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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 2 : Paybacks a witch
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 Hermione hadnt seen the twins the rest of the all.

'its quiet...too quiet...' Hermione thought to herself as she got up off the couch and walked around to the kitchen. no one. a creak came from the stairs and Hermione jumped slightly and turned quickly but there was no one...or was there? Hermione acted like normal and began to walk back to the living room but as she passed the staris she quickly turned and

"STUPIFEY!" she was so quick if you had blunk you would have missed it. she heard a thud and walked over to feel around.

'ah-huh' she smirked as she pulled Harry's invisiblitiy cloak off of a stunned George with a suspicious box in his hand.

"George! what in Merlin's name were you doing?" she said taking the box and muttering the counter-spell.

"your Quick Hermione" he said standing up from the stairs rubbing his back. Hermione back up a little being cautious. George posed no threat to her but he was tricky.

"what is this george?" she said motioning to the small box.

"open it and find out." he said with a smile full of mischief and cunning trickery.

hermione looked at the box like it had grown an extra-head that could shoot poison from its eyes. she looked back up at George and noticed he was watching behind her. Hermione's certainly not stupid enough to fall for a sneak attack but she made no move to well move.

"George" she said sickly sweet catching his attention. he looked down to find the box pointed directly at him and then...she opened it. ALL colors of the rainbow and some newlly invented came bursting out hitting him directly in the face with such force it could have knocked a hippo off its feet. hermione ducked quickly down slid her feet out and twisted as she threw the box at George and knocked her attacker into George and the colorful box.

"Fre--Fred make---it st--op!!" George said through rushed breathes. Fred, who had landed at his brothers legs as George held the box back, stumbled upward trying hard to yank his wand out of his pocket. finally grabbing the blasted thing he unsteadily pointed it at the box and yelled

"ARESTO MOMENTUM!"  the colors slowed remarkably giving Fred and George enough time to shut the lid. after a couple deep breathes the turned toward a laughing Hermone.

"what in Merlins name were you trying to do?" she asked through gasps. Fred and George shocked and ashamed just stared silently. shocked because they hadnt seen Hermione laugh since the war ended. and ashamed to be beaten by someone and have their prank backfire.

"nice try boys but youll have to do better than that." she smiled and walked away.  one after another they failed at pranking the know-it-all. all day coming up with knew ideas on how to get her...they havent had so much fun before. they loved a challenge.

'Hermione!!" a familiar voice yelled from the stairs. Hermione startled pulled out her wand and ran toward the staris.

"Fred what is it?" she asked with urgency in her voice yet suspicion in her eyes.

"George!"  was all he could mutter before tears fell from his eyes. Hermione lost all feeling of suspicion and ran up stairs to Fred who lead her to their bedroom. Upon entering Hermione found a ghastly white form on the floor bent in pain.

"George" she kneeld down next to him.

"Whats wrong!?" she asked fearful. she thought up all healing spells she could muster and began shouting them out. Fred knelt next to her a smirk across his face but Hermione was too busy to notice.

"Hermine!" fred said

"what!" she said impatiently stopping to turn towards him. she saw the smirk then the next thing she sees are flying arms and her hiting the ground.

"wah?..." she said trying to collect what happened. fred and George holding her down with mischievous smiles.

"thought you could out smart us aye?" George said wiping muggle flour from his face.

"well Heres Payback" Fred continued

"ready Fred?" George laughed evily.

"Ready george." then it began. the torture no one could have survived.

"TICKLE FIGHT!!!!" Fred and George mercilessly tickled Hermione as she struggled for freedom

"No!--STOP!--" she said through strained giggles and laughs as breathing became difficult. the twins laughed evily in unison. it seemed like hours before they stopped.

"our little bookworms had enough i think." Fred said holding his saides as he laughed.

"Aye." George said doing the same. they stood wiping tears full of mirth from their faces

"you guys are evil" Hermione said lying their.

"yes yes we know" they said Fred extending his hand.

"Here." she grabbed on. and just as she began to get up.

"Fred?" george said

"yes/" He said watching Hermione as she got up. then before the two of them could comprehend what was happening a pair of golding shimmering handcuffs were latched to Hermiones right hand connecting it to Fred's left hand.

"oh and Fred?---George said getting his wide eyed, opened-mouthed brother to look at him---Its perminent."

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Pranksters world: Paybacks a witch


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