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Harry Potter: Hallowed Existence by HarryGinny05
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“It is a dark world where we live in…” Firenze spoke softly as he looked up at the stars. All around him some of their unwanted guests are settling to rest for the night while others are preparing to take their post as sentries around their community.

“Yet the Mars burns brightly as ever.” Bane said as he cantered toward his outcast friend. It has been a long time since he has approached Firenze.

“For the second time in their short history, wizardkind is nearing a great upheaval in their society.” Firenze replied, still looking at the stars, his brows puckered. “All signs show that this current regime is nothing more than a lull in the fighting. War is imminent. I fear that the coming war will decide all our fate.”

“I am surprise your woman is not here with you.” Magorian spoke with much contempt in his voice as he joined them. Behind him walk a silent Ronan. “You two have been inseparable since your unnatural coupling.”

“If you have come to discriminate my relationship with Susan Bones then I suggest you leave now. I have no time to entertain your foolishness.” Firenze said, still in a soft voice, his eyes still focused on the star.

“We came here because despite your strange philosophy, you are still one of the best stargazers we have.” Ronan finally spoke, giving Magorian a warning glance. “How is she by the way?”

“She knows not the importance she will play in the coming conflict.” Firenze replied mysteriously.

“And what does the star tells you that it doesn’t tell us?” Magorian asked grudgingly. “Does it have anything to say about Hagrid’s plan?”

“It is not his plan. Rather it is Dumbledore’s plan still in effect despite his demise.” Firenze explained. “Yet the stars do not spoke of them. It still speaks of lightning bolt, slithering snake and fatalistic duel.”

“That has already come to past.” Bane said as he too looked up at the stars. “All I can see is a great conflict coming towards us. Perhaps the stars speak of Hogwarts planned revolution?”

“No.” Firenze finally tore his eyes from the stars to look at his companions. “The stars are clear. The Dark Lord is mistaken in his belief that the era of Harry Potter has long since come to an end. It is barely just beginning.”


“We cannot keep him here for long, father.” Luna whispered to his father, afraid that the man sleeping in her room upstairs might wake up. “We can’t guarantee his safety.”

It has been a week since her hope was rekindled in the quiet grave in Godric Hollow. It took all her strength and courage to help him dug himself out of his grave, gathered the Hallows together and disapparate back to their house.

It has been a week since her father was proven right and he returned to the living.

His return was not heralded by fanfare and celebration. He came back to the land of living as heaven opened itself up and poured heavy rain upon the earth. Yet the how was no longer important. Only one thing matters.

Harry Potter lives again!!!

Luna could still not stop her heart to drum faster every time she would look at her friend’s face, remembering how frightened he looked when he crawled out of the grave, all muddy and clutching at the Hallows like a lifeline.

Back then, the sky opened up and poured thunderous rain over both of them as Harry crawled out inch by inch from his grave. Lightning flashed at his paled face and she had almost shrieked in fear, imaging an inferi Harry before concern for him took over.

His eyes were filled with fear as she helped him out of his grave. He clutched at her like he was being pulled back into the dark maw of the grave and she was his lifeline. Luna felt him shaking and her tears of joy and at the same time sorrow for her friend mingled with the rain back them. Whispering words of comforts, she had side apparated him out of the graveyard into their house where he had subsequently lost consciousness after he stumbled from her, crying in fear from the experience of apparating.

For a week she had taken care of him, nursed him back to health only to disappointingly find out that he does not remember her.

In fact he does not remember anything from the time he first boarded the Hogwarts Express. Luna has yet to update him in fear that she might interfere with what ever plan her father has cooked up.

“There is no other place for him to go but here.” Xenophilius sighed. “We cannot yet reveal his existence to the world. The less people who know his return, less chances it would reach the Dark Lord’s ear.”

“He is amnesiac.” Luna pointed out. “Have you found out why, father?”

“To be master of death, one must first experience death.” Her father reverently touched his Hallow pendant. “That has always been clear to us who researched the Hallow. We are also certain that you cannot experience death without losing something.”

“Than Harry’s memory is lost forever?” Luna asked sadly. “How can he defeat the Dark Lord if he has no memories of any magic he has ever learned?”

“The Hallow scholars have done extensive research on that matter.” Her father hugged her comfortingly. “Remember that the Hallow scholar included illustrious name such as Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. Despite being opposite in every conceivable way, those two were among the scholars’ best researchers. They came upon a manuscript detailing Ignotus’ son effort to collect his father and uncles Hallows. He also left a warning to those who would follow his footstep. He said that the Hallow will ask something in payment for mastering death, usually your most precious possession. Few would agree that their most precious possession is their memories and experiences. Yet it is so. Ignotus knew this for Death warned him when she came to finally take him. His son was there when Death came for him and he managed to impart such knowledge to his son.

“Being an accomplished wizard himself; with great difficulty, Ignotus’ son placed an enchantment on the Hallows to protect his memories as he experience death’s embrace. The moment the Hallows are activated his memories are divided into those closest to him for safekeeping until such time as he claims it back.”

“Are you saying, somewhere out there is people who hold Harry’s memories?” Luna asked surprised.

“Yes.” Xenophilius said satisfaction. “As I can remember Ignotus’ son gathered his lost memories by leaving a message for himself before he accepted Death’s embrace. Harry however did not have such luxury.”

“This is such a problem. I thought maybe a rare insect has taken residence in his brain.” Luna sat down sighing. “That I could handle but looking for people who holds his memories is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We don’t also know how many are there.”

“Actually it will be your and Harry’s task, Luna. I cannot help you.” Xenophilius said softly.

“Why?” She asked, surprised.

“The Hallow must be handled with care, my daughter.” Xenophilius replied. He had been dreading this moment when he finally tells her that his part in Harry’s resurrection has finally come to an end…that it is up to her now. “Remember when we were searching for the ring? I couldn’t find it but you easily saw it.”

“What does that got to do with you not helping me?” Luna asked.

“My part was in bringing the Hallows together.” He explained patiently. “The Hallows, judging from his aura, has chosen Harry. Even the Dark Lord didn’t notice that he was influenced by something greater than him to bury the wand with Harry Potter. What I am getting at is that the Hallow is drawn to Harry and in conjunction to those who were entrusted with his memories…”

“Are you saying…?” Luna asked, eyes bulging.

“Yes, Luna Love.” Xenophilius smiled proudly. “You were chosen as one of the holders of his memories. And so everything is up to you now. The son’s manuscript did not enlighten us with how to return Harry’s memories.”

“Then how can I return Harry’s memories?” Luna asked. “Especially since I don’t even know I have it.”

“The son only left a last message is his manuscript and even Dumbledore couldn’t make sense of it. It went something like this: He who will be Master of the Death must first experience Life! For only through life can he ever understand death. Be wary, you who are claimed by the Hallows. As Death claims something from you, the Hallows will provide succor and grant you Life.” Xenophilius finished. “We have dissected it as many times as we can but we are still to find its meaning.”

“Really helpful…” Luna murmured, staring out of the window.

“One last sad tiding my dear but I must leave you soon.” Xenophilius looked sadly at his daughter. His heart is breaking knowing the mess he is leaving her with but it is necessary. For her to grow and realize her true role in the coming war, she must learn to fend for herself. “I must seek the other Hallows scholars, so few of us left by now. We must document this event. The Hallows are gathered only once in a century or so. And with Harry Potter involved, it is something that I cannot just rely on owls.”


A few hours later after watching her father depart in his broom, Luna stood at the doorway to her room watching the man sleeping in her bed. They had placed him there since it is at the top most of the house and least likely to be spied on by any curious by-passers.

“I guess I’ll be sleeping on the floor again…” Luna smiled dazedly. Harry has been doing nothing but sleep since she had brought him here. Her father has assuaged her, telling her that it is natural since as his body acclimates itself back into the land of the living.

The few times Harry had woken, he had quizzed her on what she knew about him, crying in frustration as he try to remember what few details she dare shares with him. He was having a hard time reconciling the fact that he is an eighteen year old man who holds the fate of the world on his shoulder when his mind is telling him that he is just an eleven year boy who has just discovered that he is a wizard.

In his mind, the world of his parents has just opened up to him with limitless possibility but every time he would look in the mirror and see the stubbles on his cheek or how long his limbs are, reality would come crushing down and he would weep in silent grief for the memories he lost and the helplessness of his situation.

Despite the lack of memories, Harry is wise enough to realize that until he relearns everything he had lost, he will be forced to hide and fear for his life and those who would shelter him. And for that she is truly grateful. The Harry she knew would have rushed off to danger.

Her heart shattered into pieces as she watched her friend lie broken and helpless. She wished she could decipher Ignotus’s son’s words so that she could help him remember.

“Why was I chosen, Harry? Are we that closed?” She murmured as she walked into the room, magically preparing a sleeping bed beside the bed. “Why me?”

“Why you?” Harry asked sleepily, having heard his last question. Yawning, he slowly sat up. “Were you talking to me?”

“Just mumbling…” Luna smiled, as she sat at the edge of the bed, handing him his glasses. “Are you feeling alright?”

“I still feel sleepy.” Harry answered between yawn, He leaned on the headboard, looking up at the ceiling. “By that painting it looks like we were close…us and four others…”

“Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville…” Luna pointed them out one by one. “I don’t know if they really call me friend well maybe except for Ginny…but after our experience in the Ministry…I consider all of you as my friends.”

“It sucks that I don’t remember anything.” Harry sighed, closing his eyes. It has been a horrifying ordeal to wake up in a grave, more so that he couldn’t remember how he got there. The last he remembers was being told by Hagrid that he was a wizard. “If you are right then I have lost eight years of my life.”

“It will come back to you…” Luna said soothingly, placing a comforting hand on his knee. “For now, you just concentrate on resting.”

“And staying safe?” Harry asked, looking at her. “You said that Vo…”

“Dark Lord.” Luna placed a finger on his lips. “There is still a taboo on his name.”

“You said that the Dark Lord has taken full control of the Ministry of Magic and the muggle government and the whole world thinks I am dead.” Harry balled and slammed his fist on the bed in frustration. Try as he might he couldn’t remember anything at all. “That he would hunt and kill me if he finds out I survived his killing curse. I don’t know any…or at least I can’t remember any magic. How can I defend myself if he somehow finds out I am alive?”

“One at a time, Harry.” Luna soothed him. “I know it is frustrating and it is scary. I can’t even empathize with your ordeal, waking up in a coffin, remembering nothing…but you need to be strong and concentrate on getting better. Why don’t you get some rest and sleep again. Maybe tomorrow, you are strong enough that…”

“Do you know what I see every time I closed my eyes?” Harry asked in a whisper. “I see shadows hovering around me, beckoning me, calling me back…I am scared to close my eyes and sleep…that I might wake up back in the coffin or worst, taken by the shadows…but my eyelids are always heavy and it is so hard to stay awake…”

“Don’t worry, Harry. I will not let them take you…” Luna sidled up and hugged Harry who clung to her tightly. “I will watch over you while you sleep, make sure you are safe.” Luna continued whispering words of encouragement to Harry. She shifted until she was lying on her back with Harry’s head, resting on her chest. She ran her fingers through his messy hair until she felt his hug loosening. She soon felt his breathing follow a rhythmic pattern. “Sleep safely, Harry…” She murmured, remembering the last time she held Harry in her arms.

disclaimer: everything belongs to jk rowling

next chapter: unbridled passion: something unexpected happens!!!

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