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The Start Of Their Friendship. by FeltonLewis
Chapter 1 : The Start Of Their Friendship Part 1
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This is an extract from the seven years that Draco and Hermione missed in The Other Reality :) It will give you a further insight on how exactly their relationship developed eventually into that marriage that Draco and Hermione are facing in TOR. Enjoy :) xx

Ps: First section between Hermione and her mother was inspired from Death Of A Salesman, by Arthur Miller.


Hermione knocked on the door, her confusion about the second voice vanishing and excitement about making things alright with her mother taking over instead.

The door opened after a few long seconds and Hermione's mother poked her head out from the gap between the frame and the door.

"Hermione?!" She sounded a little panicked for some reason, "I thought you were'nt coming back for this weekend?"

"Yeah, I wanted to talk to you. It's important. Can I come in?" Hermione asked, a smile on her face.

"Uh...Uh, yeah sure", Her mother said, stepping aside and holding the door open for her daughter to enter through.

Hermione sat down on her parents' bed and patted the place beside her. Her mother sat down, looking a little unsure.

"So I know we haven't been on talking terms lately and you've been angry at me and-"

She stopped mid-sentence as she heard something break from inside the toilet.

She looked at her mother, whose wide eyes flew to the bathroom door.

"Is someone in your bathroom?" Hermione asked, suddenly fearing the worst. No, she was jumping to conclusions...

"Uh, I- It's- Just a friend", Her mother stuttered.

Hermione took her wand out and pointing it at the door, said, "Alohomora!" The door flew open and Hermione's hand flew to her mouth.

A man with messed up brown hair stood in front of the sink. His eyes were wide with shock and he was in the middle of zipping his pants up. That and the shirt he was wearing caught Hermione's attention immediately.

"Who is this?" She asked her mother in a deadly calm voice.

"He- Hermione, he's- he's from the neighbourhood. His shower wasn't working so-"

"Stop." Hermione said firmly, but her mother turned to the man-

"Sir, I think you should leave if you're done-"

"Jane-" The man said.

"No need for thank you's, it's-"


"Mom, he's not from our neighborhood", Hermione said, her hands shaking. She took in her mother's appearance as well this time. Her hair was a bit of a mess and her clothes were ruffled up and wrinkled.

"Sir, I really think-"

"You gave him dad's shirt", Hermione said, standing up and then sitting back down, seeing that her legs were shaking too.

"Hermione, what were you talking about before this distraction?" Her mother asked, nervousness etched on to her face. She turned to the man, "Please sir, if you're done here-"

"Jane, why the formalities-"

"Hermione, you were saying?" Her mother turned back to her.

"Never mind, it's no point", Hermione said with a dead voice.

"Hermione, I swear there's nothing going on here", Her mother said, knowing that her daughter had probably put two and two together.

"Dad's still alive, mom", Hermione said, getting to her feet shakily, "He's still alive and he's still your husband."

"Hermione, it's nothing-"

"You gave him dad's shirt after you were done with", Hermions spat.


"Did you make your wedding vows?" She asked, moving towards the door.


"Answer the question, did you make your wedding vows?" Hermione asked through gritted teeth. She was standing at the door.

"Y-yes", Jane nodded. The man was looking from mother to daughter.

"Well so much for standing by his side and loving him till "death do you part" ", Hermione said, storming out of the room, tears welling up in her eyes.

She ignored her mother's calls and pleas as she ran down the stair and stepped into the fireplace in the living room. She shoved her hand into her pocket and threw the remaining floo powder on the ground below her and said, "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

The green flames subsided and she stumbled out of the fireplace and into Dumbledore's office, where her knees gave out and she collapsed to the floor.

"Miss Granger? I thought you would spend atleast half a day with your mother, it has been barely fifteen minutes", Dumbledore said, pushing his chair behind and walking towards the girl on the floor of his office.

"Miss Granger, what is wrong?" She heard Mcgonagall ask from her right.

"She cheated", Hermione choked out, tears finally falling.

"Did you tell her what you wished to?" Dumbeldore asked, standing in front of her. Mcgonagall bent down and put an arm around the young girl and pulled her to her feet.

Hermione shook her head, "I saw him before I could. He was wearing dad's shirt." She broke down completely, turning her face to Mcgonagall's shoulder and sobbing into it. The older woman rubbed her back comfortingly.

"Can you open G-Griffindor t-tower for me?" Hermione asked.

"Im afraid the Fat Lady isn't in her portrait currently. We could make more room in the Holiday rooms' tower", Dumbledore said, worry and concern for the young witch evident in his eyes.

"I'd like that, thank you", Hermione nodded.

"Mister Malfoy shall take you there", Mcgonagall said and Hermione's eyes grew wide and she looked around the office, her eyes landing on a blonde haired boy sitting at the Headmaster's table, fidgeting with his hands and looking anywhere but at them. How much as he seen and heard?

"Is that alright, Mister Malfoy?" Dumbledore asked, "Otherwise we can call for Mister Zabini to come escort Miss Granger."

"That's alright, I'll do it", Draco said, standing up and walking towards the door of the office.

"Will you be alright for a little while Hermione, dear?" Mcgonagall asked, her motherly side showing.

Hermione shrugged weakly and walked to where Draco was waiting.

"Thank you Professors", She croaked before leaving the office after Draco.

How could her mother do this... How could she. If it was anybody else she had walked in on, that's still perfectly alright. They could do whatever they wanted with their lives, cheated on whoever they liked. But it wasn't just anybody else- it wasn't any stranger she had walked in on. It was her own mother. And she was disgusted by it. She felt betrayed. Her father didn't know, that she was sure of. She felt cheated on instead.

They were supposed to be family... They were supposed to stand by each other. She was supposed to stand by him. And instead she did something low and disgusting.

He was still alive for God's sake! Yes, dying, but still alive.

She blinked back tears furiously and just then Draco's voice cut through her thoughts.

"We're here, Granger", He said in a soft voice, "The password's 'Marauders'."

The painting of a dragon being petted by a young girl who smiled at them swung open. Hermione didn't even look around. She walked straight to the sofa and sat at the edge of the center, staring into the fireplace which was lit with bright dancing orange and yellow flames.

"Do you need anything?" She heard Draco ask. She shook her head.

She heard him walk away and soon his footsteps weren't heard at all. A few minutes after staring into nothingness, there was a tapping against glass to her left. She ignored it for a while but the tapping got more insistent and she looked to the left where a familiar brown owl was pecking at the window. She stood up unsteadily and walked over to the window where she unlocked it and untied the letter from the owl's foot. It flew away as soon as she did.

She looked down at the paper in her hand and she noticed it had her name written on the top.

She opened it and her eyes began watering with anger. It said-

"He really was just a neighbor, I promise. Come home, darling."

She took two long strides to the fireplace and after smashing the note in her hand, she threw it in and watched the flames engulf the piece of lies.

"He's not our freaking neighbor", She screamed at the fire and the burning note.

Her knees hit the floor and she just cried, repeating over and over- "He's not our freaking neighbor". She didn't care that the only other two people in the tower were two Slytherins who didn't exactly get along with her. Hell, they probably would come down and make fun of her. But she couldn't care less. She had been hurt and this time she couldn't hold the pain in any longer. She just let it all out.

At the top of the stairs leading to the boys' dorm stood two boys. One with silver blonde hair and stormy blue eyes and one with dark hair and dar brown eyes.

"What do we do?" Blaise Zabini asked.

"We give her time. Don't go now, Blaise", Draco Malfoy said, grabbing his friend's arm when he moved to go downstairs.

"Are you sure? Look at her, she's shattered", Blaise said, stepping behind again.

"And we're her enemies. She wouldn't want us to see her in her moment of weakness. Atleast if I was her, I wouldn't", Draco said, heading back into his room. His friend sighed and followed him in to the dorm.

* * * *

Draco thrashed around in his sleep, his nightmares once again getting the better of him. He was suddenly woken up by a piercing scream and for the first time, it wasn't from his own mouth.

He sat up, sweating like always and continued listening to the cries.

He looked towards Blaise's bed, who was sitting up, listening as well. Their eyes met and they thought the same thing.

"Granger", Draco said, pushing aside his covers and moving to the door, Blaise following. They had their wands out but realized there was no danger as soon as they stepped out. Well, no physical danger anyway. Hermione, like Draco, was being tortured by her own nightmares.

The two boys pocketed their wands and sprinted down the stairs. She was writhing around on the carpeted floor in front of the fire.

"Let me go", She cried, tears running down her cheeks.

"Granger, get up!" Draco said, kneeling down beside her thrashing body.

A scream erupted from her throat again and she curled into a ball, gripping her left forearm.

Draco grabbed her shoulders and shook her, "Get up, Granger!" He said. She slowly stopped thrashing about. Blaise knelt down beside her and having brought some water from the kitchen, flicked a little on to her face. Her eyes flew open and she bolted up to a sitting position.

Her eyes landed to her left forearm which she was still clutching. A tear fell from her cheek and landed on the 'L' of the "Mudblood" carved on to her arm.

A strangled sob escaped her throat and she traced the letters with her thumb. A big, warm hand wrapped itself around her tracing hand another pushed her left forearm away from her vision.

She looked up and saw Blaise holding her right hand while Draco had been the one to move the ghastly sight away from her eyes.

"Did I wake you?" She asked quietly.

"I- I was already up", Blaise said, technically telling the truth. He was already up because of Draco's screaming.

"And you?" She asked, her eyes meeting Draco's.

"I- yeah", Draco said.

"Sorry", She said softly, looking down at her lap.

"You dont have to be", Blaise said, surprising her a little. She looked up and both of their eyes held nothing but honesty. Somethings she wasn't used to receiving.

"I- I can shift to another tower or- I understand how you would feel sharing a tower with a m-mudb-" She was unable to complete her sentence as a hand clamped over her mouth just then. She looked towards the owner of the hand and illuminated by the light of the fire, her eyes met stormy blue.

"Don't say it", Draco said, shaking his head, "Don't you dare say it."

An year ago she had been the one saying telling him not to dare say mudblood and here he was, his hand clamped over her mouth, telling her not to say the very same thing he had called her for five years.

But that's not the only thing that surprised her. As she looked between Draco and Blaise, she saw concern and care in their eyes. Care... Something she hadn't had in a long time. Ever since...

Tears welled up in her eyes and fell for the nth time that day. They flowed down her cheeks and hit the side of Draco's hand. He removed his hand hesitantly as soon as he saw the tears.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked uneasily.

She shook her head and got to her feet slowly and as steadily as she could.

"Everyone else did", She said, smiling sadly at the two boys, "Thank you." She turned and went up the stairs leading to her room. She lay down on her bed and sighed, the tears making their way to her eyes again.

Harry and Ron hadn't even noticed her change in behaviour, Luna and Neville were too busy with eachother to notice her, Ginny had asked her if something was wrong but with just one 'No' from Hermione, the red-head had dropped it. Her mother was lying to her, cheating on their family, and her father was dying.

She shut her eyes and tried to even her breathing. With Draco and Blaise's faces being the last to flash through her mind, she slowly fell into a dreamless sleep.

* * * *

AN: So that was part one of this extract :) For those who are still unclear about what exactly is going on, this is an extract from one of my other stories, The Other Reality, which is about Draco and Hermione going seven years into the future so these extracts are sections from that story so that it's clearer to you guys what exactly happened between the two and how their relationship developed :) You are more than welcome, in fact I request you to go check out my other story!

For TOR readers, hope you liked that. Part 2 will be up shortly. Im taking a break from the main story but that doesn't mean I won't keep giving you guys TOR chapters to read, they'll just be a little different ;)

Please please review, it only takes a second ;)
FeltonLewis xx

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