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Purpose by Mihali1432
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Hey, wake up. I felt someone shaking me. Are you ok? Their voice was so soft. It was quiet and timid; like they were afraid someone would hear them. Come on. Wake up. Please? I felt the sides of my mouth turn into a smile as I whispered two words.

“Wish granted.” I opened my eyes, shutting them close as soon as they were burned by light. I groaned before the person who was shaking me told me to open my eyes. They had put something over my eyes so the light wouldn’t be so bad. I sat up, groaning as I felt pain throughout my entire body. I looked over at the person and saw a girl, about fifteen. I was about to ask who she was before she hugged me tightly.

“I’m so glad you’re ok!” She started crying into my shoulder, her tears making my shirt wet. I sat there confused until she pulled back and sat down onto the ground next to me. “They told me… You wouldn’t wake up. They tried to take you away so I brought you here.”

I sat here, trying to remember who this girl was before a name popped into my head. Lucas. This girl couldn’t be named Lucas, so that had to be my name. I was Lucas but that’s all I knew about myself. I felt a stab of pain in my head and I gasped. I pulled my hand up to my head, holding it in pain for a second before what I felt had left.

I reached down to my pocket, feeling something in there. After pulling it out, it turned out to be a stick. It was just any stick, it was a wand. I was a wizard.

“Uncle Lucas?” The girl asked me with her voice quivering. She seemed scared as she looked up at me before I felt a strong sense to protect this girl. I looked around at my surroundings for the first time since I woke up. There was a huge castle in front of me, and a moving tree to my side. The girl continued to look at me worriedly as I took in my surroundings.

“Where… where are we? And… who are you?” I looked at her as I searched my mind to remember who she was. I couldn’t remember, no matter how hard I tried. Her shoulder length brown hair, and bright hazel eyes were somewhere in my memory, but I couldn’t pull it out. The memory was locked somewhere.

She looked mortified after what I said sunk in. She knew I didn’t know where we were, or who she was. “Uncle Lucas…” She hugged me and began crying once again. I placed my arm and tried to comfort her a little as she cried. A couple minutes later when she stopped again, she stood up and looked towards the castle. “This is Hogwarts. I go to this school, and I brought you here, with the help of someone named Teddy Lupin. He’s the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.”

Hogwarts. Defense Against the Dark Arts. Teddy Lupin. Those words had some meaning to me, I just had to figure them out. I felt a sharp pain run through my head again, and instead of a word popping up, I heard a voice instead.


My name. My name was whispered by someone, something. What was the purpose? Who am I? Who is that girl? Besides being my niece. Can I get my memories back?

More importantly, why don’t I have my memories?

A/N: This is completely different and I know it's yet ANOTHER WIP but... This randomly came to my head and I had to write it... Don't worry, school is ending soon so this should actually be updated! And Greyback's story, and Young Moon... Tell me what you think. :)

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