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A Puff It Makes by slytherinchica08
Chapter 2 : Helga Hufflepuff
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AN: this * indicates pov change the first will be from Annalise's pov to Helga Hufflepuffs and then the second indicates switching back to Annalise.

“As we all know, Helga Hufflepuff is one of the four founders of Hogwarts with all the qualities of a mother. She was a nice caring individual and treated everyone as if they were the geese lings to her mother goose, even Salazar Slytherin.”


Today was the first day of Hogwarts, my brand new school, or should I say our band new school since it was mine along with Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin, being open. I was excited at the prospect of teaching young minds how to perfect their craft and at being able to make a safe haven of sorts for House Elves. Everyone considered me a bit odd that I cared about the wellbeing of the House Elves but I couldn’t help myself. Their big round eyes always looking back at me melted my heart a bit towards them so I decided that when the school started I would also enlist the help of many Elves to cook and clean to give them a better place to look after then most of the Wizarding kind would give them.

I walked down the brand new halls of Hogwarts at a brisk pace to make it to my next teaching session on time and had I not spent the last hour of my free period teaching the house elves a special dessert, I would have already been in my classroom. As it were though, it had taken me much longer to teach them the recipe as I wanted everything to be perfect for our first dinner together as students and teachers. There were many pupils wondering around the halls on their way to classes and I shot each one a brief smile, happy that they were all finally here and my dream was about to come true.

I had had many dreams throughout my years but this was to be the first one to come true. My first dream, the one that I still held so dear to me, was to become a mother. Oh how I enjoyed helping my own mother take care of my three younger siblings, I even pretended sometimes that I was their mother, rather than our real one. However, this dream had been snatched right out from under me causing me to not only lose the one dream I truly wanted, but also my second. Alaric Ademar was his name; we had been engaged to be married until he found out that I would not be able to produce an heir for him. He left me wallowing in my own despair at my parents’ front door. I was humiliated and no man wanted me after I had been taken by another causing both of my dreams to be gone in an instant.

Finally, I made it to my classroom, a bit out of breath, but I still made it. The chatter that had dominated the room paused the moment I walked in the door as they all sat and stared at me. I smiled politely back at them and realized that while I wasn’t actually a mother to anyone it didn’t mean that I couldn’t act like a mother to the multitude of children around me now. As I reached the wooden stand at the front of the room, I brought out my eight inch oak wand with a unicorn hair core, and tapped it against the stand. It caught the remaining attention of the few students who hadn’t been bothered to notice my entrance; they were probably some of Slytherin’s lot.

“Welcome to Hogwarts,” I began, a little intimidated with this older group of students, “I’m Helga Hufflepuff and I will be teaching you about different plants, their magical properties, and which have the best uses in potions. Now this plant here,” I pointed to the plant perched on the desk, “is called the Fanged Geranium.”

The rest of the class was spent with the children drawing out the plant and pointing out the parts of the plant that is useful for potions. I made sure to go about the classroom and answer any questions that came up as well as praising or correcting a few students work. When the class ended, I made my way back up to the front of the classroom and put away the Fanged Geranium and took out the dittany plant that would be used for the youngest group’s lesson.

This group in particular was the one I was most excited about teaching, as I would be teaching my youngest group of students, along with Ravenclaw’s youngest students. There was just something about them and their innocent curiosity that always made me particularly happy then again maybe it was just their eight year old ways that made me happy. I had to wait a little bit, just standing by my desk with a large smile on my face, before the group of eight year olds finally filed into the room. The looks on their faces said that they were absolutely frightened but excited at the same time, my guess is that they just came from Slytherin’s classroom as he had the ability to frighten even me.

“Hello dears, don’t be frightened, come on in and find yourselves a seat,” I told them all using my best motherly voice. That seemed to do the trick, as they all looked less frightened as they found their seats.

I scanned the classroom and took in each individual face and was taken slightly aback when one particular brown haired boy looked like Alaric. A cough from somewhere in the room shook me out of my thoughts of my past fiancé and brought me back into the classroom. I was still a little shaken up by the presence of this child but started the lesson without a hitch.

If there was one thing I appreciated about kids at this age, it was that they actually wanted to learn. Only a few asked questions but for a first day in class that’s rather amazing that anyone asked anything. I once more caught sight of the little boy as he was on his way out and knew that it was going to take a while to get used to his similarities to Alaric but there was one thing for certain, out of all the children here, this boy was the one that I most wished was my own.


“So, as the first Hufflepuff, Helga was like that of a mother to her students, showering them with nurture and love.”

AN: Thank you to all who have read this story so far, it really means a lot to me that you have! Please leave a review, even a quick one that tells me if you liked it or not is appreciated!

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A Puff It Makes: Helga Hufflepuff


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