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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 26 : Believe
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A/N: Hey guys, sorry for the wait + the shortness of the chapter. I would have left it out, but it is super important to the next few chapters.

Harry’s P.O.V



I rattled my key around in the lock to the apartment Ginny and I shared. It was my lunch break and I had decided to surprise Ginny with a romantic lunch. Since I had begun my job as an Auror, there wasn’t very much time I had to spend alone with Ginny.

I walked into the apartment tossing my keys on the counter.

       “Gin?” I called out as I made my way through the small rooms. Just before I reached the door to the room Ginny and I shared the door flung open and Ginny came hurrying out, pulling a big grey jumper over her naked body.

       “Harry? What are you doing home?” She asked, glancing back over her shoulder.

       “I thought I might treat you to a special lunch. Why aren’t you dressed?” I asked observing her body.

       “I just had a shower.” Ginny mumbled under her breath, looking around distractedly.

       “You’re hair isn’t wet Gin.” I said starting to get suspicious as I looked more closely at her. “Why are you all red and sweaty?”

       “Harry…” Ginny started but was cut off by a voice; A male voice coming from our bedroom. I sucked in a quick breath and pushed past Ginny opening the door, ignoring all her protests.

There lying in the middle of our giant bed, covered in only a thin sheet was none other than Victor Krum. I stared at him for a moment until I felt a breath on my neck.

       “You’ve been cheating on me!” I roared turning to face Ginny, absolutely vivid. “I can't believe it! How could you do this to me; to Hermione?” Ginny just looked at me with no remorse on her face.

       “Leave then.” She said so quietly that I nearly didn’t hear her. “Go on leave!” She suddenly screamed. “You never loved me! NEVER!” I looked at her in shock as she raced past me falling right into Krum’s arms. I took a slow, controlling breath before I spoke again.

       “Get out of my house, and take him with you.” I said going to the wardrobe and throwing everything belonging to Ginny on the floor, tears slowly slipping down my cheeks. When I turned around Ginny was standing again.

       “I hate you Harry Potter, you and all your friends and all my family. This is the last time I will ever have contact with any of you!” She said in a menacing tone as I walked out of the room leaving all my memories behind.


George’s P.O.V


 Luna and I were sitting at the kitchen table reading a letter from Mrs Weasley when Harry arrived; looking like he had been crying. I dropped the letter outlining the final seating arrangements as Luna raced to Harry’s side.

       “Harry? What happened?” She asked tentatively placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder. Harry just shook his head gulping.

       “Gi…Ginny…is cheating…Krum.” He managed to gasp out before breaking down on Luna’s shoulder. I got up from the table and strode over to the fireplace fully intent on laying into my sister before Harry’s voice interrupted me.

       “Don’t bother George, it’s no use.” He said, managing to speak properly now. “I kicked her out after she screamed that she wanted nothing to do with any of us, not even your family, so I doubt that she will be at your wedding tomorrow.” I gaped at him. What did he mean she wanted nothing to do with us? We were her family after all.

       “What are we going to tell Hermione?” Luna asked after a lengthy silence. I looked at her in confusion before she explained herself. “It is golden rule in friendship that you should never date your best friend’s ex-boyfriend; especially not while cheating at the same time.” I thought about the bushy haired bookworm, who had been through so much in the last few months, not to mention the war.

       “We have to tell her the truth.” I said after a moment. “It wouldn’t be fair to keep something like that from her.

       “I’ll go.” Harry volunteered giving Luna a long hug and clapping me on the shoulder. “I’ll owl you when I tell her.”


Once Harry was gone Luna and I sat down at the table looking over the details once again.

      “Ginny.” I said suddenly remembering that we were now one person short, and nothing could be changed now. “We need someone to take her place and doing so will help Harry.” I said passing Luna the seating chart. Luna looked over it for a minute brooding and then scribbled a name down and passed it back to me. Scrawled neatly next to Harry’s name was ‘Bree’. Of course, who else would we ask?

      “Perfect.” I breathed squeezing Luna’s hand and standing up. “I’ll owl her.” I walked up the stair to where Pebbles was and wrote a quick letter to Bree explaining our situation. I was just about to leave when an owl landed on the window sill. I picked up the scroll of parchment and began to read.

       ‘George and Luna,

                               Everything is fine with Hermione. I am staying at her and Draco’s place until I buy a new house. I have also let your mother know about Ginny’s decisions. She is upset, but saw it coming. We will see you tomorrow.

       Love, Harry’


I scrolled up the letter and ran downstairs to give it to Luna.




It was nearly time for me to leave for Seamus’ house for the night when Bree’s owl arrived.

       ‘George,’ it read.

       ‘I would love to come to your wedding, I am so glad you invited me, there is just a tiny problem. I am having trouble getting a baby sitter for my one year old daughter, Karma-Lace, so I was wondering if it was alright if she came with me. I know it is a bit of a shock, but I would love for her to meet her family eventually, even if she never gets to meet her father.

Harry seems likes a nice guy, I’m sure I can get him to have fun.

      Lots of love, Bree.’


I gaped at Luna as she read the letter. Did I have to believe that Bree and Fred had a child?

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Rest in Pieces: Believe


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