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A Green Rose by Moaning Myrtle 7
Chapter 3 : Arithmancy
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Rose slid in beside Tabitha at breakfast, and immediately laid her head on the table. It was the earliest she had got up since the end of last term, and had not yet got used to forcing herself out of bed before twelve o’clock. She slowly lifted her head and began to shovel cereal into her bowl. She poured in the milk, and banged the jug back onto the table, causing some of the milk to spill onto the table.

‘You should be more careful, Rose.’ A wand reached over her shoulder and vacuumed the spilt milk. Rose looked up at her boyfriend and smiled for the first time that day. Rose got up from the table and hugged him, kissing him lightly on the cheek.

Toby was a Ravenclaw, and he was very attractive. He had dark brown hair, which was swept over his forehead in a fringe. His green eyes were always smiling, and Rose was quite happy gazing into them for entire evenings. Rose had been going out with him since last Christmas, and they had become something of a celebrity couple around school. Toby was embarrassed by all the attention, but he loved Rose enough to put up with it.

‘I’ll come back when you get your schedule and I’ll walk you to your first lesson.’ Toby bent down and kissed Rose, before walking to the Ravenclaw table. Rose watched him pat his friend on the back and sit beside him. Rose watched him scoop a pancake onto his plate and take a bite. Tabitha nudged her best friend, who turned to glare at her.

‘Stop staring at him. It’s weird.’ Tabitha poured pumpkin juice into Rose’s cup.

‘Why? He’s my boyfriend, I can stare at him if I want to,’ Rose replied indignantly. Still she sat back down on the table and started eating her cereal.

Rose had nearly finished her cereal when Professor Phipps rushed into the hall, with a stack of papers. He set them at the end of the Gryffindor table and took out his wand. The other Heads of Houses did the same at the ends of their tables. Professor Phipps murmured an incantation, and the papers flew into the air, one landing in front of each of the students.

Rose looked down at the sheet that had been plunged into her lap, seeing it was her class schedule. She scowled when she saw she had classes with the Slytherins. However, she felt better when she saw she had Arithmancy first that morning.

Rose couldn’t really explain why she loved Arithmancy so much, although she knew that her mother had enjoyed it during her time at school. She loved the idea that numbers could be used to predict the future, found it comforting that something as solid as numbers could bring a formula to something so unpredictable. Although her reasons made her sound like a control freak, Rose loved structure and plans and lists and itineraries. With something as temperamental as magic, the fact she could use her head instead of her wand was refreshing.

That wasn’t to say, however, that Rose wasn’t gifted with a wand. She seemed to excel in all subjects. She was, unarguably, one of the cleverest in her year. Most people weren’t surprised of this considering her mother was Hermione Granger, but Rose didn’t just have the lucky genes of her mother. She had read often when she was younger, and continued to spend most of her time in the library. Toby often told her that she should have been in Ravenclaw, but she found this comment laughable. She was a Weasley after all.

Toby appeared beside Rose and asked if she was ready to go. She grabbed her bag and said goodbye to Tabitha, as they walked into the Entrance Hall.

‘What have you got first?’ Toby took the class schedule from Rose’s hands and read it, the spot between his eyebrows creased as he concentrated. Rose smiled. ‘Arithmancy, that’s good. Hey, it’s right next to my class.’

‘Which is…?’

‘Defence Against the Dark Arts. Not bad- Pip is a good teacher.’ Rose nodded in agreement. They climbed the stairs and jumped onto a staircase just as it began to switch. They went up the stairs and down a corridor, before Toby pulled Rose behind a statue of a humpbacked woman.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in. She smiled as she put her face up to meet his. They kissed for ages, only coming up for air when it was vital for them to survive. Eventually, Toby stepped back and came out from behind the statue. Rose followed once she was certain her red cheeks had returned to their normal colour. Toby took her hand and pulled her along as if nothing had happened.

‘Just felt like doing that, sorry.’

‘Don’t apologise, now I don’t feel too bad about having lessons with the Slytherins,’ Rose rolled her eyes in disgust at the thought.

‘Well, at least you’ll be in the same class as Albus.’ Toby squeezed her hand lightly.

‘Yes, but he’s not really a Slytherin.’ Toby laughed and let go of her hand to swing his arm around her shoulder.

They stopped outside Rose’s classroom and said goodbye. Rose watched Toby go down the hall before slipping into Arithmancy.

‘Miss Weasley, where have you been? The other students have been here for over 15 minutes.’ Professor Vector stared at Rose expectantly.

‘I got… delayed, Professor. The staircase changed and I had to come a different way.’ Professor Vector nodded and seemed to relent. She had always liked Rose because of the passion she showed about the subject, and was slightly easier on her than the rest of the students. ‘Well, I’m afraid the seats have already been assigned. Go and sit there, next to Mr Malfoy.’

Rose turned in horror, staring at the empty seat as if Lord Voldemort was in it. She walked towards the seat and flopped down, turning to Scorpius, who looked amused at her reaction.

‘You irritate me in any way and I’ll send you to the hospital wing before you even begin to defend yourself.’ Rose gave Scorpius a glare- things had been going so well until that point.

The first half an hour of the lesson was uneventful, with the two ignoring each other unless they were forced to talk to each other. Rose was busy working on a particularly hard number grid, which Professor Vector had assigned for the last half of the lesson. Beside her, Scorpius was working on the same puzzle, but he was struggling with it more than Rose. He dipped his quill in the inkpot, although he didn’t have an answer to fill in.

He looked back at his grid and suddenly realised what should go in one of the boxes. He forcefully pulled out his quill, accidentally sending the inkbottle flying. The ink inside it flew everywhere also, and, unfortunately for Scorpius, went mainly on Rose.

Automatically, he pulled out a tissue handed it to Rose, who was dripping in the black liquid. She swatted his hand away and glared at him for the second time during the lesson. She picked up her schoolbag and went to the bathroom, but not before she whispered something in Scorpius’ ear.

‘You are so dead…’

Scorpius believed her.


Author’s Note:

Third chapter already! I can’t believe it, I’m usually a really lazy person!
Thanks for reading this chapter, and I hope you’ll give the others a look too!
Please leave a review to tell me what you think; I’m always looking to get better!
I hope you’ll read the rest when I post it, at the rate I’m going it won’t be very long!


DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters, as they all belong to the amazing J.K Rowling!

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