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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 8 : Tactics
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“Anya, ANYA!”

“What?” I asked groggily, James was really starting to get on my nerves. He had decided that with the upcoming game against Slytherin coming up we needed to be doing extra practise… at 6 o clock on a Monday morning. We were all pretty pissed about this one.

“Me, you and Freddie need to talk tactics, so can you get your butt on the ground?” He shouted from the ground. Not more bloody tactics, I swear it’s all he’s been going on about for the last week. I landed smoothly next to him and Fred.

“Haven’t we done this already?” said Fred, who clearly was feeling the same way as I do about these tactic talks we keep having. Did I mention this is the tenth one this week … and they all go on for at least twenty minutes… one even went on for an hour, we almost missed dinner. Fred was not happy.

“Come on James, give us a break, we know what we’re doing.” I decided to back Fred up on this one with the hope that James would relent.

“Yeah, well I have news on the Syltherin team and it changes things. Jenna Smith is playing seeker…”

“I thought Al was Slytherin seeker?” Truth is I know that Al is Slytherin keeper, he’s a great seeker, would be our biggest worry if it wasn’t for the fact that this year we have Lily Potter. She’s just joined the team and let’s just say she’s inherited her parents skills when it comes to seeking.

“Why would Zabini do that, Al’s not injured is he?”

“Apparently he’s worried that Al won’t play his best against Lily.” Said James

“In other words there is no way in hell that Albus would do anything to hurt Lily meaning he thinks we have the advantage…” I said

“Exactly.” Stated James

“So in other words Jenna is going to seek and what, Albus is going to chase?” said Fred. Then it hit me, if this was true it would mean I would have to play directly against Al… I’m buggered.

“Yeah, the problem is I don’t know anything about Jenna as a seeker, on a plus note though I can bet that she’s not half as good as Al but probably won’t mind roughing Lily up a little.” Said James with a worried look on his face

“But you know what Al is like as a chaser don’t you?” I exclaimed, just after realising. They are family, I know they play together so they must know.

“Yeah you see that’s the problem, you’ve seen Al playing seeker, he sort of plays in the same way.” This means he’s fast. You see that’s why Al is such a good seeker, he literally just comes out of nowhere. It’s a bit scary really but luckily for me I don’t normally have to get involved with it.

“So, what do we do?” Fred asked

“Well Anya, you’re our fastest chaser but I know how Al plays chaser so I think we need to be the ones to keep an eye on him. Fred you stick to Zabini, just like we planned. Malfoy and I normally have a similar technique which is why I tend to mark him.” Said James, which made my problems even bigger.

You see normally I mark Jenna, simply because as James said he’s better with Malfoy and Fred is better with Zabini. This means that I should mark Albus. The problem with this is I rely more on fancy manoeuvres and not so much on my speed. James seemed to realise what was going through my mind.

“On a positive note, he’ll struggle to mark you Anya, Al won’t be used to your flying style either.” Great I thought, just another way I can make a fool of myself…

“We need to go and get changed, if you want to talk more tactics Anya you know where to find me, see you around” James said as he walked off to the changing rooms with Fred in toe.


“Shit” was Kirsty’s response as I told her my predicament for the upcoming game.

“What are you going to do?” asked Helen, with a worried look on her face.

“I don’t know, I suppose I’ll just play my best and we’ll see what happens. I’m not looking forward to it though” I said just as we were heading down the stairs towards the dungeons for potions. I’m actually pretty good at potions, Professor Turner is surprisingly nice for a potions teacher, if only a little eccentric.

We got into our seats and I couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of foreboding. Maybe all this Albus Potter stuff is finally getting to me. I think he’s making me mental. I swear last year I was perfectly sane, I would never have spied on Slytherin or embarrassed myself needlessly. Yes I have made my decision. It is all down to Albus Potter and his stupid sexiness. I mean no bloke should be that hot. It’s just not fair on women-kind. I’m just ridiculous, I should be concentrating and all I can think of is Albus Potter.

“Anya…” I mean he’s just so hot “Umm, Anya…” and it’s just not fair “ANYA MOVE!” and he’s just… pushed me on the floor and my head hit the side of the table. WHAT THE HELL?!

“What… I, uhh, What?” I stuttered from underneath the form of Albus Potter who was currently laying on top of me.

“Your potion just exploded!” Albus said, although I’m not really sure because if I’m honest I don’t feel entirely with it. My head hurts

“Huh, what?” I said as he got off me and started dusting down his robes which looked like they were coated in a green sticky substance.

“I think you put in to many porcupine quills… I tried to tell you but you just kept putting them in… Anya are you okay?” the pretty boy said… hang on where am I again, I’m confused, he’s really hot did I mention that?

“Maybe someone should take her to the hospital wing? I think she hit her head, maybe she’s concussed?” Someone said in the background, I tried to look but it hurt my head so I stopped.

“Hmm, yes, she doesn’t seem entirely with it does she? Can you please escort Miss Parker to the hospital wing Mr Potter?” said a voice in the room

At this I felt someone grab my arm and pull me up before everything went fuzzy and then it just all went black….

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Who Is She?: Tactics


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