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Behind the Mask by Juicey_Moosey
Chapter 1 : The Façade
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  Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own anything you recognise; all credit goes to their respective owners.

^^Beautiful Chapter Image of Tiff by the lovely AstoriaViana @ TDA




“And the two lucky students going to stay with our partner school; South Dakota’s School of Sorcery ARE….”


Not me. Not me. Not me. Not me. Not me. Not me. Please Merlin I beg you!


“Tiffany Broadhurst”




Why Merlin! Why! What did I do to deserve this!?!


Other than staring that riot.


And scaring Trelawney enough to make her leave.


Well because no one actually liked her, that shouldn't technically count, but I’m not going to argue with you Merlin.




Not Potter. Not Potter. Not Potter. Anyone but Potter!


“Albus Potter!”


Fucking. Perfect.


This is all Potters fault.


Seriously; if he hadn’t kept trying to piss me off during divination, I probably wouldn’t have gone batshit at Trelawney when she started to predict my death.




Maybe I would have; but this is Trelawney we’re talking about, no one actually liked her.


Not even the Hufflepuff’s were that nice.


I mean there’s a limit to how many prophecies of imminent death a person can take.


You would have thought that the fact that no one has actually died yet would make her stop. But no… we have to have a prophecy ever bleeding month.


There was actually a group organizing the bets on who's she'd predict next.


Quite sad really.


And the riot…Well that was just the result of it all; it gave them a reason to rebel.


See! It's all Potter's fault!


Well it's also McGonagall's as well because it was her bright ides to put all the "troublemakers" names into the raffle for the two "Lucky" students going on the exchange trip; as well as the names of the few that actually wanted to go.


"Miss Broadhurst and Mr Potter , you need to come to my office after the meal tonight, as you are leaving tomorrow."


Controlling bitch.


"Don't forget; your representing Hogwarts, so you two will both be on your best behaviour."


Screw this.


I stood up and walked straight out the hall, semi- aware of the whispers and the teachers calling after me.


I had made it half way to the common room before a voice stopped me in my tracks.


"Oi! Broadhurst! Come here you nutter!"


Professor Luke Jacobs: one of the most 'mature' people in the whole of Hogwarts.


I laughed and let myself be engulfed in his arms.


This isn't what it sounds like.


Seriously, get your mind out gutter.


"How pissed is she?"


"Oh royally, I still can't believe she didn't expect that reaction, I know I did."


"Are you trying to say something about me?"


He laughed and held me at arms length.


"Yes Tiff, you my dear, are a psychotic bint."


I gasped.


"Well you have the maturity levels and brains of a 3 year old."


"If so, how'd I get me teaching degree, eh?"


"I dunno, they must have been handing them out on the street or something."


"Damn, you knew?"


We erupted into laughter.


"Come on, we really need to go to the head's office, McGonagall will be waiting for us to come back."


"Luke please…"


"Now Tiff."






"Don't! You of all people should know not to!"


"Tiff, I'm sorry, I forgot alright, please Tiff..."


"Whatever, forget it."


"Come on…"




We walked in silence.


"Tiff, don't be like this"


"I can be however the fuck I want."


"Fine. Just don't get yourself expelled."


He knocked on the door twice.


"Come In!"


As we entered, I felt McGonagall glaring daggers at me.


"It's rude to stare." I muttered.


"Excuse me?!"


"I said, it's rude to stare."


"How dare you speak to me like that!"


"Then why speak to me like that?!"


"Because I'm your headmistress and I'm allowed to."


"That doesn't give you any right."


"You really are quite rude."


"Oh sweetie, I can do way worse then this."


"I can't believe your audacity."


"I can't believe you were so naive"






I sauntered out, laughing as soon as I stepped over the threshold.


Don't judge, she was being a right bitch.


Luke followed me not to much later, with papers under his arm and a parcel.


"My office. Now." He growled


If he was head of Slytherin, do you think he would of hissed?


Ahaha, I'll have to ask him to hiss sometime.


I skipped all the way to his office, throwing open the door and sitting in the scarlet red chair opposite his desk.


He walked in closing the door.


"Bloody Hell Tiff, she is this close to expelling you."


"I'd like to see her try."


"Yeah well turn down the bitchiness around her for a while. Alright?"


"No promises."


He growled again.


"Hey Luke! Can you hiss for me!"




"Yeah, just wondering something."




Yeah, I'm glad he's Gryffindor's HoH, and not Slytherin's, as that was positively rubbish...


"What's in the parcel?"


"Your uniform."


He slid the package over the desk to me.


"There's a blazer, and special shirts for girls, because they don't wear ties, skirts, and jumpers."


"Ohh and you have to wear tights, because A) it's cold and B) it's a rule."


"We're in Scotland, It can't be much colder…"


"Well you wear them anyway so there shouldn't be a problem."


"That's not the point…"


"As I ways saying…your … errr…loved ones can come to say good-bye."




*Sarcasm alert.. Sarcasm alert*


"Tiff, come on; I know it's hard but, I'll be there for you unless you don't want me to…"


"Luke, of course I want you there; it's just not fair."


"I know how hard it is Tiff, just try not to worry about it okay?"


Easier said than done.




"That's my name."


"Where are you going?"


"Where do you think?"


I grabbed my broom from under my bed, as well as my prized possession.


"Your not going down there."


"I bloody well am Rose."


"But It's nearly curfew!"


"So?! I leave tomorrow; what's the worst they could do? "


With that I flung open the window next to my bed and jumped out into the night, landing on my hovering broom.




I opened up the box holding Bessie, unlike most bludgers, she'd been programmed to act like a boomerang and return to the beater so you could practice on your own.


Raising my bat, I brought it back over my head and struck the bludger hard.




It went fast, but started to slow after a couple hundred metres and it doubled back, zooming towards me.




I could feel the pent up emotion drifting away with every satisfying smack.


I was like a caged bird, being released, stretching out it's wings.


"OI! TIFF!!"


Then hastily rushed back inside it's cage.


"What James?!"


"Come here!"




"You know I'm not going to leave."




I flew down low and jumped, landing on my feet.


"Talk to me."


"James, I'd rather beat the shit out of Bessie…"


He chuckled.


"No, you'd rather beat the shit of my little brother, but you're having to settle for the next best thing."


"You know me too well..."


"I still can't believe you named your bludger Bessie..."


"I was 11 at the time okay..."


Before I could stop him, he'd accio'd Bessie and opened the box to put her in.


Presented to Tiffany Broadhurst - Young Beater of the year 2012
-Dearest Tiffany, your parents would have been so proud of you;
With love from everyone at the league.


It was too late; he'd already seen it.


"Tiff; I had no idea…"


"No, funnily enough it's not something I really tell people."




"Do me a favour James; don't tell anyone."


"Who knows?"


"You, Me, Jacobs, McGonagall, The Ministry."


"Jacobs? Because he's our HoH?"


"Not really…"


"Did he know them?"


"You could say that…"


"He looks after you doesn't he?"


"I… yeah he's like my second cousin, our mums were cousins. He was like a big brother to me anyway, so after a year and a half of being ferried around most relatives, when he came of age, he graduated Hogwarts and became my legal guardian. I've lived him ever since."


"How old were you, when they, you know?"


"6 and a half."


A tear silently escaped my eye, but I quickly wiped it away furiously.


"Oh Tiff, I'm so sorry…"


He pulled me into his arms, resting my head against his chest, the tears flowing freely.


We had an odd relationship; we were there for each other, secret confidents, friends away from the public eye. Nothing more. Nothing less.


We went back to the common room and bid each other goodbye at the stairs.


I climbed the stairs to my dorm, opening and closing the door almost silently.


The girls were all asleep. I suppose they had to get up for school tomorrow.


I silently flicked my wand and all my possessions zoomed into my trunk.


I got into my jammies and climbed into bed.


It's going to be a long night.


A/N: Hi everyone! I hope you like the story so far, or at least some of it :) I'm quite pleased with it and for once I actually have a plan (only slight but still) of what's happening! :D
Reviews are the best things since sliced bread. I don't think I was alive when it was invented, but never mind. ;) Even if it's as simple as "Good" or "Rubbish". Hopefully not the latter, but I'm not really picky :) I have at least half of the next chapter written so, an update should be soon-ish, but don't get to excited, exams make it a pain to write...
And I have a MTA if you want to ask any question :P *hint hint*

-Julia ♥



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