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The Crystal of Sayan by clari_tries_writing
Chapter 15 : Chapter 12
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Ollie folded up the parchment and placed it back on the bedside table, before sinking back into the soft Hospital wing pillows. Though she had woken up on Sunday, Madam Pomfrey was still not letting her out of her grasp and it was now Thursday. Apparently it was because she had bashed her head and still needed to be under observation.

The letter had been from Gabby, telling Ollie that she and her husband Dennis were currently in France, so Dennis, who was a photographer, could capture the scenery which was particularly good at this time of year. Ollie had read it sceptically, knowing that Gabby was covering for something; she was using the same cover story that she had had when she worked for the IDA therefore implying that whatever she was doing was probably top secret.

Gabby's letter had also reminded Ollie that she needed to get her applications for Healer schools in soon. Most of the people in her healing class had already done it but she had been so busy with school work, quidditch and Austin that she had not been able to really think about it. Being in the hospital wing and Gabby, who had asked whether she knew where she was applying to, had jogged her memory.

Most people from Hogwarts just applied to St Etheldreda's, the healing school attached to St Mungo's in London, though some also applied to the Irish Healing College as well. However Ollie wasn't sure whether she wanted to stay in Britain after she left Hogwarts, she had loved her years at Beaubatons in France and had also really enjoyed her holidays in Italy. The house in Italy was also now officially hers, since her Dad had transferred it to her after her seventeenth birthday. There were two healing schools in France, la Maison de la Medicine in Paris and Sister Bernadette's near Bordeaux.

Having waded her way through the huge pile of school work her friends had brought her, Ollie decided to make a pros and cons list about where she wanted to go. She had just finished writing the cons for St Etheldreda's (In London, in England which means it rains most of the time) when she realised she had a visitor.

'Aunt Luna!' she exclaimed, upon seeing her blonde haired godmother. She hastily put her quill down and threw her arms around the older witch.

'Kitten!' Luna replied warmly, as she returned her goddaughter's hug, before sitting down on the chair next to Ollie's hospital bed. 'I'm sorry if I was interrupting you doing some work'

'Oh no, it's nothing' Ollie replied, gathering up the pieces of parchment which were all over the crisp white sheets 'I was just trying to make a pros and cons list for all the healing schools . What are you doing here?' she asked.

'Coming to see you silly' Luna replied, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a card. 'Dawn made this for you, apparently it's you flying on your broom' Luna explained handing Ollie the card and pointing to the shapeless blobs on the front.

'Tell her thank you from me' Ollie replied, putting it up next to the drawing Arrie and Nicholas had given her when they had visited with Mrs Weasley earlier in the week. 'So did Dad send for you?' Ollie asked 'because he has been acting really weird ever since I woke up'

'He might have written to me to tell me about your accident, but I found out from Neville first, he did not know whether to be upset that you were hurt or proud that you had shown the true Gryffindor bravery and saved another student's life. I just told him that you had inherited your father's hero complex which should not be encouraged.'

'How are things between you and Professor Longbottom?' Ollie asked eager to steer the conversation away from herself. 'Has he proposed yet?'

'Ollie don't be too hasty, we still don't live together'

'Aunt Luna, he practically lives at your house during the holidays when he is not teaching and now old Mrs Longbottom has passed away he has no excuse not to move in officially. Dawn would not mind because she absolutely adores him.

'Ollie, not everyone is like your father and Ginny, who in under a year were reunited had moved in together, had got engaged, married and were expecting the twins. Some relationships take time'

'I know that you and Professor Longbottom have had bad experiences relationship wise, but isn't it time to move on and be happy'

'Wise words Ollie, but we'll see' Luna replied

'So what are you writing about at the moment?' Ollie asked, wanting to hear about her Godmother's new research project.

'I'm not quite sure' Luna replied. 'I was thinking about doing a thesis about made up creatures from different cultures and why people believe they are real, but then that would require a lot of travelling and I can't do that with Dawn. I think I'm going to stick close to home and write about household pets, which would be equally as fascinating and useful for everyday life, maybe on kneazles and pigmy puffs.

Ollie listened with interest as Luna discussed her work passionately, clearly loving what she did. Ollie though as silently glad that her godmother had not gone down the made up route because it was rather odd. Ever since Luna had moved back to England and had Dawn, she had become more eccentric both in her behaviour, appearance and beliefs. Though she had grudgingly admitted that the Crumple-Horned Snorkack wasn't real but she still held on to her Wrackspurts and Nargles. Ollie's Dad said that Luna was just returning to 'normal' but Ollie did find it quite weird because when she was growing up Luna was always the sensible logical one.

'Do you remember anything that happened when you were out?' Luna asked, once they had exhausted the discussion of whether you would get a purple pygmy puff if a red and blue one mated.

'Ha! Dad did talk to you!' Ollie exclaimed

'He's just worried' Luna replied

'Then why doesn't he ask me himself' Ollie replied in a huff. 'He's become so guarded, as if he is hiding something' Ollie stated, clearly annoyed at her father. 'He and Ginny, well mainly him, has been treating me as if I'm made of glass ever since I woke up'

'Well you did give them good reason to' Luna replied. 'Ginny was properly scared when you started thrashing around like that and she was completely thrown when you started talking in French'

'I was having a really vivid dream, well more like nightmare' Ollie replied quietly

'Like the ones you had when you were younger?' Luna asked

'Yeah, but not like the ones I had after Egypt, which was more like my imagination running wild, this time it felt like what was happing was real, like I was reliving my memories from before you found me'

'What happened?' Luna asked curiously, reaching out to hold Ollie's hand, hoping that Ollie would let it all out and not close up again. She was also curious to get to the bottom of the nightmares which Ollie had had when she was really small and had just started living with Harry.

Ollie began to tell Luna what she had seen when she was unconscious. She described the feeling of isolation she had felt and loneliness, when no one would talk to her after the accident with Françoise. 'I then heard Dad's voice calling out to me as I sank deeper into this darkness and I opened my eyes to find him standing over me. It reminded me of the first time I met you, when I woke up to find that I was being picked up by this strange man who was accompanied by this strange blonde haired woman, both of whom seemed to be speaking in a language I could not understand. The man then put me on his shoulders and we walked out of the orphanage. I felt so free' Ollie remembered wistfully, closing her eyes and reliving the happy memory.

'You remember that?' Luna asked

'It's my earliest memory' Ollie replied. 'Well it was until I realised that what I was seeing in my nightmares were memories from before I met you that I had tried to suppress and only came out went I was asleep'

'Well that wasn't so hard' Luna remarked, silently congratulating herself that she had managed to get Ollie to open up. 'You shouldn't try and keep things bottled up if you have problems' she advised, seriously considering a career as a therapist –she had lost count of the number of times she had had to sort Harry, Ollie and various people out.

Ollie remembered the secret she was keeping about what happened with Austin, as she nodded her head to what Luna was saying. It was all very well telling people about a long forgotten memory but nobody needed to know about her stupidity and how blind and weak she had been. That was something she could keep to herself, nobody else needed to know.

Luna, as if sensing that Ollie did not want to speak about her memory or her father any more, decided to change the subject. 'So what are the positives about staying abroad?' she asked and watched with satisfaction as Ollie's face lit up as she discussed the merits of studying in France over studying in England. Luna listened attentively, but she knew Ollie well enough to know that she was still hiding something.

'What's that?' Ginny asked as she watched her husband tuck a piece of parchment into one of the pockets in his robes, as she entered his office carrying a steaming mug of butterbeer.

'Oh it's nothing' Harry replied evasively. 'Just some work business, how's your mother?' he asked, trying to change the subject.

'She's fine and the twins are having a great time playing with their cousins' his wife replied

As Ginny walked out of the office having delivered the drink and closed the door behind her she sighed. She knew that Harry was hiding something. She just wished he would trust her and tell her what it was that he was keeping secret. She knew that he had spent eleven years keeping things to him, but he was married now. Surely a marriage, or any relationship for that matter, was based on trust and most couples shared everything with each other?

As far as Ginny was concerned there were far too many secrets floating around and she was getting so tired of all of them.

Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed the last chapter. I'm really glad you liked the little interlude. I hope you liked this chapter, I'm sorry it's a bit of a filer but I'll be back with more drama next chapter, so look out for it!

As always please review

All the best

Clari :)


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The Crystal of Sayan: Chapter 12


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