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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives by hiral05
Chapter 7 : Girls night in
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“Girls just wanna have fun –Greg Laswell”


 Obviously, considering Hogwarts’ known reputation for the fastest ever gossip school in the history of the world, the Flitwick scenario got out and now everybody seemed to be talking about Beth’s speech. Although, as though it was tradition, the story has changed and apparently I got up and hugged her and said we should be best friends and invited Beth onto the cheer leading squad (even though we are in different houses). Hogwartians will believe any rumour you throw at them, honestly. Even after about a week there were whisperings of a Sirius sobbing at the front of the classroom confessing undying love for Chiara, soon there was a rumour that James had proposed to Lily in that lesson and they were preparing to elope. We all decided to ignore these rumours as they got more and more ridiculous (Lily using a love potion on James, anyone?). Though, I don’t really know how that rumour was brought up out of the ones from Flitwick’s lesson but we ignored it all the same.

Another thought had been roaming around my mind and more prominently at night had been what Beth had said. Sirius Black in love with me? Now there’s a bloody shocker and I decided not to believe it the moment after it was said. So why is it still roaming my mind? Did he love me? I really doubt that. But you did sleep with him, said a nagging voice at the back of my mind. Ah that must be it. I slept with him and that’s what’s been keeping me up, I hadn’t said sorry for leading him on and I have a guilty conscience. I should go and say sorry. But how do you go up to someone and say sorry to them about something like that? Especially a few weeks after the incident.

No I’m going to go. I have to find him.

It was after supper and now everybody was in the common room where the sixth year’s usually sit by the fire. We usually get that place because we’re usually with James and Sirius. I wondered into the common room and scanned the room for Sirius.

There he was, sitting by the fire (obviously) with James (obviously).

I vaguely wondered where Peter, Remus and the girls were.

I slowly walked over to them and they didn’t notice me coming over as they were immersed in their conversation and hooting with laughter. What these two talk about all the time is beyond me.

‘Sirius?’ I said in a tiny voice, why am I getting all scared.

Because you slept with him said a voice inside my head.

‘Oh hey Jem, you alright?’ said Sirius looking up and James held up a hand in acknowledgment and said ‘Lily is in the library’

‘Oh thanks, but it was actually Sirius I wanted to talk to’

Sirius looked at James and shrugged before following me out of the common room and into the disused classroom down the corridor.

I looked up and he was looking at me with a blank face.

‘Sirius, I just wanted-‘ I stopped to think of what I needed to say.

‘Jem, I don’t have all evening, James is in there alone’

‘Fine, I’m sorry I slept with you and led you on, it’s been nagging me all this time and I’ve felt horrible about it’

‘Slept with me?’

‘Have you forgotten or something? It was only a few weeks ago bloody hell’ I said getting annoyed.

‘Jem, I don’t know what end of the stick you’ve got, but we didn’t have sex’

‘What? Yes we did’

‘We sure got close to it, but I stopped it as soon as I realised how wrong it was because you were drunk’

‘Oh, so how comes when we spoke about it you said James knew and-‘

‘Well when you said don’t tell anyone I thought you meant about you sleeping in my bed that night and that James saw you in the morning when he came to wake me up but I didn’t realise that-‘

‘Think about it from my point of view, I wake up in your bed in the morning, half naked’

‘I know, but you never let me explain, you just stalked out saying I took advantage of you’

‘When it was the opposite’ I said finishing off his sentence.

‘Then, I tried to tell you again but it was never the right time and then we were fine again and I didn’t want to bring up that night again’

I nodded ‘I’ve had this feeling I was a slut all this time’

‘Jemini, you are not a slut’

‘Well actually I am’

We were sitting next to each other on the table now.


‘Well I’m pretty sure I got pregnant’

‘That doesn’t make you a slut especially if it was with your boyfriend, who it was, and if you’ve only had sex with him, which you have, right?’

‘Right’ I said wearily.

Why am I talking about this to Sirius, it was so weird but he was just so easy to talk to.

‘Jem’ he said ‘Look at me’ I looked at him ‘You are not a slut, or anything near it’

‘Right’ I said ‘Well, I’m off to the library and you should get back to James, who knows what he’ll do without you for longer than 10 minutes’

He laughed ‘It’s true, he’s probably already set a few first-years on fire, I’d better go check on him’

‘So wait, you didn’t sleep with him?’ clarified Lily as we walked back from the Library to the common room.

‘I know, im so relieved, it’s unbelievable’

‘This is great, so know you can stop thinking you’re a slut and your problems are kind of resolved’ she said ‘Apart from the Matheus thing and the not telling Mimi and Lola thing’

‘Thank lils’ I said sarcastically.

‘How are you doing with the Matheus situation, anyway?’

‘I don’t know, I don’t feel like I need him to be with me anymore but I don’t think that I’m over him, how can you tell?’

‘I’m not sure; I think you just know, like you just know when you’re in love’

‘True, what should I do about Mimi and Lola?’ I asked.

‘Tell them’ she said simply ‘Now that you the whole slept with Sirius thing isn’t true, it isn’t as much to digest and all they have to deal with is the Matheus thing, just tell them Sirius comforted you and you spent the night like at Pete’s party’

‘I guess, I just don’t know how to approach the situation’

Lily pondered before saying ‘we haven’t had a proper girls night since the start of sixth year yet considering we’ve spent all our evenings with the boys, so how about we make one this Friday and we can have the usual secrets session and the like’

‘Lily have I ever told you, you are a amazing?’


‘Well, I’m glad to have you as my best friend’

She grinned ‘Likewise’ then she continued in a baby voice ‘Jemmy booboo bear!’

Needless to say I chased her all the way to the common room.

That defence lesson I sat next to Lily and instead of Remus and Mimi sitting next to me, James and Sirius came to grace me with their presence.

Sirius was talking to some girl behind him called Mya Viringdum from Hufflepuff when James whispered to me ‘So how’s the Matheus situation going?’

I looked at him in shock ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you knew’

‘Well Padfoot tells me everything’

I can’t be surprised. Of COURSE they tell each other stuff.

This is good in a way, this means that most people know.

Once I tell Mimi and Lola, I won’t feel as if I’m keeping something so huge from my friends anymore. Mimi will tell Remus, or I’ll give her permission to and the boys will probably tell Peter in some way or another.

What if they hate me after they find out? Think I’m some slag or something.

I keep on thinking about what Sirius said. If I was promiscuous then got pregnant I would be seen as a slag but seeing as I had been going out with Matheus for a long time, I guess it’s not as bad. Still a little bad. Eurgh.

Something I will have to live with.

I just can’t wait till tomorrow and we can have our Girl’s Night In.

‘I’ve persuaded Remus to get us some food from the kitchens with the other boys, so they should be back swiftly’ said Mimi, sitting down with us by the fire.

‘This is going to be great, our first proper girls night of Sixth Year’ said Lily.

‘And I will capture the moment with my camera’ said Lola in a terrible French accent before making her way to the dorm, no doubt to get her out and polished. That bloody camera is her best friend. Though, I cant complain, the camera quite cool.

We all laughed as the boys walked through the doors with 3 trays of food. The other Gryffindor’s looked round as they carried it in and looked confused as to where they got the food from. Ah, they don’t know about the pear.

‘Food for the beautiful ladies’ said James as they set down the trays on the table.

I winked at Mimi and Lily before we each took a tray and started to make for the dorm.

‘Errr, where are you girls going?’ asked Sirius, baffled.

James and Remus came to stand in front of us blocking the entrance to the Girls dorm tower.

‘We’re going to our dorm’ said Lily simply.

‘Right, okay.......what?’ said James clearly not understanding.

‘We’re having a girls night in, we just needed you to get the food for it’ I said.

‘No way, what are we going to do?’ asked Sirius.

‘I don’t know, do what you usually do, pranks and more pranks and curse Snivellus’ said Mimi.

‘Well you guys aren’t going anywhere’

‘Oh yeah?’ I said ‘One step backwards and that staircase turns into a slide’

The boys didn’t move.

‘Seriously, we want to have our girls night’ said Mimi.

‘But we’re going to be so bored’ said Remus.

‘If you don’t get out of our way right now I will hex you to Merlin’s house’ said Lily still holding the tray but with her wand in her hand. She had her trademark stern look on and the boys, especially James, whimpered and moved out of the way.

‘Thank you, see you tomorrow at Breakfast’ I said I followed Lily and Mimi up.

I could distantly hear Sirius say ‘Well if they’re having a Girls Night In, we should have a Boy’s Night....Out’ I could hear the excitement in his voice.

I heard a whoop and a scurry of footsteps as they undoubtedly ran to their dorm.

I chuckled, boys will be boys.

‘Finally, our Girl’s Night’ said Lily.

‘Ok fine, first picture of the night’ said Lola as we bunched up and she help out the camera ‘Say Herbology’

After about an hour of eating and chatting I decided to bring up the Matheus thing.

‘I think it’s time for The Game’ said Lily after I gave her a knowing look as we sat down in circle.

‘Who’s turn is it this time?’ asked Mimi ‘Lola’s?’

‘No’ said Lily quickly ‘I think it’s time to Jem to go’

I nodded.

‘Right’ said Lola carefully sensing that there was something going on ‘Jem’s go then’

‘Right so where to start where start...’ I began and then told them the whole story. About how I found out, wrote to him, the words he said (where to their credit they gasped and called him names), the harsh break-up and everything that happened in school. I even told them about Sirius which I had decided against but seeing as I was in the flow of storytelling I went with it and told them. This way I had no secrets from them, what so ever.

Once I had finished Mimi and Lola were quiet before Mimi said ‘I understand why you didn’t tell us but-‘

‘But what?’ I asked.

‘It’s just that, you told Sirius before us’ replied Lola.

‘No, I didn’t mean to I promise, I was drunk and he was there’

‘No, you decided to tell him so you got drunk so you could find the courage to do it’ said Mimi

‘Right’ I said thinking ‘I’m sorry, but right now as of today, there are no secrets’

‘We all held up our butter beers ‘cheers to that’ said Lily.

‘Ok, so I’ve had this thought for a while but I thought for our Girls Night In treat, we could have a snoop round the boy’s dorm’ I said sneakily.

‘We always go in there, it’s nothing new’ said Mimi

‘I know, but we haven’t had a real good look around in the 5 years we’ve known them, like a big snoop, we’ve only seen what they’ve shown us because they always clean up and hide stuff when we go round’ I said.

Mimi and Lola grinned mischievously.

‘Wait, one flaw’ said Lily.

‘Oh Lily always having to be the prefect and bloody pointing out flaws’ said Lola.

‘But’ continued Lola as if Lola hadn’t spoken ‘The boy’s will either be in the common room and see us go up or be in their dorm which in any case we can’t go up to the dorm’

‘Oh don’t worry about that, I heard them talking about a boy’s night out as soon as we mentioned our girls night in’

‘So they’ll be out all night?’ asked Mimi

‘Doing God knows what’ said Lily disapprovingly.

‘Well, shall we go?’ I said.

We were standing outside their door and wondering if they were inside their dorm. There were a few 7th years in the common room but no one suspected anything of us seeing as we always go up there.

‘Jem, just open the door’ said Lily impatiently.

‘Why don’t you do it Lils?’ I said.

‘No, what if they’re in there’ she said.

‘I’ll do it, you lot of wusses’ said Lola stepping up to the door and placing her hand on the door handle.

‘Be careful’ we said behind her. Truthfully, we knew the boy’s weren’t in there but it was just the possibility. They could quite literally hex us into next week.

Lola carefully opened the door and revealed the empty dorm, messier than we’d ever seen it and the secrets just waiting to be found oozing from all corners of the room.

‘Right, I’ll start over here’ I said going over to Sirius’ stuff

The other girl’s went off their separate ways, snooping to their hearts content and occasionally commenting on something funny.

I looked at Sirius’ trunk lying open and messy.

Let’s start, I thought. I started by taking everything out. Clothes, and other school things like scales, a sneak scope, a gob stones set, nothing really. I didn’t know what I was expecting. A diary that illustrated every secret the marauders have? No.

‘Guy’s look at this’ said Lily. Finally something interesting, I thought as we walked over to her.

‘It’s a photo album’ she said. Oh.

‘It’s pictures of them throughout the years, kind of like what we have on our wall’ said Lola.

‘Wow’ I breathed as we leafed through the pages watching the boys grow up.

‘Right, let’s get back, they could be back any moment’ said Mimi already back at Remus’ bed stuffing things back into his trunk.

I went back over to Sirius’ trunk and began to fold his clothes and put them back.

‘Jem’ came Lily’s voice from behind me ‘Don’t fold them, they weren’t like that before, he’ll know someone’s been in’

‘Oh shit, I think I hear them down in the common room’ said Lola suddenly.

‘No way’ I exclaimed as I stuffed everything in on top of the neat bottom layer then we had one more glance around the room. We got outside the door and Lily put the Colloportus charm back on the door.

‘They’re at the foot of the steps, I can hear them’ whispered Mimi.

‘What do we do?’ asked Lily, scared.

‘Go up there’ I said pointing to the last stretch of stairs.

‘7th years dorm?’

‘Just to the landing of it, we can hide them rush back down again’ I said ‘we don’t have time’ as we heard the footsteps getting louder.

We ran up the stairs and we got the last wisp of Lily’s hair onto the landing and crouching down before the boys arrived outside the door and James undid the charm before entering the dorm.

We were holding our breaths while trying not to laugh.

James stepped in then turned around to the face the boys.

‘Does it feel a bit different in here?’ he asked.

‘What Prongs mate, I want to go to bed’ said Sirius, impatiently.

‘Someone’s been in here’ persisted James.

‘We would have seen it on the map’ said Sirius simply.

I shot Lily a confused look and she returned it, the promise in our eyes to discuss this later.

‘We weren’t looking at that area of the map so someone could have easily come in, it does feel a little different in here’ agreed Remus.

‘But the spell, hardly anyone knows how to do it’ squeaked Peter.

They all were silent for a moment before James said ‘It’s probably nothing, c’mon’

Then we heard the door slam shut.

‘We should wait so it’s not obvious’ whispered Lola and we stayed for another five minutes.

We would have stayed longer but a seventh year boy came out and looked at us curiously before saying ‘Girls, if you wanted to come in for a bit of Tom time then you could have just asked, you didn’t have to camp out’

We rolled our eyes before sprinting down the stairs, not stopping till we were in the safety of our dorm.

‘Was it just me, or was that strangely exhilarating?’ said Lily panting.

‘Lils I’m so glad that your rebel side is still there despite being a prefect’

‘This has been a great night’ said Mimi and we all smiled.

Lola was busy sticking the picture from earlier this evening on the wall.

Then moved to a different section with nothing on and took three pictures from her hand and stuck them up, then with her wand drew a check box. Then checked the check box under the last picture in the row of three.

We were all watching her so curiously ‘Lola, do you mind if I ask what you’re doing?’

‘When we went into the dorm, you all went straight to a certain bed’ she said.

‘Errr, what?’ I said.

‘You went to Sirius’ she said, addressing me ‘Lily went to James’ Lily made a scoffing sound ‘and Mimi, obviously went to Remus’

‘So? What has that got to do with your check boxes?’

‘Look, here’s a picture of you and Sirius from the Bonfire, and Lily and James, when James caught Lily off guard and took the picture and Mimi and Remus from Peter’s party’

‘Right’ said Lily slowly, not looking pleased at the picture of her and James being on the wall.

‘Well, you all obviously belong together, so I’ve got the pictures and a check mark, and I’ve checked Mimi’s because she’s already with Remus and when you guys’ get together with Sirius and James, I’ll check yours too’ she said before walking over to her trunk.

‘No, Lola, you’ve got this all wrong i-‘

‘Save it Jem, it’s done’ she said getting her pyjamas out.

‘What is someone see’s?’ hissed Lily.

‘Who? James? He can’t get up here remember?’ said Lola going into the bathroom ‘No more arguments’ she shut the door.

I sighed then looked at Lily ‘She’s got a point about you and James, though’

Lily narrowed her eyes ‘You’re one to talk miss-I-thought-i-slept-with-him-but-didnt-and-i-like-him-deep-down-but-dont-know-it-yet-because-im-too-hung-up-on-Matheus’

‘Nice Lils, did I ever tell you you’re my best friend?’ I said sarcastically.

‘Love you too’ she said.

‘And Lola’ I shouted to the bathroom ‘If this is going up on the wall I want a better picture of Sirius and me, this picture is disgusting, I look mad and he’s scared of me’

‘Go to bed Jem’

I smiled to myself.

I think I’m finally getting over Matheus.


A/N: thank you everyone who is reading my story, please review! It would make me really happy.

hp xxx

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