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Believe by longlostNott
Chapter 1 : Introduction
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Some say it’s the strongest power alive. I honestly believed it once. I believed I could be happy. And one day, my prince will come and save me.


I was wrong.


Horribly wrong. No one would save me. The fresh bruises and aging scares all around my body proved it.



I believed I was loved. I believed one day my father would look into my eyes and realize he was hurting me.  I believed mother would come back, grace me with a loving hug and take me away. I believed that someone would save me. 



I even believed that father would miss me when I leave for Hogwarts. Blimey, I thought he would welcome me home for the holidays. But the moment I arrived home, he beat me and shoved me into the broom closet.




I never believed in love after that. I never hoped, dreamed or even tried. I stopped believing in a brighter side.  I never smiled after that incident over the holidays. I was sent to the hospital wing 23 times that year due to lack of food. I didn’t eat much. The pain in my stomach made me forget about my problems.




I was sorted into Gryffindor. But yet, I am not brave at all. All I wanted was death, but even I was afraid of death. If the pain my father caused me didn’t kill me, how painful did death’s pain have to be to take me?




My name’s Annabelia. No one’s ever given me a nickname.  I have light, long wavy brown hair that reaches my mid back. My eyes are piercing blue-green.  I stand around 5’6. My arms and legs are usually covered up. I wear clothes a size too big for me.




“Oof” I landed on the ground as someone shoved passed me. I scatter to reach for my books. No one notices me. So I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get an apology.




Quickly I put my books away and rushed to avoid being late for potions.  I ran as fast as my weak body could take me. As I slipped into the classroom, the bell rang. I sighed contently. I made it. I sat in my regular seat at the back. Usually no one sat with me all the way back here. It was a safe spot.




I gather all my potions equipment on my desk. Professor Slughorn tapped the bored carelessly with his wand.  A new seating arrangement appeared on the board. I frowned while my classmates wasted no time to complain.



“But sir! The light isn’t good for my skin!” a girl in my house whined. I grimaced. Isabel Grace. She was one of Hogwarts biggest slags. She had fake blonde hair and a fake tan. She always wore excessive makeup. She has shared the same dorm with me for 6 years now, but she still has no clue who I am. She’s that thick.



“Please, Miss Grace –“ she cut him off.


“Please call me Mrs. Potter.” She flirted. She then turned and gave a boy on her right a blow kiss. He winked flirtingly at her. I almost gagged. My classmates erupted into laughter.


James Potter is the first born of wizard hero, Harry Potter. He has dark, messy hair and hazel eyes. He was one of Hogwarts biggest players. Him, his cousin (Fred Weasley) and best mate (Logan Wood).  



“Wait, who’s Annabelia Clayworth? How can James partner up with someone who doesn’t even go here?”  Fred Weasley’s voice interrupted my thoughts. Everyone muttered in agreement. I sighed. Professor Slughorn was staring disappointedly at everyone.




“Miss Clayworth, please come up front.” He said tiredly.  I gathered my things quickly and made my way towards the front of the class. As I was walking, I heard everyone whisper to one another. I ducked my head down in embarrassment.



“Everyone, this is Miss Annabelia Clayworth.” Slughorn announced. I heard a few gasps and finally someone asked one of the most stupid questions I have ever been asked.



“When did you transfer to Hogwarts?” Potter had asked me. I stare at him, coldly.



“I’ve been here since first year.” I replied coldly. His ears burned red and he ducked his head down, purposely avoiding my gaze.



My jaw clenched in anger. I’ve been going to school with these dolts for 6 years! And they think I’m an exchange student! Slughorn must’ve felt the awkward, for he told me to take the now vacant seat next to Potter.  I took the set and put my things out in front of me, determined to ignore Potter.



Halfway through potions and Potter and I haven’t said a word to each other. I was happy. I didn’t need anyone trying to butt into my personal life. No one should know. No one would know.



“Excellent potion Miss Clayworth! Ten points to Gryffindor!” Slughorn tells me. I muster a nod.



“Merlin, Annabelia. How do you do that?” I hear Potter’s voice ask me. I shrug and turn back to clean my stuff.




“Hey, um. Could you help me?” he ask. I nod and turn to his potion. Potter’s pretty decent in potions. Everything seemed correct. Except it was lacking some dried up roots. I chopped some up and added it to his potion. Potter was watching me intensely.



And that’s when it happened.



My sleeve rode up and revealed a scar my father gave me last time I was home. I gasped and tried to cover it up. But it was too late. Potter’s eyes widened and he grabbed my wrist gently.




“Annabelia? What-“ I pulled arm away as hard as I could. Then I grabbed my bag and ran out of the classroom. Potter saw. And I had a feeling he wasn’t going to let it slide. 

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