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Witch against the World by Pottergirl7
Chapter 7 : The One with the Revenge Plan
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Chapter Seven

“Lily!” I looked up in surprise from my school books and saw Abi striding across the library with the girls in tow. Madam Pince, the crabby thirty year old librarian shushed Abi with a menacing hiss. Abi blushed and apologised before reaching my secluded table at the back.

“What?” I whispered. Abi grinned.

“We’re going to get revenge on the boys!” Abi squealed, taking the seat opposite me. The others filled up the spare spots around the table. 


“Sorry!” Abi called before lowering her voice considerably.

It was the day after the Marauders’ prank and we had no lessons for the rest week. Why you ask? Oh because some of the younger students had to undergo severe counselling and therapy. Nice one boys; throw the first years into therapy before they had even had a chance to really be scarred, way to go. 

The Marauders were sulking because they had been given detention for the next fifty years and we weren’t talking to them. Remus threatened to sleep at the bottom of the stairs if Jess didn’t forgive him.  She had told him where he could stick it.

We spent the next few minutes brainstorming quietly until Jess hit the jackpot.

 “So you think it’ll work?” she asked. Nicola nodded.

“Oh definitely, we just have to do the right charms and it should work perfectly.” Nicola was our transfiguration expert. She stood up, walked over to the nearest bookshelf and skimmed over the worn and beaten spines.

“What are you looking for?” I asked curiously. Nicola continued looking until she stopped and triumphantly pulled out a red leathery book.

“This, it’s a book on advanced transfiguration.” she replied happily, skimming the pages. “Ah! Here we go; this should be the perfect spell!”

“Well okay,” Abi said. “So Niki you’ll be taking care of the transfiguration side of things I trust?”

“With pleasure,” she grinned.

“Lily what time is dinner exactly?” Abi asked. She seemed to be our commanding officer. I figured that she was a bit embarrassed by the whole galloping around the Great Hall thing and desperately wanted to get back at the boys.

“Erm about six o’clock I think?”

“Great so we have from six until eight to scar, torment and terrorize the Marauders, without interruption.” Molly said, rubbing her hands together eagerly.

“Right; so Molly you’ll be the bait. The Marauders follow you up to the common room; you create a distraction and hide behind the curtains where we’ll be waiting.” Abi looked at Molly, who nodded and continued doodling on one of my scraps of parchment. Abi carried on.

“Lily,” she said looking at me. “You’ll make sure no one is in the common room and lock all the exits as soon as they come in.” I nodded. “And you have to use a charm that won’t be unlocked by Alohormora.” she added. I nodded again.


“Okay so then Niki and I will be waiting to do the transfiguration bit, and we watch the mayhem ensue!” she finished gleefully.

Jess nodded. “What about me? What do I do?” Abi thought for a minute.

“Can you do the charm to make sure the Marauders can’t use spells on them?” Jess nodded brightly.


“But don’t forget to make sure we can get rid of them.”

“Got it!”

Nicola looked thoughtful. “Wait, what happens if they find us?” she asked. Surprisingly Molly answered.

“Then we jump out the window.” she said as if it was the simplest thing ever. Abi, Nicola and Jess looked at her with raised eyebrows but I saw where she was coming from.

“That’s actually a good idea.” I said slowly. The group shot each other silent looks. Well they definitely thought I was crazy now. That was always a good thing.

“You do realise that Molly just suggested we throw ourselves out of a window seven floors up?” Nicola said slowly as if she was talking to a five-year old. I nodded.

“I know that but what if we bring broomsticks? Then we can jump onto the brooms and fly out the window.” I said. They nodded enthusiastically.

“Pretty great idea Lils,” Abi said. I smiled but Molly frowned.

“Hey dudes let’s not forget who actually came up with the idea.” she said.

“Sorry Mol, you’re a total genius.” Molly smiled contentedly and resumed scribbling.

“When are we going to do this?” I asked.

“How about next week when lessons are back?” Nicola answered. “That way we know for certain that everyone will be at dinner.”

“Sounds good, shall we make it Tuesday?”

“Agreed.” I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 11pm. I didn’t realize it was that late.

“I think it’s time for bed.” I gathered up my books and slipped them into my bag. As we made our way out of the library and up to Gryffindor tower, I smiled gleefully to myself.

Well it should be an experience. Look out boys, revenge is on the menu.


A/N- Well I'd just like to give two shoutouts;

1. To my friend Molly, who is like co-author and just as crazy as the Molly you all know. 

2. To Pottergal7, my ever faithful reviewer! Thank you so much, your comments mean a lot to me. 


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Witch against the World : The One with the Revenge Plan


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