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Apostollo by Lana
Chapter 38 : Epilogue: Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous
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A/N: Hey guys, here's at last the epilogue and here's some info that you need to know about it: the song I'm claiming to be Anasha's first single, Life looks better in spring, is not a song inspired by me, but it's a real actual song that belongs to a real and actual band. They're called Jon Lilygreen & the Islanders and it's a really great song. Go check it out on YOU TUBE; the way Jon's voice sounds is exactly how I'm imagining James' voice to be like and I also think he looks like James would look as well....

Also for the song James is devoting to his parents is the one mentioned previously, when James and his band performed in the Ministry; this one is of my inspiration and I only wish HPFF would allow me to post the entire song in here, but alas...

I'm kinda sad, this is the end of my first ever fan fiction ....but the best is yet to come. Speaking of which, the song 'The Best is yet to Come' which concludes the story belongs to the one, the only, the amazing, my all time favorite band SCORPIONS!!!!!!! Play it on You tube while you read the last part, it will make more sense.

THIS IS THE END GUYS PLEASE REPLY TO IT!!!!!!!! Okay now that I'm over with all the information, here's the chapter....PLEASE REPLY

EPILOGUE – Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous


2 YEARS LATER................

“Lily, hurry up!” Ginny yelled up from the bottom of the stairs, before she made her way into the living room. 
Albus was sitting on the couch, with his little two year old sister in his hug. He was reading her a story, from a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard he was holding in front of them and she was listening to him in mere interest, though not actually understanding everything. Hope had grown a couple of years to be exactly what she was threatening to be from even the first days of her life; the spitting image of her father in a different genre. She also had emerald green eyes, like her father and her brother and raven black hair. Only difference was that while Harry’s and Al’s hair were wild and stuck out in every direction, Hope’s were soft and straight. Hope and Albus were so alike that it was obvious even to a stranger that they were very closely related. 
“Al is this what you’re going to wear?” Ginny asked her son, looking at his ordinary jeans and his worn out T-shirt. 
“Yeah, mum”, Albus replied rolling his eyes. “And I would advise you not to get all dressed up either; no one else is going to be", he added looking at his mother's outfit with a raised eybrow.

"What? It's just an ordinary dress-robe!" she said, twisting around in her knee-length black dress and high heels and making Albus chuckle.

“Momma, Alby read Beadle the Bard”, Hope said.
“It’s Beedle the Bard, lady bug”, Ginny smiled picking up her daughter from her son’s hug. “Oh, Hope, you’re getting too heavy to carry”. 

“Well, she’s two and a half years old, mum, it’s only natural”, Lily said entering the room. “When’s dad coming?”
Shortly after entering the fifteen year of her life, Lily had decided that she had outgrown ‘daddy’, so she slipped into the traditional ‘dad’; something Harry didn’t like one bit. 
“He must be here any minute now”, Ginny replied leaving Hope down.

The little girl run back to the couch to her brother. James had long lost the bet, he and Albus had placed when Hope was born; she clearly liked Albus more than her other siblings. 

“What about Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron and the guys?” Albus asked.
“They’ll meet us there. Ron says Hermione is overwhelmed with work in her Division those days and she can barely…” Ginny said but her sentence was cut short. 

“Daddy!” Hope squealed and run to the kitchen. 
“Dad’s home?” Albus asked.
“If Hope says so”, Ginny shook her head. 
Her daughter still had that unexplainable talent to always know whether her father was home or not. As Harry entered the living room a few moments later, with the little girl in his arms, he confirmed that she was never wrong. 
“So are you guys ready to go?” he asked them. 
“We are, but aren’t you gonna change?” Ginny asked her husband, who wore his work cloak. 

“No time, we’re gonna be late and then Jamie will kill us”.
“You’re the one who was late so he can only kill you”, Ginny said as she and Lily started walking to the kitchen to apparate. 

“What kept you so long, dad?” Albus asked as they were following them. 
“You know I can’t tell you anything about my job, Al”, his father smiled. 
“Fine, just wait a year till I become Junior Auror and then I’ll know everything!”
Harry only shook his head at this, preferring not to tell his son that Junior Aurors barely knew something, let alone everything. Albus had one more year left at Hogwarts and then as he had specifically clarified to everyone, he was determined to become an Auror. Harry rather thought that it would be odd to have his son under his orders, but he knew that Albus would do well as an Auror and he had no doubt that he would make it into the office, since he was already studying day and night for his NEWTs. 
“Okay, Lily, you’ll apparate with me”, Ginny said when they were all gathered in the kitchen, taking the girl’s hand. “Harry you take Hope with you. Al you’re sure you can apparate without Splinching and to the right place?”
“Yes, mum”, the boy rolled his eyes. 
“Okay, then, off we go”, she said and she turned on the spot.


 “JAMES, HURRY UP!” David roared. 

“Okay, okay”, James said holding his guitar. “What time is it?”

“We have about half an hour before we begin”, David replied and left to go check on his drums again. 
James sighed and looked around at the dressing room hallway. The rest of his band were either checking on their instrument, like his friend David, or speaking to someone from the support crew, or in the case of his friend Gabriel, vomiting on a garbage bin. He smiled. This was it. This was their first concert, the first time he would actually get to be on a real stage. He really couldn’t recall a time in his life when he had been more nervous.
He glanced at the clock yet again. Where were they? His dad had promised that they would never miss it for the world, but a quarter before the concert and they still weren’t here.
“James! James!”

James smiled relieved and then turned around putting his arrogant face on. Albus was making way through the hallway to get to him.
“Well, thanks for deciding to show”, James said ironically, when his brother reached him. 
“Oh, come off it James, we’re here now”, he said dismissively. “Mum and dad are in the VIPs platform with Hope and Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione. Lily, Teddy, Rose, Hugo, Victoire and Roxanne are waiting outside; we’re gonna watch the concert from the balcony next to the stage”. 
“Was it absolutely vital for you to give me all that information?” James asked while fixing the chords of his guitar.

Albus rolled his eyes. 
“James, we have ten minutes!” someone from the crew yelled. 

“Okay”, the boy called back. “Ok, Al, to your seat”, he said to his brother hastily. 
“Fine, fine”, the boy complained as James pushed him forward. “Don’t rush me!” 
“I’ll see you all after it’s done, ok?”

“You’re nervous?” Albus asked stopping at the door and grinning at his brother. 
“Am I ever nervous?” James asked back smugly. Albus raised his eyebrows. “Okay, yeah, I’m afraid that I’m about to throw up from anxiety”, James admitted and his brother’s grin widened. 
“You’re gonna be fine” he said punching his shoulder. “Good luck”.

“Thanks Al”, James nodded. “Now, get the hell out of here!”


It was crazy; there was really no better word to describe it. A rather big stadium was packed with people, who had come there to hear James and his band. Harry couldn’t recall a time he had felt more proud in his life. He knew that James could do it, though never had he imagined something like this. He glanced at Ginny next him and she returned his surprised but excited smile with one of her own. 
“I’m so proud of him”, Ginny said to her husband and he nodded in agreement. 

“He’s so good with music and he’s been through so much that he really deserves it”, Harry said.
“Yeah, he does”, Ginny agreed, as she stroked Hope’s hair, who was sitting on her lap. “And of course he’s talented, he’s our son”, she added then and Harry laughed, leaning in to kiss her. 

They turned to see Ron and Hermione approaching their seats, through the crowd. They had some of the best seats in the whole stadium, in a balcony right above the arena and with a clear view of the stage. Two seats were reserved next to them; one for Ron and one for Hermione. 

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you Potters? I’m sick of seeing you two snog”, Ron said taking the seat next to his best friend.  

“I just kissed my wife Ron”, Harry laughed. “You can hardly call that snogging, though I have every right to do that too”.
Ron grunted. 
“Hey, Hope”, Hermione smiled stretching out her hands and Hope jumped from her mother’s hug to run to her aunt. 

Ron gave Harry a gloomy look, which his friend understood very well. Ron had told him that Hermione has been itching for some time now, ever since Ginny had Hope, to have another baby herself, something Ron wasn’t too excited about. He loved his kids, but he thought that two were enough and he really didn’t think he had the courage to have a shrieking baby around. He could hardly deal with Hope and that was just his niece. 
“So when are they coming out? It’s been twenty minutes after the time they had to”, Ron said staring at the stage that spread beneath them, as if waiting for the band to appear at any moment. 

“There’s always delay in those stuff, Ron”, Ginny rolled her eyes.
“Oh, and you would know, given all those rock concerts you’ve been to lately, huh?” Ron retorted ironically.

Ginny stuck her tongue out at her.

“There look at the ideal mother”, her brother said to that and Ginny leaned across her husband and smacked her brother’s head. “Hey…ouch! Old age has made you senile, dear sister!”

“Did you just call me old?” 

“Okay, guys stop, I think it starts”, Harry said then, pointing at the smoke that started circling the stage, though at first he thought it was coming from his wife's ears, as a result to Ron's comment. 
When the band appeared on the stage, a general uproar reigned in the stadium, everyone in the arena screaming their heads off. Harry, Ginny and the others stood up to have a better view. James was standing in the middle of the stage in front of a microphone, his figure ten times magnified in the giant screens at each side of the stage. From what Harry could gather from his face on the giant screen, he seemed nervous, but yet more excited than he had ever seen him. 
“Hey, guys”, James said in the microphone when the screams subside. “It’s great to be here and thank you all for being here too”. 
And with that they started playing. This time the screams were ten times higher as the first song, the one to start the concert, was the song that first made them famous, one year ago: Life looks better in spring. Ginny adored this song, she actually adored it. She could go on hours and hours listening to it over and over and over again and she couldn’t believe that it was her son that had written it and that was singing it. When Harry had asked however if it reminded her of anything, she had just smacked his head, very much as she did moments ago with her brother. Now however she just hugged him from the waist, as their son started singing the lyrics...

To say that pandemonium followed the song’s conclusion, would clearly be an understatement. People were still singing the chorus of it, when the next song started. And then another one and another one; the crowd singing along with James and his band for about two hours. 
They were reaching the end of the concert, when a winded, sweaty and yet filled with content James nodded to the others to stop playing so he could say something to the microphone.
“Are you having a good time?” he asked the crowd, to receive a loud wave of screams. “Thank you so much for being here and for being so amazing!” more screams. “I just want to say something about…about my parents”, James panted. 
“Oh, no”, Ginny whispered as James looked their way, even though he couldn’t actually see them. 

 “I just want to tell them thanks for being so great and to devote the next song to them, since it’s their anniversary tomorrow!”
“Ugh”, Ginny grunted as everyone in the stadium started screaming: ‘Potters, Potters, Potters, Potters!’. “I was hoping that the press would maybe forget about it and I specifically told James not to say anything!” 

“Honey, you told our son what not to say and you honestly expected him not to say it?” Harry chuckled at his wife’s naive assumption. 
Ginny grunted again and as Harry hugged her, the band started playing ‘Without Breath’ for them. 

As a result to what James said, Harry and Ginny and their nineteenth anniversary of marriage made the first page of Daily Prophet the next day; though if Harry wanted to be completely honest, it wasn’t his son’s fault, it would probably had happened either way. He threw the newspaper back on the counter, not bothering to read the article inside, as a sleepy Lily entered the kitchen. 
 “Hey, dad”, the girl said kissing his cheek. “Happy anniversary”. 
“Thanks, Lills”, her father grinned giving her a bowl of porridge. 
“Where’s mum?”
“At grandma’s and grandpa’s at the Burrow”, Harry replied. “She went early this morning to clarify to your grandmother not to bake a three floor cake”. 
“Good luck with that”, Lily said and both she and her father laughed. 
“What’s so funny?” James asked entering the kitchen as well, still wearing his pajamas and his hair still ruffled from sleeping, black bags under his eyes. 
“Your hair”, Lily chuckled. “I wonder how many Galleons will I earn, if I take a picture of you like this and sent it to the Daily Prophet?”

James stuck his tongue out at his sister, as he sat down next to her and took the newspaper in his hands.  

“Oh, right. Happy anniversary”, he told his father with a smirk upon his face, but Harry narrowed his eyes. 

“You know that your mum is going to blame this all on you, right?”
“Come on”, James snorted. “Did she really think that they were going to forget? Do they ever?” 

Harry couldn’t help but agree with that. He and Ginny always were the wizarding world’s most favorite couple; the Chosen One and the former star of the Hollyhead Harpies. The entire stuff of Daily Prophet would have to go on strike for them to forget their anniversary. 
“Mornin’” Ron said entering the kitchen as well, followed by his daughter. 

He, Hermione, Rose and Hugo were still living with Harry and Ginny in their house, not entirely because they still didn’t have enough money to find another house, but because they had gotten used to it and both sides rather like it; that was when they weren’t walking in on each other in more personal moments, which Ron seemed to have a knack about. 
“Hey rock star”, Ron told James and the boy rolled his eyes grunting. 
“I bet I’m he only rock star on curfew at his after party!” he told his father irritated. 
“You’re still underage”, Harry shrugged. 

“I’ve been seventeen for a year!” James exclaimed raising his wand and making his father’s coffee mug fly around the room.  

“But not yet eighteen”, Harry said summoning his mug back to his hand. “In the no wizarding world you’re not an adult just yet and so for no wizarding stuff we still have a saying”. 

“Says who?”
“Your mum”, he replied giving him the strongest argument he could think. “And anyway you came in really late last night, so quit complaining”. 
“Happy anniversary!” Albus interrupted James from fuming, entering the kitchen with his little sister, holding his hand. 
“Thanks, Al” Harry smiled picking up Hope and putting her to sit on the bench. 
“Jay”, Hope giggled and twisted around to see her other brother, who she didn’t get a chance to see at all yesterday, since when James returned home was far past her bed time. 
“Hey Hip Hopey”, James grinned. “Did you like the concert?” 
“Yea”, Hope nodded though probably not knowing that a ‘concert’ was what she was in yesterday. 
“You know Hip Hopey”, James sighed taking the girl in his hug; “sometimes I think you’re the only one that appreciates me around here”.
“Yea”, Hope nodded with seriousness. 
Harry rolled his eyes, but just in time Ginny apparated next to him with a pop, back from the Burrow, making him jump and spill coffee on the bench.
“I swear the older my mother gets, the most obsessed with cooking she becomes!” she exclaimed irritated, taking the coffee mug from her husband and sipping down the coffee, as he reached himself another one. 
“Let me guess, Molly didn’t want to let you make everything by your own?” Harry laughed. 

“She is not gonna let me do anything by my own”, Ginny said irritated. “She’s coming over in about an hour to cook everything else from here. You’d think that since it’s my house, she would get in the process to actually ask me, but…”
“What are you on about? So mum will do all the cooking and you’ll do nothing, why is that so bad?” Ron asked her. 
Ginny opened her mouth and then closed it again. 
“Oh, he’s right”, she told Harry, realizing it.

Harry and the others in the room chuckled.

“So where’s Herm…?” Ginny started saying then, but stopped as she noticed the newspaper’s front page. “Oh, this is just great!” she exclaimed seeing her picture waving at her from the paper.

She opened it and dug into the article about her and Harry. 
“So where is Hermione?” Harry asked as his wife was too engulfed into the article to talk to them. 
“In the Ministry”, Ron replied. 
“But it’s Sunday”, Albus said. 

“Yeah, well, it’s something important about the rights of the House Elves and you know Hermione and House Elves”, Ron shrugged.  

“We know”, everybody except Ginny said; all of them long before now having been enlisted as members of SPEW, willingly or not, even Hope.

Now what assistance a two year old could provide the organization with, it was a mystery for everyone. 
“Oh, my God!” Ginny exclaimed lowering the newspaper and turning to Harry. “Have you read this?” 
“No, I didn’t. Why? What does it say?” Harry asked and she held the newspaper between them, showing him a part of the article. “Oh, my God!” Harry said too after a few moments. “I swear that Skeeter’s daughter is just as bad as her mother was”. 
“Why what does it say?” Lily asked as James leaned forward over his toast, trying to read the newspaper upside down.

Harry held it up and started reading it. 
“Well the main part goes like this: ‘The Potters celebrate their nineteenth anniversary of marriage today, as much as a shock as this is. Around the time they got married, Harry Potter was only 23 years old and his wife 22, so a variety of rumors spread about their unexplainable rush to get married, in such a young age; the most dominant rumor of all, the one that involved an unexpected pregnancy. It was strongly believed back then, that our beloved couple was forced into holy matrimony in order to preserve that secret and avoid any criticism; some even went so far as to say that Ginevra Potter, known back then as Ginevra Weasley, was acting according to a plan to get the Boy who Lived become her husband. Whatever the reason was however, they accomplished to fulfill nineteen years of life together and we can only hope that they will double it’”. 
“Whoa”, Lily said as the rest of them were looking at Harry dumbstruck.

James burst out into laughter. 
“Let me get this straight”, he said. “You guys got married because of me?” 
Harry rolled his eyes and Ginny grunted. 

“James, how old are you?” his mother asked him.
“Eighteen in two months”, the boy replied. 
“And how many years are we, your loving parents, married?” 

“Nineteen”, James replied. 
“Right”, Ginny nodded. “So you do the math”. 
“We can only hope that they will double it”, Albus hissed repeating the last sentence. “Yeah, first they say all that rubbish and then they hope you’ll double it”. 
“I swear if I get my hands on the young Skeeter…”Ginny said letting her voice purposely to trail off. 

“Well, maybe it’s not that bad”, James said taking the newspaper and looking at it. 
“Not that bad?” his mother repeated. “It says that I got pregnant to get your father to marry me!”
“Well, yeah, but it makes it sound like I was the child of love, you know, your love seed. It could be good promotion for the band”, James said seriously. 
Ginny turned to Harry.
“Honey, I’m gonna kill our love seed”, she told her husband and everyone in the kitchen laughed as James scowled. 

Early in the afternoon, they were all gathered in the Potters’ garden, trying to recover from the huge amount of food they had eaten. Everyone was there. Almost all the Weasleys; Percy couldn’t come because he had to work (no complains there, Harry thought). Luna and Rolf with their sons and Neville with Hannah. Thankfully Neville hadn’t brought any relatives along with him, because Harry seriously didn’t want to see old wounds getting reopened. 

Cornelia Jenks had resigned from her post at Hogwarts almost right away after they left the temple and have been traveling around the world ever since. She didn’t write to Neville very often, but Harry would swear that she and James were keeping in touch, though truth be told James sure had moved on ever since. He had moved on into having a different girl every week, but moved on he had. In James own words, he belonged to every woman in general and he couldn’t spray the frustration upon the female genre by getting involved in a serious relationship. His mother was only laughing at this, telling him that those guys that said these things were the ones that ended up falling harder. Harry believed that to be true and knew that James’ time to be lovesick would come. 

Meanwhile at the party, Molly hadn’t been restrained by her daughter and had in fact cooked a three floor cake to celebrate Harry and Ginny’s anniversary. Ginny was rather irritated, but Harry, who was at the third slice of cake couldn’t complain. Albus, Lily, Rose and Hugo had gotten into a rather firm argument about this year’s World Wide Quidditch Cup, all of them supporting different countries. All of the teenagers had pleaded with their parents for some days now to take them to the final match, but Ron felt rather reluctant to even go to a World Cup final match, after everything that had happened in the last one he attended. Harry though had promised them that they’ll think about it, because somehow he couldn’t see fallen Death Eaters attacking the tends again and an escapee Death Eater under an Invisibility Cloak taking his wand from his pocket, without him or the House Elf that was watching him noticing anything and then raise the Dark Mark in the sky again. 

Teddy was sitting with Victoire taking in whispered voices, receiving sharp glances from Bill every once and a while. Harry rather thought that things were getting serious between his godson and his niece, though Bill seemed a little reluctant to let go of his daughter just yet. Harry couldn’t blame him; he dreaded the day Lily would come through the door bringing an unpleasant stranger with her, proclaiming him as her boyfriend and husband to be. But thankfully he wouldn’t be in Ron’s place, who was still unaware of what everybody else knew; Rose was currently dating Scorpius Malfoy. Oh the drama. Harry could think back at Ron wondering how did Malfoy ended up having a son so nice and different than him, but he was certain that Ron wouldn’t be able to recall that, not the moment he would learn about his daughter’s relationship with the boy. Sometimes he was tempted to tell him, but then every time Ginny would talk him out of it and he would take pity of his niece and postpone it. 

The only one Harry had no clue about his love life was Albus. Surely in his seventeen he must have had some love interests but nothing had escaped the walls of Hogwarts and strangely nothing had escaped his brother’s mouth either. He thought that he and James must have had an agreement not to tell on each other, though James’ love interests were all over the press ever since the band became popular. 

James didn’t like that one bit and was trying anything in his power to minimize it, not because he wasn’t the type that enjoyed publicity, but because he was afraid that the press would be so focused on him, being a Potter, that would forget all about his band. And for the last years all was about his band. James had worked really hard; sometimes he and the rest of Anasha were in the studio for hours, with minimum sleep and only a quick snack to eat. They were all pretty talented, but without the hard work they wouldn’t have made it so far. Now their first album was out and had sold like crazy, kinda like the tickets for the concert yesterday. 

James was now sitting in the corner of the table with Hope in his laps. 
“Oh, Hope you’re like you dug your face in the cake”, James laughed wiping away the chocolate and cream from Hope’s face with a napkin. “Do you want another piece?”
“Yea”, Hope nodded and James took his second slice of cake and placed it in front of Hope, letting her hold her small spoon.
“Just don’t tell mum I gave you seconds, right?”
“Yea”, Hope said. 
“I’m taking a huge risk for you here, Hip Hopey, because mum can go ballistic if she learns I gave you another piece, you know that?”
“Yea”, Hope said again. 
“I’m doing that for you though, because you’re my baby sister and I really, really love you”.
“Who’s your favorite brother?” James said expectantly. 
“Albus”, Hope replied pointing at her other brother at the opposite side of the big table. 
“Ugh” James grunted as Harry sat next to him laughing with Hope’s reply; James turned to him pouting. “Dad, I swear there’s something really wrong with this child”. 
Harry rolled his eyes taking Hope in his arms. 
“Maybe you just gonna have to accept that she likes Albus the most”, Harry said as his daughter twisted around in his hug, wrapped her small arms around his neck and rested her head in the bend of his neck. 
“How can anybody like Albus the most?” James asked still pouting. 
“James…” Harry said warningly.

“Fine”, the boy said. “But I am not giving up. I’m gonna make Hope say that I’m her favorite brother even if it’s the last thing I’ll do!”
“Oh, you’re so dramatic”, his mother commented above his head. “Is Hope asleep?” she asked her husband and he nodded, giving her the little girl careful not to wake her.

As Ginny took Hope inside for her usual afternoon nap, Harry turned to James.
“Jamie”, he started. “What you said before about not appreciating you, it’s not true”.
“Oh, come on dad, I was joking, I know it’s not true”, James replied hastily, worried that he had been misunderstood. 
“I know”, Harry nodded. “But I also think that you should know how extremely proud we are for you, both of us”.
“I know, dad”, James smiled. 
“I’m not just talking about the band and the success you have”, Harry said. “I’m talking about you. I mean you are a man now and arrogance and stubbornness aside, I’m really proud that you’re my son”. 
“Thanks dad”, James smiled. “It means a lot coming from you”, he added and his father smiled back. “Are you gonna cry?” James asked then and his father blinked and turned his back at him.
“No”, Harry said hoarsely, wiping his eyes, as James laughed. 
“What’s so funny?” Ginny asked coming back outside.

Harry grunted. 
“Nothing”, he said. 
“James, I have a surprise for you”, his mother said then, pointing at the entrance of the garden.

As if on cue the rest of James’ band walked in, holding microphones and instruments.
“What are you guys…? What…? What…?” 
“I called them”, Ginny smiled. “I thought that since it’s our anniversary today, you wouldn’t mind if you performed some songs for us, right?”
“In front of the whole family?” James asked not caring that whole of the family was actually listening. “Are you nuts? This is gonna be so embarrassing!” 
“I know”, his mother smirked then. 

“Oh”, James grunted narrowing his eyes. “This is payback, isn’t it? For saying about your anniversary in the concert”.
“Right”, Ginny nodded. “On the stage you go”, she added then and the boy turned to see that in the few seconds he’s been arguing with his mum, the rest of the band had conjured up an entire stage in the middle of the garden. 
“No, no, absolutely not”, James said walking over to his friends. “We are not gonna play”, he told them. 
“Oh, come on James, it’s gonna be fun”, David said, already in his place behind the drums. 
“Yeah, come on James”, Albus yelled from the table and the boy turned to shot his brother a murderous look.

“Come on”, Rose said then too and sure enough all of the people in the garden started encouraging and cheering for the band to play.  

“You are evil”, James told his mother narrowing his eyes. 
“Now we know who you take from”, she replied narrowing hers as well.

James grunted and walked to his place, in the middle of the stage, in front of a microphone. 

“Okay”, he said to it. “Fine, I’ll sing”, he added and his family clapped. “But not one of our songs”, he clarified and turned to the rest of the band giving them instructions, before he turned to his microphone again. “Okay, so, this is a song by a Muggle band, that it’s also rather known among wizards too, because well their music is magic. So this is a song by Scorpions called ‘The Best is Yet to Come’” he said and with that the band started playing the song and James after giving his mother one more murderous look went into singing it.

Harry chuckled and walked to stand next to his best friends. Hermione placed an arm around his shoulders, the other around her husband’s and for a moment Harry felt like they were teenagers again. The Golden Trio out to save the world, not caring if they cast aside their lives in the process.  

“We’ve sure been through a lot, haven’t we?” Ron asked, knowing exactly what his friend was thinking.
Harry smiled and nodded. Their last encounter with the Death Eaters and Artemis had jeopardized almost everyone’s lives and everything they had built over the years and it wasn’t even the worst they had been through in their lives. 
“We’ve only just begun”, Hermione said taking a line right out of the song and the two men at each side of her laughed.
“I don’t know if we’ve only just begun”, Ron shook his head. “But I know it was worth it”. 
Harry nodded and drifted his eyes from his friends to the people standing in front of them. 

While the band played the only music part James had dropped his microphone and was struggling with his brother in order to make him climb up the stage. Albus had dug his legs in the ground, while shaking his head, but as Lily pushed him from behind, James had the chance to drug him up. Lily, Roxanne and Rose climbed up right after him and started singing instead of James, while he fought to take the microphone from them and keep Albus onstage all the while. Teddy and Victoire were twisting around in a corner, both of them looking somewhere above happy to be in each others arms. 
Then Harry turned his head and his eyes found Ginny and a smile curved upon his face as she turned back and looked at him. He could never be thankful enough to whatever power it was that brought Ginny into his life. At that moment he felt like a sap, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was that without that woman his life would have never been complete. He would never have James or Albus or Lily or Hope. He wouldn’t have nights of unimaginable passion or days that he felt that nobody deserved to be that happy or that loved. 
“Yeah”, Harry said then. “It sure was worth it”. 
Then he left his friends’ side, leaving them to get into kissing each other, and walked over to his wife, wrapping his hands around her waist. James had reclaimed his microphone and was now singing the song’s chorus. 
“Have I told you that I love you today?” Harry asked Ginny and she smiled leaning back in his chest. 
“Not even ten times”, she frowned then and Harry smiled kissing the side of her lips. 
“I love you”, he said.
“You’d better”, she replied and twisted around so they were face to face; she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you too”, she added and kissed him.
Harry had kissed Ginny’s lips more than a billionth times in his life, but felt like he could never get enough, her lips would always be the sweetest thing he had tasted. She was such a part of him, that he couldn’t imagine breathing without her breathing next to him. And he knew that even though they certainly had their struggles and heartaches over the years, they were a family of survivors and they would always be, which is why they truly had magic in their lives. And the best was yet to come, right? 

THE END!!!!!!!!!



A very big thanks to anyone who has ever bothered to leave a review to this fic and thank you all for your good were amazing and you made me believe that maybe someday I will be able to write my own story...:).thank you very much!!!!!!! (I'm sooooo dramatic, aren't I??? :D)


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