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Escape by caomoyl
Chapter 1 : Escape
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One day I will escape. I will manage to get away from him. Heís so stupid. Heíll never get anywhere in life. She doesnít help. She just makes him stand out and look more like the loser and idiot that he is. I donít know why he isnít a Hufflepuff; he always seems to find me no matter where I hide. But I will escape one day, I just know I will.

I donít know where I would go. I canít exactly go anywhere fast. I would have to sneak around unseen. My attempts at that have been unsuccessful so far, so what is the point? If I am always going to fail, then I should just give up and accept that this is how I must live.

A dorm is no place for me. I need to be back with my friends. I canít though, they are too far away. Itís so unfair; we toads donít have anywhere to go here. The owls get the Owlery, the cats can roam free and even Scabbers has a better life than me and he is under constant threat of being eaten. Me? I can attempt to hop down to the lake every so often, spending the whole time trying not to be stepped on.

I never make it far enough though. Everyone is so used to Neville losing me that they catch me as soon as they see me. Some donít even return me! The nerve of them! They put me in stupid places that I canít get myself out of. My only hope if that happens is to croak loud enough to get someoneís attention so that they can get me down.

I do feel sorry for Neville sometimes though. I mean, it canít be easy being so stupid, being constantly bullied and subjected to ridicule-sometimes because of me. Thatís another reason I need to get out; he can get a new pet, one that wonít make him the target of everyoneís jokes.

Maybe I could talk to Crookshanks. Get him to take me to the lake. No one questions him when he walks around the castle. Lucky thing! He could get away with going to the lake too; they will all just assume heís going to catch some fish. Do cats eat toads? Iíve never really spoken to Crookshanks. In fact, Iíve only spoken to him once, when I was stuck on top of a pillar and he was laughing at me for it. Iíll have a word with Scabbers, he might know, having been nearly eaten himself several times.

I wonder if there are any more toads living down by the lake. Iíve never seen them around here before, but then Iíve never been able to get close enough to the lake to check there. I wonder if Scabbers would go down there for me? Or maybe Crookshanks, if he doesnít eat toads. I shall talk to Scabbers tonight and see what he can do for me. Heís usually pretty good with things like this. Itís almost human, the amount he knows. Though he has been passed down from Percy to Ron, so he must know the place pretty well.

Scabbers is my best friend. The only one who will help me with whatever crazy plan I come up with. I guess he must kind of know how I feel since there are basically no other pet rats here either, he does stick out like I do. In fact, I think I can hear him coming up here right now. Yes, thatís definitely his squeaks. Time to go tell him my plan!


I hope you liked this! It was a kind of a spur of the moment thing where I thought it would be a good idea, so I hoped it worked! A big thank you to Giola for betaing this for me!

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