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Black Meadows by twizzll
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven
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 I rubbed my eyes sleeping and rolled over, snuggling into the arms of Sirius who moaned in delight when he felt me next to him and pulled me closer. He was so warm, I almost never wanted to move. But I knew that he’d have to go soon so he could prepare to look after Remus tonight. Part of me wished I could be an Animagi for purely that reason. I could help look after them all too. I could be something un-noticeable. Like a bird or a butterfly.

From across the other side of the room, coming from James’ bunk, I heard whispers which I knew belonged to Lily, followed by footsteps and an opening and closing of doors. This was only followed by a happy sigh from James and a yawn. He sat up in his bed and I pushed my head up onto Sirius’ arm so I could see him. When he saw I was awake he smiled. He looked genuinely very happy.

“Hello, Dory.” He said, his words so silky, his voice dripping with pure…content. He turned his head to look out of the window and sighed. A good sigh. “It’s such a beautiful day, isn’t it? Especially since it’s meant to be Winter soon. We should enjoy the last of the sun before it vanishes and we have to deal with the snow.” He paused, “Although, the snow is just as beautiful. Lily’s skin colour is pretty much as pale as snow, have you noticed?”

I giggled as I watched him rant on and he turned to look at me with a pleasant smirk, “I think a certain James Potter is completely and totally in love.” When James nodded, I sat up and folded my arms. “And I hope this will not distract you from Quidditch, Captain! We have a match against Hufflepuff in three days, and we don’t need our top Chaser not chasing after those damn yellow badgers because his ginger snow white is blowing him kisses in the stands!”

James stared at me, I stared back, And after a moment silence, we both burst out laughing and James had to grab his side to stop himself from getting a stitch. “Don’t worry, Dory. I’ll stay on my game. I’m more worried about my two beaters flying out of the grounds so they can have a quick snog!” And again, we burst out laughing which only caused an annoyed grunt from Peter and a loud, ‘huuuuuttuuhhh’ from Sirius, as he propped himself up on his elbows and looked from James to me before rolling his eyes.

“I don’t know how you got through to her so quickly, James.”

“Her saving my life and becoming my best friend kind of made me want her to love me.” James said sternly, looking at my sleepy boyfriend then back at me with innocent eyes, “You do love me, don’t you, Dory?”

I laughed, “Of course I do, James.”

Sirius coughed and I grinned leaning over and kissing him gently. I immediately got butterflies, I just couldn’t help it. It would always be the same. He would put his arm around me and begin to make a heart pattern on the back of my neck as we kissed, and it would always make me shiver. A good shiver I think. Unfortunately, I always got a bit too eager when we kissed, and it would take something, like James making fake throwing up noises like right now for instance, to make me pull away from him. Although it was a lot of pain to do so.

“I feel like we need to celebrate this!” James stated. “All of our friendships!”

“A prank, Prongs?”

“Oh, Sirius, you know me.” James smirked and I heard Remus let out a sigh and Peter an excited squeal. They must have been awake now. I looked at Remus‘ bunk and he was drinking a strange substance out of a cup. “Well, we never did use that potion we made, did we?” I looked between them all and their eyes on fell to the ground in embarrassment for a moment and there was an awkward silence. Okay, so I was definitely missing something. And then it occurred to me - they were planning to do something for me to find out about Gilderoy another way, could whatever potion James spoke of be what they were going to use to show me what a rat bag Gilderoy was?

“Don’t look so guilty. Nothing with Gilderoy concerns me anymore.” I reassured them all with a smile. “You guys are my life now.” I looked at Sirius when I felt him play with the ends of my hair, twirling it around his finger, and I whispered so only Sirius could hear, “You are my life now.” Sirius’ face turned a slight pink, but not too noticeably and he looked up at me in adoration. I shivered under his gaze.

“Feelings mutual, beautiful.” He reassured me, and then his voice raised a little so everyone else could hear as he explained to me the situation. “Okay, so here it is. The Marauders and I all agreed that it was I that found out about Gilderoy, and I was your best friend. Therefore, if any of the Marauders were to tell you, it would be me, right?” I nodded, “Right. So, when I found out, I knew I had to tell you. The only problem was, the night I was considering it, I tried to kiss you. So then, it was pretty much too late, because if I told you that I saw Gilderoy cheating-”

“I’d presume you were lying.” I finished for him and he nodded at my understanding. “Okay, not really sure where your plan can go except to do exactly what James did and use the Marauders Map.” I shrugged and the four boys sniggered at my clearly oblivious state.

“Oh, but we didn’t want you to be embarrassed!” Sirius continued, “We wanted you to find out by yourself so you didn’t feel like an idiot.”

“Of course when you turned all, I never want to talk to Sirius again, on me, I knew I had to do something, and fast. The only thing was to show you, so you could eventually end up with my boy Sirius over here. So I suppose, it turned out for the best.” James shot a smile between me and Sirius and I instantly blushed. It was true. I felt a lot more… needed with Sirius. It just felt right. As if we should have always been together.

“Okay.” I nodded slowly. “But what was your original plan?”

“Polyjuice Potion.” Sirius said instantly. “We were going to have one of us transform into Gilderoy and have him, or us, kiss someone where we knew you’d be. Sure, we knew you’d hurt - hell we all knew and debated anyway around it. But find out by yourself, or find out with a little help from your friends, you were going to be hurt either way. We just wanted you to think that you were the one that found out, so you wouldn’t have to go through the embarrassment.” Sirius paused, watching my expression with worry and wonder and I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Are you mad?”

I laughed and looked at the other three boys as if he was an idiot, but they seemed to be worrying about the same thing. Oh my Merlin, boys really weren’t the brightest wands in Ollivanders! “I’m not mad, I’m actually pretty grateful you’d go through all that trouble to spare me feeling like a fool. Polyjuice Potions takes, what, a month?”

“About that,” Remus nodded glumly. “It took up a bit of my time, and it’s just been brewing under my bed for a while now, untouched, just waiting for someone to grab a vial, plonk in a hair and drink it.”

At this I smirked and looked between James and Sirius and my eyes rested on James, “That is a perfect thing to use in a prank!” I insisted and I noticed Sirius next to me look taken aback. James however, looked mildly pleased that Prefect Dorcas wasn’t going to rat him out. “Do you have anything in mind?” I asked.

“Hating anyone lately, Wormtail?” Sirius asked across the room and Peter shook his head. Sirius pursed his lips, “Remus?” Remus shrugged and he turned to look at me, “What about you dear?”

“Just Marlene.” I shrugged and there was a glint of evil in Sirius’ eyes and he looked at the other three boys for approval. James nodded instantly and after a chuckle from the other two, they did too.

“Fantastic!” Sirius laughed. “Now, what do we do?”

“Oh my goodness, I didn’t think any of you would be un at this ungodly hour of the morning!” Lily had walked in and we all fell silent immediately. Lily would not approve. She didn’t seem to notice her sudden silence but picked up the cup that Remus was holding. She didn’t look in a good mood, she was in one of those I hate everyone days. I hated those days. She pulled the cup to her mouth, took a sip before cringing and giving it back to Remus, “I’m a little disappointed. It’s not as good as I remember you making it.”

Next to me, Sirius snorted and Lily rounded on him, “Something to say, Black?”

“No. Just lay off Remus, okay? It’s transformation night.” Sirius just shrugged. Lily didn’t seem phased and just rolled her eyes.

“Making a good drink has nothing to do with his transformation. I don’t see why it has anything to do with it.” She said indignantly as an outraged Sirius next to me made a loud noise of protest. I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down and Remus looked over at him.

“Don’t worry, Sirius. Perhaps I wasn’t playing close enough attention.” He said lightly, although I could tell by his tone he was a little offended. I gave him a smile.

“I bet it was wonderful.” I added.

He gave me a thankful grin but this just caused a jeer from Lily. Wow, I’d seen bitch Lily, but this, this was a new extreme. She’d never been this rude, especially not to Remus. She rounded her gaze on me, “I think you’re hitting on the wrong boy, Dorcas, darling. Or are you trying to ruin their friendship as well as the friendship you ruined with Marlene by taking her boy. Twice.”

I didn’t say anything, I watched as Sirius sat upright and put his arms around me, whilst James stood from his bed and walked over to her, taking her arms, “Lily, stop it. What are you doing?”

But Lily wasn’t done. “Did you know I slept with Sirius?” She asked, looking over her shoulder and smirking at James. James dropped his hands and took a step back, his eyes widening a little in shock. Sirius’ arms became rigid around me, and I felt cold. I felt my heart literally stop in my chest as I looked between the two of them - Sirius’ expression was competing between throwing death glares at Lily to looks of remorse, guilt, and an ashamed type of look between James and I.

“Sirius, mate, please tell me she’s lying.” I could hear James’ voice croak. I could see tears rushing to his eyes. Whatever happened between Sirius and Lily, was before me and Sirius even spoke. And although I felt a little bit disgusted that he had had sex with two of my best friends before me, I had no feelings for him then, and it was in the past. It wasn’t me and Sirius’ relationship I was worried for though. It was Lily and James’, but more so, Sirius and James’. “Padfoot.” James pleaded.

“Go on,” Lily egged him on. “Tell him, tell him how you betrayed him.”

“Why are you doing this, Lily?” Sirius growled angrily and I heard James let out a whimper as he fell back onto his bed. I still loved Sirius with all my heart, but James had been in love with Lily for a very long time, and although I was not one to talk, one shouldn’t sleep, kiss, or take away a best friends crush or lover. It was just forbidden. I knew Sirius and I would not be effected, although I’d be quite irritated he didn’t tell me, so I had no guilt or worry in pushing his arms off me with force and approaching James’ bed. I looked to Remus and Peter as we walked, and sensing they had no business, they quickly exited the room without looking back.

“I think our friendship group is a little bit based on lies and betrayal, and everything should come out in the open. Don’t you, Sirius?” Lily smirked at him again. When I approached James bed, I put my arms around his shoulders. He looked up for a brief moment and I could see he was beginning to cry. He studied me for a moment before looking up at Sirius with puffy eyes and a frown.


“Prongs, listen-”

“Don’t call me Prongs.” James snapped back irritably, making me jump next to him, but I didn’t move. I just tightened my grip on him. I was quite flattered he didn’t nudge me off. “When?” He repeated.

Sirius took in a deep breathe and frowned, “Christmas Holidays last year.” Again, James whimpered next to me, putting his head down, leaning into my chest and shaking. I held him tightly. “I didn’t mean too, okay?! One minute we were yelling at each other, the next, the next-”

“The next I jumped on him.” Lily clapped her hands happily together. “I mean, I wanted to hit him and punch him, and I knocked him too the floor. But his reflex’s are awfully quick and he twisted us around so he was on top of me.” She grinned as James shook his head, “And then he kissed me, and then we came up here and had sex.”

“In our dorm?!” James spat looking up. Sirius looked down and Lily giggled.

“That’s not the worse.” She smirked wickedly at me. “On your bed.” And with that, she turned and left. I knew it wasn’t Lily. Well it might have been Lily. But whatever she just spoke was not out of free will. I don’t know who cast what on her, but I know it wasn’t Lily. That girl had never been that heartless, that mean. Sirius and James must have realised this too, but right now it was the last thing on their mine. James was leaning into my chest, shaking. I looked over at Sirius, who hadn’t looked up from the ground yet.

There was a few more minutes of awkward silence before James moved away from me. He made no effort to push my arms off him though, I think he still needed some comfort. When James finally looked at Sirius, Sirius looked up also and bit his lip. “Lily Evans.” Sirius just nodded, “The only girl I’ve ever wanted, the girl who I wanted to lose it too, the girl who I wanted to lose it to me.” James was a virgin? Wow, didn’t expect that. “And you, you took the one girl - the only girl?”

“James,” Sirius said slowly with a frown.

“Shut up.” James didn’t raise his voice. It was a normal volume, an emotionless tone. Sirius closed his mouth and sighed. “What would you say if I shagged Dorcas, hmm?” Sirius didn’t say anything. James did have a point, although I wasn’t too thrilled to be an example. “What if I just did this?” And then James’ lips were on mine and his hands were around my neck. I let go of James’ shoulder and held my hands up to my side when I heard Sirius make a strangled cough. James’ lips weren’t like Sirius’. They were…softer. But it was wrong. Because he was my best friend. And not like the Sirius type of best friend. Eventually, James stopped kissing me and I stared in shock.


James P.O.V

I woke up with a start. My breathing was heavy, I was sweating, I was crying. What happened? Did anything actually happen. My mind was a blur. I looked up when I heard a cough, it was from Sirius’ bunk and he was sitting up, staring at the Marauders Map. Dorcas wasn’t by his side which partly confused me but I thought nothing of it. Sirius rose his lit up wand to take a better look at me before pointing it at the Fireplace in their centre of the room, which immediately burst into flames and illuminated the whole room.

“Restless, Prongs?” Sirius asked, putting his wand by his side. “You were having a nightmare, from what I gathered.” He bit his bottom lip, “Sounds like I was the bad guy.”

I rubbed my head awkwardly. Lately, this kept happening to me. I kept having dreams, dreams that would crush me. As if someone was getting inside my head and putting them there, trying to turn me away from my friends. This had been the third one this week. Either I’d pissed someone off enough for them to try and mess up my mind, or I was going insane. “Yeah.” I said after a while and Sirius frowned, “Just for some reassurance, you’d never sleep with Lily, right?”

“Oh, Merlin, no.” Sirius laughed, “That was your nightmare? Me sleeping with Evans?”

“Not exactly. It’s, difficult to explain.”

Sirius was staring at me in contemplation. “Try.”

I nodded, “Well, it all started a week ago, I had a dream that Lily hated my guts and was dating Severus Snape. Two days later, I had a dream that my parents died, and you, Remus, Peter, you were all laughing about it, and last night, I had a dream that you and Lily had slept together last year.” I paused, debating whether or not I should say the next thing, “But that’s not the strangest part.”

“Oh?” Sirius asked, raising his eyebrow. “May I ask what is?”

I closed my eyes and sighed, “In my dreams, I’m never myself. I’m always looking at the scenario through different eyes. But always the same eyes.”

Sirius narrowed his eyes, “Who?”


There was silence. I expected Sirius to show more of an emotion, but he just stared at me for a few more seconds before looking into the fire and tilting his head. He was genuinely contemplating about something. When I looked over at Peter and Remus’ bunk, I saw that they were both empty. Remus must not have returned from the Hospital Wing yet, and Peter was probably in the common room with Mary or someone like that.

“You know, it’s strange you say her.” For a moment I was scared of Sirius’ words, having dreamt I had actually made out with his girlfriend last night, but when he looked at me, it wasn’t in anger, more in confusion, “About a month ago, she had a strange dream too, through someone else’s eyes. My brothers. His…” He paused, rubbing over his left arm and I nodded understandably. Regulus was now a Death Eater. “But she knew it, and she knows he has a task to do, something to do with Hogwarts. It might not be connected, it’s just strange how you see it through her eyes when she too has had dreams.”

I raised my eyebrows. Could it be someone messing with us? Or something bigger than that?

“It’s more than a coincidence, my friend.” Sirius said, before looking next to me. “Lily went with Dorcas to get their pyjamas in case you were wondering why your red-headed girl wasn’t next to you.”

“Guess I’m angry at dream her.” I shrugged. “It was so real, Sirius. And then, being me, I wanted, well, revenge.” I looked down and rubbed the back of my head. Sirius chuckled.

“That’d be why you were muttering my girlfriends name then.” I was surprised he wasn’t angry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud and I let out an audible gulp. Sirius just laughed, “I think the same as you, trust me, I’d want revenge too.”

“Are you two still awake?” I looked up. Dorcas and Lily were leaning in the doorway. My eyes looked over Dorcas once, who gave me a curious look. It was unusual, how her mind worked. Well, how I thought her mind would work. It was different to mine, and yet, in some ways, so similar. When I heard a cough next to me, I looked down at my ginger girlfriend who looked up at me in love.

“Prongs had a bad dream.” Sirius said with a smirk and I looked over at him in annoyance. Dorcas was already cuddling underneath the covers with him in bed and they both sat up and stared at Lily and I, their arms round each other. I moved too and wrapped my arms around Lily who sighed in content. I could get used to this, “He thought I’d slept with Lily.”

Lily burst out laughing, as did Dorcas, and I felt my face going red. Damn that best friend of mine. Lily giggled again, “As if, he’s far too gross.” She looked up at me. “You’ll be happy to know I’ve still got my V-card.”


I awoke to heavy breathing from Lily. It wasn’t a bad thing. Thankfully, I had slept pretty normally this time, with no bad dreams. My eyes fluttered opened and I stared into the beautiful face of my Evans, who was still sleeping, her red hair falling over his face. I stared at her for a few seconds before moving my hand to her cheek and brushing her hair behind her ear. There, much more beautiful.

She stirred slightly at my touch, “James,” She murmured before her heavy breathing continued and I knew she fell back asleep. I stared at her for a few more seconds. This was absolute perfection. I don’t know what I’d done to deserve her, how everything suddenly turned for me - how she went from loathing me to loving me in the space of a fortnight, all I knew was that Lily Evans was in my arms, and no one was quite as lucky as I was.

“You really love her, don’t you?” I didn’t need to move my head to recognise Sirius’ voice, but I smiled. Moving my eyes downward slightly to look at the couple in the bed opposite, I saw Sirius was staring at the sleeping Dorcas, just like I was Lily, the same look of luck and happiness that I was more than likely wearing. These months had been good to us. Apart from the death and whatnot. “Christmas holidays are approaching. I’ve been ordered to go home.”

“And you’re going too?” I asked with a tone of concern.

“I don’t have a choice. It’ll be worse in summer if I don’t go now.” Sirius said sadly, sitting up in his bed. I sat up also, although it caused me great pain to look away from my lovely Lily. I looked up at Sirius who really did look deeply worried.

“Hey, don’t look so sad.” I reassured him, “I’m not too far away. Maybe we can have a get together at mine this Christmas. You, me, Dorcas, Lily, Wormy, Moony, maybe Mary and Alice too!”

“Did I just hear an invitation?” Lily murmured from next to me. I looked down and grinned.

“I heard it, Lils.” I heard a sleepy Dorcas from the other side of the bed say. They both sat up to join us.

“Christmas at the Potter’s is absolutely fabulous.” I looked to my right. I wondered how long Wormtail had been awake. I looked next to him and saw a sleeping Mary. My eyes widened in surprise, but Sirius was less subtle by letting out a loud cheer which awoke the sleeping girl.

“Yes, Wormtail! Get bloody in there!” Sirius started clapping. Dorcas nudged him when she noticed Mary going bright red and hiding underneath the covers.

“Lily!” I heard an invisible Mary moan and before long, Lily had gone over to Peter’s bed, linked Mary by the arm and vanished, murmuring a ‘Be right back’ as she left.

“Are you going to spill, Wormy?” Sirius straight away said once they vanished.

“Leave the kid alone.” Dorcas said sternly. But I wanted in on this.

“Did you, or did you not, do the ‘act’ with Miss Macdonald last night?” I asked loudly. Sirius burst into a fit of laughter and even Dorcas couldn’t help but giggle at my comment slightly.

Peter blushed, “It’s a…possibility.”

“Awww!” Dorcas squealed before Sirius and I had a chance to retaliate, “Mary and Peter had sex! Aw!”

Sirius looked down at his girlfriend with a confused expression, “Sex is not aw. The physical act is actually very disgusting.” He smirked. “I can’t say I want to do it any time soon!”

“You never will with your attitude, sir!” Dorcas said before jumping on him and tickling him. I had to admit, I was a bit jealous of how overly comfortable they were together.

“Morning all.” It was Remus, and he was carrying a tray. A tray of tea.. A tray of 6 cups of tea. He looked over at my bed and his face fell a little. “I’m disappointed that miss Evans has left. I made it just to her liking as well. Not to worry, I’ll just take it in to her.”

“She won’t be long, Moony. She just took Mary out of the shag bed.” I informed him and Remus nodded, raising an eyebrow at Peter who just gave him a look as in to say, ‘I will tell you later’ Remus set the tray down and walked over to everyone, handing them the cups. Peter sat up quickly and seemed a little grateful that being woken up by Sirius and I talking wasn’t a bad thing now he had something to drink. I took it with a smile, Dorcas with a confused look, and Sirius with a noise of disbelief. I looked at Sirius, “Yes, quite right, Sirius.” I said, reading his facial expression, “It’s your transformation tonight, is there any reason you are making a muggle drink?”

Remus grinned, “My transformation is looking a lot more smooth, do you not agree?”

I looked at him. It was true. Last night, he was absolutely awful. But this morning, he was up, energetic, and didn’t look the slightest bit ill. Me, the other two boys and Dorcas looked at each other, perplexed, before back at Remus. “I’m intrigued.” Sirius said, “Please continue.”

“When I went there last night, I asked Madam Pomfrey of nearby Werewolves. She told me about your father, Dorcas. Oliver Meadowes. She promptly contacted him, and both him and your mother came to meet me. Your parents are very nice by the way.” He added quickly and Dorcas grinned at him. “Anyway, I was jealous that Oliver had no symptoms what so ever. And he said it was the most simple thing that helped him get through the day - one thing Wizards wouldn’t even think to do on a transformation night - so utterly simple, that it was basically unknown.” We continued to stare at him in excitement and he just held his cup up, “It’s tea. It’s good, old, muggle tea. With a drop of Wolfsbane.”

Once again, Sirius and I burst into fits of laughter, Dorcas scrunched up her face and Peter nodded. “I’m glad you found something that helps, Remus.” Peter inputted and Remus turned on him to smile. “Don’t suppose you’ve added Wolfsbane to ours though?”

“Oh, no. Yours is just regular old tea. Just figured it must be healthy for humans if it helps Werewolves.” Remus laughed along with me and Sirius who were still giggling like loons. Who would have thought it though. Muggle tea with a drop of Wolfsbane was Dorcas’ fathers secret. Out of all the things that could help a Werewolf ease their pain the night of the transformation, it was tea.

A/N: This chapter was basically so you knew about the bizarre dreams. They are a big part of the story so please don’t take this relatively short chapter for granted! But yay, Remus doesn’t have to suffer as much! Please review.

By the way, at this point, I did change the story name from, “My Time with Padfoot” to “Black Meadows.” As I thought it would fit it better!

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Black Meadows : Chapter Eleven


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