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Teen Woes by mtb1997
Chapter 3 : Curse You, Son of Harry!
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 ARGH!  My internet was dumb and I lost my chapter!  I was so close to getting done! Ah well... c'est la vie.  So, yeah.  This chapter will probably be shorter than the others because I'm really frustrated right now, not to mention tired.  Hope you enjoy it anyway!



Death.  Death and sadness and... a plethora of other angsty things are on my mind at the moment.  Death because I want to kill someone; preferably Albus or Sadhya.  Lorcan would suffice also.  Sadness because... well, I have a right to be sad!  I mean, my love for Albums hasn't really decreased at all, and I caught him the the broom closet with his "Indian Princess" (that's what he's started to call her, it's disgusting)!  It really hurt me, even though he doesn't know it.  He's just as naive as always.


I still daydream about him in History of Magic (and sometimes Divination).  It usually starts off with him telling me, in tears, that he likes guys.  In comfort, I tell him that I like them too.  Relieved, he gives me a hug, and then we... you know, snog.  Just when things would get... better, real-life Albus nudges me and asks me who I was daydreaming about with a grin.  I would blush and quickly say "no one" as he gives me a sly, (supposedly) knowing look as I become very interested in my desk.  This pretty much happens on a weekly basis.


I guess the thing that really gets me is that Al and Sadhya are perfect for eachother.  I mean, both of them are smart, popular, and gorgeous.  I should have known that they were going to get together eventually.  I think I'm the only one who's relatively opposed to what they have.  Even Albus's "fan club" agree that they're the perfect couple.  Every piece of evidence against me says that I should just give up on him, but I just can't.  Probably because he's the only one I'd ever call "super hot."


Nonetheless, I'm still mad at him.  So mad, in fact, that I am now eating a box of chocolates that were placed on his bed.  Oh, yeah.  No chocolates for that git.  I sigh as I look at the landscape around the window from my spot on the windowsill.  It was... almost calming, just sitting there in peace, enjoying stolen chocolates.


That is, until I hear an unpleasant bump on the door, followed by some extreme cursing that would give my mouth a run for its money.  I hide the chocolates under my bed and open the door.  I had forgotten that I locked it in my anguish.  My bad.  


Outside the door is... no one.  But then I look down and see that Al, the one person who I didn't want to see, is on the ground with a look of agony on his face.  Concern taking over my anger, I lean over and grab his arm to pull him up.  As soon as I start pulling, Albus lets out the loudest scream I have ever heard, and that's saying something since I'm acquainted with Marigold Parkinson; she's the loudest bitch in all of Hogwarts.


Back to the concern.  "Oh Merlin!  What did I do?"


Even in pain, Al smiles.  "Oh, you didn't do anything.  I think I'm hurting from when I ran into the door... why was it locked?"


I blush.  "Well, you know.  I needed some time alone."


I grab his other arm and pull him up.  I take him inside and sit him down on my bed.  My mind is spinning with possible explanations for the pain.  It's my inner Healer.  I've always wanted to be one.  I remember one time when Mum was sick, I must've been about six years old, and I made sure nobody but I took care of her.  I gave her soup and even made medicine from her using an old Herbology book that would read in my spare time.  Needless to say, she was in good hands and she was all better by the morning.


Back to Albus.  I grasp his hand and rub gently.


He gives me a funny look as I try not to blush.  "Erm... what are you doing?"


I do my best eyeroll.  "I'm trying to help you, you bloody dolt!  Does it hurt when I do this?"


He shakes his head, and I slowly move up his arms still rubbing.  The rubbing part isn't really necessary but it makes me happy to see his arm hair stand up, and plus, I was touching him, so that's a bonus.  I get to the area around his shoulder when he finally gives out a quick yelp, and my heart breaks, if only for a second.  I quickly make my best conclusion with the little help that I have.  Within moments, it comes to me.


"Well, Al," I start slowly, "I think you dislocated your shoulder."


His face pales.  "Oh."


I see that he's worried, so I try to lighten things up.  "My only question is... how in the name of Merlin do you dislocate your shoulder by running into a bloody door?  I mean honestly, even I wouldn't do that, and you've seen me break my finger trying to squish an ant before!"


I make sure to continue to ramble as I see his face regain color.  "I know, I know... I'm an idiot."


I grin.  "You got that right.  Now, I need you to take off your shirt."


I see his eyebrows scrunch up in confusion.  "...Why?"


I try not to blush, and look straight into his beautiful green eyes.  "Well, I'm going to relocate the motherfucker!"


He laughs nervously.  "This'll be the second time I'll be taking off my shirt today."


I stop what I'm doing him and give him my nastiest look.  He really had to go there?


"Albus Potter, I am trying to help you," I growl, "but if you talk about the broom closet incident one more time I will murder you!"


He pales as he quickly takes off his shirt.  "Point taken."


"Damn straight." I grumble.  


I focus on his shoulder and not his toned pecks, damn him.  "Yeah, you definitely have a dislocated shoulder.  You can't really see it but there's an ominous looking bump where your shoulder should be."


His face is porcelain.  "Oh."


I stand up and take off my belt.  "Here, bite on this while I relocate it, it'll help with the pain."


Al takes it and reluctantly puts it in his mouth.  "Good, now... lay down.  Believe me, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing."


He gives a pathetic moan as he slowly lays down. 


I grab his hand and pull up so his forearm is at a ninety degree angle.  "Okay, I'm going to count to three, and then I'm going to relocate it, okay?"


Albus gives me a nod, the belt still in his mouth.  Note to self: always wear that belt after this is over.


I look at him.  "Ready?  Un... deux-"


I quickly bend his forearm on his stomach and then pull it in the opposite direction.  I the bones move as I let go while he gives a shriek and rolls off the bed.  I look at his face, which goes to sheer agony to "... I'm alive" in moments.


"-Trois.  Is 'ickle baby Alby okay now?"


Albus gets up and rotates the shoulder.  "Just peachy."


"Awesome."  I state as I lay down on my bed.  "And you told me that reading those Healer books was a waste of time."


He gives a chuckle as he lays down beside me.  "I guess I was wrong.  So, you really want to be a Healer when you get out of Hogwarts?"


I look up at the bed's canopy.  "Yeah.  I want to go off to St. Mungo's to study right after I'm done with Hogwarts."




I sigh.  "I don't really want to deal with my family.  Lorcan's an arsehole, Mum smothers me, and Dad doesn't really care about anything."


I roll on my side and see that he's looking at me.  "I think you're wrong about them.  Your family loves you.  They just have their own different ways of showing it.  I think it's a bad idea to just go off right after leaving here."


I snort.  "We'll just have to see, won't we?  Do you still want to be an Auror like Papa Potter?"


Albus laughs.  "I suppose so.  I mean, I'm interested in it, and I do rather well in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Dad does it, so it makes sense to follow in his footsteps, you know?"


I smile.  "Perhaps.  We still have another year left.  So much can within a year."


He rolls back to look at the canopy.  "This is true."


I still look at him.  "So... I guess we should talk about what happened in the broom closet now."


Albus snorts.  "You won't murder me?"


I laugh.  "Maybe not.  Depends on what you say."


He sighs.  "Why did you get so upset?"


I blush and look up at the canopy also.  "Well, I mean, you're my best mate, and I just caught you and Sadhya borderline-shagging in the bloody broom closet, for goodness sakes!  What was I supposed to do?  Give you a pat on the back and say 'don't mind me, continue'?"


"I suppose not... but I didn't expect you to take it that hard."


"Well, it was hard.  Like I said, you're my best mate; the bestest of the best mates in all of Mate-land.  I was just thinking about how you would feel if she dumped you right after you two shagged.  You'd be heartbroken.  Also, I love you and all..."


I trail off as I realize what I had just said: I just confessed my love to Albus.  Mortified, I turn to him, and he turns to me... and gives me the goofiest grin I have ever seen and will probably see for a very long time.


"I love you too, mate!  I'm glad you're concerned about me, this is why you're such a good friend.  You actually care about your friends.  You're awesome!"


I sigh internally as I realize that an extremely embarrassing bullet has just been dodged.  I should be heartbroken that he thinks I love him as a friend and he feels the same way, but I'm not.  I should be mad at him, but he looks too damn cute for his own good wearing that grin on his face, and plus, his friendship means so much to me that I wouldn't want to risk it.  I'll probably beat myself up about it later, but for now, I'm happy just hanging with him.

I reach for something under my bed.  "Chocolate?"


Oh man!  I have a really good feeling about this chapter, I think it's my favorite one so far!  So much better than the last one, at least!

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