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A dragon, two boys, and me... by skycat17tws
Chapter 1 : A Rude Awakening
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Authors note: I do not own anything you recognise. Very sad, I know...








‘Hey! Hey, wake up!’

 Roxy Weasley is a darling, but at times she can be epically annoying. Like when it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you’ve just had a dream about bunnies and it abruptly ends because your best friend is shouting in your ear. But apart from that, she is a darling.




Anyways, she’s awesome but whatever this story is about meeee! (And Roxy and Scorpius and Al and Macaroni and Rocky. But that’s beside the point).

I’ve got long, blonde, wavy hair, blue eyes and- wait a minute, i sound like some fairytale princess! Let’s start again. Long blonde, wavy hair that has a tendency to fall in my face and obstruct my vision so that I end up falling into the lake, and blue eyes that- well, they’re just blue eyes I guess. Yeah, I’m more like a fairytale princess with problems. Who also happens to be seeker for the Gryffindor team; and in her 6th year at; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Oh yeah. My name. Ashlii Hartley-Evans (I know. It’s not my fault my parents are posh Muggles). It always helps to know a person’s name, I find. Also who they’re dating...

Sigh. Al Potter. Albus Severus Potter. What would it be like, being his wife? I could go and meet his parents, and his grandma, and his uncles! It would be amazing! I wonder how my name would sound... Ashlii Potter, Mrs A. Potter, The Potter family, and SNAP OUT OF IT WOMAN! We’re not getting married yet, obviously! I mean he’s obviously waiting until we’re older. He’s Harry Potter’s freaking son! I mean, it would be all over the papers. So what does he look like then, I hear you ask? Oh My Gandalf. Don’t even get me started on that. Sea green eyes, black hair that flops into his face, even Professor McGonagall thinks we’re the cutest couple since Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley! His Aunt and Uncle!

Plus, he’s on the Quidditch team. Captain. I mean, how perfect is he?! Can he get any better? Add all that to the fact that he’s Roxy’s cousin, and it’s the perfect relationship! He thinks Roxy’s kinda weird, which I can understand, I mean, when she was 3, she tried to dye his hair pink, and it FAILED. I mean FAILED. He had to spend 2 months at St Mungo’s because of it. At the moment, she’s going through a “rebellious” phase at the moment. Ah, well I can’t really complain. At least she’s out of the pink phase. Now THAT was scary.

‘Ashlii! Ashlii! Ashlii Potter! Wake up! Don’t make me have to accio “Hogwarts a History” to thump you with again!'

That woke me up in a start. Have I missed my own wedding? Oh no! Seriously! Why does this always have to happen to me?
‘Did I miss the wedding?!’ I shriek hysterically.

‘What wedding? Tell me? Who’s getting married? Tell me! Please!’ she flaps excitedly.

Ah, just daydreaming then. (What am I saying, it’s 3am!) Shame really. I was really looking forward to picking a dress and shoes and everything.

Rocky, my blue pygmy owl, lands my shoulder, probably hiding from Roxy. She was the one who dyed him blue. We couldn’t reverse it. Very messy indeedy.

‘What’s wrong, Roxy?’ I ask sleepily.

‘You have Quidditch practise in 10 minutes.’

‘WHAT?!’ I scream, manically trying to find my Quidditch robes in amongst the mess that is the Gryffindor 7th year girls’ room. It’s basically only me, Roxy, Rose (daughter of Ronald and Hermione Weasley, the musical one), Lucy (daughter of Percius and Audrey Weasley, the funny one) and Dominique (daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley, the sporty one) who actually board here for the whole school year.

‘It can’t be, it’s 3am!’

‘Oh, well you’re supposed to be there now then. My watch is 10 minutes slow! Maybe grandpa’s scewdiver can fix it. (Roxy has never quite figured out what a screwdriver does.) Right. Come on then!’

‘Wha-‘  I splutter, but Roxy is already frogmarching me out of the door, still in my pyjamas...






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A dragon, two boys, and me...: A Rude Awakening


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