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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 6 : Pain and glory is all I fight for
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 The pain was unbearable. I couldn’t think, not about anything. Well I couldn’t think about anything other than the pain. I was about to burst with pain because it hurt so much and my head was throbbing against me. My eyes fogged up and I cold only see the silhouette of Carrow towering above me, wand raised in his hand turning it slowly causing more pain to flash through me. I fell to the floor my hands hitting the wooden floor boards painfully. I don’t think I have ever screamed so much in my life, It hurt like hell and I don’t think I can imagine more pain than this. It was coursing through my veins right down to my feet and hot knives were piercing my body everywhere possible.

It felt like hours until the spell was lifted but I knew it had only been seconds that I suffered.

“How does it feel Weasley… are you feeling brave now?” I couldn’t read his facial expression but his voice was icy cold. I winced at his voice because it still hurt to move.

Seconds went by but still he stood over me waiting for me to make the first move.

“I asked you if your still scared?”

I took a moment to think of a answer to come up with which made my head hurt to think, then quite suddenly the right think clicked into my mind “You think I’m scared? You think I’m frightened of you? I am not scared of what you can do to me…. You can torture, even kill me but you will never get me scared. I would rather die than give you the satisfaction of my fear” I shouted back equally matching his angry voice forgetting the pain that was still killing me and standing up. I was rather small against him but I still stood up staring up at him and glaring.

A moment later he smirked “You are brave Weasley, the Dark Lord knows how to value bravery. You may leave”
I took one final glance at him and quicked walked out the office before he changed his mind about letting me go.

The image of his twisted face was still in my mind but I ignored it and ran to Gryffindor common room forgetting about the lesson that I was meant to be in right now. I just couldn’t face the teacher straight away, not after all the pain he just put me through the basterd.

Anyway I need to do mugglestudies homework before tomorrow.

I ignored the very few people in the common room and legged it straight up to the girls dorm. I’m aware they gave me puzzled looks, some were probably wondering why I looked so scared.

Once up there I took a glance in the mirror and almost doubled back when I saw its reflection.

I was as pale as the grey lady and my eyes were blood shot and red. My hair had lost some of its colour and now looked a washed out red colour. The ghostly look on my face made my face unreadable.

A soft knock took me out of my gaze someone was knocking on the door.

“Who is it?” I say slowly and in a quite voice not wanting to be found. I want to be left alone, I need time to think (Plus I need to do mugglestudies… don’t forget)

As quick as I had come in I legged it to the door and launched it open pulling Neville into a loving friendly hug. I didn’t want to let go… Neville was now one of my best friends, Its weird three years ago since the Yule ball I wouldn’t have really spoken to Neville, or Luna for a matter of fact. Now here I am close to being best friends.

Neville had certainly grown over the holidays and I had to go on tiptoes to reach him which cause several amounts of pain to go through my stomach. I noticed how in a very short time Neville had become a lot braver than I thought which most people thought was impossible for Neville to do so, I almost felt they didn’t give him enough credit for who he is and what he was.

“What’s wrong?” He asked concerned leading me out of the girls dormitories and into the boys before the slide can appear taking us down to the bottom in a very rough style.

The boys room is a lot dirtier than the girls. Clothes were thrown everywhere and the windows were still shut. It was hot and stuffy and I almost wanted to run out and get fresh air.

“The Carrows. They think that I know where Harry is” My eyes filled up with tears. I’m not usually one to cry but it was all to much and even I cry at the worst of times.
Neville didn’t know what to do, it wasn’t like he had much experience in this part, I never cried it was something I rarely did and if I did I was always alone.

“Well… do you know where he is?”

I stopped crying and looked up for a second almost taken aback by what he had said.

“Of course I don’t!”

A awkward silence over took us and I quietly sniffed hoping that he wouldn’t look up to see me looking like a mess. I was embarrassed that I had broken down like that so badly in front of Neville.

Oh bloody hell… he’s going to start thinking I’m this broken mess now isn’t he… just great. Neville will look at me now as though I’m an emotional girl and never look at me the same. Bloody brilliant.

“I’m sorry I don’t usually break down like this” I say quickly making sure it was clear that I don’t usually break down like that.

He gave a soft smile still not looking up “Oh I know Ginny, I know. So what else happened, how did they try to get you to tell them?”

I shivered at the memory, I had almost forgotten, it was quite scary looking back on it, even though it had only been a few minutes since I was still shaken up about the whole matter.
I decided not to worry Neville… it was just scare him, after all that’s what happened to his parents.

“He just shouted at me… it was nothing really” I probably am going red right now, yes I definitely am because he is looking at me weirdly and I’m an amazing liar and I can usually convince people that I’m telling the truth, the only thing that gives me away is how I go red.
Stupid skin going red!
“Ginny… what did they do?” His face turned more serious now searching me for something I was hiding.


“Don’t lie”
“I’m not”
“yes you are”
“No I really am not”
“Ginny what happened?”

We continued like this for awhile and I knew it wasn’t going to end very soon so I told him, hoping he wouldn’t get to angry or scared or what ever he would do in situations like this!.

“It was nothing really… they might have used the cruciatus curse, but I’m fine… really I am”  add quickly seeing his face go to complete madness. His eyes opened wide and I was sure they would fall out. Neville’s mouth was open slowly getting bigger and bigger. “Neville it was nothing!” I cried out running over to him and shaking him madly making me more sweaty that I already was in this boiling room.

“Nothing? How can you say it was nothing Ginny… They tortured you! I LOST MY PARENTS BECAUSE OF THAT CURSE!” He yelled and I almost felt the room vibrate because of it.

I held him both hands on his shoulders keeping him up right even though he was sitting down I still felt like he was about to fall any moment. I could feel his heart rate rise and the anger course through him madly.

“Neville please I’m fine… look I’m fine” I forced him to look at me, he shaked my hand off and shuddered not able to look at me as though it brought back memories.

He looked up his eyes full of tears, I’m sure I was reminding him of his parents and how they look so broken and mad in st. Mungo’s. I’ve seen them once before when we were going to see dad in the hospital when he got bit by a snake. It almost broke my heart.

“I’m fine Neville… I’m here” I repeat feeling his arms fall less tense. I can no longer feel anger in him which I’m going to take as a good sign but his heart rate was still racing.

“We need to do something Ginny… something fast”

“What do you mean?” I ask confused by what he meant… it wasn’t the first time he had said something like that… Over the past four days since we had been at school he had said some random things which almost scared me… things such as “We need to fight back” I always wondered what he meant by fighting back, there was nothing to fight back at the time… now I understand.

It was almost as though we understood each others thought but whatever it was we both smiled at each other and said “Dumbledore’s army!” 

The mugglestudies homework was right out of my mind

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