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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fifteen – When the New Year begins people must think of their future careers
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Chapter Fifteen – When the New Year begins people must think of their future careers

Strong Language

It takes a certain amount of courage to recover after a Werewolf attack. Parents were called, house elves cowered, servants were screened for loyalty but the Aurors were never called. The rift created between Purebloods and the Ministry of Magic during the war had never fully recovered and as such Purebloods were reluctant to call upon the Ministry in situations that were best sorted without their interference. Why involve outside help when you could solve the problem yourself. Pansy’s parents were unwilling to sit through the questions that would come with their complaint. Yes it was unusual for a Werewolf to be without a pack, let alone attack without reason, which automatically led the Parkinson’s to believe this was a deliberate attack. They knew not who within their house that night was the target but they were reluctant to take any chances with a Ministry who was likely to condemn them at first chance and blame the ordeal on enemies made in the war. No the Ministry wasn’t one to help; even now it was still riddled with corrupted and power hungry people.

Naturally questions had been asked and friends had been taken away by their parents, Neville had put up a fight when his Grandmother came to collect him but she wouldn’t take no for an answer, as was with everyone else until only the Slytherin’s remained. Don’t think they whisked their children away for fear of the Slytherin’s; most old prejudices had died out post-war. But there were still times of uncertainty, death eaters were still being rounded up and there was always room for more violence, evil wouldn’t stop just because Voldemort had fallen.

There was something unnerving about having to stand in a line in front of one’s parents. You’d try to look at the ground or avoid their gaze; you’d be a goner if you made eye contact with them. Even more unnerving was standing in a line with your friends, having to avoid not just your own parent’s eyes but others as well.  Adrian, Millie, Goyle, Daphne, Blaise, Pansy, Evvie, Draco, Marcus and Theo stood in a line waiting for the tyrant of lectures that would come from their parent’s mouths. Though it wasn’t their fault none of them would put it past their parents to make it so.

“What were you thinking?!”

Oh hell here it comes thought each Slytherin respectively.

“You are complete idiots!”

“Did we not bring you up better than this!”

“I am disappointed”.

“This is a disgrace”.

Evvie ever the one to be logical couldn’t help but be confused about the comments. She’d expected to be quizzed on why a werewolf attacked the house and what had they done to provoke it. Yet she got the feeling that what was being said wasn’t leaning towards that answer.

“You stupid boys” scolded Nott’s Father.

Oh shit was the combined thought in the boy’s heads.

Pucey Senior looked livid. “Where were you?” He bellowed, “Hiding, cowering, you pathetic children you aren’t men at all!” he thundered, “If you were men you wouldn’t have run away with your tail between your legs and left a girl to do your job!”

Evvie was about to complain to that comment, she was certainly NOT a little girl, but a slight shake of her Mother’s head stopped her burning desire to comment.

“It’s your job as a man to protect the females. Not to run away in fear. You are just lucky Miss Zabini worked out what to do. If it had been up to one of you everyone would be dead by now!” shouted Nott’s Father.

“If you had done your duty as Gentlemen you wouldn’t have left a woman to do the deed” added Goyle Senior.

“In all due respect, Evvie can take care of herself” said Draco. Wrong move son.

“You’re lucky your Father isn’t on the scene boy” cried Goyle Senior.

“We mean no disrespect Miss Zabini, we all know of your triumphs of war but that doesn’t avoid the issue that these boys shouldn’t have run from the danger, they should have stood strong and protected the women, tis how we raised them” said Nott Senior.

“I think I understand what you are saying” said Evvie, “But lecturing your son’s on proper gentleman etiquette seems a bit redundant when we’ve just been attacked by a Werewolf. Perhaps it would be prudent to worry less about who saved who and worry more about how the Werewolf got past all the wards and into the house” replied Evvie matter-of-factly.

“What do you suggest girl” growled Goyle Senior.

Evvie thought it funny how the parents kept changing the terms they used from boy to man, girl to woman. Almost as if they thought Evvie and the others would be more frightened and annoyed if referred to as boys/girls rather than men/women which they were.

Evvie turned her attention to the Parkinson’s.

“Forgive me Lady Parkinson but Pansy mentioned that you employ some servants as well as house elves?” Lady Parkinson nodded in response, “Wouldn’t it be more wise to assume that the Werewolf was one of your servants? That would certainly explain why it was so easy for it to slip past the wall undetected, and why it could navigate so well around the house”.

People nodded their heads in agreement. Evvie was pleased that she’d moved the conversation on to other things. She was still terrified as to the reasons behind the Werewolf attack but as long as she remained calm and collected there was no reason for anyone to believe it was her fault that it had happened. Chances are their parents would look into the matter and come up with nothing, the incident wouldn’t be forgotten but it wouldn’t be mentioned again and the parents would remain on high alert for any future attacks. However, they’d forget to follow up on the attack that had just happened, which was all good in Evvie’s eyes, she didn’t need more unanswered questions.

While the ‘adults’ spent their time ranting about the Werewolf incident and who on earth they could have offended – the list was very long! Evvie was busy thinking about more important things. Now it was January there were only six months till the N.E.W.T.s started, the Hermione within Evvie had come out in full force, how she could worry about Marcus Boyle and Werewolves when she had her N.E.W.T.s to consider. She didn’t know what she wanted to do after Hogwarts, she didn’t hold much faith in the Ministry, she’d like to start her own business but she didn’t have the funds for that. Nevertheless she wanted to do the best she could on the N.E.W.T.s because it would give her the most chances later. If that made her a bookworm for putting her studies over her social life then so be it.

Evvie worried about her choices for after Hogwarts, she might now be a Zabini but she didn’t know if she had a substantial inheritance to fall back on. She didn’t want to be indebted to her family; she wanted to stand on her own two feet. She didn’t like the idea of having to sponge off other people, some called it independence others called it stupid pride. Evvie wasn’t the only one who was worrying about her life after Hogwarts, her friends were having similar problems.

Draco knew he’d be expected to take over the family business but he hoped he be able to branch out in areas that he enjoyed and extend that to opening his own company. Pansy and Daphne knew they wanted to open a fashion and beauty line that would overtake Madame Malkin’s and Witches Scent in popularity and purchases. Neville knew he wanted to apprentice in Herbology and become a Master, he entertained ideas of opening his own Apothecary plant shop or become the next Professor of Herbology. Mille might have shed her tomboy image but she still entertained ideas of being a professional Quiddich player, Blaise wanted to enter the Ministry of Magic, Luna would overtake the running of the Quibbler, Lavender wanted to do something worthwhile but she didn’t know what and Adrian and Marcus wanted to start their own law firm together, so no other person could be unjustly persecuted by the Ministry.

Regardless of all the school pressure Evvie had on her shoulders, she still wouldn’t give up the search for her Father. If anything the Werewolf attack had only increased her desire to find him. The attack suggested that there was something worth hiding, if there was no danger that Evvie would find something out that she wasn’t supposed to then the attack would never had happened. Just the fact that it had made Evvie think that there was definitely something being hidden, something that she was determined to find out.

With all the kafuffle that had been happening it was a wonder than anything was getting done. The lectures the boys had received from their parents had reverberated down to their cores. Draco more than any other, he knew he’d been a coward and had hidden when the werewolf attacked, he hadn’t spared a thought for anyone else in the house, he’d only been concerned with getting himself to safety and the concerned him. He had thought that since the war he’d changed, his actions at the Parkinson’s let him to doubt that change, he wondered if he were always going to remain cowardly for he didn’t want to.

It was kind of just like something inside him snapped, and he actually saw himself for the first time. He saw all the good and the bad, all the things he’d done and all the things he wanted to do and he saw who he wanted to be and who he wanted to share his life with.

“Evvie can I talk to you?”

Evvie looked up and was startled to find Draco looming over her shoulder.

“Sure” she murmured.

“Evvie, willyougooutwithme?” he stammered.

“Excuse me” said Evvie, looking at Draco liked he’d grown a second head or something.

He sighed; his calm sophisticated attitude seemed to have just flown out of the window. Why did he have to pick now to become a stuttering mess?

“Will you go out with me?” asked Draco unable to look into Evvie’s eyes.

“Excuse me!” said Evvie.

Draco just looked at her seemingly confused, “What?”

“Did you just expect me to say yes?”

Some of the vulnerability Draco was feeling in asking Evvie out started to creep back into him, “Yes” he stammered out.

“Seriously?” she asked, Draco didn’t know what to say, so he just remained silent.

“Draco we haven’t exactly, I don’t know. You shout at me all the time about stupid things, you told me you couldn’t be my friend, you wouldn’t take me to the ball, you blank me, you look at me like you feel something for me but you never do anything about it. Why should I take you seriously now?” she asked.

“Why do I have to prove myself to you?” he asked.

“I didn’t say you did, I just said I was having trouble taking you seriously” she replied.

Draco growled, actually growled at Evvie’s comment, he was stupid to believe that Evvie would accept his request immediately. He was foolish, he had a lot to atone from especially where Evvie was concerned but he’d hoped that she wouldn’t reject him so completely, it was a little damming for the soul.

“Draco” she whispered.

He didn’t give her chance to formulate a further sentence, he brought her close the him crushing his lips against hers, it was an act of desperateness, a plea for her to realize he was serious, he put everything he had into that one kiss and hoped against hope that he pulled it off correctly.

The kiss broke leaving a heavily panting Evvie in its wake, she felt dizzy and weak kneed, when she looked into the eyes of Draco she saw the man she’d been searching for since the beginning. He’d shed his beliefs and his arrogance, he’d let her in, his vulnerability had saved him. The Queen of Gorgeousness had got her man.


~Love has been in the air as they say for more couples than just Draco and Evvie. Take Ginny and Victor for instance. Having come to terms with the fact that she’d never complete her N.E.W.T.s and the fact that she was joined to Victor FOREVER had waned. Victor was still coming to terms with his Quiddich ban and the money he had to pay for his crimes to society. And don’t tell anyone yet but they may not have been very safe in the bedroom department, surely they wouldn’t want to hear the patter of feet so soon into their situations but perhaps they had no choice.

~What happened to Pavarti? Didn’t she just disappear off the face of the earth after her humiliation in trying to pull Evvie down a peg or two? Well no one survives a humiliation like that, especially a humiliation dealt out by the Slytherin popularity group. She was still around the castle she just wasn’t drawing attention to herself, she didn’t have very many friends since she tried to ruin Evvie’s life. She just wanted to remain anonymous until Hogwarts ended, then she could run away with her tail between her legs.

~Lastly, look out Neville and Pansy, looks like fate isn’t only playing a part in Draco and Evvie’s lives, apparently there is a budding romance set to be between Neville and Pansy. It wasn’t hard to see why, Pansy was best friends with Evvie and Neville had once again proved himself to all when he stood up in Evvie’s defense. Pansy could easily see the passionate love, loyalty and bravery in Neville and she loved his quirky attitude, likewise Neville loved how open Pansy was with Neville, he loved her loyalty, her compassion and her humanity. When they get together it’s sure to be explosive.

 Enjoy lovelies, this chapter was fun to write ~ Zyii

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