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Perfectly Imperfect. by missmalfoy_
Chapter 2 : Flashbacks, Confidence and Revenge.
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After the welcoming feast, I (reluctantly?) followed Scorpius up the stone steps outside the Entrance Hall to our Head quarters. No else in the school really knew where they were, which made it even more of a perfect location for my little party. Actually, scratch that last. Knowing Al and Scorpius, they would make sure it wasn’t a little party; more like the biggest thing Hogwarts had ever seen. Last year, they hosted a massive party for the sixth-years on the top of the Astronomy Tower and shit went down. Not that I was there, of course, but I heard all about it from the group. People were tremendously drunk, items of clothing were lost, virginities were lost (I don’t want to think about what Albus got up to, thankyou very much) and someone was dared to jump off the side of tower with only their wand. Thankfully, they escaped unscathed and thankfully, no teachers ever found out about this ‘epic’ party. It still makes me slightly sick inside to know my younger brother was invited and went. Who knows what he got up to under the influence of Firewhiskey and Muggle alcohol? I certainly didn’t, and I probably didn’t want to know.










It wouldn’t surprise me if Al and Scorp…Scorpius, wanted to top that party. Merlin save us all.










Anyway, Scorpius and I reached the door of our common room and I looked at him expectantly.










“Well what?” I sighed.





“What’s the password?” Scorpius looked worried.





“I don’t actually know…” I looked up at him more frantically.





“You’re fucking joking.” Scorpius sniggered.





“Of course I am. Gimbleweed Gnome,” he said to the portrait and it swung open. I pushed him in, still annoyed he wound me up.




















Fortunately, my annoyance at Malfoy could not mask how beautiful our common room was. It was decorated in lavish carpet and wallpaper, in deep colours of emerald and red- in respect to our houses, I assumed. There were two massive bookcases in the corner of the room, filled with my favourite books and some other ones I didn’t recognise. There were two plush couches in the middle of the room, with gold fluffy cushions and a decorative carpet. Two flights of stairs spiralled up into our separate dorms, and when I noticed them I glanced at Scorpius.










“Well uh, good night then,” I said, shuffling my feet. Scorpius looked up from the book he was inspecting and smiled (he actually smiled, I wasn’t hallucinating) at me slightly.









"Night Rose,” he replied and picked up the book, moving himself to the couch and lying down. I once again ignored his use of my first name and bounded up the spiralling staircase, eager to see what awaited me. I was amazed. A large four poster bed was set in the middle of a big room, with a fluffy doona and plenty of pillows and cushions. My possessions were already piled up in front of the massive wardrobe (Narnia here I come) and a full length mirror stood next to it. A door in the corner of the room was slightly ajar and I pushed it open, only to reveal a lavish bathroom, complete with a spa bath, shower big enough to fit a family of elephants and the standard sink, dresser, mirror and toilet.










I instantly stripped off my clothes, dropping them to the floor and filling the spa bath with hot water and bubbles by the bucketful. I leant back, washing my long hair and sighing blissfully. Maybe this year could be perfect, if I really tried and people cooperated with me and my grand plans.










That’s what they all say though.










I stepped out of my enormous bath and dried my hair magically, straightening and combing it also. I slipped on some warm flannelette pyjamas and crawled into bed, sighing as I cuddled into my teddy bear Trampy. It was a long, eventful day and it was only the beginning.











I woke up the next morning and practically rolled out of bed. Not exactly graceful at all. I hit the ground with a thump and let out an “oof”.









"Uh, Rose?” I heard a familiar voice and my head snapped up to see Scorpius standing in the doorway of my room, arms folded across his chest. He had at least the decency to look slightly awkward; after all, I was still in my pyjamas.









“What are you doing in here, Malfoy?!” I snapped, standing up quickly and brushing myself off, trying to look as dignified as possible, even if I was in my Elmo pyjamas. He sneered, a mask of indifference clouding his face at my rudeness.









"Breakfast will be over in half an hour, I thought I’d wake you up,” he answered and with that he stalked out of my room. I groaned and got dressed, walking to the full length mirror to look at my reflection. My red hair was unbelievably frizzy, despite me straightening it the night before. I sighed and waved my wand, finally settling with wavy hair. Close enough. My green eyes were accentuated by the gold flecks of eye shadow and my skin wasn’t too bad this morning. However, my uniform was not up to scratch. It was slightly too big for me (perhaps I lost some weight over the summer?) and my skirt was too long; reaching the middle of my knees. I took my wand off my bedside table and started adjusting my clothes. I took my skirt to just above my knees and loosened my tie, undoing the first button. I smiled.




















I didn’t want to seem like a slut, honestly. I just wanted to prove to people that I was something more than just ‘Rose Weasley- Class Snob and Old Reliable’, you know? I can have fun for sure and maybe, this year boys might actually come up and talk to me! Or at least, with my new attitude, I could be confident enough to speak to them. And I mean proper boys, as in the ones outside of my group. There’s a gorgeous guy in Ravenclaw called Carter Davies, and he’s smart and funny as well.










I hardly wanted to admit it to myself, let alone other people, but I kind of wanted to impress Scorpius. As much as I hated him, hated talking to him and hated being around him, I found myself scrambling for his approval. It was strange and irritating but that’s just how I felt. I had no clue as to why he was even being so nice to me, it was as if the old Scorpius I knew had disappeared and this new, nice, pleasant and mature guy had arrived. I could still remember the first day we met and, incidentally, when I started despising the boy.










It was time to go to Hogwarts, and I was as eager as ever. I had said goodbye to my parents and (very large) extended family, and a very excited, small Rose Weasley was walking up the corridor of the Hogwarts Express, searching for a compartment to reside in for the trip.










I had spent my whole summer pouring over my new school books and supplies, reading everything from cover to cover, experimenting with my potions equipment and sleeping with my wand under my pillow. I really was ready for Hogwarts and I couldn’t wait to start learning- I was very much like my Mother in this sense.










Anyway, as I was walking up the corridor, some idiot decided to stick their foot out of their compartment to trip me over. I stumbled and fell flat on my face, giving myself a carpet burn on one knee. Humiliated, I stood up to face my attacker. I was met with a group of Slytherin boys, and looked into the eyes of who seemed to be the ringleader of their little gang.










I remember Father telling me not to get too friendly with this guy. I think Mother, Father and Uncle Harry went to school with his father, and they didn’t get along very well at all. This boy had shaggy blonde hair, piercing blue-grey eyes and a slightly pointed chin. He sneered at me when he suddenly said,










“You’re a Weasley then, girl? My Father told me to stay away from scum like you. With a blood traitor for a Father and a Mudblood for a Mother, what hope do you have in this world, huh? Huh? Answer me, you piece of filth.”





I looked up right into his eyes at his words, shocked into silence, before my smart-arse manner snapped me out of my reverie.










“At least I’m not a pretentious twat like you, who has a Death Eater for a Father," I replied coolly, before turning on my heel and stalking off down the corridor, stopping a few doors down to catch Malfoy and his gang looking stunned. Served them right.










That was the day I swore to hate Scorpius Malfoy.










Now it was as if everything had changed. Well, of course things had changed but I don’t know. Malfoy wasn’t exactly mean to me anymore, it was as if he had changed. Granted, we’ve only been around each other for two days-possibly he was waiting for today to make his horrible move.










That was a cute trip down memory lane but I was starving. Breakfast time,










I decided to take a shortcut through a tapestry at the bottom of a flight of stairs, as breakfast finished soon and I was keen to eat some food to stock up for my first day of school. I also needed to get my timetable, and figure out which of my friends were in which classes.










I ripped a neat tear in the tapestry with my wand and stepped through carefully. I walked quickly down a corridor, before turning the corner and being met by something I really didn’t want to witness.










Scorpius Malfoy was kissing someone.










Scorpius Malfoy was proper making out, tongues and all, with some lucky (what are you talking about Rose?!) girl.










Scorpius Malfoy was kissing, proper making out, tongues and all, with Savannah Brown?!










Hold up. Let me tell you a few wonderful things about Savannah Brown.

I hate her.


She’s an absolute bitch. Even more than me, and I can be really mean. She has bullied me every single year I’ve been at Hogwarts (not this year hun, jokes on you).

She’s Hogwart’s token slut, even worse than May!

Did I mention I hate her?










SO what on earth was Scorpius doing making out with her? Did he not realise she has played tonsil tennis with at least half of Hogwart’s male population, probably 10 of them this morning to get her day going? And what was I doing, just standing here, watching them? I felt as if I was intruding on a private moment, though making out in a corridor isn’t exactly private. Especially in such a busy school like Hogwarts. No, the real thing that kept me standing there was that unmistakable feeling of anger, hurt and blind jealousy, bubbling up inside of me like a volcano threatening to erupt.









I had to say something.





I did something incredibly drastic.










I walked right up to the kissing couple (please tell me they’re not together) and tapped Scorpius on the shoulder, causing Savannah to gasp and pull away from him. Good. I opened my big, bloody mouth and exclaimed,





“Scorp! Babe, there you are, I’ve been looking for you all over! Now, have you been listening to Madam Collins and been using that ointment for your, ah…problem? She said as long as you use it twice a day, the itching and swelling should clear up in a day or two. She also gave me a few Muggle condoms; I’ve left them in my bottom drawer for you!” I finished with a big grin and Scorpius looked incredibly confused and quite pissed.










My little speech caused Savannah to look at Malfoy and I in disgust, mutter a quick “I’m outta here,” before she ran off down the stairs, without a look back. I stepped well away from Scorpius, slightly worried about his reaction. I was in the right mind to move away…he looked incredibly furious.










“What the hell was that about, Weasley?!” He yelled, not even attempting to keep his voice down for the sanity of the rest of the school.





“What are you doing with that whore?” I spat.





“Whore? Just because she can string a coherent sentence together to talk to someone of the opposite sex!” That stung.










“I fucking hate you,” he hissed, with utter hatred evident in his silky smooth voice.





“Yeah, well you know what? I fucking hate you too,” I replied and stalked off, trying to keep my breathing steady.










As I walked away, only one thought clouded my mind in a haze of anger.

























I stormed into the Great Hall and many eyes followed me as I walked to my seat in between May and Ariana. A few boys wolf whistled and I blushed, not used to the attention.





“Uh, Rose,” started Ariana. “What happened with Scorpius? The whole hall heard a LOT of yelling going on.”





I sighed. “I caught him snogging the face off Savannah Brown. It was for his own bloody good, she’s an utter slag.”





May rolled her eyes. “Everyone knows that, why does it matter that Scorp was making out with her? Pretty much every boy has!”





“It doesn’t matter…why it matters, okay? I just want to get her back.” May and Ariana gasped in unison.





“You like him, don’t you?” said Ariana, looking half concerned, half amused. I snapped my head up from the table.





“No, I bloody well don’t!” I replied haughtily.





“Well, if you’re sure...” Ariana smirked.  In desperate need of a change in subject!





“Anyway, have you guys got my timetable with you?” I said. May nodded and pulled a sheet of paper from underneath my cereal bowl. My timetable was as follows:










MONDAY: DADA, Charms, Lunch, Muggle Studies, Potions, Dinner.





TUESDAY: History of Magic, Herbology, Lunch, Free, Transfiguration, Dinner.





WEDNESDAY: Charms, Potions, Lunch, DADA, History of Magic, Dinner.





THURSDAY: Free, Herbology, Lunch, Transfiguration, Muggle Studies, Dinner.





FRIDAY: Potions, History of Magic, Lunch, DADA, Potions, Dinner.










I grinned; happy with what classes I had and promptly compared my timetable with May and Ariana’s. I handed them back and munched on some toast.





“We have every class together except for Muggle Studies!” I said.





“That’s good then, I wonder if we’re going to be in classes with other houses this year like last time,” said May as she shovelled her mouth with cereal.





“I hope not, Julian Mafferty wouldn’t stop pelting ink balls at the back of my head,” said Ariana. There was a creak as Albus sat down opposite me and I looked up.





“What are you doing here?” I asked, watching as he took my schedule from me.





“Comparing our timetables,” he said simply and he skimmed over both pieces of paper. He handed mine back without a word and I looked at him expectantly.





“Well?” I said, finishing my toast. Al had an expression on his face which was part way between a smile and a grimace.





“Did you want the good news or the bad news first?” he said, looking at me intently.





“Uh, good news I guess?”





“We have every class together!” exclaimed Al, throwing his arms out and grinning.





“Great! What’s the catch?” I asked.





“Well...I also have every class with your fave Scorpius.” My mouth dropped open in horror.





“Are you serious?!” I said, already freaking out.





“Deadly,” said another voice from behind Albus and Scorpius stepped into my view, his mouth set in a hard line. He didn’t look happy, though neither was I. Not only was being in every class with Malfoy going to be dead awkward, but I was still fuming from our massive argument this morning.










Defence Against The Dark Arts was going to be very interesting.

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