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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 5 : Telling the truth
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 You know what’s hard about being so strong? No one might care to ask if your hurt”

September 4th

Needless to say the detention didn’t go so well. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best either. It consisted of me going down to the kitchens (which I didn’t know existed until now) and cleaning pots, which unfortunately Hogwarts has a lot of. And I’m one hundred percent certain that the Carrows or some other nasty death eater made the pots dirtier just so it would take longer to clean, I was there for hours at no end, and it literally felt like I has been there until morning till night.

The Ravenclaw boy who had attended with me kept on giving me dirty glances that made the whole detention even more awkward and unnerving than it already was.

I’m quite please however that we had no teacher watching over us, instead we had a lousy old elf who’s greatest ambition is to make our detention the more boring. Although the elf was quit cute which made it impossible for me to hate him, the elf had great yellow eyes that are just so adorable and a massive head but a tiny body which made the whole thing even more cute.

The only disturbance we had was when Carrow checked up on us about mid way through the detention. Her beady eyes searching for any wrong doings that could be found. She noticed I was wearing a necklace and took if of immediately and pointed out that I should have my hair up for such a occasion.

I pity the poor women actually. She’ll never understand the full value of life and live almost a dead life where she laughs at peoples pain and expense. She’ll live never fully understanding how beautiful the world actually is and how unique the people are in it. The death eaters will alone only know power and seek to find it thinking that is the only point to life… to find power and will always be power hungry. And you know what the worst part of it all… they will never understand love the way I do, and will never experience the full potential love has on us, and for those reasons alone I pity her, and I will always hate people of their kind for it.


Me and Luna were walking down the halls of Hogwarts. I’m probably going to stay with her this year. Its moments like this that I wish she had been placed in Gryffindor. Damn her for being so smart.

Our first defence against the dark arts class was today with Carrow number two. I’m kinda worried, this teacher is a man and will sure as hell be twice as worse as Alecto Carrow and a lot more vicious.

“OI! Loony” Yelled someone behind us with a exceptionally low voice that seemed to make me cringe for some unknown reason.

“Yes Blaise?” Luna asked quite kindly considering the circumstances. Her eyes were still dreamy but a flicker of danger went through them for a second. Her face was pale but a twinge of pink could be seen faintly on her cheeks which were unnoticeably unless you were up close.

Zabini’s face was smug and cold sending chills down my spine it sickened me that he was still at Hogwarts, I always hated him.

“How’s your daddy Loony… hasn’t got into any danger has he?” Zabini piped up still looking smug with a cruel look on his face that almost made me throw up.

What was going on with Luna’s dad? Was he alright?

Luna looked outrage for some reason and the calmness seemed to have flowed out of her and she raised her voice to make it clear that she was angry “What do you mean Blaise?” Her eyes flashed dark and I knew Zabini better be aware of his actions, Luna was a pretty talented dueller.

However even though her voice was raised and her eyes flashed you wouldn’t know the difference if you didn’t know her like I do. Her face was relatively calm and relaxed as usual and this made me admire her even more.

“Aw… has your poor daddy got in trouble with the ministry. Poor baby Loony” He said in a mocking voice causing my blood to boil. Zabini was about to turn when I called him back anger getting the better of me.

“At least she has a dad” I mock glaring at him from the back of my head.

It was widely known that Zabini’s mother was what you would call a slut. She married, then used them and all off them died mysteriously leaving her a pot full of money to spend for her own. Zabini’s father was one of the many people that died leaving him with his mother that resented him.

I know it was out of turn saying things like that to someone who doesn’t have a father… but he god damn deserved it and I don’t regret it!

“What did you just say Weasley?” Danger coursing through his voice and the cronies behind him ready to back him up slowly getting wands out of their pockets.

I narrowed my eyes at him aware Luna was next to me looking at both of us in turn “Need to get your ears sorted, Zabini? I said at least she has a dad!” I screamed the last bit making sure he heard it nice and clear. I don’t understand why everyone was so mean to Luna. She was so innocent, I can’t understand how anyone CAN be mean to her.

“You little bitch”

“I may be a bitch but at least I’m not the son of a slut!” I shouted again. I was sure my heart would come out of my chest it was beating so fast clearly ready for what was going to come next.


“Protego!” I screamed quickly swiping my wand from my pocket and blocking the spell that was aimed at me and Luna. I got there just in time to see the spell divert to somewhere else.

It wasn’t to long before another spell was sent another spell at us. I was more prepared for this one and sent my own spell at him that he quickly dodged but hit another person behind him (ooops)

“Pertificas totalus” Zabini said pointing his wand at me.

I dropped my wand while dodging it and the spells went right past me and hit Luna square in the chest. Her body seemed to stop moving and her hands moved to her side extremely quickly. The only thing that was moving was her eyes that were quickly moving from side to side as though warning me about something.

Confused I followed her eye sight. Before I even saw it my breath was caught I didn’t breath. I knew what was coming and I was prepared.
“WEASLEY! LOVEGOOD!FIGHTING IN THE HALLS! LATE FOR MY LESSON AND IS FIGHTING WITH A PREFECT! 100 points form Gryffindor and Ravenclaw… come to my office now” Amycus Carrow breathed in and out with un-controllable anger. Her eyes diverting to each of us in turn. She seemed out of breath because she was clutching the wall for support. But nothing stopped her from glaring at the two of us and almost dragging us out of the hallway and into the classroom after taking the spell of Luna.

“Professor, Luna had nothing to do with it… it was all my fault she was just there at the wrong time and….” I said hurriedly. She put up her hand that was shaking madly to shut me up and I did in a instant.

“I do not want to hear your excuses Weasley! I have a class to teach and you are holding me up… a class that you yourself should be in. Lovegood I would like to see you in the kitchens at 7pm tonight, Now leave!” He yelled the last part to Luna making her shiver. As she left she gave a wobble indicating that the body binding curse hadn’t lifted completely.

“Now your turn Weasley” His face turned more menacing than ever. He was a lot like his sister had the power to turn you numb but his looks were completely the opposite. Rather than a fat chubby face like Alecto he had a thin pointed face, so thin Infact you could see his cheekbones come through quite prominently. His eyes were blood shot and cold and his mouth twisted into a harsh smile that warned me to keep quite.

“You seem to have this thought were you think you are better than the rules. Well I think not… The dark lord knows that you know where Potter is and I would like you to tell me… now” He waited a moment before continuing giving off a almost calm approach to the situation. I however knew that his mind was screaming at me “If you do not tell us we may have to go through some serious act-“

“But I don’t know!” I said before I could stop myself becoming frustrated that he wasn’t listening.

“LIAR! And do not interrupt me… Your family have been in contact with him over the summer and they are being watched, You Weasley are being watched” He cried in a threatening way “Listen here Weasley, you are going to tell me right now where potter is and you will be rewarded by the dark lord himself, and your family would be left alone”

“Hmmm…” I pretended to think for a moment before finishing “Tempting but it’s a shame I don’t know where he is” I shrugged sarcastically.

His eyes burned into mine and I could sense he was angry. His faced almost dared me to back down, so I did the opposite and stood straighter staring right back. I could almost feel myself turning away from him because it was just to terrifying looking into his eyes but I stood my ground and stared back.

He was surprised by my sudden move and narrowed his eyes at me his hands curling around his want on his desk in a fist shape.

He turned away (thankfully) and I let out a sigh of relief.

But it wasn’t over yet.

“I don’t think you are aware off what the dark lord and us followers can do to you Weasley. We can destroy you in more ways than one. Whether that means torturing you to get information out of you… bribing you, killing someone precious to you, we will find out…” Then he turned back to me and towered over me (he was bloody tall) The back of my mind told me to actually breath… I don’t think I had taken a breath in the last two minutes “Things are changing at Hogwarts Weasley. The dark lord has plans for this place, he even has suggested coming to be head teacher here perhaps when Potter is out of the way. Yes he has many plans… I suggest you go along with them otherwise you might get hurt little Weasel”

His eyes burned into mine, brown meeting blue and I knew I must breath now otherwise I would suffocate myself.

“I will ask you one more time so I can go back to my lesson… Where is Potter?”

The room went all hot and I could feel it tense up. It felt like millions of people were watching me and I was being forced to say something I might regret (even though I don’t know anything anyway)

“And I’ll tell you one more time… I don’t know where he is” I’m sure my whole face darkened when I said that and I’m positive my eyes narrowed. It took the whole Gryffindor courage in me to say those words and again my breathing stopped (I’m going to be way out of breath after this meeting with Carrow)

I didn’t look up afraid of what his face may show. It was only when I saw him turn towards his desk did I dare a glance.

“Weasley I don’t think you understand the power I have over you at this moment” He waited a second before continuing.
I took a moment to have what may be my last breath. His wand was curled in his hands almost as though he couldn’t wait to use it on me and I could see my life flash before my eyes.

Here we go…. I’m ready.

He sighed “Very well Weasley, I played nice, now is the time to play harsh… CRUCIO!”

I closed my eyes quickly wanting it to be over and done with. It felt like it was taking forever for the spell to reach me, and when it did I think I would have rather died than face pain like that again

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