thoughts. Very scary.


“Rose, are you ready to head to Diagon Alley? Anna and you and Hugo need to pick up some things for the school year, and there is a new book I want to get at Flourish and Botts.” My mom asked me, as she sat down at the end of my bed.

“I see you haven’t changed a bit from what Dad and Uncle Harry said you were like, huh?” I responded. “Yeah, I’m ready to go. Give us a couple of seconds to brush our hair, okay?” I said, sitting up and yawning, gesturing at me and the still sleeping form of Anna.

"'Kay,” Mum said softly, and left the room. I walked over to Anna’s bed calmly, and started jumping up and down by her feet. She bounced up and down, still cocooned in her thousands of blankets. She groaned, and I repeated everything Mum said about Diagon Alley, jumped off her bed and grabbed my hair brush. Anna was lucky. She had movie star hair that when she got out of bed, her hair looked perfect. Me: Not so much.

I managed to get it straight, and headed for my closet. Anna was already dressed and was doing her make-up. I grabbed a light gray, athletic but still feminine, tee shirt from my dresser and started looking for pants. I grabbed the black skinny jeans I bought with Anna yesterday, and slipped them on. Applying some mascara quickly, I grabbed a ponytail holder and quickly braided my hair into a side braid, looked in the mirror, and ran out the door.

Oatmeal was waiting downstairs, so I grabbed a bowl and dumped a spoon of brown sugar on it. My Mum looked under the table and said, “Grab your shoes, guys, because we are going to go pretty soon.” I finished my oatmeal and grabbed my mid-calf high black converse shoes. Lacing them up quickly, I said,

“Ready!” and went with my mother into the living room, where everybody else already was ready to go.

“Hugo, you go with Dad, Anna, dear, you come with me. Rose can go by herself. Alright Ron, you go! Dad grabbed the floo powder and Hugo’s arm, and they both yelled “Diagon Alley!” when they were gone my mother repeated the same process, but with Anna on her arm. Damn. My turn. I always hate flooing, I end up miles away from where I am supposed to be.  I grabbed the gray, gritty powder and yelled “Diagon Alley!” I swirled through many different fire places, and, when I thought I had the right one, I  stepped out.

Ahhhh, Floo Powder. Never fails. I was in the middle of Knockturn Alley, not Diagon Alley! I took a deep breath and started walking towards the exit out of there. As I passed a shop called, ‘Death, Downfall, Demise, and Ruin,’ a little old lady grabbed my arm and spun me around. I think it was the Owner of the store, because she had a pink tee shirt with the name of the shop written on it, with pictures of people dying on it.

"Such pretty hair,” she crooned, her other hand snaking upwards and stroking my braid. 

"Thank you, and, goodbye!” I said and tried to pull away. Her grip tightened, hurting me. I winced.

“No, no, stay, and I will buy your hair! I will cut it off for you!” she said and started to pull me into her shop.

“NO! You bitch, let me go!” I yelled at her. I pulled my arm from her grasp and ran towards the exit out of here. Running into the light, I ran into someone entering Knockturn Alley, and started to fall. The person caught me, they were strong. They held my shoulders, and I sagged into them, exhausted. After a few seconds, I stood up and looked at them. My jaw dropped.




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