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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives by hiral05
Chapter 6 : Somethings come along and burst our bubble
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“The boys and girls in the clique, the awful names that they stick, you’re never ganna fit in much, kid” Teenagers – My chemical Romance.

Nobody spoke about anything that happened at the dorm party, not Remus’ secret, not me not telling anyone my secret, not them finding Sirius and I in a bed together in the morning and certainly not anything to do with why we were in the same bed. The only thing we did talk about and make jokes about were the dares we all did. Sirius in a Gryffindor cheerleading outfit was the butt of most jokes.

A few weeks had past and now we were all sitting in the one class we had all taken, charms. Flitwick never assigned us partners and that was how we liked it, I paired up with Lily and she kept my grade high in charms.

‘Right, so this charm requires a lot of attention and skill to master the exact hand movement’ Flitwick was saying ‘Last lesson was an absolute catastrophe so I think that today I will choose partners and that way everyone will concentrate and some people other than Lily, James and Sirius will master the spell’

The three looked at each other smugly and then looked around to the rest of the class who were looking on in fear of who they would be partnered with. If you were partnered with someone that you didn’t know, you hardly spoke to them apart from when necessary. In other classes the teachers had stopped choosing our partners because we were now in 6th year, but it seemed Flitwick had taken a different approach. Allow us to pick from 1st year through to 5th and then start choosing for us in 6th year.

‘Right so, I would say Lily you pair up with Mimi, you can help her, Potter pair up with Elizabeth Thomas and Sirius you pair up with Ms Lander over here’ Oh shit, this is exactly why choosing partners isn’t good, he doesn’t know the histories between the students. Fucking hell.

Elizabeth went over to Flitwick and began to speak to him then Flitwick laughed and said ‘Don’t be so silly, go and work with Mr Potter over there’

Flitwick continued choosing partners and I saw Elizabeth sitting a little away from James and practising her charm with no success. James looked so confused, caught my eye and shrugged before moving closer to Elizabeth and attempting to help her with her charm. She then turned slightly away and didn’t meet James’ eye before practising again.

‘Hey Sirius’ I said as he came over to me ‘How weird is that Ravenclaw girl Elizabeth acting?’

Sirius looked over and surveyed the situation before saying ‘She probably likes him’

I rolled my eyed, picked up my wand and said ‘Help me with this charm then’

The lesson went smoothly with me and Sirius cracking jokes but the rest of the class didn’t seem to happy with their partners.

‘Ok, everyone’ started Flitwick ‘time to pack up’ then Elizabeth went over to him again and said something, Flitwick nodded his head.

‘Right everyone’ and everyone stopped packing up and looked at him on his pile of books.

‘After dinner, I want all of you in here’ and everyone looked round in bewilderment ‘I do this with every 6th year class around half way through the year but I guess your class needs it earlier’ His eyes lingered then he said ‘chop chop, let’s go’

‘What was Flitwicks whole I do this with every year thing about?’ asked Mimi while we all sat down for lunch.

‘I have no idea, but something that Elizabeth girl said sparked it off’ said Sirius.

‘I know! How weird was she acting, I hope I wasn’t mean to her’ said James worriedly.

‘No I don’t think it was anything you did James, I this is something else’ I said.

‘I cant believe Flitwick, he partnered me with Janvi Patil, that should be illegal’ said Lola as she sat down at the table next to Lily.

We all laughed but Sirius said ‘Her sisters hot though’

‘Who’s her sister’ asked James while I just focused on my food.

‘She’s in Hufflepuff, Janki Patil, she’s a year older than Janvi’ replied Sirius.

‘Oh I know who you’re talking about’ said Remus.

‘You don’t think she’s hot do you Remus?’ asked Mimi

‘Of course not’ said Remus simply before putting another mouthful of pie in his mouth.

Elizabeth was passing our table when James called out ‘Hey Thomas’ and she turned around wide-eyed ‘Y-yes?’

‘What did you say to Flitwick to make us come back after dinner?’

‘It wasn’t what I said, I had nothing to do with it, I don’t know what’s happening either’ she said quickly before running off to her friends.

‘It’s weird, I’ve never really noticed her before today’ I said.

‘Neither, except I partnered with her in transfiguration in 2nd year or something and she set my hair on fire’ said Mimi.

‘Oh yeah, and Sirius, James and Lily spent the whole evening looking for a spell to get it back’

‘Well, whatever this thing is about, we’ll just have to wait and see’ said Peter.

‘Flitwick wouldn’t torture us would he?’ asked Lola and we all laughed.

Peter and I were walking from Transfiguration and came across Elizabeth, Janvi and Chiara walking towards the fourth floor stairs.

They were about to walk straight past us before I said ‘Did you guys put your stuff down in your dorm before going to charms or are you going straight there?’

They turned around surprised and said ‘We’re going straight’ and then paced hurriedly towards the stairs.

‘Was it just me, or were they acting weird?’ asked Peter as we made our way towards the stairs.

As we walked in Lily, Lola and Sirius were already there. Peter sat next to Lola and I went to sit down next to Sirius. I was going to go for the chair next to Lola but Peter got there first. James came in with Remus and Mimi so he sat next to me while Remus and Mimi sat in front of us.

Flitwick levitated himself up onto the pile of books and began ‘Is everybody here?’

‘Yeah, I can’t see anybody missing’ said Lily looking around the classroom.

‘Yes there is’ snapped Elizabeth ‘Lucas Turnboil isn’t here yet and Lily didn’t notice’

‘Alright Elizabeth she made a simple mistake’ I said rolling my eyes then smiling at Lily who was shocked.

‘Yeah well, if one of you weren’t here then everyone would have noticed’ said Janvi looking at me with daggers.

Lucas walked in looking flustered and went to sit down next to Janvi ‘did I miss anything’ he said.


I turned around after giving Janvi a dirty look, what did she mean? Why are they all acting as if they hate us?

‘Ok, I assume that you are all wondering why I have gathered you here’ and we all nodded in unison.

‘Let me explain briefly’ he said ‘So, every year group has different classes of people, the popular people that you would call jocks or cheerleaders, the geeks, the gobstones, the I don’t know what to say, loners?, I hate to say but what do you call them? The losers?’

‘So as of right now, while you have two years left of Hogwarts, I want you to hear everybody out, I know it won’t change your groups or cliques, but maybe it will help you stop labelling each other and look at each other in a different light’

‘I wasn’t expecting that’ Sirius whispered to me and I nodded ‘This is going to be hell’

‘I’m going to put a few generalised labels on the board’

He pointed his wand at the board and the words ‘Popular’ ‘Queen B’ ‘Geek’ ‘Loner’ ‘Loser’ ‘Friendly’.

‘Is he talking about friendly as in slutty or friendly as in nice because I know which one you’d fall under’ I said to Sirius.

He let out a bark of laughter ‘Let’s not get into this territory’

‘Elizabeth Thomas what label would you put on Lola?’ said Flitwick. Elizabeth looked shifty then said ‘Popular’.

‘Oh please, I am NOT popular, I’m so a loner, I always sit in my dorm drawing and being anti-social’ retorted Lola.

Elizabeth scoffed ‘Really? Lola Livingstone not popular’ she said sarcastically ‘Your best friends are the Gryffindor cheerleaders, the head cheerleader at that, and your friends with the marauders, if you’re a loner I’m a fobberworm’

The whole class went silent.

‘Head cheerleader got a mention’ whispered Sirius.

‘Right, Lola what would you label Elizabeth?’

‘Well she’s definitely not friendly’ said Lola.

‘Ok, so what is she?’ prodded Flitwick.

‘I don’t know, I guess she’s a....’ Lola stopped before glancing at Lola ‘A loser’ she sighed.

‘Right, next what would the whole class label Sirius Black’


‘James Potter?’


‘Jemini Lander’

‘Queen B’

‘W-what?’ I stuttered around to the whole class.

‘Save it Jemini’ said Janvi.

I shot her a dark look and settled back into my seat, I am NOT  fucking queen B. I’m not a bitch.

‘Chiara what would you label Lily Evans?’ asked Flitwick.

‘I would say Geek, but she’s a cheerleader, has the head cheerleader as her best friend and one of the most popular guy in the school is completely head over heels in love with her, so, she’s Popular’

Lily looked abashed and refused to look at James who was staring at her.

After we had finished everybody elses labels usually falling under ‘geek’ ‘loner’ or ‘loser’ while Remus, Mimi and Peter got ‘popular’.

‘Now I’m going to pick you all partners and you’ll speak for 10 minutes and then you will report back to the class with what you have learnt about them, a minimum of three things’

‘One galleon he puts me with Miss Elizabeth Thomas over there’ I said to Sirius.

‘You’re on’ he said sitting up straighter ‘One Galleon he’ll put me with Janvi’

‘Two Galleons coming my way because I think you’ll end up with Chiara’

‘Jemini Lander and Elizabeth Thomas’ called out Flitwick.

I put my hand on Sirius’ shoulder as I got up and said ‘I’ll take my galleon any time’

‘Sirius Black and Chiara Manning’

I sat down in the row behind next to Elizabeth and leaned forward to Sirius who was motioning for Chiara to come and sit next to him ‘Correction, Two galleons any time’

He shook his head playfully ‘You’ll have to fight me for it’

‘I will’ I said as he winked.

‘Oh please, are you two done?’ said Elizabeth.

‘Fine, tell me three things about you Elizabeth’ I said.

‘See if you even paid the least bit of attention to people outside of your social circle you would realise that everyone calls me Beth’

‘Fine Beth, two more interesting details about your life’

‘You could seem a little more interested’

‘I could, but I wont’

‘Great, I was about to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I guess the queens B’s just don’t care about losers like me’

‘It’s only because you were horrible to us earlier’

‘It’s only because you’ve never thought to speak to me throughout these 5 years’

‘Point taken’ I said ‘Ok, so what else is there to know?’

Beth smiled and said ‘I hate cheerleaders’

My eyes narrowed ‘Why?’

‘I don’t know, always have’

‘That’s not a very good reason but I’ll take it and, you’ve got one more’

‘In the fourth year, I tried to dress like you because I wanted to be popular and on the Hogsmeade trip I dressed up like you and when we were lining up to go out you and Mimi noticed me, and everyone started laughing at me. Including Sirius Black who you knew I had a crush on at the time’

I frowned and before I could say anything she said ‘You don’t remember do you?’

‘Im sorry’

‘My turn’

‘Don’t worry, I know three things about you to say’

‘Times up’ shouted Flitwick. I glanced at Beth but she was staring intently ahead.

‘Right let’s start with Lily and Lucas’ As they stood up James shot daggers at Lucas for being paired with Lily. If I’m honest Lucas looked really nervous even being in that close proximity with Lily. I couldn’t help but giggle.

Beth shot me a sharp look and I stopped.

Everybody went by and then last of all it came to Beth and me.

I went first ‘Well, I didn’t know that everyone called her Beth because I hadn’t spoken to her properly before’ I stopped and looked ashamed round the classroom ‘She hates cheerleaders but has no reason for why she does’ I said as I shot her a look ‘and in the fourth year....’ should I say this?

‘I was a complete bitch to her and I didn’t even know’

‘Language Miss Lander’

‘Sorry Professor’

‘Good work Jemini, Elizabeth would you like to step up?’

I went to sit back down next to Sirius while Elizabeth started speaking.

‘I didn’t find anything out from Lander, because I already know a lot about her, as does everyone in this room, heck everyone in this school, who doesn’t know something about Jemini?’

What the fuck? Is that me she’s talking about?

‘One thing I know is that she doesn’t have any clue just how popular she is, second of all she does all these things without knowing, like she’ll talk to one person maybe someone who’s had a crush on her since 1st year and make their whole day and to her it’s nothing, something she won’t remember past dinner’

‘Third of all, I know that Sirius Black is almost as in love with her as James Potter is in love with Lily Evans, and she doesn’t even realise’

WHAT? What did she just say?

 I glanced at Sirius and he was just looking down at his hands.

I looked at Flitwick and cursed him for even doing this shit thing. I don’t even know what to call it. What is the point?

‘I know you all must be wondering...what the point in all of this? I just wasted my evening, I hate Flitwick’ said Flitwick ‘But, this was to change your views of one and other and maybe make some new friends because once you’re out of Hogwarts all these labels and status’ they’re nothing, they disappear’ he clicked his fingers ‘to the land of the unknown, and then what are you going to do? You can’t live out your lives in these labels, just remember that, ok?’

I’ll remember that.


I kind of know that you guy’s are thinking ‘ah this wouldnt happen in hogwarts’ but this is my fanfic and if I want it to happen in Hogwarts, it will. Also I wanted this chapter to open people’s eyes about labels and how status works in secondary school. I know that my main character is popular etc. but a lot of fanfics are about the outsider but I just wanted mine to be a teen drama that focuses of teen problems and just light hearted and nice to read. Hope you all like it, and if you have time, please leave a review. It’d make my day if you did, thank you!

Lots of love from HP

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