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Love and War by starkidpottergal16
Chapter 17 : Fixing this.
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"Maylea... Listen to me."

"Why should I?! First you use me than you sneak into my room? Why?!"

Maylea turned around to leave but Sirius grabbed her hand.

"Why would I come back if I used you?"

Maylea stopped and looked into Sirius eyes. 

"Please," he pleaded, "Let me explain." 

Sirius watched as her grip loosened on the door knob. 

"We can't talk here though." Maylea said. 


Suddenly as if on cue, one of Maylea's roommates burst though the door dragging a terrified Hufflepuff boy behind her. 

"Oh! Lea!" she giggled, "sorry! I just wanted to... I didn't mean to ... Uh..." she smiled wide. 

"We were just leaving." Maylea huffed, dragging Sirius out the door. 

"That's why" Sirius guessed. 

They walked in silence out into the hall. Sirius walked to the window where they were talking the other day. As they walked towards it he felt Maylea cringe as if it was now a bad memory. 

They stepped inside and sat down. Maylea looked out the window avoiding Sirius' eyes. Sirius felt as if he was just stabbed with a pencil. 

"Lea..." he whispered. 

"Go ahead," she said without looking at him, "explain." 

"She's my friend. Nothing more. Lea, no other girl will ever be as amazing and beautiful as you. I want you. Not another girl. I want you, Lea, you're perfect for me. I just want you to see me the same way I see you. Perfect." 

Sirius held his breath. Waiting for her to lash out at him. But much to his surprise she didn't. Even more surprising is what she did do. 

Without warning, Sirius felt Maylea's arms wrap around him. She flung herself on him and she was sobbing. 

"Woah, Maylea?" Sirius stuttered. 

"I'm so sorry. Sirius I really am. I just don't want to get hurt I'm so sorry!!" 

He hugged her closer, "Lea?" 

She lifted her head and looked at him. Until then Sirius didn't realize how well she fit in his arms. He wanted her. That's all he knew. As he stared into her now grey eyes he wondered if she was the one. As Izzy said, he's never felt like this before. 

Without thinking he kissed her. And then everything followed in a catalyst.   

She took his collar and yanked him over her. Euphoria spread though Sirius's body. He couldn't get much happier.  He breathed Maylea's name and she lost it. She pulled his shirt over his head and smiled widely up at the god that was her boyfriend. He grabbed her cheek and kissed her forehead. She pushed her lips into his, and he crashed back down. Sirius' heart was going a million miles a hour. He pulled away and looked down at Maylea. Maylea couldn't help herself. She started laughing. 

"Why are you laughing?" Sirius said puzzled. 

"Because you're perfect." 

***                          ****                      *** 

Sirius woke up to someone shouting his name. His eyes fluttered open and he was momentarily blinded by the sunshine reflecting off the snow. 

Until then he forgot he was in the windowsill. 

He panicked and looked around trying to remember how he got there. He looked down and saw Maylea sleeping peacefully in his arms.  He suddenly remembered the fight he had with her. Then as if to wash it all away he remembered making up with her.

"Sirius!" came the voice again. 

He slowly shook Maylea awake. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at Sirius. 

He smiled back, "Good morning sunshine." 

Her smile disappeared in a blink as her hand flew to the back of her dress. Sirius knew better. He hadn't touched it. On the other hand... Where was his shirt.... 


"I think someone's calling you..." she said groggily. 

"I have to find my shirt first." 

Maylea smiled wide.   

"Sirius!!" the voice sounded like it was coming closer. 

"Just go," Maylea said, "I think you're sitting on your shirt anyway." 

"Sirius!!" the voice was really close now. 

"Shhh." Sirius said holding up his hand. 

He held his breath hoping whoever it was would just go away. But no such luck. 

The curtains flew open and standing above them was a grinning James Potter

"Hullo chaps! Have a nice night did you?"

Sirius groaned and shut the curtains again.

They flew back open.

"Hey! You don't do that to your best friend! And for God's sake Padfoot, put a shirt on! No one wants to see your flab!"

"He's got more abs then you'll ever have Jamesie."  Maylea said getting up with a smile.

James stuck his tongue out at her as she walked away.

"So Padfoot, looks like you had a great night." James said with a smirk.

"Nope. I didn't touch her dress.... Wish I could say the same about my shirt." Sirius said looking around. 

"You're sitting on it."

"I knew that." he thew his shirt over his head. "So what's up?" 

"Remus got worried. I'm part of the search party. You know it's noon right?" 

"eh. I don't care." 

"You should. You missed A LOT." 

They started walking back to the common room. 

"What?" Sirius said, "Tell me." 

"Peter was extremely drunk and puked, Remus and Maggie came back 'round 1:30. Remus was pissed and Maggie's makeup was all runny. Isabella punched some Ravenclaw guy in the jaw for slapping her butt. Evans came back down and yelled at Remus for something. I got locked in the closest for two hours and you got lucky with Maylea." 

"Okay. I didn't. Let me make that clear right now. And that's crazy... I wonder what happened with Maggie and Remus?" 

"Only Maggie, Remus, and Evans know. Remus isn't talking. Maggie is still in her room and Evans won't look at me." 

"Well, we're gonna have a heck of a lot of fun fixing this aren't we." 

James sighed as they walked into the common room.




GUYYYYSSSS!!!!!! I'm forever sorry!! School took over my life and!! AGHHH!! But it's summer so I PROMISE there will be a new chapter every week. I love you forever if you still read this but.... MORE UPDATES SOON!! I PROMISE!!


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