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Map of the Problématique by Hermiohninny
Chapter 3 : Gold Diggers, Roses & Mead
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                                              Map of the Problématique

Chapter 3:

Gold-Diggers, Roses and Mead


Draco sighed. This time it wasn't in triumph, or about obsessive teenage fans; this time it was up close and personal stress.


The breaker of the strong; the quitter of the winners; the most possibly annoying thing ever. It wasn't everyday when his mind was on Granger, or the fact that his mother had set him up on a dinner with Astoria Greengrass. Which honestly wasn't needed- as he wasn't going to get into anything with a gold-digger. And the work load was unbelievable, and it kept on piling mountain high. His best friend was keeping secrets; and the icing on top of the cake? Potter wouldn't leave him alone! Everywhere Draco seemed to go, whether it be the loo or canteen - Potter was there staring at him with an evil glare. Not a very convincing one either. Draco stared at his coffee and looked intently at the cardboard, as seeming to inspect every speck of the creamy colour. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a knock on his door.

"Weasel- Weasley?" Draco asked as the Ginger walked into the bland office.
"What the hell have you done ferre- Malfoy?" He asked, anger rising threatening to blow his top. Draco's eyebrow disappeared into his hairline as he thought carefully at Ron's question. What had he done? Threatened to send Potter to Azkaban? Draco smirked; it felt so good to do that. Usually he wouldn't have been, Potter being the 'Boy-Who-Lived' and the 'Chosen One'. In Draco's opinion, Potter was no different than him. Potter had defeated the Dark Lord, and he had been a biased bully in Hogwarts, but what Potter had done to Granger? That was infuriating! No one deserved that, especially what he called his 'best friend'.
"Are you going to answer or what?" Weasley asked with molten eyes.
"I don't see the need," Draco replied innocently. Suddenly the both of them jumped at the door handle suddenly turning. A pale brunette appeared at the door.
"Hermione! You can tell me!" Weasley shouted with joy. Hermione looked at him oddly and walked up to Draco's desk; he was looking at the parchment in her hands.
"Malfoy, here are the final checks for the Eaton case-" Hermione said quietly.
"Hermione, what has Malfoy-" he spat the name in hatred "-done to Harry?" Ron asked with his fiery eyes and intimidating tall frame. A pregnant silence followed. Hermione looked utterly confused, what was he going on about? Malfoy hadn't done anything, from what she knew. All he had done were helped her in something she was too cowardly to do on her own. She thanked him for that; and it wasn't something private either.

Hermione's eyes changed from the soft brown eyes to cold eyes full if hatred and sadness. Her expression was etched with a face of disgust and horror. Even Malfoy looked shocked - that wasn't every day.
"What Malfoy did to him?" Hermione said through gritted teeth. She started laughing coldly, and Ron looked confused. "Malfoy did right. He did something I should have done a long time ago, and if you're so interested Ron, go ask Harry." Hermione said chuckling to herself. She looked furious and stormed out of the large office.
"I've got my eye on you Malfoy." Ron said, while exiting after Hermione.

Harry was livid. The nerve of that little cow! She had gone and told Ron to ask him!

To ask him what?

He had done nothing wrong, and he's being accused of abuse? It's not even abuse. He hasn't done anything at all, and anyway Malfoy has just has much nerve barging into his house telling him ferret-face will send him to Azkaban. As if; Malfoy wasn't even capable of getting and keeping a girlfriend. Harry had, they were just ungrateful little people who used him for his money. He didn't deserve to get involved with those types of girls.

"Harry, what has Ferret done to you?" Ron asked gently. Harry cursed at his parchment and got up.
"What do you mean?" Harry asked angrily. There was an awkward silence between them for what seemed an eternity before Ron replied after a long train of thought. "It's just that Hermione was really distraught, and I saw you following Malfoy so I just assumed something happened."
"The thing is Ron, he did something," Harry replied with a falsetto sweet tone. Ron bucked an eyebrow and shot him a look to carry on.
"That Malfoy, bursts into my house, then orders me to tell him what I've been doing to Hermione-" he restrained himself from calling her unpleasant names in front of Ron "-then has the nerve to tell me- me that if I even go near that cow again, he'll send me to the damned Azkaban!" Harry's tone went from evilly sweet towards screwing in frustration.
"Cow? What are-" Ron asked quietly. Harry just continued destroying everything in his path on his way out of the door. Ron looked confused as to why Harry just called his girlfriend a cow.
Ron wandered out of the Ministry feeling like a comets outsider. Like when he left Harry and Hermione when they were searching for Horcruxes. It seemed annoying, not knowing anything else but just there's something going on? The thought of it just managed to confuse him more. He sighed to himself as he swiftly Disapparated to the Leaky Cauldron. He stumbled in to find Harry eating another girl's face off.
"Harry?" Ron asked, questioning himself if he were hallucinating or not. He rubbed his eyes and walked to the U shaped booth across the bar. Harry looked up and eyes looked with a mixture of guilt: anger, confusion and worry.
"Ron? What the hell are you doing here?" Harry asked in complete disbelief. Ron stuttered and waited a few moments before replying.
"Dean asked me for some after-work drinks... What the hell do you think you're doing Harry? You're going out with 'Mione!" Ron asked, his head buzzing with confusion and anger.
"Who is 'Mion-ee?" the young brunette asked while looking at Harry. Harry was quick to reply and mumbled "Nothi- No one Amy," The girl shot daggers at Harry and sorted out her hair and short dress.
"The name is Alisha by the way." She spat as she strutted away towards Tom, the bartender. Harry looked as if he was about to kill Ron at that moment. Ron; seeing the furiousness in his expression was slowly backing away.
"Are you a coward now Ron?" Harry asked with a cold, hard tone. Ron didn't look back as he walked over to the waving Dean in sight. Harry mumbled and
 Disapparated quickly.

What the hell was wrong with her? She didn't file a complaint against him, did she? No she wouldn't have; it was good, smart and logic Hermione he was talking about here, she wouldn't have. Or would she? But why would she? He hadn't done anything, so why would she file a legal complaint. He didn't care anyway; he defeated the most feared Dark Lord who ever lived, and he being sent to Azkaban? He snorted, no way would anything happen to him.

He picked up his coat and briefcase and walked briskly to the exit of the Ministry. He needed to go home and just think things over. Life couldn't get any worse at the moment.

As he Disapparated into his apartment, he saw Hermione rushing from room to room.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked, tapping his foot. She rushed to the living room and looked up at him. "Nothing. I was doing nothing." She replied hesitantly. Harry cocked an eyebrow in annoyance, she blatantly was doing something; as she had a huge pile of clothes and objects neatly folded in her arms. After an awkward silence, Harry decided to reply out of the possibilities rising from his thoughts.

"Don't even lie to me, you perfectly well know it won't work," He said finally.

"Fine, you deserve to know." She replied smiling. He smirked in triumph; she was so easy to walk all over. He waited for an answer, and looked angrily at her small giggles. He walked forward lifting his hands. They were about to come down when she stopped giggling, looked furious and grabbed his wrists. "I thought it would be a good time to fight back? I'm moving out." She decided in fury, and summoned a large suitcase and Disapparated. Harry's face was priceless. How dare she? She can't just move out like that – she needed his permission! He grabbed his coat and Apparated quickly of his home.

Hermione cried out in glee and jumped on Ginny and Luna waiting for her anxiously. Tears were streaming down her face as she smiled from ear to ear.

"I'm assuming you did it?" Luna questioned, eyes a steel gray. Hermione nodded, tears still leaving trails down her flustered cheeks.

"Good. He was a complete bitch anyway," Ginny commented on the amusing situation. Hermione laughed and dropped down on to the sofa. Her life had just gotten a hell of a lot better. She grinned, and rubbed her jaw line; all this smiling was making her cheeks hurt! She stared at the ceiling, allowing the warmth of the fireplace take its place on her body. She hugged a pillow close to her chest and slowly shut her eyelids...

"So, Draco; I hear you're making more money than your father?" Astoria asked seductively. Draco rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through his blonde hair. He narrowed his eyes in memory of that man he used to follow, and shuddered. "What is it to you Astoria?" He asked unmoved by her false seduction. She made a shocked face and said in a falsetto tone, "Draco, I'm sure you didn't mean that-"Draco sat up straight and started to get up. "I'm pretty sure I did Astoria," He replied while exiting the restaurant. It felt so damn good to that. She had been asking questions on money, and where he liked to shop. He really didn't need someone that only talked about how much is in his Gringotts account. He smiled to himself as his face hit the cold December air outside. He walked confidently down the muggle street and looked back to see Potter staring at him face to face.

"What do you want Harry? Seriously, stop following me," Draco sighed.

"What the hell did you say to her?" Harry asked with a cold tone.

"What did I do to her?" Draco asked, questioning himself.

"She left- and you claim you have nothing to do with it?" Harry asked, almost shouting now. Draco laughed; she had finally left him. God that felt good; like his mountain high work had just gone hill sized. He turned to leave, when a hard grip of a hand on his shoulder make him grunt in pain. He turned around for the second time, and then slowly took Harry's arm off his own shoulder, smiled and walked away.

Ginny smiled at her best friends on the sofa. Luna had proved to be just about the nicest person ever; and Hermione – well Hermione had just always been there for her, or any of the Weasley's for that matter. She stared at the two on the sofa, with a red blanket over them. She took a sip of her mead and toasted to herself 'to life'. A sudden knock on the door interrupted her thoughts, suddenly knocking the glass out of her hand, spilling it everywhere. She charmed the mop to clean it up and muttered 'Reparo' to the shattered glass on the floor. She walked quickly to the oak door and opened it to see Blaise standing there with something obviously hidden behind his back. She hugged him quickly and he picked her up, placing a bouquet of Roses in her arms. He brought her inside and took her straight to the bedroom.

"Get dressed; we're going out!" He said grinning to himself. Ginny was about to protest about the time and he quickly replied, "It's only 9..." with a sudden smirk.

If only she knew the events that were going to happen that night would change her life forever...



A/N: I do apologize - this story is quite bad, but my love for it is too great to stop. I will try and update more often!

BUT, there is a slight demand from my side...

I will only update if I get 5 reviews on this chapter, I don't care if they're good, bad or ugly, but pleeaaase?

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