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Detention by wish right now x
Chapter 5 : From Eleven to Twelve
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1) Sorry for the late update

2) Sorry for the short chapter

3) Hope you enjoy!


If the group had found the last three hours awkward they were about to find the ones to follow devastatingly awkward. They sat spread around the room, not a single one of them doing the essay they were assigned. Sirius stared out of the window whilst Aiden stared at the door. Carly was doodling on her desk whilst both Stella and Lily sat thinking. James at a desk towards the back corner of the room, making airplanes out of the parchment.

He tore the paper gently, though the noise echoed through the room. After boring himself with the repetitive task he began to tap his fingers on the table, trying to think of a new thing to keep him interested.

“So...” He began, unsuccessfully trying to make conversation in the room. But that seemed to be the final straw for Stella, who furiously stood from her seat and angrily stormed over to him.

“What Potter. What do you want? Are you going to tell us all how your parents don’t love you either? How you begged to be in Gryffindor and how your siblings completely abandoned you?” She shouted at him.

“Ummm....” James said, clearly uncomfortable in this situation, yet Stella carried on.

“Are you going to tell them how you are a muggle-born? How your parents really don’t care about you and your education but all they want to know is about your sister and how she is doing in a muggle school obviously. How your parents don’t like to come and see you off to the station because they would much rather go and see your sister off every year to her school- her day school. How your parents refuse to accompany you to Diagon Alley for that pitiful once a year and how they now use your bedroom as a gym? Are you going to explain all of that to us? Do your parents pretend that your not really there just because you’re a witch?” She shouted, tears now streaming down her pale face.

“ummm..errr...Sorry?” James meekly offered, looking out towards the others as if begging them for help. Finally, after minuets of yet another awkward silence gracing the six, Lily got up and walked over to Stella, embracing her new friend in an almost hug.

“’s alright calm down” She encouraged.

“No its not! Now I’ve just done what Black and Aiden have done and just revealed everything that I want to keep to myself, everything that is my secret to an entire room of people who I have just met! People who I am pretty sure I can not trust”

“Well trust me! I promise you that you can at least trust me!” Lily claimed, her voice still with an element of calmness.

“Why? You don’t even like me.” Stella stated.

“Your right. An hour ago I didn’t like you. Quite frankly I thought you were a bit of a stuck-up bitch who thought she was better than all of us here...”

“Same” Sirius piped in.

“Sirius, no.” Lily told him.

“No? You treat me like I’m a dog!” He exclaimed, though a little giggle came from both him and James.

“Anyway..” Lily continued “...back then I just saw the stereotypical Ravenclaw in you, but now I see more of myself in you. You seem like a nicer person than you did before and it’s just more kind of comforting”

“What do you mean by that?” James asked.

“I mean everyone here seems so uncomfortable in each others presence, but how many of us really know each other? Know what another person is feeling?”

“That makes no sense at all...” Sirius said.

“No it does” Stella added, wiping the final tears from her red, puffy eyes. “What Lily is saying is, you and James are like best friends, brothers even. You thought you knew everything about each other. Then Sirius had his little outburst and it was all, well, different. Potter had no clue about any of this”

“Thanks for the reminder” The two muttered simultaneously.

“Well, If you two who are best friends know so little about each other really, then how is it that any of us here, who can hardly write a single word in an essay about another one of us, truly say that we know more than a name and what is behind a mask?”

“So, thats what that essay was about? Not writing about the mask but the face behind it?” Carly asked.

“Yeah” Stella replied, before composing herself once more and talking like a true Ravenclaw again. “Which reminds me that before another one of us has another random outburst we should get back to that essay before detention is over and we have nothing to hand back to McGonagall!”

Through shy mumbles, the group went back to their seats and took out their quills.

“Hey Sirius” James whispered.

“Yeah” He replied.

“If this is what detention is like now lets never get it again...”  

Next chapter might be short like this, but I promise that soon the chapters will be getting longer! Also, between Exams and other stories, you might not get another chapter for a month or two...

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Detention: From Eleven to Twelve


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