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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 18 : Nothing Is Impossible
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“You know I can’t believe I’m sitting here talking to you about your wedding to Regulus Black!” Lily said later that night. We had brought Ann and Russell to McGonagall’s office, and the only thing that made the goodbye easier was knowing that I would be seeing them in a few weeks’ time. I looked at Lily thoughtfully, sitting across from her on her bed. James was still in the guys in their dormitory so we had the whole place to ourselves.


“I have to agree with you on that one!” I told her and we started laughing. It was nice to have a girl to talk to about this. It’s not like Remus could sit down and discuss wedding plans with me. Well, he might if I asked him too.


“So what have you envisioned your wedding to be like?” Lily asked getting down to business, after we both calmed down.


“I’m not really sure.” I told her honestly. I had no idea how to plan a wedding. It was times like these I really wished my mum was around to tell me what to do, because I didn’t know where to start.


“Don’t worry; I’m an expert at knowing what not to do for a wedding after watching my sister plan her own disaster.” Lily said grinning. It wasn’t too often you heard Lily say anything negative about another person, and it made me imagine her sister to be a real piece of work. I returned her smile.


“So bridesmaids, are you just going to have Ann?” Lily asked her green eyes sparkling as she pushed her hair behind her ears.


“Well, do you want to be my second bridesmaid?” I asked her biting my lip nervously and her jaw dropped. Literally. I’m actually surprised I didn’t have to lift it up for her.


“Really? Of course I will be” She squealed and threw her arms around me. I patted her back nervously, but I couldn’t hide the fact that I was pleased. 


“Thank you!” I told her as she pulled away.


“So you’re just going to have two bridesmaids then?” She asked me and I nodded my head.


“That’s my plan.” I said sitting up straighter.


“Well, who is Regulus going to have as his Best man and Groomsmen then?” Lily asked again and it dawned on me that I hadn’t really thought about that. All of the so called friends he use to associate with would probably rather, actually I didn’t want to imagine what they would rather do, because it was probably pretty terrible, but either way there was no way they would be in the wedding.


“I would like Russell to be one of his groomsmen.” I told her and she nodded her head approvingly. It only made sense that my brother would be in the wedding. Besides, he and Reg were so close already I didn’t think it would be a problem.


“And the Best Man? He and Remus have always gotten on well.” Lily offered and I shook my head.


“No, I want Remus to walk me down the aisle.” I told her my voice cracking a bit. If my father couldn’t do it, then my best friend would have too.


“Of course, I didn’t even think of that!” Lily said.


“Well, if it were up to me I would want Sirius to be Reg’s best man,” I told her fiddling with the blanket on her bed. “There relationship has been slowly improving and I think it would mean a lot to Regulus. Besides it only makes sense that his brother be his Best Man if my sister is being my Maid of Honor.” I looked up after a few seconds of her not responding and was surprised to see her wide eyed expression.


“What?” I asked and she shook her head.


“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” She asked biting her lip nervously.


Regulus’ P.O.V.


“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” I asked them. They all looked at me like I was insane.


“Well, do you have any better ideas? If you do, please enlighten us.” My brother snapped.  I felt a pang of guilt for a moment. Yes, I thought my brother was a bastard sometimes, but contrary to his beliefs I did have a heart. Finding out that I was engaged to Katherine, and then discovering that his best mate was nothing but a traitorous arsehole I felt bad for him.


“Confrontation isn’t the best option in this case. Clearly, Pettigrew outsmarted you three, who is to say he won’t do it again?” I asked him looking into his eyes that were very similar to mine. It was just one of the many things we had in common, even though we both did our best to overlook those.


“He betrayed us and you think I don’t know what he’s capable of now!” Sirius yelled slamming his fist against the wall.


“He’s your friend you can decide what you want to do.” I said shaking my head in frustration and I heard Remus let out a sigh.


“Regulus, is there any way you can tell someone’s a Death Eater? Like a type of marking for example.” He asked exasperatedly and I honestly felt like an idiot. All I had to do was look to see if he had the mark and the problem would be solved. I should have done it ages ago when I first started to suspect him.


“The Dark Mark.” I said repeating my brother’s motion and punching the nearest wall. I saw the blood beginning to drip down my hand as I pulled it away. That was going to be fun explaining to Katherine. I know the fact that I had a temper bothered her a little bit, even though she’d never admit it.


“What do you mean the Dark Mark?” James asked sharply. I could tell from the shift in his eyes that he knew what I was talking about. It was the symbol a Death Eater or the Dark Lord shot in the sky after every murder.


“He burns it into your skin and uses it to communicate with his followers. When you feel the mark burn you are to report immediately to his side. If not, well you can imagine the consequences he has in store for you.” I told them gravely. I had never been to a meeting, but I could still remember the look of glee Bellatrix got in her eye when she talked about it. The pride her face dawned when she would proudly display her mark to me.


“You knew the whole time what they were doing was wrong didn’t you?” My brother asked in a hoarse voice.


“Of course I knew, but in the beginning I was blinded by power and the pride our parents felt, Sirius.” I said sharply.


“But Katherine, she made you realize didn’t she?” He asked again and I knew a lot depended on my answer. He loved her, but he was grateful for what she had done for me. She saved me when he couldn’t and he wouldn’t take that away from me. Because, my brother loved me too.


“Yes.” I whispered and my brother simply nodded his head. It all would have been very emotional if it weren’t for Remus.


“Can we get back to the issue at hand here?” Remus asked looking irritated. “Our best mate may or may not be a Death Eater. Padfoot, focus here!” He said and James buried his hands in his face. It was close to the full moon and I figured that’s why he was so on edge. The door creaked open and all our heads snapped in the direction of it.


“Peter, where have you been?” It was James who spoke and I noticed that he was trying to keep his tone even. Pettigrew was avoiding all of our eyes as he walked over to his bed. He looked nervous, but he always did.


“Oh, I was in the library. You know just going over things for NEWTS is all.” He said pulling a clean shirt out of his trunk. His lie almost sounded believable.


“I was just down there a few minutes ago, and I didn’t see you. Where were you sitting?” James asked suddenly and Pettigrew froze for a moment. There goes Potter again always giving his friends the benefit of the doubt. I knew that deep down James really was hoping that Pettigrew was in the library and that the map was just malfunctioning.


“I was in the restricted section. I got a note from McGonagall.” Pettigrew said and began walking towards the bathroom. This really had gone on long enough. I hated attacking people from behind, but it’s not like it would hurt him, unfortunately. If I could inflict as much pain as possible on him I would, because I would bet nearly anything that he had something to do with Katherine’s parents’ murders.


“Stupefy.” I said pulling out my wand. I didn’t even make it a nonverbal, so at least he knew it was coming. Pettigrew collapsed into a disgusting lump on the ground.


“What the hell, Regulus!” James cried out and I rolled my eyes.


“All three of you were all for confrontation and I just sped up the process. Now quit your whining Potter and help me turn him over so I can look at his arm.” I said and he didn’t move. Sirius walked over letting out a grunt as he kicked Peter over. James eyes went wide at the motion.


“Need I remind you…?” James began but I interrupted him.


“Need I remind you Potter that this disgusting excuse for human being would have sold all of you out for his own safety?  He is probably responsible for Katherine’s parents being dead. So shut the hell up unless you have something useful to say.” I told him and he glared at me. He walked towards me swiftly and for a second I thought he would punch me, but his motion surprised me. He knelt on the ground next to Pettigrew and ripped up the left sleeve of Pettigrew’s shirt. He let out a small sigh when he looked down at it.


“I can’t believe Peter would do something like this.” James whispered and let the sleeve fall down again, covering the black snake and skull that stood out against Pettigrew’s pasty white skin.


“What do we do?” Remus asked. We were all standing over an unconscious Peter, looking down at him. Sirius looked about really to kill or at least put him close to death. James looked distraught and Remus looked disgusted.


“Kill him like he would have done to us.” Sirius said viciously.


“Go to Dumbledore. He’ll know what to do.” I said exasperated. My brother really needed to learn to control his hot head or it was going to get him into trouble one of these days.


 “We can’t kill him. Dumbledore will have him sent to Azkaban and the Dementors will take care of him from there.” James said and Sirius let out a low growl.


“We could be dead, because of him. He would have handed all of our lives over for his, when we all would have died for him.” Sirius said his eyes never leaving James’. They understood each other on level that only brothers’ could.


“I won’t let you become a murderer, because of him!” James shouted and that silenced Sirius once and for all. It was rare that James lost his temper like that, but when he did Sirius usually respected his best mate’s wishes.  


“Well, now that that’s settled, who wants to go with me to the Headmaster’s office?” I said looking between the three.


“We all will.” Remus said and without another word he pulled out his wand and ropes appeared wrapping tightly around Pettigrew’s motionless form.


“Just to be careful.” Remus said stuffing his wand back in his pockets. “We don’t want him escaping on us do we?”



One Month later

(Katherine’s P.O.V.)


I had a hard time looking at the daily prophet anymore. My usual routine was to scan it at breakfast and then discuss it with Sirius before everyone else came down. Looking at the latest headline article made me sick to my stomach.



An attack on a muggle village has left many casualties. The body count is still yet to be determined, but it includes mainly woman and children. A known Death Eater, Peter Pettigrew, was positively identified by a surviving victim. Peter Pettigrew, as many of you may recall, recently escaped Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy where he was a seventh year student. He was identified as a Death Eater, by Albus Dumbledore, who is Headmaster of the school. Headmaster Dumbledore was given information by students…


I tossed the paper aside in frustration. It was a month after Regulus had proposed and also a month after Pettigrew, the bastard, escaped. Apparently, in their haste to get to the Headmaster the three remaining Marauders had forgotten that Peter could transform into his animagus form. That whole situation could have been avoided if those morons had told the rest of us that James, Sirius, and Pettigrew were all unregistered animagus. They were lucky that Dumbledore overlooked their stupidity, and didn’t tell the minister, or they would all be sitting in a cell in Azkaban. But I was definitely over that. Completely and totally over it.


“Good morning.” Sirius said sliding in the table across from me.


“Isn’t it?” I asked throwing the paper at him. Okay, maybe I wasn’t over it. Sirius let out a small sigh and helped himself to some bacon. He was lucky I was even letting him have any.


“Where’s everyone else?” He asked moodily.


“Regulus is in the shower, Ann is still sleeping, and Russell is outside trying to make the broom fly on his own.” I said hiding a smile. My little brother was determined to perform magic. He thought that sense I was magical, that he must be even a little bit and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it wasn’t possible.


“He’s still trying?” Sirius asked and I nodded my head.


“So…” He said and I continued to pick at my toast.


“Have you gotten your suit fitted yet for the wedding?” I asked.


“I have to wear a suit?” He asked confused and my eyes went wide. Between the Order, awaiting my NEWTS results, and planning this wedding I was more than a little stressed out.


“Of course you do you moron. You’re the Best Man for Godric’s sake!” I snapped and he furrowed his eyebrows.


“I am?” He asked and my jaw dropped. I swear to merlin if Regulus…


“Good morning.” Regulus said walking in the room and kissing my forehead.


“Regulus, is there a reason your brother doesn’t know he’s your Best Man yet?” I asked giving him a sweet smile and he avoided my gaze.


“I may have forgotten to mention it. With all that’s going on with the Order missions and what not.” He said avoiding my gaze and scratching his head.


“By the way Sirius, you’re the Best Man.” He said and I slammed my head down on the table.


“Don’t I have a say in it.” Sirius asked and I looked up long enough to glare at him. Lily had mentioned that Sirius might not want to do it, but she never explained why, because we were called to the Headmaster’s office.


“Guess not.” He said.


“Thanks.” Regulus said and I decided to leave. I was supposed to go dress shopping with Lily and Ann, who was going disguised under polyjuice potion. Not as a heavy redhead this time though.


“I’ve got to get ready. I’m supposed to meet up with Lily at a dress shop in an hour.” I told them and before I could leave the room Regulus grabbed onto my hand, pulling me back to him. I ended up on his lap and all the anger I felt towards him a second ago disappeared.   


“I can’t wait to see you in your dress.” He whispered in my ear and a pleasant shiver ran down my spine. The wedding was only a month away, we had set the date for the fifth of July, and my excitement was hard to contain. Regulus seemed to be having the same issue as me.


“If you knew the shop we were going to after that, you be even more excited.” I responded and he let out a soft groan.


“I’m still in the room you know.” Sirius snapped and I ignored him. I kissed Regulus quickly on the lips and said an apology to Sirius who only grunted in response. Whatever his deal was he better get over it before the wedding.



Regulus’ P.O.V.


“I’m sorry that she’s determined to have you be the Best Man.” I told my brother once Katherine had left the room. Not that it hadn’t been hard to let her go; especially after the last comment. I knew it was going to be hard resisting her until our wedding night, and she definitely wasn’t making it any easier. For instance at night she would sleep in just one of my old shirts and nothing else. How was that not supposed to drive me absolutely insane? It wasn’t just the fact that she was bloody gorgeous that made her irresistible, but the fact that I was just in love with her. I want to be as close with her as physically and emotionally possible. It would definitely be worth the wait though. She deserved for it to be perfect and waiting would make it just that.


“Do you not want me to be?” My brother asked with a raised eyebrow.


“That’s not what I meant. It would actually mean a lot to me if you were.” I said, avoiding his gaze. I wasn’t really one for being all emotional. Only Katherine brought that out in me.


“Really?” He asked and I stood up. I could see Russell standing outside the window with my broomstick. I’d much rather be out there then having this conversation.


“Really.” I said walking out the door, leaving him at the table to do whatever it was he was doing. When I got outside I saw Russell’s face red with frustration. I felt awful that he wanted to do this so badly and I didn’t want to tell him it probably would never happen. Ever sense we had got back from Hogwarts he had been at this every bloody morning.


“How’s it going out here?” I asked, going for the encouragement approach.


“Don’t ask.” He said staring at the broom again. It was lying in the grass, not moving an inch.


“What was with all the yelling in there?” He asked his head gesturing towards the house.


“I forgot to tell Sirius that he was the Best Man and Katherine found it.” I said shrugging my shoulders.


“You forgot huh?” He asked smirking. It seemed everyone but Katherine was aware of Sirius’ feelings.


“Yes, I did smartarse. He agreed though.” I told him and Russell nodded his head.


“Of course he would. He’s probably going to pretend Katherine’s walking down the aisle to him.” Russell said sarcastically. I didn’t have a response for that, but Russell didn’t seem to mind.


“Up!” He said not looking at the broom but still smirking at me. That’s when the impossible happened. The broom rose up off the ground and smacked Russell right in the face.


“Holy shit.” I whispered.


“Holy shit is right I think my nose is broken!” He yelled and I had to agree with him, because blood was dripping down his face, but I was more concerned with the fact that he actually did magic.  


“That’s not possible.” I said and it really wasn’t. He was a muggle, and the only magical blood they had ever had in their family was Katherine.


“I did it!” He said excitedly and began jumping up and down. I had never heard of this happening before.


“None of you thought I could and I finally did it!” He continued to say happily. I saw Sirius walking out the back door and toward us. All of the commotion must have brought him outside.


“Why are you two being so loud?” He asked looking between us and I was at a loss for words. The bloody mess on Russell’s face caught his attention. “And what the hell happened to your face?”


“I did magic. I just made the broom go up and it smacked me in the face, but still I did magic!” He cheered and Sirius raised his eyebrows in my direction, ignoring Russell, who was beginning to look a little pale.


“How is that possible?” Sirius asked and I shook my head.


“I have absolutely no idea, but I know it was him that did it. I watched it happen.” I told him seriously. I walked over to my broom and grabbed a hold of it. It wasn’t safe for him to be practicing magic if he didn’t know how to control it. Tossing it to Sirius, who caught it, I turned back to Russell.


“Hold still.” I said and his eyes widen. I quickly pulled out my wand and fixed his nose.


“No more magic for now okay?” I told him sternly and he nodded his head confused, and began touching his nose softly.


“Is this a bad thing?” Russell asked concerned and my eyes met my brother’s before speaking. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was.


“It’s not a bad thing, it’s more of a how the hell did that just happen kind of thing. I’ll get in touch with Dumbledore and see what he thinks we should do.” I told him.



Katherine’s P.O.V.


There were so many wedding dresses and I had no idea where to start. Plus, we had an Order meeting tonight and we were all going to be assigned our first missions. The Order had started using Regulus and Sirius’ house, because of all the protective charms around it. There was no way anyone was getting in, and Dumbledore was secret keeper, so it was basically the safest place to be in the world besides Hogwarts.


“You’re so lucky you’re getting married.” Lily said jealously as she flipped through the racks of dresses. James was supposed to be proposing any day now. He told me he wanted to wait until we had everything set for this wedding, which it would be in a few days, before getting Lily going on her own. That is if she said yes, but I had no doubt in my mind that she would.


“I’m not sure what I want the dress to look like though.” I told her nervously.


“Nothing too poufy.” Ann said from behind another rack. She had picked out a few for me to try, which was surprising, because she was never big on dress shopping.


“That’s true.” I said agreeing and I saw Lily put a dress back dejectedly. I quickly grabbed a few ones that I thought looked pretty and started walking over to the dressing room. A sales assistant was waiting to help me try them on. It was a bit uncomfortable having someone watching me change, but I didn’t have a choice. The first one I tried on was strapless, and simple with a beaded design at the bottom. I knew immediately it wasn’t the one for me, but Lily had picked it out and I decided to show it to them for her.


“No.” Ann said immediately as I walked out and I rolled my eyes. She was taking this pretty seriously, and I saw Lily shoot her a reproachful look. Those two definitely weren’t each other’s biggest fans for some reason.


“I hate to agree with Ann, but she’s right. It’s just not you.” She said and I nodded my head in agreement. It was pretty, but it screamed Lily not me.


“Alright, on to the next one.” I said holding up the bottom of the dress, careful not to trip over it, and walking into the dressing room again. Over the next hour I got a lot of reproachful looks from Ann, who in return received a lot of dirty glares from Lily over the dresses. The sales assistant, Delilah, was really good about how many dresses I had actually tried on. Apparently, it was nothing compared to some of the brides she had come in here. I found that hard to believe as I had tried on about fifteen dresses already, but I gave her a small smile for trying to make me feel better. There were a few dresses that I liked, but I just didn’t get that feeling I thought you were supposed to get. The one where you put it on and when you looked in the mirror you just knew that that one was the dress for you. Then you would walk out and your mother would tear up and tell you how gorgeous you looked, but that wasn’t going to happen. I figured Lily would probably shed a tear a two though if I found the right one.


“Here is the last one that you have back here.” Delilah said handing me a dress. I let out a small sigh and began to pull it on. When she adjusted the off the shoulder straps properly I turned around and looked in the mirror. It was sparkly on the top and had bead  designs all the way down the dropped waist. It was perfect.


“You like it?” Delilah asked knowingly and I nodded my head, apparently it was so perfect the dress rendered me speechless.


“Well, let’s go show them then!” She said and helped me out of the room.


“Oh my Merlin you look fantastic!” Lily said covering her mouth with her hand and my heart skipped a beat. It was Ann who looked like she was holding back tears though.


“That’s the one.” She said and I nodded my head in agreement. I did a little twirl for good measure and giggled. Everything was coming together, finally.



We had just arrived outside the house after completing all of the dress shopping. After, I had happily paid for my dress we went onto the biggest headache of my life. Shopping for bridesmaids dresses. The only request I had was that the color be lilac and that thankfully hadn’t got any arguments. What did was the fact that they had to agree on one dress they both liked. Delilah was happy to see the two of them go, when they finally settled on a strapless dress, that flowed really nicely and looked lovely on both of them. She did however smile at me and gave me her best wishes for the wedding.


“You know where going to have to hide our dresses from Keltie right?” Ann asked as her and Lily followed me into the house. Order members should be getting here soon and I needed to put my dress somewhere before Regulus saw it and before that dog got its teeth in it. Keltie chewed up everything in sight.


“Oh, we’ll stuff them in Russell’s closet. Keltie doesn’t go in that room.” I told her and she nodded her head in agreement. Russ’ room was like a health code violation on every level. It was so gross, even Keltie, wouldn’t dare go in there.


“Lily, would you be a dear and go put them in there?” Ann asked sweetly and the redhead looked apprehensive at her tone.


“I suppose.” Lily said after a long pause and took the dresses from us. Ann grinned gleefully at her and we made our way into the kitchen to see if any Order members were here yet. Even though she was a muggle Ann usually sat in on the meetings, because well I’m really not sure. No one seemed to mind though.


“Hey, ladies.” A pair of voices said from the kitchen table. I looked over to see Gideon and Fabian Prewett sitting there grinning at us. They were twins, with red hair brighter than Lily’s, and had the best sense of humor that I had ever encountered.


“Hey boys.” I said smiling back and brushing my hair out of my eyes.


“I heard you were out dress shopping.” Gideon said with his eyebrows raised. He was only two years old than me and he felt the need to constantly tease me about tying down Regulus, but I knew it was all in good fun.


“Yes, I was and I found the perfect one.” I told them and they rolled their eyes at the same exact time. It was almost kind of creepy in a way. Gideon’s eyes flickered momentarily in Ann’s direction and I saw her blush. I exchanged a look with Fabian who grinned evilly. I think I solved the mystery as to why Ann attended the Order meetings. Gideon and Fabian were usually the ones sent to check on Ann and Russell when I was away at school.


“Are you planning to stroll down the aisle anytime soon, Ann?” Gideon asked with a wicked grin on his handsome face. Her blush only deepened and she didn’t have a chance to answer as the door flew open and in walked Dorcas and Remus. They looked like they had been arguing about something, but I saw Remus silently communicate with me not to say anything.


“Hey, guys!” I said uncertainly.


“Hey, Katherine.” Remus said pulling me into a quick hug.


“Regulus said he needs to talk to you to out in sitting room.” Dorcas piped up sending another glare Remus’ way. I had no idea what that was about, but between the shy looks Ann was sending Gideon’s way and the silent death threats Dorcas was communicating with Remus I decided not to linger in here. I felt bad for abandoning Fabian though.


“Alright, see you guys in a few.” I told them and Fabian gave me a quick wink as I strode by him. The Prewett twins were like a set of older brothers. It was crazy how close I had become with them in such a short time, but they were so much fun to be around. When I got into the sitting room I saw that Regulus had company. Dumbledore, Russell and Sirius were all sitting around staring at me as I entered.


“What’s going on?” I asked suspiciously. I looked at Russell, because he was usually the easiest to read, but he avoided my gaze. What in the hell was going on. Regulus opened his mouth to speak, but Dumbledore cut him off.


“Your brother performed magic earlier today.” Dumbledore said simply and my eyes went wide. Sirius was watching me with interest and Regulus stood up and walked over to me.


“What do you mean he performed magic? It’s not possible.” I said.


“I saw him do it. You know how he’s been outside with my broomstick trying to make it fly for him and today it did.” Regulus said squeezing my hand.


“How could he have?” I asked looking towards Dumbledore whose blue eyes were twinkling.


“It’s possible that he may have been suppressing his magic for some unknown reason. It’s rare, but it’s happened before.” Dumbledore said and I felt lightheaded. Russell was even more of a target. Not only were the Death Eaters after him, because of me, but now that he had performed magic so late in life…


“He will be safe.” Dumbledore said and I nodded my head. There was no point in arguing and I felt bad, because my brother looked ashamed for some reason. Probably, because everyone was treating it like he had done something wrong.


“Looks like I’m not the only magical one in the family anymore then.” I said and Russell met my eyes for the first time. He gave me a small smile and I knew he was secretly excited.


“He needs to get his magic under control and both Regulus and Sirius have agreed to teach him, because he is too old to attend Hogwarts now. As you know they are more than capable wizards and Russell will be in excellent hands. I will meet with Mr. Ollivander and explain to him the situation and I will obtain a wand for Mr. McEwen.” Dumbledore said looking at Russell whose eyes were dancing excitedly. It was his dream his come true. It was just a lot to absorb.


“Until then I don’t want you practicing magic unsupervised. Is that understood?” Dumbledore said sternly and Russell immediately nodded his head.


“Very well, if you’ll excuse me I need to go and speak with Ms. Meadowes.” Dumbledore said and walked swiftly out of the room. We all sat in silence for a minute and finally I spoke.


“Well, this is an interesting development.” I said nervously. It was exciting, but I was nervous for Russell now more than ever. His magic was so underdeveloped and it would take a lot of work for him to be able to protect himself sufficiently.


“I can’t believe I’m a wizard.” He said and he hesitated before asking something. “Do you think mum and dad would be proud of me?” I felt tears begin to form in my eyes a bit. My parents would be ecstatic if they were here to witness this.


“I reckon they would be.” I told him and he stood up grinning from ear to ear.


“I have to go tell Ann!” He said running out of the room and I laughed. I didn’t know how Ann would react to this, but clearly I wasn’t the only one who wanted to find out.


“I have to see this.” Sirius said more to himself before bolting out of the room after Russell. He loved seeing Ann reach her breaking point; I can’t imagine what he would do if he found out Ann fancied Gideon.


“I can’t believe he’s actually magical.” I said looking up into Regulus’ grey eyes and he wrapped an arm around my waist protectively.


“Neither can I.” He whispered and I pulled away a little bit.


“He’ll be okay won’t he?” I asked biting my lip nervously and Regulus smirked.


“With me teaching him he’ll be fantastic. Don’t you worry.” He said and I rolled my eyes. I should probably be more concerned about my brother picking up the Black family arrogance if Reg and Sirius were teaching him.


“You’re lucky I find your self-confidence charming.” I told him and he grinned.


“The meeting is starting soon.” He whispered resting his forehead against mine, and at that moment the meeting was the farthest thing from my mind. Just as his lips were leaning in to meet mine I heard a frustrated shriek from the kitchen.  


“What did Sirius do to her now?” Regulus said sounding aggravated and I giggled. He stood up and held out a hand to help me up. We walked in the kitchen to see a red faced Ann, a gleeful Sirius, and a smirking Gideon. Oh no.


“Ann has a crush on Gideon!” Sirius announced sounding like a five year old once again. Ann’s face flushed an even darker shade of red and Gideon’s face even looked a little flushed. Sirius was definitely very perceptive when he wanted to be; especially when it came to humiliating Ann.


“I hate you. If I would have got the magical gene that apparently everyone in my damn family has, but me I would have killed you by now!” She screeched and stomped out of the room steaming. Sirius looked a bit surprised at the outburst, but then he went back to grinning evilly.


“You know I didn’t actually know that she fancied you mate I was just trying to bug her, but I think that just proves she does.” Sirius said to Gideon. Fabian mumbled something underneath his breath that caused his twin to smack him upside the head.


“Do you always have to get her so riled up?” Regulus asked, but I could tell he was enjoying this latest development as much as Sirius was, but for different reasons. I think Regulus was hoping that maybe if she got a date she wouldn’t be such a bitch all the time, and I didn’t blame him, because I was hoping that too.


“It’s fun.” Sirius said shrugging his shoulders. I had no idea where Russell had disappeared off too, but I knew Dorcas and Remus were outside, because of how loud they were shouting. They never fought before and I was surprised that their argument was still going on.


“What’s that about?” I asked pointing out the window and just as I said that Remus turned on his heel and stormed back in the house with Dorcas running after him.


“Don’t you walk away from me Remus Lupin!” She yelled and he ignored her choosing to go stand beside Sirius.


“Lay off him he’ll do whatever he pleases.” Sirius snapped. Obviously he knew what was going on and I was kind of pissed that I didn’t.


“What in the hell is going on in here?” A voice growled from the door. Alastor Moody was standing their glaring at all of us. Merlin, he was intimidating and I knew he was still suspicious of Regulus and Sirius, which made me upset.


“Nothing at all.” Fabian said smoothly.  Moody loved the Prewett twins for some reason and Fabian’s answer seemed to ease his mind a bit.


“Well, all of you back in the sitting room. We’re having the meeting in there now.” He growled and turned on his heel out the door. I could have sworn I heard him mutter something like damn teenagers and their hormones on his way out. Oh my merlin.


“I hate that he thinks he can tell me what to do in my house.” Sirius snapped.


“It’s not just your house you moron, and you might as well just listen rather than argue.” Regulus shot back at him. Dorcas was still shooting daggers at Remus who was pointedly ignoring her and the Prewett twins were talking hurriedly underneath their breaths. This meeting was going to be an interesting one.



Author’s Note: This was definitely a dramatic chapter. Peter escaping, the chapter fast forwarding to when they are actually in the Order, Russell performing magic, and Ann’s crush. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would really like to get a few more reviews for this chapter, because I only got two for the last one. Please let me know what you guys think, because I love hearing from you! Also, big thanks to all of the readers that regularly review. It means a lot! (: 

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