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I'll Hold You Forever My Slytherin Princess by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 5 : Is that MY Princess?!
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It had been a couple of days since the ‘father’ incident with Mia and Hermione had had a constant headache since. She had recently managed to acquire a new apartment, which had been a big issue with the Potter family.



Week ago



“Hermione, you don’t need to move out! We have a perfectly good bedroom for you and Mia right here!”



Hermione smirked as she saw the frustrated look on Harry’s face. His nose was scrunched up in concern with his arms folded firmly across his chest; he looked just like his miniature when he was angry.



Reaching to stroke her best friends face, Hermione said, “Harry, look, I’ve not bought the apartment; I’m just renting it out until the baby is born; I promised Ginny I wouldn’t leave.”



Harry didn’t look convinced. Instead, he shuffled towards the front door standing firmly in front of it. Hermione rolled her eyes at the lack of imagination that her best friend had and just her suitcases to the ground.



“Harry, it’s not like I don’t have any money. I still have a partnership with the bookstore I set up before I left six years ago, and my job at the florists is staying firm since I just bought the store; meaning I can have as much time off as I need- “



“Yeah I get all that Mione, but I don’t understand why you want to move out? We’re more than happy to have you live here with us until you go back to your cottage!” With a slight thump, Harry sat down onto the bottom step of the staircase. His house was similar to the one his Aunt and Uncle lived in at number 4 Privet Drive; every time he had to grab a broom from the cupboard under the stairs he was reminded of the earlier days of his life and how Hogwarts had become his saviour.



Hermione smiled sadly at the look of resignation on Harry’s face. She could understand why he didn’t want her to go; she’d only just returned to him after all this time. When she had first arrived at Potter’s household, the tension between the last of the Golden Trio was high, especially as it reminded the pair that the third member was gone. Hermione had enjoyed the time she had spent with Harry; it had reminded her of the good ol’ days but if she didn’t move out she knew that she would end up being suffocated.



Plopping down beside him she lent her head against his shoulder. “Harry, I know that I’m more than welcome here but in all honesty I need to leave, not just because you and Ginny haven’t had any privacy since I arrived, but being here opened up a lot of wounds that I thought had healed ages ago. I miss him Harry. Being around you and Ginny and even James…it just reminds me of the days that I had with him and what I missed out on.”



Harry leaned in closer and placed a comforting arm around Hermione’s shoulder.



“I won’t be far anyway, I’ll be two roads away and it’s not like I won’t be seeing you. I just want to get back some normality for Mia…and I need to sort some things out…alone.”



Hermione let her eyes wander over to the family pictures as she muttered this last part. She did indeed need to sort some things out…or more like something.



Harry didn’t seem to notice Hermione’s distraction but instead shuffled over to Hermione’s discarded bags, clasped them tightly in his hands and smiled, “Alright, where’s this apartment then.”



Back to present day



Now, looking around the half tidy apartment, Hermione sighed with impatience. It had taken her the whole week to travel to and from the cottage to bring their personal belongings to London and Mia was becoming rather intolerable; she didn’t like being cooped up indoors for too long.



Today, however, she had managed to pawn her off to Ginny where she was taking her and James to the Burrow; Hermione was going to meet up with them later after she had managed to pick up the Doll Malfoy had made Mia for her birthday. As well as that other thing.






“Yes Madam, the bears are quite chatty but they are designed to help build a child’s speech up and also gain confidence when talking to other children from a very young age.” Hermione peered around the corner to see Malfoy at the shop counter serving a middle aged woman who appeared to be holding the hand of a three year old.



The woman eyed the bear carefully, as it was about to bite her hand but, noticing the way the child was staring lovingly at it she sighed and handed over the correct money.



Hermione smiled as she the little girl bounced on the end of the woman’s arm; expressively happy with the new bear she was given. It took the most of the woman’s strength to make the child leave the store without knocking any of the merchandise over. The frustrated look on her face made Hermione suppress a giggle; she knew the look all too well and how hard it was to calm an overactive toddler once they were excited.



“Hey Granger.”



She spun around to see Malfoy standing only inches away from her; his dazzling smile spread wide across his face. Being this close to him, she noticed tiny sparkles of sunlight catch his platinum blonde hair; his deep grey blue eyes like pools of an ocean storm that could swallow her up whole.



“Are you okay Granger?”



She blushed as she noticed Malfoy gazing at her with curiosity; she’d obviously been staring. Nodding, she pointed to the grey box that was positioned on the counter.



 “Yes fine thanks, is that for me?”



Draco smiled and nodded, leading her towards the present. “Yes, I finished it just this morning. All I need to do is decorate the box and it’ll be ready to go. I was going to do this with one of my personal designs but since you’re here, you might as well do it.”



Hermione raised her eyebrows at him in wonderment, but followed all the same. Draco didn’t seem to notice her questioning gaze but instead was focusing all his attention on the box in front of the pair of him. Unexpectedly, he turned abruptly towards her and pointed his wand at Hermione’s temple. “Whatcha think you’re do-“ Hermione started to gasp but Draco shushed her with a finger to his lips and pulled the wand away. The brunette was a little disconcerted, as she noticed a yellowy silver strand of memory being pulled away from her brain. She wanted to interrupt the Slytherin Prince but was surprised to see the deep concentration that was etched across his face. Intrigued by this side of Malfoy she surveyed the scene before her. Malfoy had dragged the yellowy silver strand from her temple to the grey box that stood firm in front of them. Once it had no contact with Hermione’s head, he wrapped the strand around the box three times ending it on the top of the box.



“Imaginous desvigous” With a tap, the strand melded into the frame and became an intricate design of yellow and silver; swirls overlapped with tiny, delicate daffodil outlines merged into their centres. Looking more carefully, Hermione spotted the name Mia that wove in and out along the strand.



The Gryffindor girl gasped and stood back from the counter and Malfoy. He gazed after her in shock at her reaction.



“Do you not like it?”



Hermione gaped in horror at the glittering name of her daughter and pointed to it, “ did you know her na…name was-“ She couldn’t bear to utter the last part of her sentence; she was in fear.



Draco glanced at the name that had appeared over what used to be the plain grey box and shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t, you did.”



Hermione glowered at Malfoy with suspicion. “What do you mean; I did?!”



Draco was alarmed by the venom that coated Hermione’s speech and realised that whatever this name meant, it was important. “Well, this design…and name, they were in your head, your subconscious really…and I sort of pulled it out and placed it on the box.”



Hermione didn’t appear convinced which made Draco sigh with impatience, showing his old obnoxious self. “Think about it, the colour is yellow, which is the same as the doll and then the silver is memory, and well… the name is obviously of the person who you’re giving it too.”



There was a small silence between the two ‘used to be’ rivals and a browsing shopper decided to slip out of the shop feeling the dark tension in the air. The tinkle of the overhead bell broke the spell and Hermione suddenly felt sheepish.



“I’m sorry, I was just- I’m very protective, erm…” Draco held up his hand accepting the apology, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not the first time people have reacted like that and I don’t expect it to be the last.”



“So why not just tell them instead of risking your neck every time.” Hermione gave him a questioning gaze which made Draco grin a devilish smile, “Ah, you know me; always like living dangerously on the edge.”



He cleared his throat as he noticed that she was not amused by his obvious joke. Instead, she gazed around the whole of the store with a confused expression upon her face. “Malfoy, if you like to live so ‘dangerously’ why on Merlin’s earth do you work in a children’s store; I would have thought that would have been to ‘improper’ of you.” She sneered, reminding Draco of the days when they used to goad each other like cats and dogs; it frustrated him that she still viewed him in this way even after all they’d been through.



Turning away from her, so as not to indicate that she’d caused him any harm, he gathered the work book from the back of the counter and started shifting through it, trying to find the price of Hermione’s doll. Hermione on the other hand, detected the shift of Draco’s emotion from her ‘sixth sense’ that her daughter had expertly inherited from her. Understanding that she had upset him, she sighed and touched his arm lightly, stopping the vigorous turning of the pages.



He raised his consuming gaze to meet hers and once he saw that she was smiling, the two became comfortable with one another again. Well it’s not the first time you’ve felt comfortable with her, is it.



He shook this thought from his mind and decided to answer Hermione’s question. “I work here because it keeps me out of trouble. If I had stayed in the Malfoy business or even the Manor for that matter, it would have ended up consuming me just like it did my Father.” There was a moment of silence; Hermione immediately felt guilty for her brash judgement on Malfoy; he was different from the Ferret she used to hate. You know he’s different; you knew from ages ago.



He carried on, “I know that you probably think that I’m some spoilt heir to a massive fortune, and that I would consider this type of career as demeaning…but I honestly love my job and I feel that it’s made me a better person for it.” The pride and care he had for his store shone through his eyes and Hermione knew that this was no longer the same Draco Malfoy that had watched her being tortured on the floor of his Manor.



It was then that Hermione decided to broach the unspeakable subject. She knew that he would be able to take whatever information she gave him…about Mia and she had made a promise to her daughter. Standing firmly in front of him, determination covering her delicate features and her curls swaying slightly from the breeze of an open window; she looked like a faery warrior. “Malfoy, I think we should talk about us sleeping together. I know it was only for one night and we were both really, really drunk, however I think we should disc-“



She was stunned by the sudden tender stroke on her face. “I think we should too.” His stare was its own void, but instead of feeling cold and suffocated, Hermione felt a rush of feeling and emotion. Flashes of that night crossed her mind; the bar….laughter…skin.
The skin beneath his fingers began to grow warm and Hermione fluttered her eyelashes slightly at the remembered desire. She didn’t understand why he was showing her this side of him again but she wasn’t complaining.



As soon as it was there, it was snatched away again. Hermione focused and saw that Malfoy had moved away from her; the back of his neck red with embarrassment.



Clearing her throat, she tried looking anywhere but at his face. Her gaze fell towards the box again and smiled with gratitude. “It really is lovely…may I see the doll?”



Draco grasped at the change of subject, and launched into being the courteous shop assistant. Carefully, he gathered the doll into his calloused hands and positioned it onto the countertop.



“Here she is.”



Hermione gasped but this time it was of pure delight. The doll was the exact replica of the one she had imagined three weeks ago. The sun that shone through the shop window glittered onto the doll’s hair making her appear angelic; she was beautiful. What made her even more unique was the likeness she had to Mia. Hermione’s heart filled with love at the thought of her daughter opening this present and as she returned her gaze towards Draco, he spotted a single transparent tear fall from her honey brown eyes.



Seeing her reaction, Draco felt an enormous sense of pride. He had secretly spent even more time than anticipated on creating the doll, working day and night, through his personal time and even while serving customers. Seeing the affect it had on Hermione was worth all the time and effort he’d put in.



He watched as she picked up the doll delicately and twisted and turned it in her hands. Even though the doll looked like china it was designed to be hard wearing and was suited for even the youngest of children. Hermione’s eyes were alight with happiness and Draco felt the sudden onset of desire all over again. The moment that had just occurred between the two was something he had not anticipated but he hadn’t expected her to be so desirable. In truth, he thought that he’d never see the beautiful brunette again after their ‘one nighter’ but secretly desired too. When he’d found out that she’d disappeared from the Wizarding World he had spent days looking for some sign of her; he wasn’t without his tracking skills, being rich had some advantages.



However, to his disappointment, she could not be traced and he had admired the pure talent of her brains. No wonder she was always called the brightest Witch of our age.



Hermione smiled and pointed to towards the doll, “It really is beautiful, thank you ever so much; you don’t realise how much this means, and the amount you’re charging for it doesn’t seem enough.”



“It’s no trouble, I really enjoyed making this one; I’m actually quite relieved that I managed to get it right. Sometimes, if I’m given a lot of information to work with, I can over do the doll and it looks nothing like how the person originally pictured it.” He blushed with enthusiasm and joy over the praise he was being given, but noticed that Hermione was biting her lip as if something was wrong.



“Is there something the matter? Oh jeez have I over –done it?”



“Oh, no, I was just thinking of some other way to repay for this beautiful gift. I can’t honestly just pay you the full price and leave; it doesn’t seem fair to you, especially seen as it looks so good! How would you consider lunch at the Burrow this afternoon? I know that this may seem forward but I know for a fact that Ginny would be really interested in your line of work, especially as she thinks that she’s going to have a girl this time.”



Draco was caught by surprise from this sudden invitation and also a little wary. “Granger, it’s a lovely offer, and I’m very grateful that you appreciate the doll, but isn’t going to be a bit strained with me in the same room as Potter...I don’t think I’d be that welcome. I’m not exactly on the Christmas list”



Hermione waved off his statement with an air of nonchalance, “Don’t worry about it, I know we’ve had our differences in the past but Harry isn’t the one to hold grudges; he’s a truly honourable person and the Weasley’s are such loving people that I’m sure they won’t mind… although Ginny maybe a little fussy.”



Draco didn’t seem convinced but agreed. “Well, I guess I could come, just don’t expect it to be happy families; it wouldn’t surprise me if they chucked me out as soon as they set their eyes on me.”



“Oh stop fussing, look we’re different people now, if me and you can get along then I’m sure everyone else will, although I’d stay out of the Twins way if I was you; their bag of tricks can be dangerous. I’ll Owl Molly and tell her to add an extra place setting, let me just get the money out for you.”



Malfoy huffed and muttered, “Yeah but there’s a reason why we get ‘along’ so well.”



“What was that?” Hermione raised her eyebrow, daring him to repeat his words. He grinned weakly and replied, “Oh nothing just thinking about how good it will be.”



Hermione carried on staring, clearly unconvinced about his lack of explanation but after a short time, she’d managed to locate her purse and pull out the appropriate change for the doll. “Here you go 10 galleons, four sickles and 3 knuts. That’s right isn’t it?”



“Yep.” Draco nodded feeling like he’d agreed to something that was going to end badly – very badly. What is she thinking?! Like me and Potter are going to be all buddy buddy! I guess this gives us some time to talk things over-



“Malfoy are you okay? You’re looking a little pale?” He raised his head and quickly changed his expression from grudging to perfectly wonderful. Smiling, he said;



“Oh erm, I was just wondering, where would you like me to meet you? It wouldn’t be gentlemanly of me to turn up on my own without my da-“ Hermione’s look made him quickly change the end of the sentence to, “my dear friend Granger.” Few…she really can give an evil glare when she wants too! Guess I was getting the wrong idea about us going to ‘lunch’.



Hermione did not appear to have noticed Draco’s silent struggle but instead was thinking over her answer, “I suppose you can come meet me at my apartment. It’s on Victoria Avenue, the buildings called Appleby housing.”



Draco nodded; he knew the place well and accepted Hermione’s piece of paper that had her address on; it wasn’t too far from his Mother’s new cottage.



Smiling he placed the paper in his pocket and said, “See you in an hour then.”



Hermione smiled back, “Yeah, see you.” As an afterthought she turned back around and said, “Erm, Malfoy, we really do need to talk about ‘stuff’ this afternoon.”



Noticing the sense of urgency, he realised that this wasn’t just a repayment of his hard work; it really did have something important behind it. I’m sure it’s linked with the doll…or ‘Mia’ the doll is for.



“Okay.” He smile; which was infectious, made Hermione blush with a sense of excitement. She hadn’t felt this sensation for about six years; it felt like the void was getting smaller.



Walking past Flourish and Blotts she suddenly heard footsteps approaching. Turning to see if it was Draco, she found nothing except a cloud of smoky dust in front of her. Thinking it strange, she twisted on the spot and returned to her apartment.



Had she stayed a moment longer, she would have noticed the creepy looking hand that was reaching out to the space where she had recently occupied.






*Doorbell rings*






Once the door opened, Hermione felt a swirl of desire as she looked upon the handsome man standing before her. Draco was dressed in a light blue checked shirt with along with a grey tee beneath it. His jeans were dark blue, almost black, and they highlighted the muscles of his legs. His Vans were also of a light blue, matching his top but it was his eyes that were most accented; it made them seem powerful, soulful even; the tiny specks of grey around the irises were like clouds in a foreboding sky. His light hair bounced on his head with vibrancy that says ‘let’s party.’ He had clearly made the effort.



Hermione gulped slightly and smiled a warm welcome. “Hi, come in.”



“Thanks.” Shutting the door behind him he shuffled into the room unsure of where to go. He noticed the spacious living room and that most of the furniture was second hand however, Hermione had done well to disguise it as her own. Situated on the battered armchairs were soft purple cushions and vases of daffodils were dotted around the room, making it feel sunny and bright in the room. Moving pictures hung in perfect balance on the walls, while one was positioned neatly next to a retro lamp. It was the picture that Hermione treasured dearly; the one of her, Harry and Ron at the end of graduation.



Draco noticed the love and happiness that shone out of her eyes, and was saddened to think that she had suffered so much. He didn’t seem to notice what she was packing up to take to the Burrow; blankets, bits of food and some teddies, however he did see the thin lines of pain and sadness that were permanently etched into her skin; she would never get over what happened in her past.



The kitchen was tiled in a retro black and white décor but the cooker was a silvery colour; it was obviously a substitute. Noticing his surveying stare, Hermione piped up with;



“The decorating’s nowhere done. I’ve tried making it seem somewhat suitable but it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get it up to a decent standard.”



Draco looked confused. “Why don’t you just use magic, you’d be done in a matter of seconds.”



Hermione shrugged as if she wasn’t really bothered by the idea of magic. Truthfully she didn’t want Mia seeing her using her magic for even the most simple of tasks; she wanted her daughter to be able to take care of herself and not be lazy, but she didn’t think it was the right time to tell Malfoy about her daughter yet.



“I’d rather do it myself; I feel a sense of personal achievement when I do it by hand.”



Draco seemed incredulous but decided that he should not judge, it wasn’t his apartment and besides, she had lived like this for most of her childhood life. He guessed it was pretty hard breaking old Muggle habits sometimes.



“Here, could you carry some on these bags for me please, I’ll more than likely drop them while apparating.”



He agreed willingly, giving Hermione the opportunity to appreciate the deft muscles that protruded from his shirt. Sensing her gaze, he turned and watched as she twisted her head in the opposite direction, busying herself with her bags. He grinned mischievously obviously proud of his effect on the Gryffindor brunette. Making an effort to flex as he heaved the bags into a good gripping position, the pair apparated thinking of the ‘Burrow’.






A greying red haired woman was standing at the kitchen sink when she heard Hermione and Draco apparate in her homely living room. Turning, she saw the beautiful girl that she considered as her adopted daughter along with the broody stare of a boy that for so long had been the cause of Hermione’s troubles at school.



“Hi Molly.”



“Hello sweetie, now what do we have here.” If she was shocked to see Draco she did not show it but instead gave him a pat on the arm and asked him into her home. Remembering his manners, he thanked her with a warm smile and remarked on how lovely her necklace looked; it was one Arthur had bought her one Christmas.



Molly Weasley blushed and patted Draco’s cheek, “Oh why thank you.”



Hermione watched the pair with a silent thankfulness that they were getting along well. If there was one thing about Draco, it was that he had charm. Let’s just hope it isn’t as awkward when he meets Ginny and Harry…and…



Hermione was brought out of her revere as she realised that Molly was talking to her. “Hermione? Hermione are you listening to me? I said would you and Mr Malfoy be so kind as to take the salad out to the garden please, the twins have already set up the table.”



Hermione gave an unbelieving stare and replied, “Have they? Or is it their kind of setting up?”



The Slytherin blonde looked confused. “What’s the difference?”



The women started to laugh, Hermione giving a mischievous giggle, “You’ll see.” The pair started to head towards Molly’s beautiful garden but before Hermione left, she turned giving Molly a meaningful stare towards the blonde in front.



Molly followed her would be daughter-in-law’s gaze and nodded her approval. “I thought as much.”



Following the old Slytherin student outside she rolled her eyes to find the huge white table that the Weasley family had used so often before was floating in the air; the Weasley Twins laughing as put tea cups on their heads.






Ginny was desperately trying to counteract the Twin’s magic with her own but was failing miserably.



Hermione sighed, a hint of laughter showing at the corner of her lips. Draco watched the goings on with utter disbelief at such childish behaviour, that he ended up grinning. I would have never been allowed to do this at home with my family. Hermione tutted and managed to land Fred and George, the table and the cutlery expertly on the grass along with producing bolts that would hold the table down from anymore of the Twin’s excursions.



It took the Weasley clan a few moments to realise that their childhood nemesis was standing only a few yards away from them but, for some reason none could decide what to say. Ginny stood staring for a moment before reacting.



“What is he doing here?”



Hermione rolled her eyes again and decided to stand a little in front of the unwelcome guest. “He’s here because I invited him and Molly was fine with it. He made a beautiful present for Mia’s birthday and I thought you might be interested seen as your presuming this one is a girl.” Ginny seemed unsure of what to respond but was saved by Harry walking round the corner with Arthur Weasley.



The pair raised their eyebrows at the presence of Draco Malfoy, but nodded to him in respect, while Harry turned to put a comforting and maybe restraining arm around his wife’s shoulders.



Draco nodded back and extended his hand to Arthur, “Thank you for welcoming me into your lovely home.”



Arthur smiled, “My pleasure,” turning to Hermione, “Is Molly in the kitchen?”



Hermione smiled and gave Arthur a quick squeeze as she replied, “Isn’t she always.” With that Father Weasley left to go help his wife, leaving the children in an awkward silence. As always, Harry being the martyr, decided to start up conversation.



“So, Malfoy, what’s your line of work?”



Draco rubbed his neck and knew that he was going to regret saying his occupation in front of the Weasley twins. “I actually own a children’s store not too far away from Weasleys Wizard Weazes. I also create specially designed dolls for customers using their imager; it’s what I did for Granger.”



The Twins started sniggering making Draco blush with embarrassment but Hermione decided to step in. “Yeah it was for Mia’s birthday.” She looked towards the happy couple and gave them the same stare that she had given Ginny’s mother. Harry seemed confused but Ginny gasped and immediately plastered a smile over her face. “Oh right, well, yeah you might be right Hermione, I guess we can talk business after lunch Malfoy.”



He seemed surprised at Ginny’s sudden change of attitude and wondered if it had something to do with what Hermione said about this ‘Mia’ kid. Feeling like he was being left out of the loop, he felt grateful for the confused expression on Potter’s face. At least I’m not the only one.



“So Potter, what’s it you do now?”



Harry shrugged, “Oh just working as an Auror for the Ministry, I would say it’s amazing but once you stop one bad Wizard you stop them all, know what I mean.”



The Weasley clan laughed at the inside joke and Draco felt himself smile. The family was easing him in and they were doing it because he was a guest of Hermione’s. There were no fights, angry comments or snide remarks, just casual small talk and friendly chatter. It was the first time he felt like he was a part of something.



 However the appearance of James rushing through the trees with a Centaur’s speed, disrupted the peaceful feeling of home.



Ginny and Harry automatically turned in time to catch their son and the three started giggling as James squeezed each parent tightly. Hermione smiled and even Draco felt a slight tingle of jealousy. I have no one.



“I won!” James held up his arms in triumph and grinned at his parents. Ginny beamed back and chucked him under the chin while giving him a quick peck on the cheek.



Harry stroked his son’s other one with a glint in his eye and replied, “Won what Son?”



James bright green eyes widened, as if he was surprised by his father’s lack of understanding, “The race of course, Mia lost.” Draco perked up at the mention of the name ‘Mia’. That’s weird; Granger said it was a friend’s kid…maybe one of the twins had a kid.



The next moment Mia’s bright yellow curls came bouncing through the trees making her look even more like a faery princess than ever. There was an air of royalty about her as she floated across the grass, landing neatly in front of Hermione.



Her dazzling smile brightened as she waved to the newcomer that was standing only slightly off from her mum, “Hey mummy, hey mister. Mummy who is he?”



Hermione stood stock still as she focused her full gaze onto her beautiful daughter. The tension that had possessed the air a little earlier was enclosing the adults all over again. She didn’t dare to turn around but instead bent down to give her daughter a tight squeeze. Draco, on the other hand, stiffened at the mention, ‘mummy.’



He stared at the little girl’s hair and was instantly reminded of his own, mixed with a golden brown tint. Without thinking, he turned to Hermione and stared at her colourful brown bangs. Mia watched him with an intense baby blue gaze, following his robotic movements.



Realising that he was being watched, he smiled sweetly at her, which caused Mia to dazzle him with a smile of her own. It was as if she was a personal ball of sunshine; he was feeling overwhelmingly warm and fuzzy, something he had never felt before. All he wanted to do was scoop the little angel in his arm and keep her forever. She titled her head in a way that was so like Hermione that Draco felt choked. She reached towards him; her tiny little palm shiny pink as she patted Draco’s cheek. Hermione’s eyes were widened in shock at the silent conversation that was going on between her former lover and her only daughter.



The Weasley clan watched on silently; Ginny was smiling through happy tears while Harry was still trying to catch up. Fred and George were grinning in a devilish way, while winking at Hermione. She glared.



“Well well well, looks like Hermione was getting down with her-“



“dark side!” The twins laughed and started nudging each other until they were hit with a bat bogey hex. Draco was unaware of the goings on however; he was still too intrigued by the gorgeous little girl before him. Without any restraint, he touched a bouncy curl that was lying expertly on her forehead, brushing it away from her eyes.



“Hi, my name’s Draco.”






Draco deliberated for a moment before asking, “Mia, how old are you?”



Mia stood proudly and placed the palm of her hand right in front of Draco’s nose; all the fingers were stretched as widely as they could go. “Five, I’ll be Six in a week.”



 Draco nodded and ruffled Mia’s hair lovingly then turned to Hermione.



The Gryffindor Brainiac was staring in horror, frozen stock still. “We need to talk.”






A/N: Okay so you asked for Dramione did I succeed? I had major writer’s block and had no idea how to broach the Hermione/Draco subject without spoiling the relationship too much so please don’t hate me if you think I ruined the story. How did you like the ending though? Good? Bad? Need a bit of work? I won’t obviously make any changes to it until I’ve managed to finish the story but feedback is always welcome, please be gentle with me though – it took ages to try and get it to this standard. Please read and review and tell me what you think J

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