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Luna Dreaming, wacky science and thestral feeding by Rosethorne
Chapter 1 : Thestral feeding
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Amazing chapter Image by Bear&Fox at TDA {thanks so much ellie}

He watched her. He didn’t know why he did. But Draco was perched on top of a branch, in Hogwarts grounds; the best bit was he had a perfect view.

He’d been doing this for the past couple of days. He was drawn to her and he got her.

A smile played at his lips. He knew he shouldn’t be there, he knew that any one else in existence would find it dam right creepy, but he also knew that she wouldn’t.

Luna Lovegood dumped her hand into a bucket and pulled out raw meat. She slowly moved forward toward the thestrals; stroked the strange, bird like creatures head. After it bowed its head to the side, she stretched out her hand.

“You’re quiet right you know,” said Luna, in her dreamy voice. She lifted her head into the direction of where Draco was sitting. “most people would proberbly find that quiet disturbing.”

Draco arched an eyebrow as she turned back to the thestrals, pulling out some more raw meat from the bucket.
Draco wondered if he should. Did he really want a conversation with Loony Lovegood? Somehow he knew the true answer, but he just felt like she had something he needed, though he had no idea what the hell it could be.

Draco jumped down of the branch; dusted down his Hogwarts uniform, while making his way over to Luna.

“You can see them too,” she said, turning to him. “they really are quiet friendly you know, once you get to know them.”

Draco hesitated, but dug out some raw meat and copied Luna’s previous movements. The thestral to his left bowed his head and began to nibble the food.

“You didn’t ask me,” said Draco, he turned to his head to her. “Why I can see the thestrals”

“Only those who’ve seen death can.” Luan paused. “My mother was experimenting with a potion and it went badly wrong.

Draco looked back at the thestrals. He knew Luna had lost someone, obviously, but he didn’t know it was her mother and know they where at the subject. The one he’d been trying to avoid.

“My father,” he replied “he managed three months in Askerban after the war before he…”

“I’m sorry Draco” whispered Luna she wiped her hand and placed it his shoulder. The pairs eyes where fixed. Luna’s sapphire blue ones seemed to swim with sadness for his loss. She seemed to hesitate, removing her hand from him. She tied her dirty blonde hair back in a lose pony tail.

Draco coughed to clear his throat and picked up some more meat.

He didn’t know why he was still there. He didn’t know why he wanted to talk about this now when he hadn’t for over a year.

“My father left me a letter.” He stretched out his hand to the thestrals. “I can’t open it.”

Draco fished inside his pocket and held the letter in his hand. The letter was still sealed.

Luna looked at him; she appeared to be studying the letter. She took the letter from him and began to open it gently.

Draco watched her almost get to the end, but clasped his hands over hers.

“Draco, you need me to.”

Draco gave a nod and Luna unravelled the letter, she began to read. He missed most of what she said. The words just seem to skim over his brain, but he caught bits, glimmers. Proud was one; in all the years he knew his father proud was not a word that he had heard him say.

Draco turned away from Luna as she read, he blinked rapidly and he knew. He knew why he had been watching her. He knew why he was compelled to staying, he was mourning.

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Luna Dreaming, wacky science and thestral feeding: Thestral feeding


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