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This is it. by weasleyismyking6
Chapter 1 : Haley
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                                                      Chapter 1:Haley


  Well I’m almost done. This is the home stretch. The finale. The plane has landed. Me Haley Banvard, graduating. This is crazy.

 “This is crazy!” James cried as he so lovingly barged into my room.
 How adoring. His hair was a complete and total mess. Which is quite surprising seeing as how his younger brother by about a year inherited their father Harry’s hair. Yes that Harry, as in the Harry Potter saved the world blah blah blah. To me he’s just father numero dos or number two.

 “I know it’s crazy! We’ve got one year! You’ll be the first Potter to graduate!” I said getting up to look in my vintage mirror framed with white spiral decor.

 “Actually Ms. Banvard, there have been two Potter’s before me. Excluding the ones married in of course.” He said smirking. James was a very sarcastic person.

 “Why must you be so sassy?”

 “Sassy? No no no you my friend are what I call ‘sassy’” He put little finger quotations around sassy.

 “Get out of my room James Sirius Potter.”

 “Okay but don’t talk to me like that, you aren’t my real mom!” He said dodging the pillow I chucked at him by an inch.

 I turned back to my mirror, pulled a hair brush off the dresser and made all the tangles disappear from my little below half length dark brown hair. Usual morning routine isn’t happening today unfortunately. I’ll be at platform nine and three quarters in about four hours. I grabbed my makeup put it on and put it in a small cosmetics bag. Just because I attend Hogwarts doesn’t mean I don’t wear makeup. I went ahead and threw my hairbrush in there too.

 “Clothes, robes, books.” I went over everything I needed to bring in my head and checked over everything. Next comes getting dressed.  I threw on a pair of red shorts, a denim half top shirt, and a pair of black toms.

 “Heyooooo!” I heard rumble through my house. Freddy was here. Oh boy.

 I rushed down the stairs as fast as possible luggage and wand in tow.

 “Haley! My love where have you been my whole life?” Fred called rushing to grab me up.

 “Well right here my dear loving Frederick!” I cried jumping into him willingly.

 Frederick Weasley was my best friend the second I bumped into him 7 years ago on our very first Hogwarts train ride. Then came James.

 “Can we go? Save your reunions for later.” James cried with an annoyed face.

 I ran into his sage colored sweater  “Of course my love we shall go forth!” And with that we were on platform nine and three quarters with all of our luggage. Starting our final year at Hogwarts.

 "Are we there yet?" James younger brother Albus groaned his bright green eyes opening.

 "No. Stop asking." Rose Weasley remarked from beside me.

 "Are we there yet?" Her younger brother Hugo remarked. That earned him a good slap.

 Just then the train slammed to a stop.

 "AWWW YEAAHHH HOOOOGGGWAAARRRRTSSS YEAHH!" Was heard throughout the train over and over again coming from the mouths of three teenage boys running up on down the aisles. Fred James and our friend Chris were in for it. The three buff boys were so clearly disrupting everyone.

 As we all jumped off of the steaming train and piled into carriages everyone was getting more bouncy then ever. We had James Fred and Chris dancing and singing. Rose finally putting down her book 'Antony and Cleopatra.' Shakespeare is Rose Weasley's favorite author which really doesn't suprise anyone.

 We went through the sorting and food fairly quickly, then headed off to our rooms.

  "Gryffindor Tower my love, how I missed you!" Albus exclaimed plopping down on a couch.

  We all pretty much stayed in the common room just laying around. Then suddenly Rose was crying.

 "I'm gonna miss you all s-s-so much." She wailed as Albus hugged her.

 "Oh cheer up, we're family. We can visit and write letters and all." James exclaimed.

  Everyone was cheered up by this. The fact that the chances of us being friends for life were in our favor. This was a lot better than thinking we'd never be together again. Which would honestly suck. 

 "To being friends for all of our long, happy lives." Exclaimed Chris

 "To being friends for life!" Everyone exclaimed in joy.

 This is going to be an okay year. I can tell.

 I contniued to ponder things of the matter throughout my shower changing into pajamas putting my things away and going to bed. I couldn't shake the feeling maybe everything isn't going to be okay. 

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This is it.: Haley


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