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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 17 : Do you remember?
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 “Wake up, wake up it’s your birthday!” I said excitedly shaking Regulus awake. Mary and Marlene had already vacated the dorm so the curtains around my bed were drawn open. Ann was passed out and I didn’t expect her to be waking up anytime soon, because she wasn’t very cheerful in the morning. Imagine that.


Reg opened his eyes and sat up slowly stretching his arms. I could see a sleepy grin forming on his face as I took in his messy bed hair. When I had gotten up to the room the night before Regulus immediately fell asleep the moment we reached my bed and I hadn’t gotten the chance to tell him about Sirius and mine’s conversation. I wasn’t even sure if I should or not, because I didn’t want to cause even more of a riff between them. I knew that they could fix things if they both tried hard enough.


“You would think it was your birthday from the way you’re acting.” He said laughing and I grinned sheepishly. I couldn’t help it I loved giving presents and it took all of my control not to give people their gifts early.


“Here you go.” I said and I reached down beside my bed and picked up his gift. It had taken a great deal of time to figure out how to wrap it as it was on the heavy and oddly shaped side.


“You didn’t have to get me anything.” He said and I rolled my eyes. Yeah, right. After, he got me a spectacular present, when we weren’t even together yet. It did take a bit of effort to lift it up onto my bed though.


“Wow.” He said as he finished tearing off the wrapping paper, and I felt nervous all the sudden. Maybe, I shouldn’t have listened to Sirius when he told me it was perfect. He could be trying to sabotage the present. Merlin, I was very paranoid for only being eighteen.


“Do you like it?” I asked worriedly. He examined it closely before speaking.


“Is this what I think it is?” Reg asked and my eyebrows furrowed.


“Well, if you think it’s a pensive then yes?” I said it sounding more like a question than a statement. I had found it at Dervish and Banges and I thought he would like it. Regulus was always replaying memories and had to remember every detail about events. This way he could. Trust me sneaking through Honeydukes with it and down a hidden passageway had not been easy. Remus had even used a few choice swearwords to describe the process.


“This is amazing.” He whispered and began looking at the symbols engraved on the sides. I had tried to figure out what they said, but had no such luck.


“So you like it?” I asked sounding relieved.


“I love it, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about how much you spent on this. It can’t have been cheap.’ He said tearing his eyes away from the pensive to look at me.


“It wasn’t that expensive.” I said avoiding his eyes and before he could argue I decide to change the subject.


“What memories are you going to put in there?” I asked and he smirked.


“That is for me to know and you to possibly never find out.” He said and I gave him a glare.


“Fine. Now tell me how does it feel to finally be the same age as me again?” I asked sweetly. Reg was always a bit sensitive about the fact that he was younger than me. He was actually one of the youngest ones out of all the seventh years.


“Fantastic.” He replied getting up out of bed. I took that second to admire his nicely toned body just covered by boxers. I don’t know what Regulus had planned for earlier, but I definitely had plans of my own.


“Don’t worry you’ll find out my plans soon enough.” He said giving me a quick wink and setting his pensive on the shelf below my bed; which was probably the safest place for it considering his roommates. There is no way in hell I would let Snivellus, or Mulciber get their filthy hands on it.


“What have I told you about using legilimency this earlier in the morning?” I groaned as I watched him pull on his clothes from the day before. He was going back to his dorm to shower and get dressed.


“It’s my birthday though.” He replied back happily and I rolled my eyes.


“Okay, what is the plan then?” I asked as he buttoned his pants. Ah, disappointing.


“Well, I’ll meet you down in the Great Hall in half hour and we’ll eat lunch. Then the rest of the day is a surprise.” He finished simply and a thought popped into my head.


“What about Ann and Russell?” I asked. “We can’t just leave them alone.” I was happy my siblings were here and I did want to spend time with them as they were only here till later that evening.


“Don’t worry about that. Remus is going to show them around the castle and we will meet up with them in a few hours.” He said and I nodded my head slowly. I supposed that meant I had to wake Ann up. Lovely.



“Now I see why you gained all that weight when you first went away.” Ann replied as she stared at all of the food on the table. She was definitely why I had so much confidence. Not.


“Oh shut it and just enjoy all of this.” Russell said cutting in before a fight could break out. He was on his third plate and even James looked a little bet perturbed at just how much my brother could consume. Sirius I noticed was absent and it made my stomach a little bit uneasy. I was concerned for him after last night. He seemed so upset and I had no idea what to do. Maybe, I should bring it up with James.


“Where’s Regulus? I thought for sure he would have whisked you away by now. ” Ann said casually. A little bit too casually for my liking.


“What do you all know that I don’t?” I asked suspiciously. Every one avoided my eyes except for Remus who gave me a wink. This was beyond frustrating.


“Patience is a virtue you know love.” Regulus said from behind me making me jump. He was smiling, but his eyes looked a bit shifty.


“The only reason I’m refraining from hexing you all is, because it’s Regulus’ birthday. Just so you all are aware.” I said glaring at each and every one of them. They all ignored me.


“Happy birthday mate!” Russell said jumping up and pulling out a present that I had no idea he had with him. You know I have to say my siblings were doing an excellent job of blowing their cover. Not that anyone would dare try anything under Dumbledore’s watchful eye. And it was true, because Dumbledore and McGonagall were taking turns glancing at us from the staff table.  


“Thank you.” Regulus said smiling widely as he tore the wrapping paper off. Out fell a picture of him and Russell outside the house. They were both laughing and examining Reg’s broom. It was a wizard’s picture and I had taken it.


“It’s not much. It’s hard to go shopping though when you’re supposed to be dead.” Russell said avoiding eye contact. I could tell he was embarrassed by how sentimental it was, but I thought it was incredibly sweet of him.


“It’s awesome Russ.” Regulus said looking at the picture again, before slipping it into his book bag.


“This is from Lily and me.” James said thrusting another present at him and Regulus looked taken aback.


“You really didn’t have to get me anything.” He said looking at James and Lily. I was pleasantly surprised that they did and I could tell he was too. While him and James had gotten on well with Quidditch, Regulus and Lily didn’t talk all that much. I think she was a bit nervous around him, because they both used to be friends with Snivellus and she was still a little broken up inside from everything that happened. Since, I had spent most of my time not talking to people they assumed I was a fantastic listener. You might as well just call me a muggle therapist from all the shit people told me.


“Of course we did. We’re friends Regulus.” Lily said cutting in and James nodded his head in agreement. See, they really did get along.


“Thanks guys.” He said smiling warmly at them as he held up a broomstick servicing kit. That would definitely come in handy with how much Russell begged to use Regulus’ broom. I could already see my little brother eyeing it excitedly.


“Glad you like it!” Lily said happily as she took a sip of her pumpkin juice. I can’t imagine why I didn’t like her the first six years at Hogwarts.  Well, I can but I choose to ignore that now that I’ve really gotten to know her.


“I’d give you the present from me, but your brother has it. It’s from the both of us, but Sirius is well not feeling well so he’s in the dorm.” Remus said and I could immediately tell he was lying. Not about the present, because I know what they got him. It was this knife that could open any lock and it was actually pretty interesting, but no I knew he was lying about where Sirius was. So they must know something was wrong with him then. Ann snorted into her goblet.


“Yeah, he isn’t feeling well.” She said and Remus silenced her with one look. One of the benefits of being a werewolf was being able to give a death glare that people actually were afraid of. I shivered a bit, and Ann recoiled, but opened her mouth again. I often tried to figure out which of the Hogwarts’ houses she would be in. Her personality fit every one of them besides Hufflepuff. She seemed to be lacking the whole friendliness aspect.


“My present to you is moral support for what you’re about to do.” Ann said nonchalantly but grinned at the confused expression on my face.


“What the hell…” I began before Regulus bolted up out of his seat, and cut me off.


“Are you ready to go?” Regulus asked looking at his watch nervously. It could only be like two in the afternoon at the latest and the Great Hall was emptying as people were wandering around the grounds. It was beautiful outside from the looks of the ceiling.


“Yeah, but aren’t you going to eat?” I asked my eyebrows rising.


“Not hungry. Let’s go.” He said and pulled me up out of my seat hastily. We were beginning to walk away when Remus called out to us.


“Regulus, can you come here for a second?” He asked and Regulus nodded his head before walking back. I was standing there impatiently tapping my foot. I wanted to know what the bloody hell was going on.



Regulus’ P.O.V.


Bloody hell I was nervous. I could feel the box pressing up against my leg and the stares every one kept giving me at the table hadn’t helped calm me down. I knew I wanted this, to be with her forever, but what if she said no? I had been reassured by Russell in many letters that that wasn’t possible. In fact the only thing that did calm me down was Katherine.  As soon as I saw her when I woke up this morning, I knew that she was my future, my everything.


I had noticed that my brother was absent from the table, but didn’t have time to dwell on why he was, because Ann couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Sometimes I swear if she wasn’t Katherine’s sister I would have done something by now. Merlin, if she weren’t a muggle my mother would bloody love her. She had the bitchiness and confidence of Bellatrix, the iciness of Narcissa, and the natural aura about her that she was superior to others. It was pretty hilarious though to see her under the disguise of a rather heavy set redhead. Anyways, I had decided to get Katherine out of there before someone would ruin my plans when Remus called me back. Holy hell this was getting frustrating. I left Katherine standing there looking quite irritated and made my way back over to the table.


“Yes?” I asked. Remus and I had actually become what someone might refer to as friends, but he was very protective over Katherine. Most of the time I appreciated that, but right now I just wanted to get the hell away from every one besides her.


“I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten the ring or anything.” He said casually, but there was something else. I didn’t particularly feel like performing legilimency at the moment and Remus mind was difficult to break down barriers anyways, because of his condition. Going through his mind was like weaving your way through the forbidden forest, not on a path.


“What do you really want? I’m nervous enough as it is.” I told him glancing back at Katherine who was tapping her foot impatiently. Everyone was staring at us. Evans and Potter were smiling, Ann looked irritated as usual, Russell looked nervous for me and Lupin well he looked encouraging.


“Good luck.” He said and I nodded my head before swiftly turning and walking towards Katherine. Her hair was wavy, and her breathtaking blue eyes lit up. The look of irritation she wore on her face seemed to disappear when our eyes met. She broke out into a smile and suddenly the box pressing against my leg felt a whole lot lighter.



Katherine’s P.O.V.


“I haven’t been down here sense first year when we got off the boats.” I told Regulus later that afternoon. Well, more like evening. We had spent the past few hours down by the lake. We were lucky we found an empty area, because of how beautiful the weather was. I even convinced Reg to go swimming. I couldn’t believe it when he told me he didn’t know how too. He did teach me how to skip rocks though, something I had never been able to accomplish no matter how hard my father tried to teach me.


“Me either.” He said and he opened the door to the boat shed. It was a little dark when you first walked in, but there was a dock you could walk out onto and that’s where he went. The sun was still shining brightly above the black lake.


“I hope you’re having a good birthday.” I said nervously. “I wish you would have let me plan something though. I feel bad that you’re doing all the work.” He rolled his eyes but his expression soon turned serious as he cleared his throat.


“Do you remember that day?” He asked suddenly.


“What day?” I asked confused and the intensity in his gaze deepened.


“The first time we were here. Do you remember what happened?” Regulus asked a bit more urgently and I thought back on the memory. Over the years I had never really thought about my first night at Hogwarts, it all seemed like another lifetime ago, and really for me it was.


 “We got on the boats and it was like a torrential downpour of rain, which was pretty unfortunate, because it was freezing. Then I remember being terrified of the lake, because I heard James talking about a Giant Squid.” It all came back to me easily and I was surprised the way I remembered James yelling loudly over the sound of the waves to Sirius. Peter was also in their boat, and if I remember correctly I was in one with Lily, Snape, and Marlene. I looked up to see Regulus staring at me and I shook my head to clear my mind and continue.


“I was so thankful to get onto the dock without falling overboard. But then I almost fell into that freaking lake when I was getting off the boat and climbing onto this dock. If that…” I started but trailed off at the memory. I was my eleven year old self again trying to take everything in and wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I was still convinced that it was all just some big joke and that at any moment I would be sent back home to my parents who would be beyond disappointed. As a result of my lack of concentration I almost paid a visit to the bottom of the lake when my foot caught on a loose board, but someone had reached out, grabbing me by the hand and keeping me from making the most humiliating splash of my life. I thought hard trying to remember who, but it was a long and forgotten moment, locked away in the back of my mind until now, with Regulus by my side asking me to recall it.


“If that?” Regulus said pushing me to remember. I closed my eyes and tried to recall every detail I could. I was soaking wet and terrified not knowing what to do. I felt my foot catch on the board directly out of the boat and I let out a little squeal. Someone with dark hair and the most intriguing grey eyes turned around and grabbed me by the hand. My future self would know those eyes anywhere.


“That was you?” I said shocked. The boy had grabbed my hand and steadied me before turning and joining another group of kids, but not before giving me one last curious glance over.


“Yeah that was me.” He said pulling me to stand up with him. We were looking over the boats that were gently swaying with the small waves forming in the water. It was peaceful, but I was in a state of surprise.


“How have you not told me about that?” I said hitting his shoulder lightly.


“I was waiting to see if you would remember.” He replied simply and my heart sped up. This was the first place I ever met Regulus. If only I had known then what was to become of us in the future.


“I watched you during the sorting ceremony you know.” Regulus said holding onto one of my hands carefully and my eyes widened. Well, apparently he was just full of surprises today.


“You did?” I asked and he nodded his head. I saw his grey eyes light up as he recalled the memory and ran a hand through his dark hair like he did when he was nervous.


“I had just taken my seat at the Slytherin table when I saw you again. You were still shivering like mad from the rain and after Sirius was sorted I waited for you to be called so I could know your name.” He said and my heart was beating crazily.


“I remember when you were sorted into Gryffindor and I felt almost like I was disappointed, but I pushed it to the back of my mind, because I knew that we couldn’t talk even if we wanted too. Over the next few years, I saw you around every once in a while, but always with Remus. I just assumed you were another desperate girl trying to get a marauder.” I slapped his shoulder, not so playfully I might add, at this comment.


“I was not!” I exclaimed and he laughed.


“Let me finish.” He said and I did, but I was confused as to where he was going with this.  “


“We never talked, never bumped into each other and then when I was told I needed a tutor and that it would be you I didn’t know what to expect. That was a little after the time I started to have my doubts about my family, and during our first session I didn’t know what to say or do. The more I got to know you though the more I knew that you, you were different from what I was brought up to believe.” Regulus said his eyes shining.


“You don’t have to talk about this you know.” I told him touching his chest lightly and he shook his head while looking down at me.


“I do though I want you to know everything. You were the reason I changed, and without you I don’t think I’d have had the courage to leave the way I did. I love you and I…” He said before fumbling with something in his pocket and pulling out a tiny velvet box. My heart stopped and before I could say anything Regulus was in front of me, down on one knee. My mouth seemed incapable of forming words at that moment. His hands nervously fumbled with the opening of the box when finally he lifted the cover to reveal the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. It was simple, but elegant with its square cut blue sapphire and shining diamonds surrounding it. It was what I had always dreamed of.


“Katherine McEwen, will you marry me?” He asked his grey eyes sparkling nervously.


“Yes, of course yes!” I said regaining my voice and crying out the words excitedly.


“You will?” Reg asked and I nodded my head furiously and held out my hand for him to slip the ring on. He did so and it fit perfectly. I looked up at him and wasn’t even embarrassed when a few tears began to fall gently down my face. He picked me up and spun me around while I giggled.


“You’ve just made the happiest man alive. I don’t think I could have ever asked for a better birthday present.” He exclaimed and I pulled his lips to mine. In that kiss, when our lips locked I felt every emotion he was feeling. The happiness, security, and most importantly love. Regulus was still lifting me in the air when he lost his balance and I let out a squeal, very similar to my first time walking on this dock. We toppled over into the cool water with a large splash and were soon soaked to the bone, but it didn’t matter.


“Looks like this time you couldn’t stop me from falling and you got lucky enough that I dragged you down with me.” I said laughing as he pushed strands of wet hair back out of my face and he smiled an expression of pure happiness. It was my smile, the smile he only ever did for me.


“Wherever you go I go.” He said simply and pulled my lips back to his and I felt the familiar butterflies explode in my stomach. In that moment everything was perfect, and right. My future was him, and now it always would be.



Sirius’ P.O.V.


I had been in the Shrieking Shack ever sense I walked out of the common room last night and I was just returning to the common room now. I tried to bring myself to tell Katherine how I felt, but I couldn’t. However, that didn’t stop me from realizing that she would always choose him over anyone else. My little brother was what she wanted, and I loved them both enough to walk away. Literally. That didn’t mean I was fucking happy about it. I couldn’t even bring myself to go and give Regulus his present this morning. I knew at any moment they be walking through the portrait hole smiling and happy and engaged.


“Hey, Padfoot.” I jumped at the sound of the squeaky voice. I knew who it was immediately just from the tone.


“Hey, Peter. What are you doing?” I asked and took in his appearance. I hadn’t really seen him that much lately, and I wasn’t sure where he had been. Not to be a prick or anything, but Peter didn’t really have any other friends besides James, Remus and I.


“Around. I heard about Regulus and Katherine.” He said chewing on his fingernail. Merlin, that was gross, especially sense Wormtail wasn’t big on personal hygiene.


“Yeah, everyone has. Speaking of which, do you know where everyone else is?” I asked curiously not wanting to dwell on that subject any more than I had too. All it did was brought back the feeling of emptiness in a part of my heart as pathetic as that sounded.


“There at dinner still. Don’t worry about your brother though. I have a feeling that he’ll get what’s coming to him.” Peter said and the look in his eyes made me incredibly uneasy. He may be one of my best mates, but I kept thinking back to that night in Dumbledore’s office. Regulus and Katherine seemed so adamant in not letting Peter know about the Order and even Lily agreed with them. Something just didn’t seem right. Besides, although I was pissed about my brother being with my girl, Regulus was still my brother.


“What exactly do you mean by that Peter?” I asked sharply and he shook his head.


“Oh nothing. It’s just there is a war going on and well the side you are on and the enemies you’ve made will determine your outcome is all.” Peter said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. He didn’t sound like the Peter I knew at all.


“Where have you been lately, Peter?” I asked again suspiciously. He was just acting odder than usual.


“I’m surprised you’ve noticed that I’m even gone.” He snapped suddenly, his usually watery eyes fixing me with a glare.


“What the hell are you talking about, Wormtail?” I asked my voice rising. The common room was pretty much empty, because as Peter pointed out it was dinner.


“Never mind I have to go I’ll see you later.” He said and scurried out of the portrait hole a lot faster than I thought possible for him to move. I watched him go carefully, and as soon as the portrait door slammed shut I sat down on the chair Peter had just vacated. I would definitely be mentioning this conversation to James and Remus later. He just didn’t seem right in the head.


 I felt something underneath me and a second later I was pulling out the Marauder’s Map. In his haste to get away from me the moron must have forgotten it. I saw the outline of Peter Pettigrew running along the fourth floor corridor. What worried me the most was that maybe Peter knew more than any of us ever thought him capable of knowing? Maybe, little Peter Pettigrew wasn’t who he portrayed himself to be after all.



Katherine’s P.O.V.


“Do we have to go back now?” I whispered as Regulus and I were lying down in a boat gently swaying back and forth. In between stealing kisses and whispering softly to each other, we had managed to lift ourselves out of the water and into the nearest boat.


“Trust me there is nowhere else I would rather be right now, but everyone is waiting for us and your brother and sister are going to have to leave soon.” He said quietly as he played with the ring on my finger.


“Everyone knew about this didn’t they?” I asked sitting up a little straighter looking at him. He smirked.


“Sorry that you had to be left out the loop for so long.” He said and I mock glared at him.


“Well, I suppose it was much better finding out this way.” I replied looking down at our entwined hands where my ring was sparkling. It really was gorgeous.


“I don’t want to wait long to have the wedding though. Mainly I can’t wait to be your wife, but also because of the war and the Order.” I told him and he nodded his head in agreement.


“It’s probably best that it’s not too big either. I don’t want any unexpected visitors.” He mumbled darkly and the thought made me shudder. I can’t imagine his mum would be too pleased when she found out about this.


“Just a few people.” I said in agreement and he looked up at me with a smile playing on his pale lips and I leaned in and kissed him passionately. He ran his hands up and down my arms causing me to shiver, and I quickly ended up below him on the hard floor of the boat. My legs wrapped immediately around his waist and I pulled him closer.


“Wait, wait.” He said and pulled back suddenly. We were both breathless and to be honest I didn’t have any intention of stopping whatsoever. It would be perfect to be together here, right now, when everything was so incredible.


“What?” I asked with wide eyes and I saw his cheeks flush a bit.


“I think we should wait until the wedding night to do that.” He said brushing his hair back nervously with an apologetic gaze.


“You do?” I whispered. That was not what I was expecting.


“I just want to do things properly. Trust me, I want to do that with you more than you know, but I want it to be perfect for you, and if we continue doing that I won’t be able to control myself.” He said his eyes never leaving mine. Regulus wouldn’t strike you as someone this sweet when you first met him, he’s kind of standoffish actually, but when you really get to know him he’s the most considerate person.


“Thank you.” I said before throwing my arms around his neck and he breathed a sigh of relief into my hair. We eventually made our way back to the castle, whispering, and talking about what we wanted for the wedding. The sun was setting as soon as we got to the Entrance Hall, and I don’t think it was possible for me to be happier than I was at that moment. If you would have told me a year ago that at this time I’d be engaged to Regulus Black I probably would have fainted then and there, but now nothing seemed better.


Our path took us straight to the common room where I hoped everyone would be so we could tell them altogether, officially.


“Polyjuice Potion.” I said once we got to the Fat Lady and the portrait door swung open. Regulus never let go of my hand when we approached our group of friends. Everyone I noticed was there besides Peter, but that was fine with me.


“Hey guys.” I said announcing our presence. Remus and my siblings were sitting playing a game of Gobstones. Sirius was studying what I thought to be the Marauder’s Map, and James and Lily were looking over a piece of parchment as well. Every single eye snapped to my hand when they saw us and I felt my cheeks flush.


“You said yes!” Lily said jumping up and elbowing James in the process. He looked a bit dazed for a second before following Lily over to us. There was no way Potter didn’t have brain damage from all the physical contact he had inflicted upon his head.


“Was there any doubt that I would?” I asked her and she held up my left hand to get a better look at the ring.


“Finally I get a brother.” Russell said approaching Regulus happily and pulling him into a hug. Reg looked pretty happy at that statement as him and Russell pulled apart from each other.


“I can’t believe you’re going to be getting married, Kay.” Remus said picking me up into a large hug and I giggled into his chest.


“Neither can I, but I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.” I whispered into his ear and he nodded his head before kissing my cheek.


“You know it’s a real shame that you’re a guy Remmy, because I would totally have you be my maid of honor.” I said a bit more loudly and everyone laughed. Remus rolled his eyes at me before walking over to shake Regulus’ hand. My eyes met my sister’s as she approached me slowly, the fact that she didn’t look like herself made it a bit awkward. I didn’t know what her reaction would be and I was pleasantly surprised when she pulled me into a hug.


“Mum and dad would be so happy for you.” She said quietly and I felt tears begin to pool in my eyes. That was quite possibly the nicest thing she had ever said to me.


“Now let me see your ring and see if he managed to get what I told him you would want.” She said before reaching for my hand and eyeing it intently.


“You told him this is what I wanted?” I asked flabbergasted and she nodded her head.


“Of course I did, men are helpless when it comes to this type of thing.” She said in a matter of fact tone and Regulus scowled at her.


“Well, sense Remus obviously won’t do will you be my maid of honor?” I asked her and she looked shocked as did everyone else.


“Of course I will.” She said and pulled me into another hug.


“Who would have figured my little sister would be getting married before me.” She said a bit too loudly. People that weren’t part of our group were eyeing us suspiciously. It was probably a good thing they were leaving soon, because I’m pretty sure they had managed to blow their covers in less than thirty-six hours.


“I would say it was a pretty safe bet that Katherine would find someone before you. I don’t think anyone could stand being around you all the time.” A voice said from behind Ann.  I looked up directly into Sirius’ eyes, so much like his brother’s, as Ann glared at him, but he ignored her. He walked forward and pulled me into a hug. He held on tight as if he were almost afraid to let me go, but then he did and I was sure I imagined it.


“Welcome to the family.” Sirius said before pausing thoughtfully. “Well, almost I suppose.” He said grinning and I laughed.


“I can imagine you’ll be the only one saying that too me.” I told him and he nodded his head thoughtfully.


“I would say that was a safe bet. My dear old mum might send you a howler, and trust me that is like a rite of passage to becoming a Black.” He said seriously and my eyes widened.


“He’s joking.” Regulus said at my nervous expression. No contact between Regulus’ mum and me was fine as far as I was concerned.


“Katherine, you’re going to stay tonight with me in the head’s dorm and we are going to start working out details for the wedding.” Lily said excitedly. It looked like I had myself a wedding planner and I wasn’t sure if I should be thankful or not. I can’t imagine what she would say when I asked her to be a bridesmaid. Actually I can, and it involved lots of screeching. Lily was easily excitable.


“Regulus is staying in our dorm tonight anyways.” Sirius called from the couch. He was looking intently at the Marauder’s map again and I was curious as to what he was looking for, but not as curious as I was about the fact that he invited his brother to stay with him. Regulus seemed to be too, but when I saw their eyes meet it was like they silently communicated with each other and Reg just gave him a curt nod.


“I wish I was staying another night!” Russell said loudly and dawned on me how late it was. We were supposed to be at McGonagall’s office in a few minutes so Ann and Russell could go home.


“Yes, well we need to get going. Lily do you want to go with me up to McGonagall’s office and then we can just go to your dorm after?” I asked. Lily had figured out who these two foreigners really were at breakfast this morning apparently.


“Sure thing. I’m so excited, I love weddings!” She said smiling brightly. Ann looked apprehensive and I gave James a pointed look, basically saying that he better propose to her sooner rather than later and his cheeks flushed. Message received.


As Russell and Ann said their goodbyes I caught Sirius’ eye and he looked like something was really bothering him. I definitely wanted to talk to him, but it didn’t seem like I would get the chance to tonight. Eventually we broke eye contact and Regulus came over to say good night. It felt strange that we wouldn’t be spending the night together for the first time in a long time. Although, I suppose we had the rest of our lives to do that and the thought made butterflies erupt in my stomach again.


“Tell me all about your ideas tomorrow morning, okay?” He whispered before kissing me softly on the lips.


“Of course.” I told him. “Happy birthday!” I said one last time. I had a feeling today would be one of the memories he would be adding to that pensive.


“It’s the happiest birthday I’ve ever had.” He called after me as I ushered Ann and Russell out the portrait door with Lily by my side. I turned around and blew him a kiss. 



Regulus’ P.O.V.


It dawned on me as I entered my brother’s dorm that the last time I was in here was during our fight. That seemed like ages ago. If you had told me last year at this time that I would be practically living in the Gryffindor common room and engaged to Katherine McEwen I probably would have laughed right in your face. Trust me when I say laughing wasn’t something I did a whole lot back then. Now, I couldn’t imagine not being with Katherine.  


“Why exactly did you want me to stay the night in your dorm, Sirius?” I asked suspiciously once everyone settled down. I was still standing by the door, not sure what to do with myself, while everyone else had gone to their perspective beds. James and Remus seemed just as confused about why Sirius wanted me here as well. My brother fixed me with a searching look before answering me.


“I want to know why you and Katherine were so adamant about not letting Peter in the Order.” He said and I was surprised. I thought he was going to try and lecture me about Katherine. He thought he was so discreet about his feelings for her, when in reality everyone but Katherine knew about them.


“I’m surprised you haven’t said congratulations yet.” I said sarcastically.


“Tell me why you are so suspicious of Peter.” My brother responded through gritted teeth, ignoring my previous comment.


“Narcissa corned Katherine right before the meeting in Dumbledore’s office.” I told him bluntly.


“She did what?” Remus asked speaking for the first time.


“You don’t have to worry about my cousin trying to harm Katherine; I can assure you of that.” I responded swiftly.


“He’s right. Now what did she say?” Sirius asked again more urgently.


“And what exactly does it have to do with Peter?” James said piping up. James was a good person that was obvious, but he put too much trust in people. Maybe, it was just, because of the people I had spent most of my life around, that I knew not everyone could be trusted; especially someone like Peter Pettigrew, who would trade your life for his in a heartbeat.


“Narcissa approached Katherine and told her that there was a traitor amongst her group of friends. Narcissa didn’t know who, because she hadn’t been told that much, but she wanted to warn Katherine for our own safety.” I told them and James snorted.


“She could easily be just trying to set Katherine up. Try and turn her against her friends.” He said like one of his friends betraying him was the most ludicrous idea he had ever heard.


“Why would she want to warn you?” Remus asked, cutting James off. “She is engaged to a Death Eater, her sister murdered Kay’s parents, and she hates muggles and muggle-borns.” The mention of the murders of Katherine’s parents made my blood boil, but I needed to get my point across. What shocked me was that I think Sirius was on my side for this.


“She told us to be careful over the holidays; she didn’t know that Bellatrix would go that far though. They hadn’t told her those that that’s what they were planning to do. As much as a bitch Narcissa is, she cares about me and she knows how much Katherine means to me.” I said talking more to Sirius then the other two. I knew if Sirius would believe me then the other two would soon follow.


“So?” James snapped. “She’s nothing, but a future Death Eater. You can’t trust her and I think it’s pathetic that you are willing to, even though you especially know what those people are capable of.” He sneered.


“James.” Remus said in a warning tone, but I shook my head, because he was right. I did know better than they did about this type of thing. I was almost a Death Eater.


“As much as it bothers me to say this, I agree with my brother. For two reasons.” Sirius said glancing down at their map again; which actually was brilliant magic.


“I’m waiting Padfoot.” James said his eyes narrowed. This was one of their rare lover spats they had occasionally, so I’m sure Potter was facing a bit of shock right now.


“For one I talked to Peter in the common room today. He wasn’t like himself. He was snapping at me and he…” Sirius said trailing off and glancing at me.


“He what?” I asked and he took a breath before continuing.


“He said that you would get what was coming to you, because of the side you have chosen and the enemies you have made.” He finished and honestly I didn’t know what to think. Obviously, Pettigrew knew something about me and was stupid enough to let it slip to my brother.


“Peter said that?” James asked in a voice barely above a whisper.


“What’s the other reason?” Remus asked studying Sirius’ face carefully. Lupin was surprisingly calm, but I suppose Remus was probably a master at controlling his emotions by now.


“Wormtail left the map when he ran out of the common room earlier today. I’ve been watching and guess who he just appeared on it with in the dungeons.” He said holding out the map to James, who ripped it off of his hands quickly. My eyebrows shot straight up.


“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” James snapped and Remus and I went over to look. I had never seen the map, but Katherine had described it to me and it didn’t take long for me to find where James deadly gaze was practically burning a hole through the map. A set of footprints, labeled Peter Pettigrew, where standing next to the footprints of Mulciber, and Snape.



Author’s Note: Sorry this chapter has taken longer than I expected.  I just wanted to make it perfect and I’m so happy Regulus and Katherine are engaged finally. I know some of you may think that the whole him saving her from falling in the lake after their first boat ride and her not remembering it may be a little cheesy, but I couldn’t resist. I love the whole concept of not knowing how much impact someone can have on your life when you first met them. Also, what do you all think of the Peter drama? Leave a review and let me know. I want your opinions to play a big part in the writing of this story so tell me what you want to see happen! Thanks for reading! 

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