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Just A Game by TearsIMustConceal
Chapter 8 : I still want to drown whenever you leave.
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Disclaimer - i do not own anything you recognise, only gisela and her family.

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Chapter 7
Finally allowed to leave the hospital wing, under strict orders from Madame Pomfrey to return if I even get a slight headache, I made my way to Great Hall, desperate for some decent food. It was now the last week of October and my birthday drew nearer which meant the dark mark was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. But I knew there was no point in worrying over it, for now, anyway. Sitting down at the Slytherin table, I looked around to see students from each house giving me weird looks. I shook my head, thinking it was down to the nasty cut I had on my forehead that Madame Pomfrey had insisted healed by itself, muggle style. But when more and more students kept looking at me, I knew it was more than my looks they were interested in. Having had enough, I stood up, grabbing an apple and walking out, trying hard to ignore the whispers that started when they all noticed I was leaving.

Shaking my head, I walked through the huge wooden doors, trying to brush off the feeling that everyone knew something I didn’t. Not looking where I was going, I accidently felt myself knocking into someone. Bracing myself for the feeling of floor, I screwed my eyes up tight. I heard a laugh and when I realised I hadn’t hit the ground, I opened one eye to see who had hold of me. Remus Lupin had a boyish grin on his face whilst standing me up straight. I had to admit he looked quite attractive when he smiled. He should definitely do it more often.

“Sorry Gisela, I wasn’t looking where I was going. But you seemed in a rush. Are you okay?"

I sighed. “No, for some reason, the whole Hogwarts population has decided to stare at me and I have no idea why.” I looked up to see him looking in every other direction but mine. “Do you know something Lupin?”

He gulped and I took it as sign that he did. Grabbing his arm, I marched him outside to find somewhere private. Eventually stopping, I turned to him, arms folded across my chest.

“Lupin, talk. Now.”

He hesitated before sighing. “Look, I don’t know anything specific but I know everyone thinks you were pushed down the stairs.”

I opened my mouth in shock. “Who starts these rumours? What do you believe?”


He looked pointedly at me. “I believe you were hit by the Crucio curse.”

I growled. “And I suppose Sirius told you that?”

“He did but I also saw the state of you when you were in the hospital wing and I came to the same conclusion as him, but before he did.” 

“Why are you guys so insistent that I was cursed? I am clumsy enough to fall down the stairs, you know?” I sat down on the grass and waited for him to join me.

“I don’t doubt that.” He laughed. “But why would be up the stairs when your common room is in the dungeon? It doesn’t make any sense, when you think about it.”

I stayed very quiet as I thought hard about what he had just said to me. He was right. There was no reason for me to be anywhere near any of the moving stairs. The last place I remember being is the common room so why would I have walked up any stairs?


“Gisela?” I had obviously been quiet for too long as Remus waved a hand in front of my face. I shook my head and stood up.

“I’ve got to go. Thanks for the talk Lupin.” I nodded before heading back inside the castle. I needed to find someone who could tell me the truth. And fast.


"Pedro, wait up.” I ran to catch up with my brother as he left the classroom. It was the first time I had seen him on his own since I had come out of hospital 2 days earlier. Finally walking side by side, I smiled at him.

“What’s up Gi?”


I took him aside, earning myself a funny look from him. “What happened the other night? I’m starting to think there is more to it than falling down the stairs.”

He hushed me and gripped my arm tightly, causing me to wince slightly. “What are you talking about? Where has this come from?”


I saw a flash of panic in his eyes.

“You’re hurting me, Pedro!”

He instantly let go and ran a hand through his hair. I backed away from him. “Why is everyone acting so strangely around me? There is obviously something going on that I don’t know about. People actually believe I was pushed down the stairs and I’m starting to believe it too.”

“You weren’t pushed, don’t be stupid!” He sighed. “The reason we have been acting weird around you is that we are frightened that you’re fragile at the moment so we’re just keeping our distance so not to pressure you.”

I frowned, not sure I was believing him. But I nodded regardless.

“Okay, fine.”

He gave me a hug before hurrying down the corridor, eventually leaving my sight. I leant back against the wall, closing my eyes. I felt so utterly confused and stressed. Something was going on and I hated not knowing, especially when it had something to do with me.

“He’s not much of an actor, is he? You definitely got the acting ability.”


I opened my eyes to see Sirius standing just to the left of me. I sighed but said nothing else, not having the energy to do so.

“Are you okay?”

I nodded. Pushing myself off the wall, I turned to him. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
"Do you believe him?”

I chewed my bottom lip for a minute before answering. “No. No I don’t.”

“So what now?” I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes which I quickly dashed.

“Nothing happens. I carry on like usual and just stay on my guard until I figure this whole mess out.”

Sirius scoffed. “How about you just put a sign on your forehead saying ‘come and attack me, I’m too stupid to leave and stand up for myself.’”

  I glared at him. “I am not stupid. I am doing the right thing by staying close and acting like I know nothing is going on around me. Sometimes acting ignorant works. It’ll keep me safe until i figure out this whole mess. “

Sirius held his hands up. “I give up. If you don’t want helping then I am not going to help you anymore. Do what you want.” I watched as the second person in an hour walked away from me, leaving me seriously confused. Why was everyone making out like I was one who was at fault here? I was the victim. Shaking my head, I followed the corridor Pedro had walked down, making my way back to the common room and up to my dormitory. I had a lot to think about and I was severely running out of time.


31th of October.
That was the date today. 5 more days until I turned 18. 5 more days until I was, in Voldemort’s eyes, ready for the dark mark. I had no plan, no way of getting out of what was looking like the inevitable. The only thing that had me smiling was the drinks we were going to have in Hogsmeade to celebrate Pedro and my own birthday. At least something nice was going to happen. For once. In the mean time, I was being made to go to the Halloween ball, organised by the annoying and insufferable know it all, Lily Evans. Rayne, without my knowledge had gotten me a costume. I was going as a cat. (original, I know.) And I was in the process of getting my make up done by an over excited Rayne, who was jumping up and down in happiness. Definitely not a Slytherin trait.

“Why are we even going? This is Evans’ idea and we don’t like Evans, or any Gryffindor’s so why turn up?”

Rayne gave me a look that made me feel stupid. “To show them up, obviously. We’re too hot not to go to the Halloween Ball.” I rolled my eyes, which earned me a slap on the back of my head. “I’m trying to do your eye make up!”

“And I have recently had a very bad head injury!” As I watched her through the mirror, I

noticed she had the same flash of panic in her eyes that Pedro had had the other day when I spoke to him over my accident. I frowned slightly before making my face neutral again, allowing her to finish my make up properly.


“There, you’re done. You look like Timothy.”


I glared. “I don’t think comparing me to my male cat is a compliment, Rayne.”


She shrugged. “It was the only cat I could think of.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up, slipping on my heels carefully.

“We ready?”

Both Rayne and Bella nodded, who looked unimpressed at being forced to go to this stupid ball but Rayne was persistent. Giving her a smile, I left the dormitory first, the girls following me down.

We met the boys in the common room before heading towards the Great Hall, which would no doubt look like a Gryffindor had thrown up in there. I could envision everything being gold and red and I was already feeling nauseous.

“Are you okay Gi?” I was brought out of my thoughts by Bas, who was smiling at me. I nodded my head, smiling back.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You should smile more often, it suits you.”

“That bang on the head must have done some damage. I don’t think I have ever heard you say something so…nice.” I hit him on the arm. “And she’s back.”

“Fine then, don’t take the compliment.” I went to walk off but Bas caught my arm, turning me to him. Making sure the others couldn’t see us, he kissed me slowly. Breaking away, he smiled his devilish smile and I could’ve melted right there.

“Thank you for the wonderful compliment.”

I smiled. “You’re welcome.” I kissed him before taking a step back from him. “We have a ball to gatecrash.”

He laughed and we began to walk towards the entrance of the Great Hall. “Let the party begin.”


The ball was utterly dull, even with the spiked punch, I was still bored. Evans’ couldn’t even get hold of a decent band so instead we had people from Gryffindor, who called themselves The Gryffin’s (original for the Gryffindor’s) attempting to sing and play instruments, which was failing miserably. No one was dancing apart from those who were ridiculously drunk and everyone was getting up to leave. I smirked at Evans’, who looked downtrodden and utterly gutted that her first ball as Head Girl didn’t go to plan. Turning to the group, I took another sip of the spiked punch and walked towards them all.

“I’m bored.” I heard Rayne whine to Pedro and I rolled my eyes but I completely agreed with her. I was bored shitless. We’d have more fun in the common room.

“This ball is dreadful.” Spat Bella, who was stood next to Lucius. “But it’s not surprising seeing as the mud-blood organised it. Us purebloods would have done a much better job.” Everyone laughed and I forced myself to join in. We were obviously loud because the people left in the hall turned our way but they quickly diverted their gazes once we glared in their directions.
“Can’t we just head back to the common room?”

I nodded my head at Reg’s question. There was murmuring before we all agreed and we left the Great Hall together. However, before we reached the doors, Bella couldn’t help but open her mouth.

“Nice party, mud-blood.” It was that simple comment that made Evans’ burst into tears and run out of the Great Hall, pushing past the rest of us, who were waiting for Bella.

“Can you not keep your mouth shut, dear cousin?”

I saw Bella grow red and I knew that Sirius had pushed her buttons.

"We are not related, blood traitor. How dare you even associate us together. You are a disgrace.” I rolled my eyes and motioned to Bas about leaving. He took my hint and we quietly left, leaving Bella to fight with the others as witnesses.

“I could not stand to listen to Bella ripping Black to shreds again. It has to be the fourth time this week, and we are Wednesday!” I exclaimed as we roamed the entrance hall.

Bas laughed loudly. “Well you know Bella, she is one of a kind.”

I nodded. “She is certainly that. So, where are we going and what are we going to do?”

Bas didn’t answer, instead he grabbed my hand and led me up several staircases until we arrived on the 5th floor. I smirked as I realised where he was taking me.
“The room of requirement? Really Bas, we’re not children anymore. We don’t have to hide.”

We got to the door and he turned to me. “We don’t have to hide what? What do you think we will be doing, Miss Martinez?”

I hit him on the arm for the second time this evening. “don’t play coy, Bas. It doesn’t suit you.” He raised an eyebrow. “Okay, so it suits you, big deal. Let’s just go in.” He nodded and after walking past the wall three times, the door finally appeared and we stepped inside.

I was shocked and secretly happy at what I saw. It was the hotel we used to use when we were seeing each other and didn’t let anyone know during the holidays. It was a quaint room but it held a lot of memories. I was still smiling at the door when Bas led me to the couch, handing me a glass of champagne.

I took a sip of my champagne.“Thank you for this.”

He shook his head, taking my glass out of my hand. “You don’t have to thank me for anything. I’d do anything for you, you know that?”

I smiled at him.

“I do, but quit being soppy. It’s not attractive and before you say it, it’s not attractive, even on you.”

He pouted before laughing. “Done.”

He leant over and kissed me. Slow at first before it soon heated up. Fumbling with the ties on my black corset, I slapped his hands away.

“Before I undo this, I need to know that you won’t hurt me. I can’t do that again.” He took my face in his hands and made me look at him.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise. I love you.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Bas."

He shook his head. “I’m not.”

Looking into his eyes, I saw he was genuine and I backed away from him and towards the bed, my hands reaching behind me back to undo my ties. Giving him a coy smile, I sat on the bed.


And that was all it took.

All it took for me to fall into the arms of someone I shouldn’t.

A/N; thank you so much for reading this story!  I really appreciate the reviews! Also, the prologue will be finally making an appearance in the next chapter...let the drama begin!

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