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His last moments by Thepheonixpen
Chapter 1 : His last moments
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Screaming, Crying, The pounding in my ears, there was too much going on.

Death all around, but I couldn’t stop to mourn, I had to get to her, and I had to make sure she was safe.

Searching the wreckage that was once my beloved school, the first place that I felt I had remotely belonged, brought down to a blood bath.

Bodies everywhere, scattered around, I didn’t want to look into there faces, fearing that I might see hers.

I just couldn’t focus, not until I saw her staring back at me. Alive.

Everything was a blur, where could she be? She had been behind me no more then five minutes ago, and she was now gone from my sight.

My heart felt like it was going to drop out of my chest, the fear I felt coursing through me was more painful then transforming on a full moon, the fear that something might have happened to the only woman I had ever loved, the only women who had ever loved me unconditionally, knowing what I was mattered less to her then anything. She had such a pure heart. I couldn’t let her go. I would never let her go.

I ran through what used to be the second floor corridor, stepping over two death eaters in my search. Another blast had me thrown into wall; I waited until I was sure that the explosion was over before I assessed the damage.

Warm liquid oozed down my face, touching my forehead, I realized I was bleeding pretty badly, not just from my head; a large shard of glass was sticking at out my leg. I felt so woozy, it took all the strength I had left to rip the glass hard, biting my lip and holding in a scream. I lifted myself up and continue onwards, Thinking of my Tonks, and thinking of my Teddy. That was where my strength lied.

I scrambled down the broken staircase, calling her name. There was no way she could hear it, not with the war surrounding us.

I hesitated momentarily as Harry raced past me, his hands covered in blood, why was he heading up the staircase I wondered briefly, but I didn’t have time to ponder this, because at that very moment I finally found what I was looking for.

At first I wasn’t sure it was her, it was hard to see through all the smoke, but whoever it was continued fighting, and only faltered momentarily as they tripped over a broken gargoyle.

I knew it was her then, my beautiful clumsy wife. I limped quickly over to her, blasting a death eater out of the way in the process. I watched as she delivered the final curse to the deatheater, I knew she would hate to do it. The deatheater fell to the ground as she heaved a sigh of exhaustion. I was so close to her now. And it only took a moment for her to realise my presence. She turned to me, a sad smile filling her beautiful features. All I wanted to do was take her in my arms and hold her, knowing that the nightmares she would face after this would keep her in my arms anyway.

It only took seven seconds. Seven seconds for me to realise that her nightmares would never come, only mine would.

She came out of no where. Bellatrix came out of no where. Closer to Tonks then I was. I lifted my wand, but I wasn’t quick enough, before I could even blink I watched as Bellatrix said the spell I knew she took pleasure in. Green sparks shot out, hitting Tonks hard in the chest.

I could hear my self scream, an ear piercing scream, knowing there was no coming back for her, no coming back for me. Tonks fell to the ground, her face still turned to me, a look of surprise upon it, she had not been expecting the attack. The light, that had always shown so bright in her eyes, went out and I knew both our lives had ended.

Rage, like nothing I had ever felt before filled me, I couldn’t feel my injuries anymore, all I could feel was the hatred surging through me, as I stared into the eyes of Bellatrix Lestrange. A smirk filled her face, and a song, I knew was only in my head played, A song she had sung the day she had killed Sirius.


“I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black”


Only this time the song had Tonks as the lead.

Before Bellatrix had a chance to react I flung myself at her, I suddenly felt that killing her off with a simple spell just wasn’t going to cut it I wanted to strangle her, I wanted her to die painfully, slowly. I wanted to watch the life leave her face, jus as I had watched the life leave Tonk’s.

I felt like my werewolf self, as I tackled Bellatrix to the ground. She had not been expecting it, and to my delight fear splattered across her face.

I felt like ripping into her flesh, I felt like tearing her apart. I had the pleasure of scratching at her face watching blood start to gape from her cheek.  I am sure I would have continued, if it had not been for another blinding green flash from behind.

I suddenly felt my body freeze, my breath wouldn’t come anymore, I watched as Bellatrix’s face turned from fear to glee. Knowing she had won. I heard the chuckle that could only belong to Dolahov from behind, realizing he had brought my downfall saddened me.

I could feel myself floating; I tried to take control of my body as I fell to the ground beside Tonks. I felt my hand brush hers as I looked into her eyes once more.

She faded away from my sight with everything else.

All I could hold onto was the trust I had for Harry. Trust that he would end this once and for all.

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His last moments: His last moments


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